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8 Apr, 8 tweets

Might as well make a little "Artbook Recommendation" on the subject of that last tweet. The 4-book "Full Metal Jacket" series, published by Asahi Sonorama in the late 80's. Each book featuring a different artist, but all sharing the theme of mecha short comics + artwork.

Only have 3 of the 4 myself, but the featured artists are: Jun Suemi, Tomoaki Okada , Kow Yokoyama, and Makoto Kobayashi.
It's amazing seeing how they all approach making / structuring comics differently, it's hard not to recommend if you like mecha.

#1: Capel Donya's Iron Knight [カペルドーニャの鉄騎士]
I was admittedly more familiar with Jun Suemi's paintings, but her comics definitely have that painter's touch. Defining form through heavy contrast more often than fine lines/details, very striking artwork & use of ink!

#2: Stardust in a Bottle
Tomoaki Okada by contrast, is VERY detail oriented. I'm a sucker for mechanical detail, so this was definitely up my alley.😅I wasn't very familiar with Okada's work before reading this at the time, so it was a nice surprise!

#3: Robot Battle V [ロボットバトルV]
(Images from Zimmerit & auction listings)
If you're not familiar with Ma.K or Yokoyama's work, then expect very grungy, muddy, worn down mecha and machines that feel like they came out of some alternate WWII. Hard to get a copy, sadly.

#4: Dragon's Heaven
Easily the most recognized of the series, as this would later go on to become the Dragon's Heaven OVA in 1988.
Starts with a fun multi-page Moebius/Arzach tribute, and filled with Kobayashi's uniquely weird but equally appealing mecha designs.

And that's all 4! Hope a few people found any of that interesting, they're really cool books and worth checking out! Here's a few more images, but otherwise I'll quit clogging up the timeline with this 🤖

(Apologies I didn't use my own photos for this one, don't have a personal copy to do so. In retrospect, should I remove this post?)

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