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2 May, 7 tweets

THREAD: Today is a big day for activism in #ElizabethCity, expected to draw thousands.

Ahead of that, here's what I saw yesterday.

Firstly, the "Suited Movement" from Virginia's 757 region marched in solidarity and prayed for the community.

"Lord thank you for the victory of today," they prayed as the march concluded.

"Lord we continue to pray for these officials, God We ask that you forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Full video:

Later, the community marched for #AndrewBrownJr as they have every night. When they passed the surviving family, hugs and tears.

The marchers visited the site where #AndrewBrownJr was shot to death by police, which now has his mural painted on the wall.

"This is where it took place, we want you to know the story."

Andrew Brown's hands were on the wheel of his dormant car when he was shot, but he began trying to drive as police started shooting him, family lawyers who saw 20 seconds of bodycam footage say.

Mud kicked up remains on the wall of the house.

Full video:

The police still had a midnight curfew, and protesters dispersed well before that began. Ahead of that, activists continued to march through the streets loudly and peacefully as the sun set on #ElizabethCity.

Full video:

"Get my words straight," a rep for New Black Panther Party said demanding the release of bodycam video.

"We're telling Elizabeth City state officials, county officials, their government, release the goddamn tape, or we're coming to take it."

Full speech:

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