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Multiple North Carolina city elections may be delayed until 2022 because delayed census results don’t leave enough time to adjust city council & other municipal voting districts to reflect population changes.

1/ #NCPol
Voting districts for state, county, and city elections are redrawn using census results to ensure that voting districts are roughly equal in population.

Congressional districts will also be redrawn as part of reapportionment & adjusting for population changes.

North Carolina cities that may have city elections postponed to 2022 because US Census results have been delayed include: #Raleigh #Cary #Charlotte #ElizabethCity #Fayetteville #Greensboro #Greenville

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For over 40 nights, since the police shooting of #AndrewBrownJr on April 21, local protesters have been nonviolently gathering at 5pm & protesting in the streets of Elizabeth City, NC.
After a clergy march in #ElizabethCity on May 8, North Carolina faith leaders are now planning simultaneous solidarity rallies in cities across the state to stand with Elizabeth City and demand #JusticeForAndrewBrown

Learn more & RSVP now:
With the local district attorney & sheriff’s office refusing to be transparent in this case, North Carolinians have no choice but to raise our voices & keep the pressure on local, state, & federal authorities to bring #JusticeForAndrewBrown
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A few days ago I got home from #ElizabethCity, where I'd spent week covering the movement demanding answers and the release of bodycam footage in the death of #AndrewBrown.

Pic thread coming, but wanted to say: This story really burned me out. I apologize for lateness of photos.
"Would you demand footage if it was your son?"

I first arrived in #ElizabethCity on April 28th, which was be the second day of peaceful activism since the "State of Emergency" was declared as the state reviewed the bodycam footage and refused to release it.
I only took video rather than photo in the evening, but a few hours after those photos, police arrested activists and charged them with disorderly conduct and violating curfew for continuing to speak out past 8pm.

No civilian violence nor vandalism.

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Proud Boys, the American Guard + Trump supporters are still attacking counter-protesters + journalists while law enforcement sits by or even coordinates with the far-Right. Meanwhile, the FBI's relationship with the Proud Boys echoes Greensboro. A thread.…
Since January 6th, the US had been bombarded with non-stop coverage of the attempted pro-Trump coup in DC. However in the months since, far-Right groups and Trump supporters have only continued to build coalitions that includes open white nationalists + sections of the GOP.
Last Saturday in #Salem, over 100 people rallied in a park in support of the #2A. Armed Proud Boys did security and closed the park to the public and even threatened journalists; forcing them out of the area.…
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THREAD: Today is a big day for activism in #ElizabethCity, expected to draw thousands.

Ahead of that, here's what I saw yesterday.

Firstly, the "Suited Movement" from Virginia's 757 region marched in solidarity and prayed for the community.
"Lord thank you for the victory of today," they prayed as the march concluded.

"Lord we continue to pray for these officials, God We ask that you forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Full video:
Later, the community marched for #AndrewBrownJr as they have every night. When they passed the surviving family, hugs and tears.
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Here in #ElizabethCity, there is a curfew now from midnight to 6am.

Police used giant dumpster to block main parking lot near meetup.

So crowd has assembled in parking lot instead of parking there.

With the police having blocked off the parking lot near the public safety building, the community is using it as a barbecue location.

People are happy, and cops are staying away.
Last night, I filmed one officer draw a handgun as he searched this alley for escaped curfew breakers.

They found these bags and brought them into the street (see my tweet from last night.)

Those bags actually are still here right now. ImageImage
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BIG THREAD: Tonight police wielding shields and less lethal weapons in #ElizabethCity again formed a line and pushed back on protesters who remained peaceful but present past the beginning of the 8 pm curfew.

At about 9:20pm, they began to push.
As officers pushed past alleys and backyards, they checked to make sure nobody escaped those directions.

In this instance, an officer pointed a weapon around a corner, while another unholstered his handgun as he searched the area.

They found a bag, but not a person.
Here's the scene of the first arrest.

"We just want justice, that's all!"

"Leave now, or you will be arrested!"

Officers pushed forward, grabbed a man, and pulled him away from sight behind the shield line.
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Let me boil down the argument for keeping bodycam footage taken by publicly funded public servants like the police secret: 1. If we let the public see it, THEN THE PUBLIC WILL SEE IT. 2. That’s it. @CardinalAndPine #ncpol #ncga #AndrewBrownJr #ElizabethCity #BlackLivesMatter
If your actions as a public servant create outrage, don't blame the outrage. Blame yourself. #ncpol #ncga #AndrewBrownJr #ElizabethCity #BlackLivesMatter
If you're a public official and you're frightened of the public seeing a record of what you've done, if you're worried the public will be angry w/ you when they see it, you have thoroughly justified making those records public. #ncpol #ncga #AndrewBrownJr #BlackLivesMatter
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NC COVID briefing begins.

I'm live-tweeting here...

Cohen going over the metrics. Reiterates the Bring Summer Back Bribe: 2/3 vax'd with 1 dose = indoor mask mandate gets lifted
CDC guidance: outdoor masks not required
HHS Sec. Mandy Cohen:
J&J is available again.
Bringing Summer Back vax campaign launching. Please promote & help bring summer back.
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The family of Andrew Brown speaks out about his murder "let's be clear, this was an execution"
People are hitting the streets in response to the press conference
More footage from the Brown family after viewing the body cam footage, which was apparently heavily edited.

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