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May 14, 2021, 12 tweets

Ada apa dengan PKP? Find out how MCO has affected the bottom 10% of Malaysia's B40.

Please RT for awareness so Rakyat can know who are those in most need and where we should direct a chunk of our energy + resources to.

Full report at the end of the thread.


Previous survey rounds of #FamiliesOnTheEdge by @UNICEF and @UNFPA found that low-income families are disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Female-headed households and households headed by persons with disabilities reported the deepest negative impacts.

Unemployment among heads of participant households has fallen since December 2020 to 12%. However, the unemployment rate among female heads of households (HoH) stands at 16% - roughly three times higher than the national average. #FamiliesOnTheEdge

The respondents have low levels of access to employment-based social security and social protection. Government assistance is critical to household wellbeing. Direct social assistance from the government now makes up 11% of overall household income. #FamiliesOnTheEdge

With not much social safety net, many respondents rely on pawn services, government and NGO aids (cash or food and goods) and unfortunately, loans from unlicenced creditors. There seems to be a continued reliance on government and NGO assistance. #FamiliesOnTheEdge

Children living in low-income families have trouble with effective home learning. Many parents report that online learning is ineffective. Only 35% of households had access to an appropriate device (computer or tablet). #FamiliesOnTheEdge

About 1 in 5 of the respondents are depressed, higher among female HoH. Many women have become physically and emotionally exhausted over the past year. Parents continue to worry about their children's education, and whether they can provide food for the family. #FamiliesOnTheEdge

Loss of/reduced income causes prudent spending on food. Even though food expenditure reduced, there is a surge in health-related expenses (+70%). A few respondents who are caregivers suffer from chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension) themselves. #FamiliesOnTheEdge

The respondents are largely pessimistic about the foreseeable future. 8 in 10 respondents believe their financial situation will remain the same or further deteriorate in the next six months. #FamiliesOnTheEdge

Children have suffered enormously as a result of the indirect effects of COVID-19. Children in low-income families suffered the most. Cheaper and less healthy diets risk the prospect of further worsening Malaysia's malnutrition challenges. #FamiliesOnTheEdge

You can read the full #FamiliesOnTheEdge report here:…

I also urge that you read the Recommendations provided in the report. Policymakers should pay close attention -- work towards establishing holistic policies to assist those who fall through the cracks.

Saya akan berusaha untuk menerjemahkan thread ini ke dalam BM secepat mungkin 🙏

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