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May 24, 2021, 8 tweets

Allegations of sexual harassment against a commerce teacher in PSBB School, Chennai have surfaced on social media. (1/n)
#PSBB #PSBBschool #SexualAssault

Several students of #PSSBB school came forward to share their experiences and what followed was a volley of sexual harassment cases by the said teacher. (2/n)

The teacher had been allegedly making lewd comments, slut-shaming and touching girls for years now and the situation got worse with online classes. (3/n)

The conversation soon spread like wildfire and many #PSBB alumni shared their stories from the past. (4/n)

Social media users also expressed their shock and demanded strict action from the school and the government. (5/n)

A statement issued by the school authorities confirmed the suspension of Mr Rajagopalan. It also said, "We are taking suo motu notice of the allegations and will take all necessary steps to address the situation in a free, fair and transparent manner." (6/n)

The Women’s Wing Secretary of DMK has promised to take this to the concerned authorities. (6/n)

This has also made us wonder how can we make schools a safer place for kids? (7/n)

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