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Jun 15, 2021, 10 tweets

See, it's Windows 11.


Also, boo on leaks like this. Was looking forward to the big reveal on the 24th.

Here is the Windows 11 start-up sound (compared to Windows 95) via @zacbowden and from today's earlier leak.

@zacbowden More #Windows11 screenshots, wallpapers, and yes, widgets, can be found in this article (which is constantly being updated):


@zacbowden Here we go:

#Windows11 hands-on and walkthrough.

Windows 11 dark mode looks 🔥

Wrapping up the day...

What do you think of #Windows11 so far?

(Keep in mind the leaked OS is unfinished, with many things missing e.g. new Store experience, some old UI elements, etc.)

If you want some of that Windows 11 action all 24 wallpapers were shared by @ChangeWindows


@ChangeWindows Hey, you ... Live Tiles fans and Luddites who want to keep the ways of Windows 10. There is likely hope for you yet.


@ChangeWindows I realize some of the conspiracy-mind types think either it's still not really Windows 11, Microsoft is pulling a fast one, or there is a lack of photos/screenshots showing #Windows 11 ...

So, here are a few:

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