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Ex #BBC Correspondent, Journalist & Author of Still Counting the Dead - book on #Tamils who survived #SriLanka's 2009 war. #lka

Jun 18, 2021, 7 tweets

New UK immigration report says #srilanka continues to operate an extensive intelligence gathering operation in the UK, monitoring protests, surveilling and unencrypted social media. #lka

Also for all those who said branding wasn't a thing & alleged the poor old victims actually paid someone to burn them - the UK Home Office now says "injuries which are self-inflicted by proxy are likely to be extremely rare".

And according to Robert Knox the burning with hot irons goes back to 1641:

Amnesty was reporting on burn marks on the chest of victims in 1989.

And again in 1997 - burning with heated metal rods:

& in 2009 in the @UNHumanRights OISL report more branding:

@UNHumanRights .@paisleydodds in 2017 - branding yet again:

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