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Day 3: 𝗣𝗮𝗿𝗹𝗶𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 #MonsoonSession2020

Watch this space for 𝗟𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗨𝗽𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗲𝘀 Image
Legislative Business in #RajyaSabha :

- Institute of Teaching & Research in #Ayurveda Bill
-Salaries & Allowances of Ministers (Amendment) Bill
-#Homoeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill
-Indian #Medicine Central Council (Amendment) Bill
Papers & reports tabled, Zero Hour underway:

-@ghulamnazad raises issue of unemployment in #JammuKashmir
-INC's @PBhatacharyaINC bats for National #Helpline for Homeopathic treatment ImageImage
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"Deutschland muss interventionsfähig sein", fordert @MJaegerT @faznet. Beim Lesen stellen sich allerdings einige Fragen. THREAD 1/17…
Intervenieren, so Jäger, "bedeutet, einen Konflikt durch Einmischung von außen zur Entscheidung zu bringen."

Doch wo ist das in den letzten Jahren gelungen?

Wie Jäger selbst sagt, "die Bilanz fällt zwiespältig aus" 2/
Jäger steigt mit dem Abzug der US-Amerikaner aus #Afghanistan ein.
Ganz genau: Knapp 20 Jahre intensives militärisches Engagement der größten Militärmacht der Erde haben eben keine Entscheidung gebracht. Sonst bräuchte es ja keine Friedensgespräche mit den Taliban. 3/
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Proposed #20Amendment to t #SriLanka constitution is without a doubt a mechanism to strengthen t Executive Presidency at t expense of t legislature. It bestows almost absolute power upon one individual; @GotabayaR. I have a series of questions if he wishes to answer.
Q1: Why did you Mr President @GotabayaR remove the limit of 30 Ministers and the limit of 40 State and of Deputy Minsiters?
Q2: Why did you Mr President @GotabayaR reduce from 14 days to 7 days; the duration between when a Bill is placed in the Order Paper in Parliament from and day it is published in the Gazette? The time was for citizens to study a Bill and object in Court if they wish to?
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#China seeks to set up military logistic facilities in #Pakistan, #SriLanka & #Myanmar

Other countries that #China considers for such military facilities are Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, UAE, Kenya, Seychelles, Tanzania, Angola & Tajikistan…
China is seeking to set up more robust logistics facilities in about a dozen countries, including three in India's neighbourhood, to allow the PLA to project and sustain military power at greater distances, according to a Pentagon report.
In its annual report "Military & Security Developments of the People's Republic of China 2020", the Pentagon said these potential Chinese military facilities are in addition to the Chinese bases in Djibouti, which is aimed at supporting naval, air & ground forces projection.
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The global #COVID19 outbreak is much more than *just* a health emergency - over the past months at @project_polis we looked at the social, economic and political repercussion of the pandemic - Here's a thread with the pieces we published.
A military mindset : Sri Lanka’s response to the coronavirus pandemic by Thusiyan Nandakumar… | @project_polis #SriLanka #COVID19
Musings On Vulnerability – A Conversation with Francesca Mannocchi @mannocchia… | @project_polis | #Podcast #Vulnerability
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Is the Sri Lanka Army's Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) the 3rd best in the world? According to @TimesOnlineLK, @Dailymirror_SL & @SriLankaMirror (quoting Daily Mirror) they are. But is this true, or are @sjayasiri et al at Wijeya at dishing out #misinformation? #lka
Things start to go awry when, not for the 1st time, the story disappears off @Dailymirror_SL's website soon after publication. However, it's still on the e-version of the newspaper, went up in print, is archived on Google Cache & still on @TimesOnlineLK's site. #lka
Source of ranking is site called The site has 0 details of ownership, authors, location or method used for ranking. There's *0 credibility to site*, mirrored on FB page. Screenshot sent to me indicates FB page once had Kandy listed on it, since deleted!
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A thread on my @ChathamHouse research report coauthored with @ShaharHameiri:

"Debunking the Myth of ‘Debt-trap Diplomacy’: How Recipient Countries Shape China’s Belt and Road Initiative."

It contains detailed case studies of #Malaysia & #SriLanka.…

This report takes on a view propagated by think tanks and senior Western policymakers: that China's #BeltandRoad Initiative involves "debt trap diplomacy": deliberately luring developing countries into contracting unsustainable debt to finance infrastructure projects.

The idea being that, when these countries fall into debt distress, China can grab the infrastructure for itself, extending its geostrategic reach (e.g. more port bases for its navy), or otherwise exerting influence. US Sec of State Tillerson called it "predatory economics".

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Interesting to hear @PereraJehanpc in @iicdelhi’s Neighbourhood First - on #SriLanka’s recent election and return of the Rajapaksas. He appeared to be optimistic about the new government with 2/3 majority - for the very same reasons Indian liberals are unhappy with #Modi 2.0 Image
2/n On #SriLanka-India relationship, @SultanaGulbin i
expects a more pragmatic approach from both the #mahindarajapaksa government and #Modi-2.0 on all fronts - political, military, tourism and cultural but not, perhaps, economic - notwithstanding the “blow hot, blow cold” past.
3/n Jehan Perera states very plainly, #SriLanka sees #Pakistan as a “balancing power” against India. Listening to people like Perera it becomes clear how we screwed up our relations with SL by the #IPKF misadventure.
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1/n 🧵

#Thread on #Kaliyuga #Mahabharata referred by various inscriptions, Coins, scriptures

I was taught that #kaliyuga and #mahabharata are just a #myth. While this event is accurate astronomical evidence of a #Yuga started on 18th Feb 3102BC

I want to share my findings ImageImage

Yuga as we know cycles caused by planetary position in conjunction and in relation to Earth position.

#Kaliyuga a planetary observation was observed by our ancestors on Feb 3102.

I tested it on a simple software and found it true.


1st inscription found on Megutti Jain Temple, Karnataka in #Aihole dating 634 CE.

The line number 18 & 19 are two shlokas which states that #KALIYUGA Started after 3101 BC

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Re-reading @WSJ’s expose of #Facebook’s South Asia Public Policy Director, clear the problem is more than just 1 person. Company culture, policy implementation, algorithms, business models & profit making. It’s all f****** toxic. Article ridicules FB’s interest in stemming hate.
#Facebook’s engagements w/ authoritarian’s in #srilanka disturbing… It doesn’t (care to) understand how core product features work outside of US It’s work on stemming hate risible
#Facebook doesn’t have a clue around entrenched, corrosive dynamics impacting electoral integrity & democratic outcomes (contradistinct from US dynamics) Propaganda out of control on products/platforms
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.@Facebook's "unconditional love" for India's ruling party @BJP4India, headed by @narendramodi isn't new.
What's horrifying is that it opposed ban on #BJP politicians with proven track record of #hate & asking for open killings of minorities.
@StopFundingHate @carolecadwalla
1/n Image
It's not the first time that this link is exposed. Years before the @WSJ piece Indian journalists @paranjoygt wrote for @newsclickin exposing the links between @BJP4India & @Facebook, especially it's top executives Ankhi Das & Shivnath Thukral.
But, given the state of media in India, it wasn't picked up by the mainstream.
The @WSJ piece exposes not just possible criminal negligence, but again it's participation on th part of #Facebook similar to #Myanmar & #Srilanka where it accepted its role in escalation of
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Infinite #thread on #tamil #Indus #scripts found OUT of INDIA

As Indians travelled abroad, they carried their languages and scripts. Any trace of Scripts outside of India proofs MARITIME footprints India had.

Expect Continous Update 🙏



A Tamil-Brahmi script inscribed on a potsherd, found at the Khor Rori, #OmanObserver

The script dates appx 100 BCE reads “nantai kiran”… Image
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#Tamil #Brahmi Script found in #Srilanka #ceylon

1. #Rajagala dates 300 BCE

2. Various Names in #Brahmi Script found in Srilankan Brahmipotsherds dates 200 BCE (german Studies)……

1/n ImageImageImageImage

#Anuradhapur, Srilanka Excavation Popularly known as "The ancient 'Kaurava Pavilion' reveals use of Brahmi-Tamil Script

Ln1 states, Barata was the ancient royal family of India from which the Kauravas & Pandavas originated…… ImageImageImage

#Ucchapanai, Kanterodai, SL several potsherds with #Brahmi script found in 2015
Of these 3, Dated 300-200 BCE (Krishnarjah, S. 2004). had mentions of complete legends i.e. Chandrasan, Apisithan, Palur… Image
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Cabinet Ministers 2020:

Defence Minister-President @GotabayaR

#SriLankaElections2020 #LKAElections2020 #SriLanka #LKA #lka

PM @PresRajapaksa will be Minister of Finance, Buddha Sasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs, Urban Development and Housing.

#SriLankaElections2020 #LKAElections2020 #SriLanka #LKA #lka

Nimal Siripala de Silva is the new Minister of Labour.

#SriLankaElections2020 #LKAElections2020 #SriLanka #LKA #lka

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Global Ghar Wapsi 😂🤣
#Ramayan in Pictures #Thread Image
Shringverpur UP Image
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Provisional figures of voter turnout of the Sri Lanka's parliamentary election are out. The overall turnout is 71%, going by media reports. This means that about 1.1 crore people or 11 million turned up at polling booths, despite #COVID19 #COVID19SL #SriLankaElections2020 1/5
The figure may be less than the 2015 parliamentary election or 2019 presidential poll but it is understandable, under the given circumstances. I am really amazed at the level of faith of voters of #SriLanka in democracy. Hats off to them! #SriLankaElections2020 #COVID19SL 2/5
As for North & East, Batticaloa has topped the region with 76% voter turnout against 69.12% in 2015. Vanni, Trincomalee & Ampara recorded 73% each, more or less similar to their figures of 2015 with 71.89%, 74.34% & 73.99% respectively. #SriLankaElections2020
3/5 #COVID19SL
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Remembering July 1983. Extract from ‘July 1983, State Racism and Truth Commissions’ by Devanesan Nesiah… #blackjuly #lka #srilanka
Remembering July 1983. Extract from ‘July 1983, State Racism and Truth Commissions’ by Devanesan Nesiah… #BlackJuly #lka #srilanka
Remembering July 1983. Extract from ‘July 1983, State Racism and Truth Commissions’ by Devanesan Nesiah… #blackjuly #lka #srilanka
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Beipanjiang Bridge, spanning the Nizhu River in #China at a height of 565 meters

World's Highest Bridge and one of the greatest engineering achievements

Completed in 5 years

It is over 200m taller than India's (still) under construction Chenab rail bridge in Kashmir
No other region on earth has as many high bridges as China’s remote Western Province of #Guizhou

The province is now home to more high bridges than every other country on earth combined

By 2020, Guizhou will have more then 250 bridges over 100 meters high
Of the world’s 20 super-high spans that exceed 300 meters from deck to water, all are in #China except for 3

And #China didn't just invest in bridges

It constructed some of the most gorgeous highways in the world

This is Hepu-Napo Expressway in neighbouring #Guilin province
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Strange state of affairs in our disciplined society!

Why is the law not strictly enforced against those who unlawfully destroy important historical / archeological sites?


Thread ⬇️
This is just one example of the state of health of our democracy...

The recent months have many such examples:

1. Terrorist who admits to murder of Sri Lanka Army personnel not arrested. *Happens to be close associate of govt.
2. So-called 'curfew' or 'social distancing' 'rules' not enforced for funeral of former Minister.
*deceased Minister was a close associate of govt.
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Have said this before, will repeat. I expected more from you @DrSJaishankar . But you have sorely disappointed by being too eager to impress your boss @narendramodi over sane foreign policy . It’s clear @RahulGandhi got under your skin when he exposed your abject failure.
Do you honestly believe photo ops are a substitute for sustained diplomatic engagement, have you not had to clean up the mess @narendramodi often creates or clarify the lies he peddles? Now onto your hollow claims
#China Intruded occupied our territory, first combat casualty in 45 yrs on Ladakh border. No real disengagement. Despite Sabarmati & Mahaballipuram China now closer to Pakistan, against us at NSG, UNSC interfered in Kashmir. What success are you referring to? @DrSJaishankar
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Dr Jaishankar,
A settled land boundary with Bangladesh would have happened years ago, had the BJP & @narendramodi not blocked it.
Here's the infamous letter Jaitely wrote to the Rajya Sabha Secretariat.
Even after the BJP came to power, it wanted to keep Assam out of the Indo - Bangla LBA, keeping in view the Assam elections, INC insisted Assam's inclusion & BJP had no option.
Sushma Swaraj, conceded in parliament, the same bill Congress had drafted had been cleared. #Bangladesh
It is your party & govt, with its irresponsible rhetoric, under the irresponsible guidance of Shri @AmitShah that has soured relations with #Bangladesh & has pushed a friendly govt towards China.
Reset your ties with that nation, is all i can say.
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.@RahulGandhi hs questions on Foreign Policy. Here are some answers:

•Our major partn’ships are strongr & internat’l standng higher.Witness regular summits&informal meetngs wth #US #Russia #Europe & #Japan.India engages #China on more equal terms politically.

Ask the analysts.
•We speak our mind more openly now. On #CPEC, on #BRI, on South China Sea, on UN-sanctioned terrorists, etc.

Ask the media.
• And address the #border infrastructure imbalance legacy. Compare 2014-20 with 2008-14. Budget up by 280%, road building by 32%, bridges by 99% and tunnels by 6 times.

Ask our Jawans.
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The Kings Court of King Buwanekabahu the ll, located in Kurunegala, a site of immense archaeological significanse dating back to the 7 century BC has been torn down by Kurunegala @PodujanaParty Mayor Thushara Sanjeewa
#SriLanka #COVID19LK #Kurunegala #architecture
No permission had been sought from the Dept. of Archaeology prior to the demolition of the site. However the Mayor of Kurunegala Mayor says that the RDA has sanctioned the demolition. Police however stood idly by despite a complain
#SriLanka #coronavirus
Against this backdrop Commissioner Gen. of Archaeology Senarath Dissanayake says that a complaint will be made to the IGP regarding police inaction, who stood idly by, permitting the destruction of the historic site
#SriLanka #COVID19LK #LKAElections2020 #architecture
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Large charismatic birds with disproportionately large beaks and distinctive calls, #hornbills are the #farmers of our #forests. Today’s #WildAboutFacts series focuses on these feathered foresters.

Join us & share your hornbill images!

Rufous-necked Hornbills
📷Sarbajit Ghosh

There are 62 #hornbill species in the world, with 32 in #Asia and 30 in #Africa.

#India is home to 9 of them including the #GreatHornbill, the #MalabarPiedHornbill and the #RufousNeckedHornbill.

Malabar Pied Hornbill
📷 @samyak15

Several #hornbill species have a distinct #casque on their upper mandible. #GreatHornbills have a prominent #yellow and #black casque.

📷 Keya Das
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