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A thread: on claims that talking about 'other issues' - racism, militarisation, PTA, LGBTQ+, Sin-Bud supremacy, most often issues faced by 'minority' communities - result in 'diluting' & 'losing focus' of the aragalaya/GGG. #lka #srilanka #GoHomeGota
1. Everyone is feeling the economic crisis, though admittedly to different degrees. They are all suffering due to this govt's policies, especially already-marginalised folks. They therefore have every right to make themselves visible at the protest. #lka #srilanka #gohomegota
2. Many communities have been in struggles against Rajapaksa power long before the aragalaya/GGG. Most of those protesting now didn't know/care about those struggles. Communities bringing those demands to GF is not a dilution but a continuation of their longer, harder fight. #lka
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Scenes from Colombo's first ever Pride March yesterday, continuing the protest against the 'sTaBiLiTy' ie repression of the Gota-Ranil government. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #Pride
Beginning at the Liberty roundabout, where the LGBTQ+ community gathered for the first time a few years ago to protest after Sirisena's homophobic 'butterfly' remark during the constitutional crisis. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #Pride
This incredible flag colouring the whole stretch from Kollupitiya to #Gotagogama. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #Pride
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The Foreign Relations report card of the 2019, December to 2022, April Prime Minister, @PresRajapaksa led government. (1)
- Destroyed the relationship with China by delaying the legal framework for Port City and trying to do crazy, stupid fertilizer deal.

- Destroyed the relationship with Japan by kicking the entire JICA project out of the country with no notice or communication. (2)
- Destroyed the relationship with U.S by completely politicizing the MCC agreement and finally kicking it off the table without good reason.

- Destroyed relationship with India by kicking out Eastern Terminal deal without good reason and kicking out the ICTA agreement. (3)
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Let me tell you briefly in a few points on how @RW_UNP and @GotabayaR are in this to save themselves and not any one else.

Remember @HarshadeSilvaMP who was nominated by the @sjbsrilanka to head the COPF ( Commitee on Public Finance) a little over a month ago?

1. Standing orders of Parliament specifically says that chairman of COPF must be a member from the Opposition

2. @HarshadeSilvaMP was proposed by the entire Opposition by the Opposition Chief Whip

3. The reason for this is to have checks and balances. Since Parliament has by constitution 148 and thus has full control over Finance. This is a very important responsibility to check on the Ministry of Finance.
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🧵How to identify State-sponsored propaganda and mis/dis-information campaigns. I've used an example I recently came across for demo purposes.

Step 1: Identify the nature of the content and who published the original post

Step 2: Look over the comments to get a sense of who is supporting vs dissenting. Click on a few profiles to see if these are real people.
Step 3: On most social media sites you can do a customized search on posts made by the profile using key words of your choice. In this case I used "Gota" and I came across a fascinating set of pro-regime / anti-protest posts shared by the profile to various similar groups.
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Seit den frühen Morgenstunden laufen in #Thüringen offenbar #Drogenrazzien in der #Neonaziszene. Nach MDR THÜRINGEN-Informationen durchsuchen Beamte des LKA mehrere Wohn- und Geschäftsräume. Dabei soll es Festnahmen gegeben haben. Im Einsatz sind auch Spezialeinheiten.
Mehr dazu hier:…
Ziel der Razzien ist nach Angaben des #LKA, Beweismittel und Geld sicherzustellen. Bislang seien u.a. Fahrzeuge, #Waffen, #Drogen und Handys beschlagnahmt worden.
#thüringen @Polizei_Thuer
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Looks like prominent Businessman Dhammika Perera will be appointed as Minister of Technology and Investment Promotion.

This got me thinking about how low we have come as Nation and makes me wonder how much lower we can go.

Let me explain on this thread why.

Dhammika is not only a controversial businessman but he is also one of Sri Lanka’s richest men. What started off on jackpot machines later became a fledging casino business. A business that grew extraordinarily during 2005-2015.

Later, DP moved into bigger things. Rocell Lanka tiles, Lanka wall tiles are a few big ones he has acquired under his manufacturing arm of the business.

The finance arm of his business includes big players such as LB Finance, Vallibel Finance etc
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A lot of conversation on RW as PM and what it means politically, but a quick thread on what I think a GR-Prez/RW-PM led (mostly) SLPP government means economically

#EconomicCrisisLK #SriLankaEconomicCrisis #SriLankaCrisis #SriLanka #lka
Disclaimer - I'm no political expert, so my views on POLITICS are no more important than any other random citizen. What I'll try to explain is my personal view on the economics on which I hopefully have more credibility
There are 2 arguments I hear on why this is great for SL's economic crisis

1. RW coming in means political stability->more economic stability->economic revival

2. RW has international connections that will bring in lots of bridging finance

Let me explore what I think of this
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"Current events in Sri Lanka make this something that is being watched with hope in your hearts...
It is never too late for justice"
- Leon Willems
#lka #SriLanka #news #media #journalism #JournalismIsNotACrime #DontKillTheMessenger
"It is our collective duty to demand justice for journalist murders
We need a safer world for the truth"
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May 11th, yesterday - scenes from a mellow but alert and hopeful #Gotagogama. Tents have been repaired, there are books in the library again, everyone speaks to of calm and non-violence and tea was being made in the evening. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota
'We ask everyone to be calm. Save your strength - we have more to do, not to set fires. This isn't a place to sacrifice lives. We remember those who hit us till we bled - 'nahi verena verani, වෛරයෙන් වෛරය නොසන්සිදේ' (violence doesn't drive out violence) #lka #srilanka #GoHomeGota
'Many think those who follow the law are spineless. Politicians see if we break their laws while they broke them completely.

We don't want a military government. We don't want a dictatorship. We want a government that respects people's sovereignty.' #lka #srilanka #GoHomeGota
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Sri Lanka: Authorities must immediately rescind the emergency regulations and shooting orders that provide excessive powers to the police and military,…
and take immediate steps to respect, protect and fulfil the human rights of peaceful protestors, @amnesty said today.

#SriLanka #protestLK #SriLankaCrisis #lka
“Authorities in Sri Lanka should carry out a prompt, thorough, impartial, independent, effective and transparent investigation into the reports of violent attacks on peaceful protesters. Authorities should bring to justice those suspected to be responsible and ensure
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President Gotabaya Rajapaksa addressing the nation says he is taking steps to restore peace. Says Govt responsibility is to ensure ppl safety. Says therefore forces & police have been told to take strong action against troublemakers. Calls on public to condemn ppl spreading hate.
Says he is working to establish new government. Says within the week will appoint PM and Cabinet who have confidence of majority
Says new PM will present new programme to take country forward

Says post discussions after stabilising country, steps will be taken to abolish Executive Presidency
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New .@JDSLanka report with @itjpsl on the command responsibility case against Gotabaya Rajapaksa for 700+ enforced disappearances in Matale from June 1989 - Jan. 1990 when he was the Military Coordinator in charge of the district.…
@JDSLanka Worth noting #lka army chief Shavendra Silva, Sumedha Perera & Jagath Dias were among Gotabaya's commany commanders in Matale in 1989 (acc to GR's biographer now made Ambassador in Geneva!) & ex #srilanka IGP Mahinda Balasuriya (deceased) was also there in 89.
@JDSLanka Disappearances in Matale - white part indicates period Gotabaya Rajapaksa was in command there:

(leaflet summarises…)
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Was told of clashes among people who are looting at Grandeeza and Avenra in Negombo
#lka #SriLanka
Seems to be an attempt to create tension between Muslim and Sinhalese people. If racism is allowed to raise its head again, the whole country will suffer. Hope sanity prevails.
#lka #SriLanka
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(1/3) සොරකම් කරන ලද වත්කම් ආපසු ලබා ගැනීම මේ වන විට ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ කතාබහට ලක් වන මාතෘකාවක් බවට පත් වී ඇත.

එවැනි වත්කම් ආපසු ලබා ගත හැකි ආකාරය, ඒ සඳහා ක්‍රියා කළ යුතු පාර්ශ්ව සහ ඒ සඳහා ගත වන කාලය පිළිබඳ කෙටි පැහැදිලි කිරීමක් මෙලෙස ඉදිරිපත් කෙරේ.

#lka #SriLanka #AssetDeclaration
(2/3) සොරකම් කරන ලද වත්කම් ආපසු ලබා ගැනීම මේ වන විට ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ කතාබහට ලක් වන මාතෘකාවක් බවට පත් වී ඇත.

එවැනි වත්කම් ආපසු ලබා ගත හැකි ආකාරය, ඒ සඳහා ක්‍රියා කළ යුතු පාර්ශ්ව සහ ඒ සඳහා ගත වන කාලය පිළිබඳ කෙටි පැහැදිලි කිරීමක් මෙලෙස ඉදිරිපත් කෙරේ.

#lka #SriLanka #AssetDeclaration
(3/3) සොරකම් කරන ලද වත්කම් ආපසු ලබා ගැනීම මේ වන විට ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ කතාබහට ලක් වන මාතෘකාවක් බවට පත් වී ඇත.

එවැනි වත්කම් ආපසු ලබා ගත හැකි ආකාරය, ඒ සඳහා ක්‍රියා කළ යුතු පාර්ශ්ව සහ ඒ සඳහා ගත වන කාලය පිළිබඳ කෙටි පැහැදිලි කිරීමක් මෙලෙස ඉදිරිපත් කෙරේ.

#lka #SriLanka #AssetDeclaration
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(1/3) Recovering stolen assets is a major topic of conversation at the moment in Sri Lanka.
This is a brief explainer on how Sri Lanka can recover stolen assets, who has to take action to get it done and how long it takes.
#lka #SriLanka #AssetDeclaration #ApeSalli #අපේසල්ලි
(2/3) Recovering stolen assets is a major topic of conversation at the moment in Sri Lanka.
This is a brief explainer on how Sri Lanka can recover stolen assets, who has to take action to get it done and how long it takes.
#lka #SriLanka #AssetDeclaration #ApeSalli #අපේසල්ලි
(3/3) Recovering stolen assets is a major topic of conversation at the moment in Sri Lanka.
This is a brief explainer on how Sri Lanka can recover stolen assets, who has to take action to get it done and how long it takes.
#lka #SriLanka #AssetDeclaration #ApeSalli #අපේසල්ලි
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Moments like this is when you realise and ponder what the actual end result of the #GotaGoHome could be. The people started the protest due to the increased cost of living imposed by the #GOSL, the Government that the @sjbsrilanka vehemently told people not to vote for.

The economic troica including @HarshadeSilvaMP and @EranWick categorically warned the citizens and the Government since 2020. All those cries were left unheard. The @sjbsrilanka is the Main Opposition in the Country and was the first to bring in crowds to protest.

We were then ridiculed and told that we did all this in the middle of a pandemic etc. The sad part is that when you have people saying things like "Mind your own business, We will fight this through", It makes us think what the actual solution is.
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JVP Leader @anuradisanayake speaking on @hirunews TV now says he understands anger of peaceful protestors who were met with violence by State. Says MR does not know this is a different time & generation of 2022, when he can't use his same old chandi tactics.

#lka #SriLanka
Calls on people not to engage in violence although he understands their anger, says not to act in anger. Says we as a people have already faced enough attacks all over country. Says this land cannot bear any more violence. Promises to bring culprits before law.

#lka #SriLanka
Mentions how MR said this morning at Temple Trees that he would not bow down and would face any challenges, but says that MR faced them by bringing in thugs and attacking people. Says power (බලය) lies with the people of this country, not MR.

#lka #SriLanka
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'Today is one month that Nande has been at home'

Scenes from a #Gotagogama that has immediately started rebuilding, and evolving situations elsewhere.

Please stay safe. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota Image
Police and Army barricade at Lotus Road, 2.31 pm. They eventually left. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota ImageImageImageImage
'You thought you could crush our protest with your violence and bloodshed. We thank all those who stood with us and say, we will be stronger now'

Spirits seemingly high on the barricade when we eventually made it there. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota ImageImageImageImage
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Conflict in the vicinity of Temple Trees, where pro-Mahinda Rajapaksa supporters arrived this AM to ask the Prime Minister stay.


#SriLanka #lka
Anti-government protestors have been camped outside there for a couple of weeks now, so coming there to protest 'in support' of the Prime Minister is a deliberate move to instigate trouble.


#SriLanka #lka
The pro-government protesters are INSIDE Temple Trees which indicates govt. support; how else could they enter and make use of the premises so easily. Bus loads of supporters were also brought in from the Moratuwa MC.


#SriLanka #lka
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Scenes from the Maadan Badhrakali Puja, last night at #Gotagogama/Galle Face.

With thanks to everyone who translated and explained the parts of the ceremony as it went on. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota
The rituals came to #LKA with Indian labourers brought by British colonisers & are continued by their descendants, the Malaiyaha Tamil community.

The deities are village guardians, who were worshipped before formal Hinduism began & they can speak to in their own languages. #lka
The Vikki Parai Isai group from Ingiriya heating the drums to tune them before the ritual. Parai drums are played by oppressed castes & is a key part of Malaiyaha Tamil culture, along with dances such as the kooththu, all of which their ancestors brought from India. #lka.
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Pls see our report on #stf #lka which cited #sinhalese insiders from the force describing their involvement in whitevan abductions in Colombo & executions in the East.…
#STF should at v least be Leahy vetted by .@USEmbSL & ineligible for @UNPeacekeeping
& it's not just us - UN bodies reported on STF involvement in #torture as far back as 2002: (P30 of report)
IN 2015 UN investigation cited #stf in connection with disappearance & #torture & mentioned their close links to #tamil paramilitaries in the East of #srilanka
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No money for food, fuel or medicine but infinite money for violence against civilians - Police & Riot Police repeatedly tear gas IUSF protestors & more at Battaramulla today. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #GoHomeGota2022 Image
'බිලි මගින් බලේ ගන්න - පිපිරෙව්වේ බෝම්බ තොපි'

IUSF march from Nugegoda to the Parliament entrance at Polduwa junction near Diyatha Uyana. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #GoHomeGota2022 ImageImageImageImage
Police ready at the first barrier, which didn't last long. A first group of performer/protestors tied these flags to the barricade. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #GoHomeGota2022 ImageImageImageImage
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With the #LKA Twittersphere lit by the latest @nimalhperera corruption scandal it’s important to remember that the investigations & court documents extensively relied upon by @4corners was filed by FCID officers.
They are the unsung heroes of the Lankan scandal du jour. 🧵 Image
From 2015-2019 Rajapaksas & their cronies mercilessly attacked FCID as an unconstitutional police unit conducting politicized corruption investigations. Should have been obvious why. The FCID was following the money and making the Rajapaksa Family & collectors very nervous 1/9
FCID investigations into @nimalhperera dodgy dealings with Krrish Holdings, Airbus and the Hambantota District Hospital led to the now infamous Sabre Vision Holdings. FCID investigators sought and obtained the Company records from British Virgin Islands and Singapore. #LKA 2/9
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