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The state has a number of legal provisions at it's disposal to punish persons who say things that are perceived as offensive to a religion or belief. #lka

Section 3 of the ICCPR Act is one of them.

But to fall within the ambit of that section, there must be 'incitement'.

'Incitement' isn't defined in the Act, but it generally means encouraging others to act in some way.

So, encouraging someone to commit an act of violence or discrimination (and if there's a real chance they would in fact act in that way) could be considered 'incitement'.

If the speech concerned (however offensive) does not involve 'incitement', it falls outside the ICCPR Act.

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Hope the rumours about Mahinda Rajapaksa becoming PM are true. No politician captures the essence of #SriLanka's rotten political culture quite like Ranil and MR. Having them together as President and PM would help make sense of the past 20 years of #SriLankan politics. #lka 1/ Image
MR became President of this nation twice without any significant academic qualifications, exceptional intelligence or in-depth knowledge on important matters. His recipe for success is simply his unmatched charisma, his talent for maintaining political friendships, and.. 2/
his ultra-masculine personality. He has blazed a trail for any future politician who wants to enter politics purely to gain power and engage in corruption, and we're already seeing many who have been inspired by him in parliament. 3/
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Met some foreign investors last evening, it was the 1st visit to SL for one of them, the other had come 15+yrs ago, I met them 4hrs after they landed, first impression was "it's very different from what we expected", I asked why? "what we saw in the news vs the ground reality"
They went on to lament the fact that SL is losing out because not enough is being done to educate foreign investors about opportunities or investments channels in SL, govt websites are dated, embassies unhelpful, so how exactly does SL get it's "pitch" out into the world?
SL needs to do a better job in positioning itself to foreign capital, we need a proper PR strategy & a national "brand" in order to have better control on our own narrative, there's a view that SL has "bottomed out" & this is a positive, our embassies need to tow this line
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Here's a summary of key statements made at the #MayDay2023 rallies in #SriLanka yesterday


- We must work together
- See, how we're including the youth (nod to aragalaya)
- Ranil will be prez for two terms like JR (Wajira A)
- Ranil got us out of bankruptcy in no time (Ruwan W)

- We will wash the Beira off ourselves (Rohitha A)
- They haven't arrested Handunetti for surrounding parliament yet (Johnston, who isn't arrested yet)
- We made some mistakes in the past *conspiracy* *conspiracy* *conspiracy* Jayawewa workers (MR)
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🧵Frankfurt #Bergen #Enkheim Polizeieinsatz: Munition, Granaten eine Vielzahl potenzieller Sprengmittel, Schusswaffen sowie Munition bei #Razzia sichergestellt. Drei Personen vorläufig festgenommen. 26 jähriger soll noch heute den Haftrichter vorgeführt werden. 1/x Frankfurt #Bergen #Enkheim ...Frankfurt #Bergen #Enkheim ...
2/x Bisher gab es keine Angaben darüber, ob es sich bei den Verdächtigen um reine "Geschäftsleute" handelt, um sogenannte #Prepper oder ob ein Extremismus-Zusammenhang besteht.
3/x Bei #Razzien in #Frankfurt hat die Polizei am Freitag mehrere zündfähige Granaten und Munition gefunden. Die Polizei, darunter Mitglieder von Spezialkräften, führten die Durchsuchungen bei drei Männern im Alter von 19 bis 26 Jahren durch,
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#SriLanka has a final opportunity to progress and it's imperative for everyone to collaborate in creating a prosperous community for future generations, without resorting to finger-pointing, President @RW_UNP stressed, delivering the keynote address at the (1/6)
‘Economic Dialogue- IMF and Beyond’ panel discussion.

At the CEO Forum hosted by @casrilanka, the President expressed that the Govt. should surpass the @IMFNews program and concentrate on establishing a thriving community for upcoming generations, emphasizing the Govt’s (2/6)
dedication to this goal.

Reflecting on 🇱🇰's past missed opportunities for development, the President highlighted the failure to implement Mr. D.S. Senanayake’s proposals and the B.R. Shenoy Report.

Noting that 🇱🇰's progress was hindered by the ethnic issue of 1978, (3/6)
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Now that Prophet Jerome's little charade has been indirectly revealed via his associations with money-laundering pro Uebert Angel, I'll stop biting my tongue and share some 💫thoughts💫 on this entire rigmarole.
1. PJ built the Miracle Dome for Rs 3 BILLION, opening it on 27 May 2022.
Now, as you MIGHT know, Sri Lanka's been in deep economic shit since 2020. If Covid-ridden 2021 wasn't bad enough, fuel and electricity shortages hit by Feb 2022. The poor have been suffering this whole time, but particularly badly in 2022.
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Now that the initial euphoria/rage about the IMF approval has hopefully faded, going to talk a bit about what it means and how I look at it.

#SriLanka #lka #EconomicCrisisLK
Usual disclaimer of being personal opinion and thereby, subjective. I'm also especially aware of how political and partisan the topic has become, and being clear that's not my goal.
3/ So yeah, the IMF is here. For me, it's part of a long process and there's so much that remains up in the air, but broadly I remain cautiously optimistic.
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#Leipzig #Connewitz #le1503: "Von aufgeschossenen Türen und gesuchten Fahrrädern - Erklärung nach dem SEK-Einsatz in unserem Haus"
"Am 15. März 2023, dem internationalen Tag gegen Polizeigewalt, fanden in #Thüringen und #Sachsen bereits früh morgens Hausdurchsuchungen durch die Polizei statt. Gegen 16:20 Uhr erschien das Spezialeinsatzkommando (#SEK) auch in unserem Haus in der Eichendorffstraße..."
" Leipziger Stadteil #Connewitz. Wir sind fassungslos, schockiert und erschrocken und möchten zunächst darstellen, welche Ereignisse sich abspielten: Vermummte Polizei schleicht sich um 16:20 Uhr in den Hof, es sind laute Knallgeräusche aus dem Treppenhaus zu hören."
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Thought of creating a🧵on #Listeria infection as more people are curious to know about it.
Firstly it's very uncommon in #SriLanka but recently a few deadly cases were reported of persons who visited Adam's Peak (#Siripada) during the season.
So here goes..
#MedTwitter #lka
#Listeria infection is a foodborne bacterial illness that can be very serious for #pregnant women, people older than 65yrs and people with weakened #immune systems. Healthy people rarely become ill from listeria infection but the disease can be fatal to unborn babies,newborns
Might begin a few days after you've eaten contaminated food, but it can take 30 days or more before the first signs and symptoms of infection begin.
❗️Muscle aches

If infection spread to nervous system:
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Translation: "In battles with Portuguese, Dutch & English there were Sinhalese who betrayed the Sinhalese.They are the ones who are reborn & are raising black flags now." By Anushka Perera
#racism #Hypocrisy #stupidity
Grateful to Ms Perera for posting. It summarises topics for reflection for #SriLanka. First,she refers to #Sinhalese as the only ones who have a claim on #IndependenceDay.If she would have studied history she would know that Tamils,Muslims,Malays etc were part of this struggle.2/
Her comment already disregards the minorities of #SriLanka. It is such a shame as she lives in London in a multicultural society & speaks of #SriLanka as a mono ethnic society in 2023. After all, Sri Lankans have survived a civil war & Easter attacks to not be divided by race.3/
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On this independence day, I'd like to tell a story of a country in economic crisis and why, despite everything, I'm still cautiously hopeful for the long term of Sri Lanka.

#SriLanka #lka #SriLankaIndependenceDay #EconomicCrisisLK
After years of borrowing that led to an unsustainable situation, an external moment triggered a huge economic crisis in the country, possibly the worst in modern history.
The exchange rate skyrocketed, inflation rose to very high levels before falling, interest rates shot up to unexpectedly high levels. There were huge shortages across the country, especially of food and medicine in the poorer parts of the country.
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1. Der #rechtsextreme #Youtuber Tim K. (#HornBadMeinberg / #Lippe) ist Chef des Motorradclubs "Brothers Guard MC". Der Club will expandieren. K. spielt bei den "Staatsdelegimierern" (#Schwurblern) eine große Rolle, viele Fans von ihm / des Rockerclubs kommen aus der Szene. 🧵
2. Vor Jahren gründeten K. und Ex-Mitglieder anderer #Rocker-Clubs (z.B. #Bandidos) den "Brothers MC". K. führte seitdem in Lippe ("Salt City") ein Chapter. In Deutschland und dem Ausland wurden weitere Gruppen gegründet. Chef des Brothers MC ist noch immer Brahim Z. (#Köln).
3. Intern kam es zu Streitereien. Auf der einen Seite stehen u.a. Vorwürfe gegen K. wegen seiner rechtspopulistischen Inhalte. Dieser wiederum wirft Brahim Z. und Anhängern vor, die falschen Werte zu vertreten (untermauert mit rechtem Duktus). Der Club trennte sich schließlich.
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At the end of SL's economically hardest single year since probably the 1930s, thought I'd take a look back at the changes we've had and what factors I'm looking at for 2023.

#SriLankaEconomicCrisis #EconomicCrisisLK #lka #SriLanka
2/ I'll limit the lookback so as not to repeat and focus on how I personally think of 2023. As always, all of this is just personal opinion, especially in context of the absolutely massive uncertainty we continue to be in.
3/ My biggest takeaway from 2022's economic journey is how much I see as achieved for the country. To be very clear, this is not a statement on the current administration, but on a view on change I see on the overall system.
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Montage of satellite images taken by DigitalGlobe shows Kalutara, south-western coast of #SriLanka, 40km south of #Colombo. Lower image taken at 10:20 IST on 26 Dec 2004, as #Tsunami2004 #IndianOceanTsunami hit without any local warning, killing ~35,000…
One of the most memorable cartoons on #Tsunami2004, by Jim Morin, cartoonist of @MiamiHerald, summed up that day's monumental failure of publicly communicating an early warning about on-coming killer waves. I reflected on it for @SciDevNet one year later:…
International warnings about #Tsunami2004 were received by #lka govt agencies but *not relayed locally* to enable coastal evacuation to save lives. Science & Tech Min Dr Tissa Vitharana later infamously defended govt failure saying "it was a holiday".…
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This plate contains some hot 🌶green chillies called "kochchi" in 🇱🇰 #SriLanka.
A Sri Lankam student of year 5 (around 10 y/o) gave these chillies to the canteen staff of the school asking if she can get some food in return. 1/
🌶Imagine how many children of 🇱🇰 #SriLanka are malnourished now? 🌶Imagine how desperate this child was for some food?
🌶Imagine how many children skip school because of hunger?
Dear 🇱🇰#SriLanka,
Do you still support these politicians who stole from you and are stealing? 2/
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On FIFA’s ranking of 211 national men’s football teams, the #lka team ranks 207th. In a country where football is the second most popular sport after cricket, and is played in schools and on streets islandwide, why isn’t our national team more successful? #lka #FIFAWorldCup 1/7 Image
According to former national captain & under-23 head coach Mohamed Amanulla, this has to do with the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL), which stands accused of mismanagement of funds & failure to follow instructions provided by FIFA and the Ministry of Sports. 2/7
Along with Amanulla, former FFSL presidents Anura de Silva and Ranjith Rodrigo have also publicly held the administration responsible for bringing Sri Lankan football to such a low standard globally and regionally. 3/7
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Quick thread on what I'm expecting from Budget 2023, and what it could mean.

#SriLankaEconomicCrisis #SriLanka #lka #EconomicCrisisLK #Budget2023
2/ As always, personal opinion, but especially here, since this is speculative just a day in advance.
3/ Main point of the budget going to be both short term (2023) and long term (next few years) plan on reducing budget deficit. Both IMF driven but regardless, something SL needs to do.
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What an amazing display of gentleman's sport to promote #SriLanka tourism @fernandoharin!
I bet @sltda_srilanka can welcome the whole world to this amazingly warm #LKA with these statements from the former Cricket manager Charith Senanayake not to mention mysgonistic jokes. 1/
Dear @fernandoharin, There're rumours that you're one of the #Godfathers of #DanushkaGunathilaka.
That's why I am reaching out to you knowing, you have better IQ than you know who. What do you plan to do about this grand display of #RapeCulture? Promote it as #visitsrilanka? 2/
Is the @AusHCSriLanka aware of the strong support of #RapeCulture amongst the Sri Lankans in Australia? This is not a stereotype but I would strongly quiz those who apply to migrate about Consent & what they think about it. Even women seems to support rape & this is shocking.3/
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Just ended this: we explored how #lka scientists & farmers found ways to critique #Gota govt's instant #OrganicLK policy at a time state-owned & other partisan media houses didn't allow dissent + vilified critical voices! Thx @venuraherath @thilakkari2016 @KamanthiW @sisiratweets
For context & journalistic summary of #lka's instant organic misadventure, see @KennyTorrella's article in @voxdotcom in July 2022: #SriLanka’s abrupt switch to organics offers a bitter lesson in how to change food systems in a sustainable way. #OrganicLK…
This was the premise of our #SJF22 session: revisit #lka former govt's 2021 instant organic blunder, to derive its lessons on public communication of science + critique role played by misplaced advocacy of eco activists who over-stated/hyped their case…
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Here's a hypothetical example to show the story of corruption and theft in Sri Lanka and why it's really painful to reverse it - for reasons that you might not realise!

#SriLanka #lka #EconomicCrisisLK #SriLankaCrisis #corruption
2/ Let's assume some 20 years ago, in an election, a politician's crony friend donated some 100m LKR to an election campaign. In return, the crony wanted at least 200m LKR in profit a year in some way if the politician got elected.
3/ The politician gets elected. Now, he must help his crony friend.

Can he explicitly steal 200m and give every year? Nah, that's too easy to trace.

Instead, he creates an opportunity for the crony friend to earn that kind of money.
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Jameza/Jameesha #Mubin was 29y.o. man from the area #Ukkadam.

Reports say that he was radicalised by the #IS philosophy and was planning an #EasterBombing style operation in #Coimbatore and was planning to kick start the same from Konniyamman temple or Kotta Eswaran temple.
It is also being said that he was already on the watchlist of the #Tamilnadu police as he had tried to set off an explosion few years ago.

He is also set to have close contacts with Mohammed Azharuddin, now in #Kerala jail for his involvement with #ISIS.
It is important to know that Azharuddin had close contacts with #ZahranHashim, the chief mastermind of the #EasterBombings in #Srilanka in 2019.

Mubin was NOT driving a gas vehicle but a petrol vehicle and the early triggering of the cylinder could have been an accident.
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1/ These tax changes are sudden and unexpected, cause pain, and feel unfair for many. I'm going to try and make some sense of why this ended up so and what we can do about it.

#EconomicCrisisLK #SriLankaEconomicCrisis #lka #SriLanka #TaxHike
2/ Personal views not reflecting anyone else. Twitter is also not a great place for this due to character limits - so this interview I did might be a better explanation.
3/ To start with - yes, these taxes are painful. There's no question about it. Yes, the pain will be different for different people - someone might have to cut down on a night of drinks with friends while someone else might struggle with debt.
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1/ Corruption and tackling it is a key question, especially now that tax hikes have come in place. Noting down my thoughts on it and how we can move forward regarding the problem in my view.

#EconomicCrisisLK #SriLankaEconomicCrisis #lka #SriLanka #Corruption
2/ As always my personal view. This is how I see corruption in SL rather than any academic or "correct" way to see it (which doesn't exist obv). So discussion and questions welcome!
3/ I personally think of corruption as happening in one of 5 ways.

1. Outright theft and low-level bribes
2. Political expenses
3. Crony projects
4. Crony policies
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