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Sep 14, 2021, 6 tweets

1/6 #SeaTurtleTalks🐢Have you seen #seaturtles in the water? @iseaturtle is a #CitizenScience app that allows you to participate in #seaturtle research/conservation! Follow this🧵to learn more about this initiative with @icer182 @SeaTurtles_org @calhoun_marine & @PamelaPlotkin!

2/6 Since the 1990s, the number of sea turtles in Texas (🇺🇸) waters has increased significantly, but many aspects of their spatial distribution and ecology in the bays remain poorly understood🤔🐢🗺

3/6 As🐢numbers increased all across #Texas bays, so did the interest of the local community in sea turtles and their conservation. In 2020, we launched @iseaturtle as a platform to encourage and involve citizens to contribute to #seaturtle science

4/6 These are the #BuildingBlocks of @iseaturtle:
🧩Intuitive and fast interface to report turtle sighting
🧩Public access: Real-time data upload to online map
🧩Broad extension: on-the-ground outreach efforts/material
🧩Strong partnerships
🧩Engaged Community ⬇

5/6 The Data: @iseaturtle reports can shed light on spatiotemporal trends in turtle sightings -where/when are🐢often sighted-. In the map ⬇ we see patterns of high fishermen-turtle convergence near jetties, and we have also been able to identify ++ sites used by turtles

6/6 @iseaturtle has now expanded to the entire Texas coast thanks to @TexasSeaGrant and @SeaTurtles_org. #iSeaTurtle can be used anywhere in the world -and has been very successful during the pandemic!- For more info check Thanks for tuning in!🐢

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