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Have LED lights reduced #LightPollution, or have things gotten worse because of blue light emissions? We have the answer, and it's not good news...

🧵 below, full methodology and results new in @sciencemagazine:… #ScienceResearch
Before I tell you what we did, I want you to understand why this is important. Skyglow is a visible symbol of our failure to transition to a sustainable society.

In addition, if skyglow is growing, then all of the ecological impacts of #LightPollution are probably too. (2/) Image showing sky brightness 60 km South of Berlin (left) an
So what did we do? It all starts with the #CitizenScience project Globe at Night (GaN), which you've probably seen me boosting before. In GaN, participants select which of a set of star charts most closely matches the sky they see. (3/) Globe at Night star maps
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Another glimpse into NIH RECOVER study. This also means more data for Yale LISTEN study as they use @hugohealth @kindred_health to gather medical records. I’m learning a lot about what is capturing effective data & what is missed. My case made researchers aware of gaps.#LongCOVID
2/ during the 6 minute walk test, they realize @NIH provided no space for notes or to identify gait. Within 3 minutes, they noticed me tipping, gait instability (when I noted vision and burning pain in my head and nausea). None of that is captured. Yet, exertion amplified neuro
3/ This has been common - she said it looked like a stroke. Exercise stress test said I looked like altitude sickness from high elevation mountain climbers. Both witnessed changes in speech. NIH data collection doesn’t allow for capturing these crucial puzzle pieces in their data
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Now online and free of charge at #PNAS: results from a #worldwide #CitizenScience project on the #menstrual cycle "When fertile, women seek status via prestige but not dominance". (1/n)…
Biological predictors of status are contested, partly because they have implications for sex differences & gender equality. Many investigations look at male status & testosterone (see work by Pranj Mehta, @nm_grebe, etc). Less is known about female status & other hormones (2/n)
My lab recruited women from 14 countries and 4 world regions to understand how the menstrual cycle and fertility affected status-seeking & self-esteem. Using an online daily diary in formR (created by @rubenarslan), participants tracked their menstrual cycle & psychology. (3/n)
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I’ve been privileged to work with #CitizenScience data in #ornithology for many years at @_BTO and @CornellBirds. I’ve seen some of the amazing opportunities and the tricky challenges that come with citizen science data.

1/15 #BOUasm22 #Sesh1 Image
#Ornithology has a long history of #CitizenScience, enabling us to calculate population status for birds over many decades. For example, @_BTO’s data for Herons goes back to 1928!

2/15 #BOUasm22 #Sesh1 Image
One of the most important #CitizenScience projects in the UK, the Breeding Bird Survey @BBS_birds has allowed us to monitor which bird populations are decreasing and increasing over time.

3/15 #BOUasm22 #Sesh1 Image
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#Marche: dal punto di vista della #scienza
📢Cos’è successo?
Tra la tarda serata e le prime ore della notte fra il 15 e il 16 settembre 2022 le province di Ancona e Pesaro-Urbino sono state interessate da una struttura temporalesca “autorigenerante”.
Si tratta di un fenomeno temporalesco che si auto-alimenta grazie allo scontro tra due masse d’aria con caratteristiche differenti, una caldo-umida, ricca di vapore acqueo, l’altra più fresca e secca, la cui convergenza mantiene attiva la corrente ascendente, ovvero la convezione
Lo scontro ha determinato precipitazioni di notevole intensità (un nubifragio), con una durata di oltre sei ore con conseguenze devastanti per il territorio.
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PROUD to say that the 1st paper of my PhD is published #OpenAccess in Local Environment:…

We examine tensions in knowledge production from an air quality citizen science project & make suggestions for how to do it in an environmentally just way.

We worked with @BetterOldSwan (BOS), a community group in Liverpool concerned about the effects of traffic on air quality (AQ) in their neighbourhood. We helped BOS to generate their own AQ data so they could demonstrate their perceived problem of traffic air pollution.

🧵2/ A picture of a cloth map of...
There are LOADS of #CitizenScience projects where AQ scientists work with community groups to measure AQ. However, more 'better' data does not — necessarily — lead to better AQ for affected communities.

🧵3/ The picture shows Douglas B...
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Last week I gave a talk at #ECCB2022_Prague, entitled “(How) can the EU Common Agricultural Policy #CAP still address the crisis of farmland biodiversity?”. Here I give a short summary of the presentation. 🧵
1/x we are facing several interlinked crises: #ClimateCrisis (extreme events like droughts, heat, floods), we are losing #biodiversity, #pollinators and natural pest control; we face soil erosion and land degradation, water scarcity and loss of water quality.
2/x Environmental factors are THE key factors leading to crop failures and risks to food security. Farming and farmers are at the core of a major conflict around land: both as a driver of losses and the sector most affected by it. We need to act fast, as it has impacts on us all.
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This weeks bumper harvest of e.Coli, from Martlesham Creek, on the beautiful River Deben. The legal limit is nine (9) blue dots, people. Courtesy of @AnglianWater . #Sewage @CleanRiversPGH @sascampaigns @Feargal_Sharkey
There’s a prize for anyone who can count all the dots, because I can’t be bothered now, it’s so appalling. We’ve been testing for six months now, and finding illegal levels all year round.
@Anglianwater operates a sewage treatment plant there….and we get similar readings every week. #CitizenScience is working.
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1/ I want to give huge props to @DrNadolsky for doing this #MakingLMHR experiment!

Yes, I know some of my followers may be blocked -- so I'm including an image as well.

If you're interested in how this experiment came about -- read on... 🧵 Image
2/ We've had an ongoing debate on how much (or little) #saturated fat consumption is responsible for high #LDL #cholesterol levels we typically see for #LMHRs.

Whereas I (we) believe #LEM to have greater relevance overall.

Which led to the experiment👇
3/ Could @DrNadolsky emulate the #LMHR phenotype while *not* being fat adapted? (or at least, to get his #LDL #cholesterol that high?)

He consumed two sticks of butter a day to test this! 🧈🧈

Yes, the experiment went more toward my prediction, so alas, I won't be flying there.
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🏖️🏄‍♀️🌴Sommer, Sonne, Urlaubszeit: Heute arbeite ich an einem Impuls für @S4F_Kassel zum Thema #NachhaltigReisen und dachte, ich lasse euch daran teilhaben. Ein🧵voller Ideen (plus ein paar persönlichen Erfahrungen und vielen hübschen Bildern)📸 (1/n) A person sitting on a beam ...
(2/n) Was bedeutet es eigentlich, "nachhaltig" zu reisen? Für mich fällt darunter weit mehr, als nur klimaneutral von A nach B zu kommen. Wem schade oder nutze ich ggf. mit meiner Reise? Wovon profitiere ich - und kann ich u.U. was zurückgeben?
(3/n) Reisen zu können, ist ein unglaubliches Privileg (und Fernreisen sowieso). Wusstet ihr z.B. dass ihr mit einem dt. Reisepass visumsfrei in 190 Länder reisen könnt? Das ist Platz 3 auf der Weltrangliste…
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#ICYMI a revolution in #biodiversity monitoring is underway. This revolution is driven by independent technological advances - but even more so once those can be integrated

A 🧵to highlight just a few recent papers and #preprints

(📸 biodiversity wall (c) @mfnberlin) Image
1. environmental DNA (eDNA)

It's now possible to detect animals & other organisms through tracking their molecular traces 🧬. Originally developed for #freshwater animals 🐸(…), the technology can now be adapted to almost every environment:

e.g. very recent advancements include (A) sampling of eDNA from the air to detect #insects ...

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Next is Dr. Saravanan Thangamani @Thangamani_Lab Emergence of ticks and tick-borne diseases in NY.
Deer tick
Lone star tick
Dog tick
Asian longhorned tick
Dr. @Thangamani_Lab reviewing the many pathogens carried by Deer tick, Lone star tick, Dog tick, Gulf coast tick, and the invasive Asian longhorned tick. #LymeDiseaseAwarenessMonth
Dr. @Thangamani_Lab started a citizen science project in 2019 that allows citizens to send in ticks that they are able to use for research. number of ticks and the % pathogens they carry are increasing. #LymeDiseaseAwarenessMonth…
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It's easy to include broader impacts in your research with the "coding for broader impact" framework developed by students @TempleUniv in @ESAFrontiers (1/4)…
#DataScience #coding #ClimateCrisis #Sustainability #environmental #RStats
Coding for broader impact addresses key challenges to effective public communication by developing personalized stakeholder reports along side tasks needed for publishing a paper (2/4) #publicspeaking #STEMeducation #peerreview #science #publishorperish
The #rstats coding for broader impact workflow is in this repository (3/4)
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A pinch of pinscher, a dash of 'shund... a pint of pittie for good measure, and what kind of #dog do you get?
Ulti-mutt-ly: a distinct individual.

Happy to share our article on dog genomes, behavior, and MUTTS in @ScienceMagazine! @UMassChan @broadinstitute #ScienceResearch 1/n
Even the most mixy of #mutts cannot escape the question: what's in the sauce? For the first time, we unravel the genomes of mutts (1500+ dogs of mixed or mystery heritage) and what they can show us about the inheritance of behavior. 2/n
Research was made possible thanks to the thousands of dogs enrolled in our Darwin’s Ark project ( @darwinsarkfnd

See: dog tax attached #communityscience #citizenscience #CitizenScienceMonth 3/n
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Perceptions of #dog breed temperments are ingrained in our culture. Breed #stereotypes play out in dog parks, show up in city ordinances & leases, are celebrated at dog shows, and infuse Hollywood movies... but what if I told you dog temperment doesn't work like that? 1/n Morpheous from the Matrix "But what if I told you"
ANNOUNCING OUR NEW, AT-LEAST-8-YEARS-IN-THE-MAKING-BUT-WHO'S-COUNTING, +FANCY-GENOMICS #DOG temperment PAPER!!!! @UMassChan @broadinstitute @karlssonlab @darwinsarkfnd #ScienceResearch @iaabc 2/n… Image of tweet showing April 29 issue of Science with a phot
Before I unpack our findings, I have a conflict of interest to disclose: I AM A CAT PERSON. 3/n
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Ein Thread über #Lichtverschmutzung und die #DarkSkyWeek

Habt ihr schon mal in den Nachthimmel geschaut & dabei gemerkt dass man dort wo wenig künstliches Licht (z.B. Strassenlaternen) vorkommt viel mehr Himmelskörper wahrnehmen kann als mitten in einer beleuchteten Stadt?

Tatsächlich war #Lichtverschmutzung schon ab der einsetzenden Industrialisierung und der später fortschreitenden Elektrifizierung ein schon lange bekanntes Problem vor allem in der Astronomie (siehe bspw Artikel aus @ScienceMagazine von 1973

2/ Image
Wissenschaftler und Hobbyastronomen haben daher 1988 die 'International Dark-Sky Association' @IDADarkSky gegründet um die Aufmerksamkeit für das Problem #Lichtverschmutzung zu steigern und Maßnahmen zum Schutz des Nachthimmels zu ergreifen.

3/ Screenshot IDA Webseite Man...
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1/ Wie schätzt das #RKI die pandemische Lage ein?

Hierfür gibt es 2 sich ergänzende Systeme zur Beobachtung von Atemwegsinfektionen, die sich schon vor der Pandemie bewährt haben:
1⃣ Meldewesen nach #Infektionsschutzgesetz (#IfSG)
2⃣ Syndromische Surveillance

Mehr im Thread 👇
1⃣ #Meldewesen nach IfSG:
Die Meldedaten geben uns Einblick in die Infektionsausbreitung meldepflichtiger spezifischer Erreger (auch #SARSCoV2).
Da sie an die lokalen Gesundheitsämter gehen, kann die Situation vor Ort bewertet & ggf. Infektionsschutzmaßnahmen ergriffen werden. Meldedaten zu spezifischen Infektionskrankheiten nach Infekt
3/ Die Gesundheitsämter können so
👉Ausbrüche erkennen (z.B. auf einzelnen Veranstaltungen)
👉#Maßnahmen zur Eindämmung der Erregerverbreitung einleiten (z.B. Absonderung ansteckender Personen)
👉pseudonymisierte Informationen über die Landesstellen an das #RKI übermitteln
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1/ Zur Erfassung von akuten Atemwegserkrankungen (#ARE) hat das #RKI 3 #Surveillance-Systeme!

Im 🧵 kurz erklärt👇🏻

1️⃣ Bevölkerung #GrippeWeb
2️⃣ Ambulante Versorgung (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Influenza (AGI) mit dem SEEDARE-Modul)
3️⃣ Krankenhaus-Surveillance (#ICOSARI)
2/ 1️⃣ #GrippeWeb: Hier wird seit 2011 die Aktivität akuter #ARE mit Informationen direkt aus der Bevölkerung beobachtet.

Was wird beobachtet?
▫️ Akute Atemwegserkrankung (ARE, mit oder ohne Fieber oder)
▫️ Grippeähnliche Erkrankungen (ILI, definiert als ARE mit Fieber)
3/ Vergleich geschätzte ARE-Raten für Bevölkerung in 🇩🇪 in den Saisons 2017/18 bis 2021/22 sowie die #COVID19-Rate (Anteil PCR-bestätigten Fälle in %), die aus den Meldedaten nach IfSG berechnet wurde (Stand Meldedaten: 12.1.2021). Image
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1/6 #SeaTurtleTalks🐢Have you seen #seaturtles in the water? @iseaturtle is a #CitizenScience app that allows you to participate in #seaturtle research/conservation! Follow this🧵to learn more about this initiative with @icer182 @SeaTurtles_org @calhoun_marine & @PamelaPlotkin! A sea turtle swimming on th...
2/6 Since the 1990s, the number of sea turtles in Texas (🇺🇸) waters has increased significantly, but many aspects of their spatial distribution and ecology in the bays remain poorly understood🤔🐢🗺 This is a cartoon. The firs...
3/6 As🐢numbers increased all across #Texas bays, so did the interest of the local community in sea turtles and their conservation. In 2020, we launched @iseaturtle as a platform to encourage and involve citizens to contribute to #seaturtle science this is a screenshot of the...
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Interesting experiment in #citizenscience ethics this morning! Along with millions of others, I’ve been logging health with @timspector’s @join_zoe app since the start of the pandemic. They’ve produced accurate data on symptoms and case rates throughout 1/n.
My reward as a participant has been access to that data, which has been interesting and useful. Now the app wants permission to ask me questions associated with other diseases and conditions, investigating their link to nutrition. 2/n
But it also wants permission to use the data collected for commercial purposes (@join_zoe is a personalised nutrition effort). I found myself declining - I wouldn’t mind being asked to give specific permission for specific use of specific data, but not a blanket ‘yes’. 3/n
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But this is only part of the #bilby story. How did #bilbies behave once they were released into the Taronga #sanctuary, and did this affect overall success? To find out, we attached GPS devices & radio-transmitters to bilbies to track their movements post-release. #ScienceWeek
GPS devices collected incredibly detailed data on nightly #bilby movements, and radio-transmitters allowed us to locate #bilbies underground during the day. This track shows how bilby “Charlie” used the sanctuary just after release
Tracking data revealed hidden #bilby behaviours, such as their little-known social lives! It turns out that #bilbies have quite complex #socialnetworks and that bilby sociality may help explain some of the story behind their post-release success.
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As a world-leader in #WildlifeManagement, Taronga continuously improves how we monitor #AnimalHealth & #AnimalWelfare in our zoos & our #conservation programs. This includes tackling the challenges of remotely monitoring, when we can’t have eyes & ears on the ground. #ScienceWeek Image
Observing #AnimalBehaviour & doing #AnimalHealth checks is only part of the picture. New #tech4wildlife help us identify potential welfare issues in real-time, especially for animals in remote locations, or large groups, or those where immediate up-close assessment isn't possible
Taronga scientists collect and analyse data on wild and zoo-based animals using field-based observation, video footage, #drones, and #CitizenScience. From these data we gain unique insights into both fine-scale movements of individuals, and broad behavioural states of the animals
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#CitizenScience allows Taronga & collaborators to collate valuable ecological data over scales that would be difficult to achieve through traditional methods. Another plus? It also means that you can get directly involved in Taronga #Science! #ScienceWeek Image
The #brushturkey project is a great example of this… Taronga's Dr John Martin & Dr Alicia Burns & their collaborators were finalists in the 2020 Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Innovation in #CitizenScience. Go team! #ScienceWeek Image
While accolades are nice, significant ecological insights are the main outcome. These apps are a gift that keeps on giving, and recently Taronga joined forces with partners to combining them into an all new @BigCityBirds app. Image
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Day 4 of #ScienceWeek, and we’re following in the wingbeats of Dr John Martin (@Wingtags) from Taronga’s #ConservationScience team. Taronga’s terrestrial ecologist focuses on #UrbanEcology #CitizenScience. Image
From #binchickens to dumpster-diving #cockatoos, Taronga's #UrbanEcology work is rich and varied. Take a peak at some of these collaborative #CitizenScience projects and their outcomes in today’s #ScienceWeek threads. Image
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