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So this happened a short while ago. Yeah, literal Tiger my neighborhood. Right after they brought it back inside they loaded it into an SUV and barreled out of their driveway over the lawn and fled from the police. ImageImageImage
FYI The person with the gun is a friend & neighbor and an off duty LEO who lives in the ‘hood. He did an awesome job of controlling the situation.
In a video shared on a neighborhood forum you could hear the guy say he worked for the zoo - or something to that effect. But, I mean, it’s not like bringing home a laptop to WFH for the afternoon...
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1. Voici les 2 déclarations que l'ex-président D. #Trump publie aujourd'hui. Pour nier la victoire présidentielle de #Biden, dite plus grande arnaque de l'histoire et encourager tous les recomptages
Différence avec janvier? Il a imposé sa thèse à TOUT le parti républicain...
2...non seulement celles et ceux qui refusent de souscrire au récit d'1 victoire volée de #Biden sont purgés du parti républicain comme #LizCheney est en passe de l'être à la Chambre au nom de l'impératif d'obéissance à #Trump...#àdérouler 👇
3...mais les nouveaux responsables comme Stefanik, élue de NY qui devrait remplacer #Cheney en no.3 républicaine de la Chambre, soutiennent eux que l'élection a été volée et frauduleuse, en passant chez #Bannon, le père Joseph national populiste de #Trump.…
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#GreatReset #canada #covid19 #vaccine #florida #texas #mandatory #covidiots
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ID 26978
POUND PHONE 806 378 9032
Located building G Kennel 1

Looks like a family of dogs they are gonna kill

ID 26975
POUND PHONE 806 378 9032
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el desafuero que NO ES DESAFUERO si no una simulación para atacar elecciones #tamaulipas @fgcabezadevaca @AccionNacional
#reynosa #matamoros #cdvictoria #tampico #McAllen #texas @Afederalista #mexico
art 28 párrafo 115 de la ley federal servidores públicos #tamaulipas @fgcabezadevaca @AccionNacional #reynosa #matamoros #cdvictoria #tampico #McAllen #texas @Afederalista #mexico
revanchismo político de López y los Monreal #tamaulipas @fgcabezadevaca @AccionNacional #reynosa #matamoros #cdvictoria #tampico #McAllen #texas @Afederalista #mexico
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NEW❗️on #DACA from @claudsDC @NSvajlenka highlights the critical role that the program continues to play for hundreds of thousands of #Dreamers, their families, and our communities. #HeretoStay #WeAreHome 🧵
Read the stories of #DACA recipients here 👉🏻…
Any day now, a federal judge in #Texas will rule on #DACA, a policy that allows certain young immigrants who arrived to the U.S. as children to access a renewable, 2-yr work permit and a reprieve from deportation.… @MALDEF
#DACA has allowed recipients to put their skills and abilities to full use, giving them a greater sense of stability. More than 83% of previously surveyed DACA recipients reported that increased earnings has helped them become “financially independent.”…
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As a result of the #2020Census the states of #Colorado, #Florida, #Montana, #NorthCarolina and #Oregon will each again one House seat in reapportionment.
#Texas will gain two House seats.
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Chaque semaine ou presque aux #EtatsUnis des tueries de masse.
Et des appels incessants de #JoeBiden au Congrès depuis 100 jours pour légiférer sur 1 meilleur contrôle des #armes à feu.
Et...toujours rien.
#Alire ce soir pour les abonnés sur @Lesjoursfr ma nouvelle chronique!
2) Selon le site Gun violence archive, dont les stats sont utilisées par les grands médias US, on en est au 25 avril 2021 à 159 fusillades de masse (4 personnes au moins tuées ou blessées sans le tueur) et à 11 tueries de masse (au moins 4 personnes tuées)
3) Le Congrès des Etats-Unis n'a pas voté 1 seule loi de contrôle de l'acquisition et de la circulation des armes à feu depuis 1994. Mais en 2005 il a voté 1 loi protégeant les fabricants/vendeurs d'armes de poursuites civiles des victimes de tuerie.…
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Going to testify in the Texas State Senate today against the former PLA Officer Sun Guangxin and his company Guanghui. Chinese companies SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED to plug directly into our power grid. US critical infrastructure MUST BE PROTECTED. @DonnaCampbellTX @KHancock4TX
GH America, Sun Guangxin, and Guanghui Group are closely connected to the Chinese military and the Communist Party of China.  Sun is a former member of the 8th, 9th, and 11th sessions of the Xinjiang Chinese People’s Consultative Conference (CPPCC).
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❄News: Golf Ball Sized Hail Seen Falling From The Sky

#RoundRock | #Texas

❄Hail Also Seen In Pflugerville, Texas

#Pflugerville | #Texas

❄Hail In Leander, Texas

#Leander | #Texas

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House takes up a quite a few onerous bills. Looking for my favorite SDEC Committee Woman @itsJenRamos

#DemCastTX #SD21 💃
Follow… Image
I see some volunteers of Moms Demand in the Gallery. Open carry and poll watcher bills at polling sites really has me concerned after all the voter intimidation last year across Texas.

Y'all rock #DemCastTX
#txlege #txpol
Rep @jamestalarico bill #HB2039 passes out with only one 'Nay'
#DemCastTX Image
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Happening Now: Protesters March In The Streets Of

#Dallas | #Texas
One Of The Protesters Kicks Drinks Off Tables As They Shout The Usual BLM Chants..
#Dallas | #Texas
Protesters Continue To March
#Dallas | #Texas
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#Texas and #Florida continues to defy the settled “science” on #COVID-19.
- Since the states did away with the #maskmandates and authorized all businesses to re-open, there has not been a disproportionate surge in COVID cases, hospitalizations, or deaths.… Image
Let's take a brief journey into the success, or lack thereof of masks in preventing the spread of coronavirus.
- with me on a tour of the wonderful world of #maskmandates and their results… ImageImageImageImage
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If you live in Texas, CALL or EMAIL your state rep to support HB 4359 which will prohibit malign state actors (China, North Korea, Iran, etc) and their companies from contracting with critical infrastructure within the state. 1/4…
I will be at the hearing this Wednesday at the state legislature with @robert_spalding and Patrick Jenevein to give expert testimony as to the threat posed by the former PLA General Sun Guangxin and Guanghui Group to Texas and the 🇺🇸. 2/4
Guanghui group has operated 40 internal CCP committees, 227 grassroots CCP local branches, and employed at least 6000 CCP members....and they want to plug directly into the Texas power grid? They have built a 10,000 ft runway next to Laughlin Air Force Base? @TanParkerTX 3/4
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BREAKING: Reports of up to 7 people shot in #Bryan, Texas some of whom are critically wounded. Additionalt unconfirmed report a @TxDPS trooper was shot in nearby #Iola, #Texas while pursuing suspected shooter. The shooter is still believed to be at large & a man hunt is underway!
CONTD: The shooting reportedly began at Kentmoore Cabinets in a Bryan, Texas industrial park.
CONTD: Bryan County Law Enforcement Are Posting At & Securing Nearby Schools Which Are In Lockdown!
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1/ Found following informative #share/#RT.
"Progressive #CaboSteve, #ComradeCasar #BobbyFrancis & #SanctuarySarah are eMgaging w/a national chapter of a Muslim advocacy group-lobbying to vote against Prop B.
Does anyone..."
@ToddJeffries #TruthandFactsMatter #VoteFORPropB
2/ "...notice a trend & should we call out d wrong bad actors of that other party?"

Could this post cause suspension of users FB account, can't find anyone of that other party advocating for destruction of our ONCE #CLEAN & #SAFECITY!?

#VoteFORPropB to #SaveOurCity!
3/ One response...
"The explosion of homeless,
quality-of-life crimes, spikes in robberies & homicides will continue and worsen for the citizens of #Austin & ALL #Texans in the Capital city as long as #Austin’s local politicians remain in charge of our police."
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Hello 👋 new followers. Feel free to introduce yourself.

Me: A top strength of mine is “input” Others in pics.

I tweet A LOT. I tweet long threads with links to articles, with highlighted screenshots, links to others’ tweets. I hold onto info & reference past yet “futuristic”
You have to know the past to understand patterns and see possibilities as well as navigate past barriers for the future.

If you like control or boundaries, run now as I promise you I will be 🤯 for you.

If you like creativity, expression, innovation, equity, ethics, welcome.
I am going to constantly run around the world finding interesting concepts & facts, be passionate & outspoken on justice/equity, re-use old tweets to explore new facet in new thread.

I’ll shape shift & if you try to pin me down or box me in, you will be frustrated.

All me:
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4th April 2021…

Airbus KC2 Voyager (A330-243MRTT)

RRR2710 ZZ332

Nairobi Shuttle @ £22,000 an hour…

Kenyans aren't pleased to have British armed forces returning, killing wildlife, destroying their land…

Airbus KC2 Voyager

RRR2736 ZZ343

Troops / contractors to defend the Saudi oil rigs and get the ready for bombing Yemen perhaps?

All the arms sales, the provision of British "assistance" NEVER returns any interest for the funding British taxpayers…

Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RRR6806 ZZ171

More than 20 logs since February

troops / kit shifter; $23,811 an hour running costs (without staff, cost of plane or depreciation)…
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O tweet com id 1125866421316214784 de 2019-05-07 20:54:07 que falava sobre:
🇧🇷✌️ O Deputado Federal Nereu Crispim recebeu nesta segunda-feira (06), em seu escritório de Porto Alegre, a visita do Vice-prefeito de Guaporé, Adalberto João Bastian

#NereuCrispim #Guaporé #Prefeiu...
O bot tentou arquivar o tweet nesse link:
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