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Sep 21, 2021, 9 tweets

Almost three years ago, this was sent.
Among many more I'll include in this thread, along with form letter responses.
Our Representatives KNOW what is happening to us.
They have known all along.

2-Written Dec, 2018...😔

3- 2018 Regulations comment submission...

4- A few samples of form letter responses over the years...🧐


6-This form letter response wasn't even on topic by our Vice President's former office. My letter about the plight of pain patients merely mentioned that animals were being treated better than human beings for the most part. 🤔🧐


8-Anyway, there are many, many more. But I think you get the picture. 🧐

9-To all who like to hate on me-
Accuse me of being 'unhinged', 'ragey', a 'bitch'...
Who tell other pain pts that if they follow me they won't be allowed in their circle.
I've done my share & then some.
I promoted most of YOUR groups, participated in protests, & much MORE. 😔

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