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Almost three years ago, this was sent.
Among many more I'll include in this thread, along with form letter responses.
Our Representatives KNOW what is happening to us.
They have known all along.
2-Written Dec, 2018...😔
3- 2018 Regulations comment submission...
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2-Dr.Sally Satel has been dragged through the mud by many including 'Stat', for daring to state the truth.
“Contrary to media portrayals, the typical OxyContin addict does not start out as a pain patient who fell unwittingly into a drug habit.”…
3-Deceptive marketing??? No more deceptive than alcohol manufacturers showing happy, healthy, young people drinking socially vs the college age alcoholic binge drinking and choking to death on their own vomit. Image
4-We as a society are more than willing to pick up our pitchforks to demand the heads of opioid makers delivered up on a silver platter.
Yet alcohol, that kills far, far, more than Rx opiates are exempt.
GOV Reps will tell us 'prohibition doesn't work' unless they say it does. 🙄
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1-This is just MY opinion.
I think any 'pain pt advocate' should be helping to dispel the notion that 'overprescribing' MDs, or a 'over supply', of legal, known potency, pain medicines, caused the so called 'opioid crisis'.…
2-A pain patient advocate should be working to do away with parole like policies of endless drug testing for pain patients & law enforcement tools like the PDMP; as these 'tools' have done NOTHING to prevent ODs. In fact all above policies have coincided with INCREASING ODs.
3-A pain patient advocate should be pushing back on the 'opioids as a last resort & the 'dangerous drug' narrative.
Opioids are a safe and effective way of treating pain for MOST people and the data shows that prescribed opiates as an initiating point for addiction is RARE.
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1-Let's be clear. If it weren't for the false narrative that RX opiates were driving OD deaths, no one would be supporting 'saving' people battling addiction.
2-It was only after (white) Uppper & Middle Class Americans, (especially people of affluence), began losing loved ones and kids due to a deadly drug supply that the 'false narrative' about 'opioids' became mainstream.…
3-Drug deaths & addiction, even to 'opioids', has been around a very long time. In fact, the drug war, like any other war, is a profitable enterprise.
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I WISH that I had good news to share with you all but sadly I don't. The #palliativecare doctor said he only treats end of life or #cancer pain & I am once again thrown back in the water like nasty stinky unwanted chum.
He said that I shouldn't be removed off Rx #opioids & in his opinion the the forced wean is too aggressive. I happened to have a horrible #crps attack so he got to literally see what that looks like. It's not pretty.
WHY are patients forced to go through this much shit in order to get basic care? I 100% feel discriminated against & it isn't ok. He did say that he was going to call my doctor tomorrow & speak to them directly to see if he can convince them to keep me on or adjust my meds.
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1-Some things are clear after watching the show today.
1/Drug use does not = addiction.
2/Ppl choose to use drugs; recreationally or in addictive process. There is no blame w/accidental ODs except the unknown aspect of the drug being used.
@TamronHallShow @drcarlhart
3/People are suffering in the addiction community, and now too in the pain community, as the national discussion around 'opioids' has been largely based on high emotion vs rational discourse and sadly mainly due to profit driven agendas & policies.
4/As a parent of an adult child battling addiction, I've been unable to be there for her, because as I as a person with a severe C-spine injury and chronic illness I am denied the pain MEDICINES that allowed me to function.
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#PainSpeaking Thread -Suicidal Pain

Living with #CRPS isn't easy. We all need to have a good support system to survive this wicked beast. I wrote this several years ago after reading a post on Facebook about Suicidal Pain.

I am normally a very private person. And, if anyone
2) had told me that I would have shared this narrative with anyone. Much less that I would have posted it on a public forum like Twitter before I wrote it, I would have told them they were Nuckin' Futz.

But, CRPS/RSD changes us all. And, when I read the post on Suicidal Pain.
3) I felt compelled to share this narrative.

We live with the "Suicide Disease" every day and the only way to survive it is to support one another & help each other keep it together & not slip off the slippery slope that CRPS/RSD, untreated & undertreated pain seems to like to
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