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Oct 4, 2021, 10 tweets

Before I get more odd messages, please, when you read in the foreign press that today NZ has "abandoned its elimination strategy", it isn't correct.
That's the press' narrative, the same media that has been salivating at any chance to try to bring NZ down.
Let me explain.🧵

Auckland is in lockdown, wk 7.
We have 8-28 cases/day, most in isolation. We know where most are.
Rest of NZ~free as birds for 5 weeks.
2 wks ago AKL eased lockdown to L3, meaning we can get takeaways, click & collect from stores. Many businesses went back to work.

Today the cabinet was to decide if we're to exit lockdown tomorrow, but with 8-28 cases, they decided against it. Better safe than sorry right!
One rule in lockdown more was eased, people can now meet in parks with ONE other family.
A plan of the exit of our lockdown was shared!

Jacinda said at the press conference the "tail of Delta has been more like a tentacle" and very difficult to beat entirely but we will continue stomping it out.
We are still in lockdown. We are still doing aggressive TTIQ.
We haven't "given up/learnt to live with the virus".

The media frenzy comes from one sentence and NZ media probably blasting it out as they have nothing better to do(watch the presser when she responds to them).
We haven't got to 0 cases [yet] with our efforts, she says.
But she also says we will continue to stomp the virus out.

Media goes crazy!
Did she REALLY admit 7 weeks of lockdown and 8 cases a day is not ZERO? My maths isn't great, but it sounds about right!
Holy! NZ, the teacher's pet no more. Let's tell the world!

So, is that correct statement 8 vs 0 really "abandoning our fight against the virus"? Wouldn't all our newspaper not have blasted that news across our own if that was true?
I am reading "eased restrictions".
Funny the world's press is reading "LeT iT rIp"?

Also, as Ardern said, and always has, the plan when we slowly open up in February 2022 is to stomp out the virus the BEST we can. We will not end the fight. We will still mask, distance and TTIQ after 90% vaxx.
We now have two detailed plans. One for lockdown, one for re-opening.

We have enough with our shitty media of junior reporters trying to blast every clowns' toilet paper scribble alternative zero brain strategy to hopefully egg on enough people to click on the headline to generate 5 cents.

Let us have a breather, we can't be your Narnia World.

Lastly, I think people are mixing things up.
We have a ZERO TOLERANCE approach towards community cases.
This does not always mean we achieve ZERO cases.
Many countries have zero tolerance visions or policies.


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