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Oct 29, 2021, 7 tweets

Thread on the @ucsantabarbara cube dorm:
- no windows πŸ‘€
- next to airport and hazmat facility πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€
- more expensive to build than normal dorms πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€
@UofCalifornia needs to (and can) do better
Pictures from CA Environmental Quality Act report at…

As the saying goes, the most important things in real estate are Location, Location, Location. The cube plans to put 1 out of every 6 UCSB students next to the County of Santa Barbara Community Hazardous Waste Collection Center. At least there's a fire station next door also. 2/

Right to the north of the cube dorm site is the Santa Barbara Airport. It is used by a lot of small prop planes, which continue to use leaded fuel and are a major air pollution problem, #whatcouldgowrong?… 3/

The floor plan, while terrible, is not even efficient. Less than half the building is bedroom (blue shaded area). Cube Dorm has 4,536 beds in a 1.68 million square foot building. That's 370 square feet per bed, about the same as a full size studio apartment. 4/

Cube Dorm will cost $1.5 billion to build. Even with the donor providing $200 million, that's still much more per bed than a similar number of regular highrise dorms that UCLA is building. 5/…

One reason the cost might be so high for the Cube Dorm: the need to install air ducts and air conditioning in Santa Barbara, a place where the weather is room temperature all year. There's also a rooftop downtown with 3 gyms and a gastro pub 6/

Members of the public are welcome to share concerns or views with the University of California Board of Regents by emailing 🐦 7/

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