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Thread on the @ucsantabarbara cube dorm:
- no windows πŸ‘€
- next to airport and hazmat facility πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€
- more expensive to build than normal dorms πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€
@UofCalifornia needs to (and can) do better
Pictures from CA Environmental Quality Act report at… giant floor plan divided in...aerial site photo showing s...a very large 11-story beige...
As the saying goes, the most important things in real estate are Location, Location, Location. The cube plans to put 1 out of every 6 UCSB students next to the County of Santa Barbara Community Hazardous Waste Collection Center. At least there's a fire station next door also. 2/ google aerial photo with Do...
Right to the north of the cube dorm site is the Santa Barbara Airport. It is used by a lot of small prop planes, which continue to use leaded fuel and are a major air pollution problem, #whatcouldgowrong?… 3/ zoomed out map showing cube...
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Today we will finally conclude #AdamSmith's thoughts on consumption taxes in #WealthOfNations.
You may be inclined not to believe us at this point, and we, the SmithTweeters, couldn't exactly blame you. But it's true! (V.ii.k.) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
In fact, today will conclude all of Smith's thoughts on taxes, which we began discussing long ago, in days of yore. (V.ii.) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
It's been so long since we started this journey that Smith takes a paragraph to remind us that any tax meant to raise money from the poor should be on their luxuries and not their necessities. (V.ii.k.44) #WealthOfTweets
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Bitcoin is for boomers.

When you DeFi you make fat stacks in secs if you grab a flash loan using anonymoused code bits and then trade them to these other deflationary-on-trade bits so your precoded automated loanbot can gulp, buy a weiBit and another until there's no more to buy
which are simultaneously and instantaneously determined to have value far greater than they were thought to have in the line of code just above bc there is no time in flash loan land and scarcity=value and value=scarcity and what you really want is
the bits that rep the governance of the protocol that permissionlessly allows for the creation of the pools of arbitrary anythings that you just loanbotted to 1/10^18 above zero bc they get rewards distributed via chat app and meatballs using the mighty trusted gecko oracle and
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NEXT UP: #2 Southern pudu (Pudu puda) vs #15 Seba's short-tailed fruit bat (Carollia perspicillata) #2020MMM
The short-tailed fruit bat is a medium brown, leaf-nosed bat found in forest through Central America and most of South America (ranges from southern Mexico to southern Brazil) #2020MMM Two reddish-brown bats with medium sized pointy ears, hanging from a brown surface. The bat on the left is looking at the camera, while the bat on the right is yawning.Map of southern North America, Central and South America. Bat range from southern Mexico to southern Brazil is highlighted in red.
This small but mighty fruit bat weighs in at about 20 grams (or ~1/10 of a stoat #StoatsAsMeasurement). But size isn't everything! These bats have a secret athletic talent hiding up their wing - BOXING! #TinyTerrors #2020MMM
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tempted to watch and /
#livetweet Mad Max: Fury Road. /
so shiny and chrome!
- #WitnessMe
Also never used /
this twitter collections thing. /
hopefully it works!
- #livetweet #WitnessMe
had dinner, fed cats,
queued movie, dropped the slashes:
it’s gonna get wild!
- #StillHaiku #livetweet #WitnessMe
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#Gender #Identity (FCO since 2009) Mathematical Analysis of @MoJGovUK stats 30 June 2018 wrt sexual offences (99.1% #Male) #Male-pattern Sexual Offending shared by #Transwomen, 60 is just under half of 128 #female from total population of 30M in #England & #Wales. @munkihanger
#Gender #Identity:
#Tavistock *Gender Identity* Clinic
#BAGIS #British Assn of *Gender Identity* Specialists
#GIRES *Gender Identity* #Research & #Education #Service &
@FCOHumanRights since 2009/10-ish!
Why does this #Lesbian of the #BritishEmpire know? πŸ€”
@faintlyfalling 😊😊😊
#Shoutout for @mrkhtake2 for patiently explaining that #Intersex people can ONLY be i) #female with Variant Sex Characteristics from typical #female sex characteristics presentation &... ii) #male with Variant Sex Characteristics from typical #male sex characteristics. @ClareCAIS
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