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Candidate for AC Transit Board, At-Large - Campaign website: East Bay architect & commercial artist. Retweet/follow/like≠endorsement
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My thoughts on the San Francisco fourplex debate.... Because SF lots are tiny and prices are so high, for a house in San Francisco to be worth more as a site for apartments than as a luxury house, it's got to be zoned for a lot more than 4 homes. More like 15-30 of them. 🧵🏠1/ a skyscraper next to a house Houses in San Francisco sell for median price of around $2 million. Even the cheap ones are well over a million. In comparison, new apartment projects pay $100,000 to $150,000 per unit of zoned capacity for a site. (For example, 1.5 million for a site that allows 10 units) 2/
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While national news focuses on San Francisco, if you really want to know where California's headed - look at the East Bay. Home to nearly 3 million people (3x the size of SF), it's a window into the future of America's suburbs & non-superstar cities. And the future is bright. 🧵 Contra Costa County - home to refinery towns, wealthy suburbs such as San Ramon, as well as diverse suburbs like Antioch, re-elected pro-reform District Attorney Diana Becton by a large margin.
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2022 California Housing Legislation - over 100 bills this year.
More details:…
Details in thread! 1/
#CALeg California Housing Legislation Highlights as of March 27, 20 More bills this year on limiting wildfire risk:
#SB1292 from @HenrySternCA: Allows cities to limit housing in fire zones & replacing the zoned capacity elsewhere. For every unit of removed from a fire zone, 2 units of capacity must be added elsewhere.…
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The political story behind the Gov of Texas introducing anti-trans policy is that Texas has a primary election on 3/1, & TX Governor, the TX Attorney General & the other Republicans challenging them are competing to be more extreme. This is going to be an ugly election year. It's not just social issues where there's a competition for who can be most extreme. The right wing Republicans challenging Texas's Republican governor in the primary also want to eliminate property taxes, privatize schools, etc.…
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Two dozen exciting California state & congressional candidates to watch! Details in the thread. A map of California, labeled California June 7, 2022 Primary Starting at the top, Cheryl Sudduth is a scientist running for the new Congressional District 8, created to give the diverse communities of Richmond, Vallejo, Fairfield, and Pittsburg a voice of their own.
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Berkeley's independent redistricting commission has released its draft city council district maps! View/comment at … or
1/ #berkmtg Draft Map blue showing an east and west student district anddraft map marooon, showing a downtown district and a southsidraft map amber, which is similar to current Berkeley distridraft map orange, similar to today except west berkeley is a Draft Map Blue creates two renter/student supermajority districts: D4 Downtown/Northside (92% renter) & D7 which is east of Telegraph and includes Clark Kerr Campus (87% renter). …… Draft Map Blue, with D4 downtown / northside and D7 east of
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"We need to understand the violence and motivation and hate in order to stop it." @woodstiff leads off on today's Transgender Day of Remembrance educational event at the Fall 2021 @CA_Dem conference. 1/ Screenshot with Trans Awareness Week banner and Tiffany Wood "What leads to violence? There's anti-trans stigma, there's discrimination" @woodstiff highlights a report from @HRC at… 2/
Oct 29, 2021 7 tweets 4 min read
Thread on the @ucsantabarbara cube dorm:
- no windows 👀
- next to airport and hazmat facility 👀 👀
- more expensive to build than normal dorms 👀 👀 👀
@UofCalifornia needs to (and can) do better
Pictures from CA Environmental Quality Act report at… giant floor plan divided in...aerial site photo showing s...a very large 11-story beige... As the saying goes, the most important things in real estate are Location, Location, Location. The cube plans to put 1 out of every 6 UCSB students next to the County of Santa Barbara Community Hazardous Waste Collection Center. At least there's a fire station next door also. 2/ google aerial photo with Do...
Sep 20, 2021 11 tweets 4 min read
8 months to the 2022 California Primary: Here are 10 progressive candidates to watch! While district lines are likely to change with redistricting, it's interesting to see three geographic clusters - inland California, the Southeast Bay, and LA County. Map of California labeled "california June 7 2022 prima Let's start with the Southeast Bay. Stretching from downtown San Jose up through South and East Alameda County and home to many immigrant communities, this is one of California's fastest changing, fastest growing, and most politically exciting places.
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CA Senate Bill 9 allows up to 4 homes in most single-family zones, regardless of local zoning. You can use #SB9 to split your lot, add a 2nd home to a lot, or both (split lot & have 2 homes on each lot for total of 4).

Here's a how-to guide & thread:… 1/ Diagram showing how SB9 can... #SB9 takes effect on 1/1/2022. Want to use it to build homes? First, check if your lot is eligible:
- SB9 only applies to lots that are zoned for 1 house. If your lot is zoned for more than 1 home, use #AB803 2/
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wrote a picture book on California housing - "Rhena the House Makes New Friends" read it in the thread or at the link!… 1/ Rhena the House Makes New Friends - A California Housing Sto For those who believe that our best days are still to come...

...and that wherever the country is headed,
California will get there first.
2/ Story and Art by Alfred Twu  Published by Alfred Twu in Berk
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Enjoying the warm summer weather and the beautiful hills without eucalyptus trees. #euclife Walnut Creek has been building lots of housing around the BART station in the last few years. Quite a variety of styles.
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California's legislature started 2021 with over 100 housing bills. About half are still active. The rest may return next year, or in rare cases, later this year as a gut-and-amend of an unrelated bill. Details in thread & at… PDF at… Please visit for the text versi Wildfires and earthquake preparedness: the direction we're going in is hardening existing buildings, and tougher codes for new buildings. SB12, SB63, and AB1329 are still active.
Jun 1, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
you laugh, but China basically borrowed California's flawed property tax system and dialed it up to 11 - taxes are based on original purchase price, homeowners pay nothing at all. Trying to change it is now a major headache for the government.… Commercial property gets taxed at "1.2% of 70-90% of original value" which is almost the same as California property tax of 1% of purchase price. Private residential houses aren't taxed at all. what could go wrong?… Image
Apr 2, 2021 14 tweets 4 min read
It’s time to go all in on growth. We got to build lots of wind & solar, etc. When we get to 100% clean energy, will we shut down what will then be the country’s largest industry, or will we keep building and grow incomes & the economy 7.5% a year to 4 times its current size? 1/ A person stands in a Statue of Liberty style position holdin Renewable energy is different from fossil fuels in that most of the work is done up front. While a constant sized fossil fuel workforce equals constant (or shrinking) energy production, a constant sized renewable workforce equals continuous energy growth. 2/ Energy Efficiency and Renewable Power — 3.6 million jo
Apr 2, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
Today in vaccine eligibility expansion: Alabama announces April 5 as the day when everyone 16 and up can sign up for vaccines. Additional counties opening up in Hawaii as well. 1/ With the state expecting a 50% increase in doses delivered, Alabama - which had already opened eligibility to more than half the state - set Monday as the day the rest are eligible.…
Apr 1, 2021 9 tweets 3 min read
More states moving up the day when vaccines are available to everyone 16 & up: Wyoming did it yesterday, Maine moved up to 4/7, Washington announced 4/15 and Virginia 4/18. Thread 1/ Previously Wyoming had been estimating around the 12th, but decided to open it up to everyone yesterday.…
Mar 31, 2021 7 tweets 3 min read
Today, Pennsylvania and South Dakota announced when vaccines will be available to everyone 16 and up. PA on 4/19, SD on 4/5. With PA and SD in, Biden has met his goal of "90% of Americans Eligible by April 19". Details in thread 1/ Image With many adjacent states open to all, Pennsylvania has finally announced a date when everyone can sign up for shots: April 19…
Mar 30, 2021 11 tweets 4 min read
More states announced today when vaccines would be available for everyone 16 and up: Arkansas today, Delaware & Wisconsin next week. Two counties in California already open as well, with a 3rd on Thursday. Thread 1/ Image accidentally hit the delete button on a previous thread, here are the links to the three California counties: Butte (3/29), Contra Costa (3/30), and Stanislaus (4/1)
Mar 12, 2021 53 tweets 18 min read
A thread on Missing Small Housing! Stuff smaller than a house, but bigger than a tent.
The housing crisis isn't just a big city problem. Rural areas also don't have enough homes - for example, California's Imperial County has one of the highest rates of overcrowded homes. 1/ Missing small housing: low cost options for homeownership an The causes of the rural housing crisis are similar to the cities: restrictive zoning, low wages, and homebuilding not keeping up with job growth. 

Missing Small Housing can also be used in cities and suburbs to provide cheap housing on leftover bits of land. 2/ Making use of leftover land - regular lots on a curve, w
Mar 9, 2021 30 tweets 10 min read
Missing middle housing - fourplexes, townhouses, etc - is great for most places. However, in places like Palo Alto, where land is north of $20 million an acre, it's time to look at Missing Large Housing, specifically, ways to build, plan, & finance big buildings cheaper. 1/ Missing Large Housing: buil... For all the stereotypes about individualism, Americans are social people. From block parties to music festivals to professional sports, many of us love being in a crowd. However, as we've grown rich and want more living space, we've outgrown our Main Streets. 2/ New York City in the early ...