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Nov 21, 2021, 5 tweets

Unless this #PrayerOfDare is made to cost them dare, I dare say, we will witness d pandemic spread to work places, offices, institutions, etc. D society will equally be held guilty for being complicit in their response of staying mum. An action warranted @HMOIndia

Recall Hindus being forced to change the annual route of the religious procession on the occasion of #DurgaPuja, #RamNavmi, etc, lest it provokes the “peaceful” in and around the mosques. Recall many a subsequent riots took place when processions moved on d roads.

And recall in West Bengal, Kerala, Maharashtra and many other places an “awake and alert” administration would put ban on processions on roads adjoining mosques, mazar, etc, to respect the sensibilities of the other faith. Here the roads occupied close to #Temple ?

Can congregation of “faithful” occupying roads, etc, close to the Temples be not deemed as provocation to incite riots & being insensitive to sensibilities of Hindus & others ?
Doubts arise on the brazen duplicity of the #pseudoIntellectuals Debate @RShivshankar

While the Police should have been standing guard to protect d places of worship of other faiths in these given circumstances, what is baffling and despicable is that police standing guard to see peace of “peaceful” is not disturbed. And to applaud such brazen act !

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