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At least 1650 homes of Hindus burnt with arson, 343 Hindu temples vandalized and destroyed with arson, more than 14 Hindus brutally murdered, 26 Hindu women and girls raped, 17 Hindus are missing.
This all happened in just 11 days between 13-24 oct 2021.
#Bangladesh #durgapuja
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Durga Puja Massacre, October 2021

As you all know Hindus have played a big role in liberating Bangladesh from Pakistan, Army sent by India to fight against Pakistan forces and save a Bangladeshi from being Massacred by Pak Army constitutes 70% Hindus, still every year we see+ Image
+ reports of hundreds of #Hindu being Massacred in Bangladesh in the name of Jihad, Hindu #population in Bangladesh is continuously declining, in 1951 there were 22% hindus which decreased to just 7.9% in 2022.
#hindustanunderattack Image
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Will be uploading Pictures of #Cuttack #DurgaPuja festival in this thread.. Hope like every year people will enjoy the thread.. #DurgaPujaInOdisha ( 1/n )
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Cannon firing during #Saptami Puja in Bishnupur Royal Family...
Maa Mrinmayi of Bishnupur Kingdom is 1024 years old Puja celebration...
@ShefVaidya @RadharamnDas @monidipadey
Present Image of Mrinmayi Durga
King of Bishnupur Bir Hambir offered A garland of Yavana heads after his Win over Bengal Sultanate..
#DurgaPuja @monidipadey
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Now in her 70s, veteran artist Reba Pal has been making Chalchitras for #DurgaPuja for the past 45-50 years. The fading artform of Chalchitras involves the creation of the circular canvas of paintings behind the Durga idol.
Popularly known as Durga Chal or devi chal, its history dates back at least 300 years. It is an extension of the Patachitra art form of #Bengal. Though a lot has been written and discussed about #Patachitra, Chalchitra somehow remains neglected.

Source: @horek_rokom
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#DurgaPuja2022 Thread:

A compilation of pandals in & around #Kolkata with an unique theme or outstanding artwork!

1) Nawpara Dadabhai Sangha-
1st silicon murti in WB & perhaps country to depict Goddess Durga as a sex worker to change the social mindset & usher inclusivity.
2) Kakurganchi- #DurgaPuja depicting post poll violence, in memory of slain #BJP worker #AbhijeetSarkar whose family still awaits justice.
3) Sovabazar Rajbari: The first sarbojonin (public) #DurgaPujo of #Kolkata
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Members of the police dog squad were the chief guests at the inauguration of the #Kolkata's first ever pet-friendly #DurgaPuja pandal. ❤️ Image
(2/5) Image
(3/5) Image
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Day 4: This day of Navratri has a great importance as Maa Kushmanda is worshipped on this particular day. She is the fourth form of Maa Durga and this day is purely dedicated to Maa Kushmanda.
'Kushmanda' is the sanskrit name of the Maa which means Ku - little, Ushma - energy or light and Anda - egg. It is believed that when Prabhu Vishnu started creating this universe then there was darkness all around then a formless light spread everywhere when she
smiled which lighten up all the whole universe including galaxies and other planets and this was in the form of Maa Kushmanda. She created the world from nothing, from zero as without light the life is impossible anywhere.
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Artistic heritage of Bengal is an outcome of #DurgaPuja. When thousands of Artists & Artisans participate in Creating & decorating the idols.
One such is Reba Pal, Veteran Chalchitra maker.
Chalchitras are drawings of Gods that are added above Traditional Durga Idols of Bengal.
Here is an idol with Chal Chitra. ChalChitras contain tales of Shiva -Parvati.
This art is fading now with different modern style of Idol creation.
In Chalchitras only Natural color is used.
Only blue, yellow, green, red, brown, black & white are used in the Chalchitra.
Chalk dust is used for white color, pauri for yellow color, cultivated indigo for blue,bhushakali for black and mete sindur for red color in chalchitra.
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Many know where Bengal’s bravest son, #SubhasChandraBose - Netaji – lived in #Calcutta, as he famously escaped house arrest from his home at Elgin Road, in 1940. But not many know where Netaji’s ancestral home or ‘Desh-er-bari’ is. 1/10
Now called ‘Subhasgram’ in honour of #Netaji, it is just 25 km south of #Kolkata, in a village formerly known as Kodalia. Simple and elegant, the two-storey homestead is being restored. 2/10
Among Netaji’s ancestors was Mahipati Bose, who was granted a jagir by the Sultan of #Bengal, Hussain Shah, near the Bose ancestral home in the early 16th century. His grandson Gopinath Bose was also granted a jagir in Purandarpur, named after his title ‘Purandar Khan’. 3/10
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Police has registered complaints over desecration of 3 temples in #Bangladesh as members of the minority #Hindu community staged protests demanding the arrest of culprits behind the incident in Lalmonirhat district, bordering India

@RomeshNadir @amritabhinder
Bangladesh's #Hindu minority community leaders stated that raw beef packed in polythene bags were hung on the doors of three Hindu temples & a house in Gendukuri village of Lalmonirhat district

4 complaints were filed with Hatibandha Police Station Friday night over the matter
The local #Hindu community members staged protests at the Sri Sri Radha Govinda temple in the village, demanding the arrest of the culprits involved in the incident


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Unless this #PrayerOfDare is made to cost them dare, I dare say, we will witness d pandemic spread to work places, offices, institutions, etc. D society will equally be held guilty for being complicit in their response of staying mum. An action warranted @HMOIndia
Recall Hindus being forced to change the annual route of the religious procession on the occasion of #DurgaPuja, #RamNavmi, etc, lest it provokes the “peaceful” in and around the mosques. Recall many a subsequent riots took place when processions moved on d roads.
And recall in West Bengal, Kerala, Maharashtra and many other places an “awake and alert” administration would put ban on processions on roads adjoining mosques, mazar, etc, to respect the sensibilities of the other faith. Here the roads occupied close to #Temple ?
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1/ This #Navratri & #DurgaPuja, let's help girls complete their education and inspire them to chart their own paths.

Every year, in Uttar Pradesh's Mirzapur and Sonbhadra districts, thousands of girls quit school after class 5.
The reason? 👇 @divyanshu_hope Image
2/ Schools providing higher education are far away from these remote villages and require the girls to walk 5-15 km through dense forests everyday. With no means to travel safely and quickly to school, the girls drop out after class 5.
3/ Knowing how crucial a woman's education is to breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering them to fight injustice, Hope Welfare Trust is trying to gift 35 bicycles to 35 of these girls as "Navratri Kanjak" so that they can cycle to school.
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Nine Ancient Devi Mata Temples in @incredibleindia

A Thread!

1. Brajeshwari Devi Temple, Kangra

One of the 51 Shaktipeeths, the Goddess Brajeshwari is manifested as a pindi or as a sacred stone.


#Navratri2020 #DurgaPuja
2. Shree Vajreshwari Yogini Devi Mandir, #Mumbai

Situated in the Vajreshwari, on the banks of the Tansai river, the highly venerated Shree Vajreshwari Yogini Devi temple is a fort-like temple built in stone sitting atop the Mandagiri hillock.
3. Anjani Mata Temple, Salasar, #Rajasthan

Situated just 2 kms. away from the prominent Salasar Balaji temple is the quaint yet significant Anjani Mata Temple dedicated to the Mother of Salasar Balaji or Hanumanji.

#DurgaPuja #Navratri
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@Thekolkatabuzz Like Railway Time Table do you have an itinerary book for celebrating Durga Puja? Top Puja to visit between morning 5 to evening 5 in Uber. 4 hour speedy Pandal Hopping. Less walk Toto/Auto/Rikshaw
Pandal Hopping. Marathon Pandal Hopping. Half Marathon Pandal Hopping. Not so popular but momentarily hit Pandal Hopping. Pandal Hopping for Senior Citizen. Pandal Hopping with Kole Baccha couple. Late night Pandal Hopping, 3 day and 6 hours each day. First time in Kolkata,
selected, Pandal Hopping. 3 am on bike #PandalHopping. Old is Gold PandalHopping. Different People have different expectation. North, South, Central, Port is age old concept. Need a Platter full of choices now. #durgapuja #DurgaPujo2018 @timesofindia @IndianExpress @MyAnandaBazar
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#UserJourney. Browse Durga Puja posts in @instagram. Add them to visit list. Open visit list, @googlemaps sketch the shortest route. @Uber / @Olacabs book rental cab and visit those places. @FoursquareGuide @bingmaps #DurgaPuja #DurgaPuja2018 #PandalHopping #Navratri #UX
For that camera location service need to be turned on, or instrgram should ask for location while a certain tag #durgapuja is used.
India have its own unique problems and one of them is this.. (follow the thread) @sundarpichai @dkhos @bhash @kevin @satyanadella @dens @JihanWu
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"Turn on the Camera Location, Help other people to locate Durga Puja Pandals". I think @instagram should use the location details of an image next time. #DurgaPuja #PandalHopping #UserJourney @googlemaps @Facebook @FoursquareGuide @oneplus @Xiaomi @SamsungMobile @oppo @Vivo_India
@instagram Durga Puja posts were buzzing with the query "Where is it?", "Please tag the Location". There is no way to automatically sketch the shortest route for selected pandals in @googlemaps using #AI for enjoyable pandal hopping @Uber / @Olacabs experience. #UX #Navratri2018
A suggestion to enhance Durga Pujo Pandal Hopping Experience. Please follow the thread. @instagram @Facebook @googlemaps
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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@amishra77 @virsanghvi This was the strategy of the outliers for a long time:
1) Moghuls became Indians and Indians became Kafirs
2) Nehru-Khan-Maino became Gandhi and Indians became fools
3)Muslims became Kashmiris and #KashmiriPandits became refugees

@amishra77 @virsanghvi @indiantweeter 4) Bangladeshis became #Bengalis and Bengalis couldn't celebrate #DurgaPuja in soon to be #WestBangladesh
5) Those who are intolerant of #Hindus became #Secular and the real seculars became #Sanghi terrorists
@amishra77 @virsanghvi @indiantweeter 6) The #Maoists and #UrbanNaxals became Intellectuals and the Intellectuals became #Bakhts
7) Terrorists became 'poor-sons-of-headmasters' who killed/beheaded army men and the army became human rights violators who used pellet guns on these peaceful terrorists. @adgpi
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Hinduism expansion in Asia, from its heartland in Indian Subcontinent, to the rest of Asia, started circa 1st century
Greater India was the historical extent of the culture of Hinduism & Buddhism beyond the Indian subcontinent.
Ruins of Ayutthaya Temple in Wat Cha Wattanaram, Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand which was named after Ayodhya.
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