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1. Nandi Theertha #Temple , Malleshwaram, Bengaluru. There is a mystery behind discovery of this 7000 year old Temple.
Sri Dakshina Mukha Nandi Theertha Kalyani Kshetra also known as Nandi Theertha. This temple is located opp. Gangamma Temple @sattology @harshasherni Image
2. & diagonally opp. Kadu Malleshwara Temple. In 1997, construction began on an empty land diagonally opp. to Kadu Malleshwara Temple, during evacuation of a mound for construction the workers discovered the spire of a Temple. They dug deeper & found there was a large Temple Image
3. ASI team then completed the excavation & found a perfectly preserved central pool of water surrounded by granite steps & pillared mantapas. The Temple houses a Shivling continously abhishekam with water dripping from the mouth of a Nandi moorthy. @Tanvangi17 @Itishree001 ImageImage
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1. Sri Brahmapureeswarar #Temple , near #Trichy
Main Deity : Sri Brahmapureeswarar (Bhagwan Brahma) Consort: Brahma Nayagi
Sthal Theerth : Brahma Theertha.
Sthala Vriksh : Magizha (Spanish cherry) tree.
@sattology @harshasherni @Itishree001
2. Prominence of the Shrine : This is yet another spectacular Dravidian #architectural marvel, the Brahmapureeswar Temple. Not known to many, this temple is tucked away on the outskirts of the #Trichy city at a serene village near #Tirupattur.
@RajiIndustani @SriRamya21
3. An Early morning visit is recommended for a great #spiritual ambience. The main deity worshiped here is Bhagwan Brahmapureeswarar, an avatar of Mahadev Shiva.
Shri Brahma, the creator among the Trimurtis [Trident- Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh] appears
@Vaidyvoice @Tanvangi17
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1️⃣7️⃣ Drops 21 Oct 2020


All [3] movies playing simultaneously?
Do you find it interesting that everything discussed in the past is somehow making news as of late?
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Usually in Shiva #Temple ..Nandi will be seen facing the Shiva Lingam.

But at Sri Vilvanatheswarar Temple,Thiruvalam,Near Vellore,TN

Nandi is seen facing away from Shiva linga &looking towards nearby hill -Kanjangiri.There is legend #story which tells the significance of same
#Legend #story in #sculpture
when temple pujari used to bring water for Abishek,he was troubled by a asura named Kanjan. Pujari complained to Shiva Bhagwan about his troubles & on hearing his plea,Shiva instructed Nandhi to kill the demon.Nandhi tore the demon into 8 pieces.
These 8 parts fell in 8different places.Later, in all these places Shiva temples were constructed.
Asura Kanjan pleaded to Shiva for mukti,Shiva blessed by saying that wherever his blood had fallen, a Shiva linga would appear. Even today one can see Shiva lingams on nearby hill.
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1. #Thread Kailasanathar #temple
Main Deity: Mahadev Shiva. This temple is situated in #Kanchipuram. It is a temple closely connected with the life history of sage Poosalaar (a devotee of Mahadev). This temple was built by the great king Raja Simha Pallava @sattology
2. in 7th CE. It is a treasure house of #sculpture . Mahadev in the temple was worshiped by Shri Vishnu & Sage Naradha. The idol of Mahadev looks graceful with the presence of stripes on it. @Vaidyvoice @RajiIndustani @harshasherni @Itishree001 @Tanvangi17 @VipashaRanjan
3. The demons other than the thiripuraris were by nature very unruly, harassed the celestial to the greatest extent possible. Shri Vishnu, who wants to destroy the demons, came to understand that Mahadev was the only #Divine power who could destroy the demons.
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1/n. Touring #Lebanon's #hiking and #nature scene in under 36 hours.

Here are the places on the radar for day 1 of the journey.…

#adventure #roadtrip
@Husseintkjk Image
2/ Day 1:#chouwen river.

The drive is amazing through the mountains. The 45 min #Hike through forest to get to the river is rewarding.

The whole area is the birthplace of the #legend of Adonis & Astarte.

@Jabal_Moussa thank you for taking care of this piece of heaven. ImageImage
3/ Day 1: @EhdenHorsh

The beautiful mountainous city of Ehden offered wonderful scenic views and elaborate trails through pine trees.

Super diverse ecosystem of fauna and flora.
#ehdenhorsh #hiking #lebanon ImageImage
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1. #Thread
Sri #Garbharakshambigai #temple is located in a small village called #Thirukarukavur which is located at fertile land of #Thanjavur #TamilNadu
Why should you offer prayers to Garbarakshambigai Amman/Devi? Let's know the meaning of Garbharakshambigai @sattology
2. Garbha+Raksha+Ambigai (Garbha means #WOMB , Raksha means who protects, Ambigai means Devi's name)
Garbharakshambika means “The #Mother Who Protects the Womb”. Sri Garbharakshambigai Temple - For Childless & Pregnant Women. @harshasherni @Itishree001 @Tanvangi17 @VipashaRanjan
3. #Garbarakshambigai Amman is foremost #fertility Devi of #India. She is renowned for her powers to bless couples with #children, safeguard #pregnancies & ensure an easy delivery. Here Devi has the powers to bless every aspect of childbearing. @almightykarthik @sfeksk
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#storytimesthread -Story from #Ramayana

Did you know what happened to #Hanuman when he went to get Sanjeevani herb

Laxman was hurt after battle with Indrajit,son of Ravana.He was wounded badly &suggested cure was Sanjeevani herb,that grows in Dronagiri hills in Himalayas ImageImage
Hanuman fly across the ocean n reaches the hills &since he couldn’t identify the specific herb, he uproots the dronagiri hill & brings it back.

He faced many troubles in dronahill,these events are beautifully craved in one of the pillars of Sesharaya mandapa in
Srirangam Temple
Ravana heard from his spies that hanuman has went in search of medicinal herb to save Laxman.
So he sent his uncle Kalanemi to stop Hanuman at any cost. Kalanemi disguises as a Rishi
welcomes hanuman in hills & persuaded Hanuman to have a bath in a pond. Image
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#Thiruvannamalai (Annamaliayar) #Temple was built before 1100 years & #architecture of the temple has its contribution frm various #KINGDOM from Cholas, Pandias, Sambuvarayars Posalas, Vijayanagara, Nayaks, Nagarathargal, Cheftains & Zamindars. The Temple
@sattology Image
2. possesses more than 1000 statues & 450 stone inscriptions. The temple has more than 100 sannidhis. Various idols, bronze statues, paintings, 1000 pillar mahal & gopurams are the specialties of the temple. Temple is very enormous with an area
@IndiaTales7 @Maha_periyava_ Image
3.covers around 25 acres & East #Gopuram built by King Krishnadevaraya with a height of 217 ft (11 storeys) is one of the largest Gopuram in India. Temple also consists of vallala Maharaja Gopuram, kili Gopuram. The main deity of Temple is @harshasherni @Itishree001 @pujari_anup Image
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#sculpture #story - pillar carving
cow with two heads does milk abhishek on shivalinga -Vaidyanatheswara
#Temple,Talakadu, Karnataka

There are many stories regarding this one of the Local #Legend

Local chief had a cow which never yielded any milk after grazing in forest.

1/n Image
Chief sent two of his hunter assistants,Tala and Kada to check on the cow.They found cow feeding an anthill in the forest. The hunters struck a blow on the anthill with an axe.The shivalinga which was inside split into 5 lingams &shiva emerged with a bleeding cut on his body.
Hunters pleaded to Shiva to forgiveness.Shiva pardoned them asked to bring some herbs from nearby plants & healed himself. Since he healed himself,here he is known as Vaidyanatheswara. Other 4 Shiva temples nearby are - Pathaleswara, Maruleswara , Arkeswara and Mallikarjuna
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1. #Thread #Swamimalai #Temple, located on the banks of tributary of river Cauvery, #Kumbakonam, TN
Main Deity: Bhagwan Karthikeya/Subrahmanya Swamy
Sthala Vriksha: Amla Tree
Sthala Theertha: Vajra, Kumara, Saravana, Netra Theertha.
@sattology @VipashaRanjan @Vaidyvoice Image
2.The Temple is 1 of the 6 Holy Shrines of Murugan called Arupadaiveedu in Tamil. Temple has 60 steps & each one named after the 60 Tamil years. These are considered at par with the importance of 18 steps in Sabarimalai. It is Bhagwan Murugan’s fourth home.
@Itishree001 @sd1733 Image
3. Swamimalai is world famous for its school, teaches the ancient craft of making bronze icons.
Brahma, Bhagwan of creation, disrespected Muruga at the time of visiting Mount Kailash. The child Muruga got angry with Brahma & asked Him how he was creating living beings. @sfeksk Image
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Yalguresh Hanuman Temple,
Yalagur,Bijapur dist,Karnataka

Shri Yalguresh stands on order
of Sri Rama protecting for 7 villages.
History of this place dates back to Ramayana.It is believed that Ram with Sita &Lakshman lived here for few days during Vanvas period.
1/3 ImageImage
#Legend -Hanuman was found as a huge stone in Gondi Lake.Pujari was performing rituals on stone but it broke into pieces.In dream, he was told to lock pieces within temple for 7days.After 7days, pieces had miraculously turned into Hanuman’s idol,standing 7feet.

2/3 ImageImage
Situated on the banks of Krishna River - #Temple is surrounded by greenery &scenic beauty..near Alamatti Dam.

All 📸 - respective owners
Source text - based on details in
shriyalguresh website
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Horse made of parrots & An elephant made of parrots.....

Just zoom in the pics & see the
Extremely intricate #sculptures of
Thirukurungudi #temple...just brilliant...

This temple is full of stunning sculptures,do take time to see,respect & appreciate them.🙏 ImageImage
📸 - bhushavali
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#VeerabhadraSwamyTemple is located in Lepakshi ,Andhra Pradesh It is dedicated to God Shiva & was built in 16th century. There is a very large Nandi (bull), about 200 metres away from temple, carved from a single block of stone, one of the largest of its type in the world.

1/1 ImageImage
#VeerabhadraSwamyTemple has been built on a low altitude hillock of a large exposure of granite rock, which is in shape of a tortoise & hence known as Kurma Saila. It was built in 1530 AD by Virupanna Nayaka & Viranna, both brothers who were Governors under Vijayanagar Empire 2/2
📷1: Carvings of God Brahma and God  Vishnu on pillars in the manadapa.

📷2: Paintings in the ceiling of the Mukha mandapa {assembly hall}

📷3: Front Side View of #VeerabhadraSwamyTemple, Lepakshi.


#HistoryEncyclopedia #TemplesOfIndia #Temple #History ImageImageImage
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Main Shrine: Hanuman
Temple Tower is 90 feet tall. Hanuman is facing West & the main entrance is on the West. The main Temple building has path-ways all around the sanctum sanctorum & also a
@sattology @meenakshisharan @sfeksk Image
large covered space Mandap for devotees to assemble in front of the God for offering worship. Sri Anjaneyar in 1989 & consummated the Kumbabishekam in 1995. The distinguished factor of the 32 feet idol is that it was molded out of a single rock. @mamatarsingh @Aravindh_partha Image
This Temple is known for bestowing better #health to the devotees. Sri Rama, Lakshman & Seetha with Sri Hanuman, Sri Ganesh, Sri Ragavendra & Sri Krishna with His consorts Bhama & Rukmini are also indoctrinated here. The idol is believed to have special power is considered a heal Image
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Baijnath #Temple,Baijnath,HP
One of the oldest temples of Shiva as Vaidyanath.

There are 2 Nandi present in front of is in usual sitting posture..other is in standing posture.Very this temple.
Legend #story of this temple related to Ravana ImageImage
#storytimethread -Asura King Ravana was a devotee of Shiva, did penance in Kailash & even sacrificed his ten heads one by one in to attain immortality.
Shiva was impressed & not only restored his beheaded heads and healed his injuries but also granted him with invincible powers.
Ravana requested Shiva to come with him to Lanka. Shiva gave him a Atma linga and told him not to place the shiv ling in ground until he reach Lanka. By the time Ravana reached Baijnath,he felt uneasy,On seeing a shepherd, Ravana handed over Shivling to him.Shepherd was ganesha.
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Darshan of Ranganatha in one of the oldest temples -Adhirangam -Sri Ranganatha Perumal #Temple, Devadanam,Near Villupuram,TN

Believed to be existing from Thretha yugam.This ancient temple's presiding deity is longer & larger than Ranganatha of SriRangam-abt 18 ft long

#Thread ImageImage
Reference to abt this temple is in Skantha Purana –301-306 athyayam under Uthara Ranga Mahatmiyam.Deity is facing east has the measuring vessel (Padi) as his pillow with his righthand placed over it, reclining on the Aadhi seshan with his 5 heads as umbrella. ImageImage
#Legend #stories -Ranganatha is resting after getting tired after giving away grains in the measuring vessel to feed the world in the harvest season.

1)Ranganathar retrieved Vedas from Asura Somuga who hid himself in sea.Vishnu incarnated as Matsya & retrieved the vedas.
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काल मी #राज्यपाल पद,त्याची निवड,कालावधी व विशेषाधिकार ह्याबाबत थ्रेड लिहिला होता..आज मी राज्यपाल ज्या ठिकाणी राहतात त्या '#राजभवन' ची थोडक्यात पण उपयुक्त माहिती द्यायचा प्रयत्न केलाय ज्यामध्ये तिथे कसे जायचे,काय काय पाहायला भेटेल इ..
आवडल्यास नक्की शेअर करा!! #म #मराठी #धागा ImageImage
राजभवनाची सर्व विस्तृत माहिती तुम्हाला वेबसाईट वर मिळुनच जाईल( पण मी वाचकांमध्ये जिज्ञासा व उत्सुकता वाढवण्यासाठी थोडीफार माहिती देतोय🙏.मुंबई राजभवन हे महाराष्ट्राच्या राज्यपालांचे अधिकृत निवासस्थान आहे. मुंबई शहरातील ती एक अतिशय सुंदर वास्तू आहे. Image
राजभवन अंदाजे 50 एकर जमिनीवर वसलेले आहे व त्याच्या तीनही बाजूंना समुद्र आहे. मलबार हिल येथील राजभवन संकुल हे मैलभर लांब असलेली दाट वने, वाळुचे समुद्र किनारे आणि अनेक प्रकारच्या टवटवीत हिरवळीने व्यापले आहे. Image
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#Thread about #Pradosham

Pradosham means ‘removal of sins.’Pradosha Kalam is best time to offer prayers to Bhagwan Shiva.

Pradosha Kalam-4:30pm to 6pm 13thday(Trayodasi) comes twice in a month -Moon’s waxing (Shukla Paksha)&waning(Krishna Paksha)fortnights is very auspicious.
Prasodha Kala Pooja has immense importance there is a legend story.This story is related to the churning of milky ocean by Devas & Asuras using Mandara mountain as the center rod & serpent Vasuki as churning rope, to obtain Amrith for their immortality.
It was during this time that Shiva is believed to have consumed lethal Alahala poison for saving the world from its evil effects.
Parvathi Devi held his throat to avoid the poison to reach inside his body.Because of that Shiva’s neck turned Blue - so the name Neelakanta
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#Chidambaram #Temple
Significance of the temple #design
The layout & #architecture of the temple is replete with philosophical meanings.
The 9 gateways signify the 9 orifices in the #human body. @sattology @Itishree001 @almightykarthik @sd1733 @drmudita Image
The Ponnambalam, the sanctum sanctorum represents the heart which is reached by a flight of 5 stairs called the Panchaatchara padi - pancha meaning 5, achhara – indestructible syllables – "SI VA YA NA MA", from a raised anterior dias - the Kanakasabai.
@Vaidyvoice @artist_rama Image
The access to the Sabha is through the sides of the stage (not from the front as in most temples).
The Sanctum sanctorum is held by 28 pillars – representing the 28 agamas or set methodologies for the worship of Bhagwan Shiva. @sfeksk @kalpavirksha @RajiIndustani @rightwingchora Image
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Bhagnath temple, Bhageshwar, Near Kausani,HP #Thread

7th Century temple is dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva. Do ring the brass bells while entering to offer prayers to Bhagnath,the Tiger God.

Here Shiva took the form of a tiger There is a legend #story related to this incident.
1/n ImageImage
#storytimethread - Rishi Vashishtha prayed to Brahma for bringing the Sarayu River to this Bhoomi.On the river’s path,he found that Rishi Markandeya was doing penance &could not be disturbed.As the river was rising, he prayed to Shiva to help him find a solution.
2/n Image
Shiva &Parvathi descended on earth as a tiger &a cow respectively.Disturbed by roar of tiger &helpless screams of cow, Markandeya ran to save cow from clutches of tiger.Finding path cleared of Rishi,Sarayu flowed peacefully meeting her sister Gomati,daughter of Rishi Vasisht
3/n ImageImage
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#Theerthamalai #Temple located in #Dharmapuri Dist. #TamilNadu
Also known as Theerthagireeswar (Theertha+Giri+Eswar)
Theertha = Holy Water
Giri = Hill
Eswar = Bhagwan Shiva.
There is a deep connection of this #Temple with #Ramayana
@sattology @Mahender_Chem @mamatarsingh Image
When Sri Ram killed Ravana – to nullify his Brahma Hatya Pataka Dosha on him he did Abhisheka to Shri Shiva. Unfortunately Sri Hanuman could not reach the Temple on time with #Ganga water, Thus, Sri Rama shot an arrow on a hill stone creating the Rama Theertha & @rightwingchora Rama Theertham. This is the...
completed the Pooja. Rama Theertha is a tiny water fall spring about 9 meters high. The force will be same thru out the year even in hot summer, & no one could identify the source of the tiny water fall coming from hill stone.
@artist_rama @desi_thug1 @vedicvishal @LostTemple7 Image
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Each and every square feet of
Kedareshwara temple,Halebidu, Karnataka is carved illustrating #Legend #stories from Puranas, Ramayan & Mahabharat.

Just see the #sculpture depicting Bheeshma on the bed made out of arrows & waiting for Uttarayana Punya Kaala to attain mukti.
1/2 ImageImage
Kedareshwara temple is Trikuta temple,dedicated to Shiva- Kedareshwara.This temple is a twin to Hoysaleshwar temple,but without Nandi
Main shrine has a Shiv Linga,but rest of 2 has no deities.

Take some time to see outer walls,as even smallest sculpture will portray stories.
2/2 ImageImage
📸 - credit to resp.owners
Source text - based on details about this place in templesofkarnataka website
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#Karmanghat #Hanuman #Temple, #Hyderabad There is an interesting incident behind the location getting its new name as Karmanghat. (karo man ghat/करो मन घट ). This is the place #Aurangazeb couldn't even enter this Temple to destroy in the year 1687. Karmanghat #Temple was Image
constructed by #Kakatiya ruler Sri Prataparudra in 1143 C.E. Aurangzeb ordered his men to destroy all places of worship of Hindus. This temple had also come in their way. They wanted to destroy this temple including Vigraha. His army men made efforts to enter Temple
@sattology Image
but they were pushed by some strong #divine force. They could not even come any close to the boundary of the temple. When this shocking news was informed to Aurangzeb, he decided to look into this wonder & brought implements to demolish the temple himself. When he was nearing Image
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