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I have positions in the posted charts, so I may have a bias. Don't ask me the target or SL, I post charts to challenge the accuracy of my predictive analysis.

Jan 2, 2022, 48 tweets

Magic of Multi-Year Breakout
1. It is well-established fact any counter which gives a multi-year breakout, it gives exponential returns in the shortest time frame.

2. Pre-requisites for Multi-Year Breakout
(a) Turn around in company philosophy and/or management and/or profit generation.
(b) Govt Policies e.g. Ethanol blending, scrappage policy, make in India, various PLI schemes. #Multi_Year_Breakout

2. Pre-requisites for Multi-Year Breakout - Contd...
(c) Crisis e.g. Covid, Semiconductor shortages.
(d) Brownfield or Greenfield investment starts paying.
(e) Market maturity e.g. Rising interest in platforms business #Multi_Year_Breakout

3. Few examples of multi-year breakouts and exponential rise in valuation can be seen on charts. #Multi_Year_Breakout

#mastek from 456 to 3600 in one year = 690% rise.

#intellectdesign 275 to 889 in one year.

#HEG 568 to 4943, due to electrode need and electrode price rise.

#Reliance 742 to 2750 due to Jio and foreign investments.

#DEEPAKNTR From 278 to 3000, Value unlocking and expansion.

4. Multi-year breakout examples are many, no point in keep discussing such examples. These examples should be taken as a study to look out for future multi-year breakouts.
Some of such potential candidates are posted below:

#MMTC 60 will be the multi-year breakout. What's going to be the turn-around story?

#GINNIFILA 36 multi-year breakout happened. 65 is seen on the charts.

#RPGLIFE multi-year breakout at 502.

#BGRENERGY Two-year break out at 60 to 85, next multi-year BO will be at 112. 40

#alpalab Multiple BO at 28.5, 49.8, and recently at 67.6, next BO level to watch out is 90.

#MSPL First multi-year BO at 11.5, second is awaited at 16 and target can be ATH at 90.

#SWELECTES Multi-year BO at 238, target can be 430

#JUBLINDS 6 years BO at 298, CMP 758, how much more to go from here?

#ttl 6 years BO at 53, 2 years BO at 83.77, 130 is the target from here.

5% up today

10% up today

20% up

10% UC


20% UC

KPEL - Multi-year BO at 181.8, today at 241.5, potential target 418. I have a position, I may have biase.

#ECORECO - 13 years BO, into e-waste recycling business, complying norms set by the Pollution Control Board for environmental safety.

A video of what the company does, which is a need of the hour.

#AYMSYNTEX - Multiyear BO successful, Once ATH of 163, is crossed this stock can show its magic. Operating Profit doubled of its previous year, FII increasing stake.

#AYMSYNTEX - Operating Profit Rising

#AYMSYNTEX - Promoters and FIIs are increasing their stakes.

13% up

Must watch Zoom call on for #DataPatterns lovers.

#AYMSYNTEX - 6% up today, 17 Jan

#AYMSYNTEX - 11% up now, 17 Jan

#MMTC 10% up today 17 Jan, 49 now.

#GINNIFILA - Money doubled in 11 trading sessions. 16.48% up, call given at 36

Multi-year breakouts - Part 2
Some more counters on my scanner on the brim of BO or already Broken out. Let's see how they behave in times to come. Sharing Charts of few.

#TCPLPACK at 623, next resistance is at 660.

#SPMLINFRA at 59.90, next resistance at 89.9

#BEARDSELL at 21.30 next resistance at 28.

#LYPSAGEMS at 9.14 next resistance at 15.85

#bankbaroda at 117.95 next resistance at 138

#GNFC at 538, going to be in the blue-sky zone.

#AGARIND at 590 next resistance at 660.

#TVSELECT at 261.30 next resistance is at 402.30


#TCPLPACK - 13% up

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