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Sodium and Lithium are almost same properties .

Carefully study found Soduim can be replace lithium (ouch)

the best company produce is #Tatachemical Image
did not know that . do you ? Image
#1 Solid State
#2 Sodium
#3 Aluminum-Ion
#4 Niobium
#5 Lithium Sulfur
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Rating Research reports can make you rich.

But only if you know how to use them correctly.

@iManasArora uses rating reports to take contra bets with almost 100% accuracy and here's how: 🧵

Collaborated with @AdityaTodmal
1/ Rating Agencies reports to filter stocks:

Most international rating agencies issue a downgrade only after a significant correction in the stock.

Similarly, they come up with an upgrade report after a sharp rise in the stock.
But don't take their reports on face value and DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investing.

Because rating reports are a lagging indicator and price is always a leading indicator.
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You can save LAKHS of your capital by knowing this simple concept of parabolic/vertical move in stocks.

The 90 degree angle inflection point in a stock is a signal to book profit.

Collaborated with @AdityaTodmal
1/ What is a parabolic move?

A parabolic move occurs when the speed at which the stock’s price goes up increases exponentially.

In other words, a parabolic stock is a stock that starts going up really fast.
2/ #IRCTC example:

Monthly TF:

Back to back 6 green candles (each candle represent a month here), so no profit booking has happened.

The angle towards the end of the upmove became much steeper i.e. 90 degree.

Such moves are highly susceptible for a bend in the trend.
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Here is what YOU should know about BREAKOUTS before you lose money on them !

A free FAILED BREAKOUT analysis for you - 🧵
A technical analysis term, used to show a rise in a stock’s price above its resistance level (such as its previous high price) or drop below its support level (commonly the last lowest price.)
The assumption is that the stock will continue to move in the same direction following the breakout, which generates a buy or sell signal.

Trading breakouts is an excellent trading strategy that involves buying or selling an asset after a long period of consolidation.
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• A cash stock wizard, who doesn't trade the stereotype triangle, rectangle, H&S etc.

• Creative enough to look beyond the obvious

• Covering another unique set up: Rating Houses Contra Trades or as he calls it "Moody-no-so-Moody indicator"

🧵 to learn from @iManasArora
• Usually international rating agencies come with a downgrade only after a massive correction in the stock

• Similarly these rating agencies come with an upgrade report post a sharp rise in the stock

• Don't take them on face value and DYOR!
• How Ultra Bullish articles from rating/broker houses is used to dump the stock to retail

• New traders provide liquidity for BIG players to offload their stocks
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Magic of Multi-Year Breakout
1. It is well-established fact any counter which gives a multi-year breakout, it gives exponential returns in the shortest time frame.
2. Pre-requisites for Multi-Year Breakout
(a) Turn around in company philosophy and/or management and/or profit generation.
(b) Govt Policies e.g. Ethanol blending, scrappage policy, make in India, various PLI schemes. #Multi_Year_Breakout
2. Pre-requisites for Multi-Year Breakout - Contd...
(c) Crisis e.g. Covid, Semiconductor shortages.
(d) Brownfield or Greenfield investment starts paying.
(e) Market maturity e.g. Rising interest in platforms business #Multi_Year_Breakout
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“Last Diwali to this Diwali: Summary of Momentum Investments/ Trades taken (#MostlyMomentum)!!”:

Introduction of my journey so far:
I started my #StockMarket journey Jul- 2016:

•During 2016-17, as a typical new investor, started with TV Tips, and IPOs,
this (IPOs) helped in a way, best #DMART has still been the best of IPOs I applied for, got allotment, and kept for couple of months and captured fastest 282% of my #StockMarket journey.

• During 2017-18, decided not to go after TV Tips,
and started doing something on my own including a little Option “BUYING” 12, lost some funds in Option Buying, but gained a lot of experience regarding not to so something you don’t know. Alongside this, also started exploring cash market strategies of buying what is going up and
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👉 Indian GE (graphite electrode) prices for 600mm UHP grade is currently assessed at INR 280,000- 300,000/t ($3,800 – 4,100/t) and for 450mm HP grade prices are at INR 425,000/t ($5,800/t). Image
👉 It is anticipated that GE prices will increase due to a rise in imported needle coke prices from the Jul’21 quarter, which, in turn, has moved up on escalating raw material (coal-tar pitch and crude oil) costs. Image
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1 new chart everyday, it could be from any space ~ equities / commodities / crypto / forex / bonds , etc

Will try to do it daily 🙏💪

Here's the first one 👇

SBI vs BankNifty

Ratio chart has given monthly breakout implying SBI could outperform BN in coming months.

#PB365 Image
(2) #DLF monthly chart

#PB365 Image
(3) #VodafoneIdea weekly chart

#PB365 Image
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Respected all sir
I have observe that many times after high volume candle formed stocks price drop and that high volume candle's high is protected and break that high by another high volume candle only.

Here are some examples.
I have cover all large, mid and small cap stocks ImageImageImageImage
Some more examples
#techm ImageImageImageImage
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PART 2 : "Goûter le vin comme un professionnel". Le #thread précédent c'est arrêté sur le conseil d'élargir votre palette d'odeurs pour mieux apprécier votre vin, cela en humant tout ce qui vous passe par la main.
Passons Ă  la suite de notre thread sur le vin.
Certains la prennent comme l’étape la plus importante lors d’une dégustation de vin, mais il n’en est rien. Pour passer pour un véritable connaisseur, un sommelier en somme, le plus important est d’éduquer son nez. Image
Donc, maîtrisez bien l’étape précédente, exercez votre nez. Il vous donnera les “arômes” et vos papilles gustatives les saveurs.
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Hey guys !
Nous avons probablement tous eu des problèmes dans notre garde-robe au cours de notre vie. Déjà parce que plus jeunes, ce sont nos parents qui décidaient de ce qu’on portait et parce qu'on n'avait pas encore trouvé notre style. Maintenant adulte, on peut y remédier.
Si vous voulez être pris au sérieux, il est temps de faire les bons choix pour construire votre garde-robe. Vous devez d’abord trouver votre style, ce qui est la fondation de la construction d’une garde-robe à toute épreuve. Et ensuite, suivre une feuille de route efficace. Image
En fonction de votre lifestyle et de vos goûts, vous monterez les murs, ferez le 2nd oeuvre et penserez à la décoration. Vous achèterez vos vêtements et accessoires en pensant à un ensemble cohérent qui reflétera votre personnalité. On notera votre signature dans chaque tenue.
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Many traders follow different types of moving average crossover #TradingStrategy but the main problem with such MA/EMA cross over system is whipsaws. How one could reduce such false breakouts and also gain from large trend ? Image
The answer is move to larger time frame.
Buy rules: Go long when 10 EMA is greater than 50 EMA
Sell rules: Exit when 10 EMA is lesser than 50 EMA
Time frame: Weekly
Many of us must have invested in stocks like Yes Bank, #DHFL, #Graphite, #HEG etc. All these stocks were once a fundamentally strong stocks but due to sudden shift all these stocks tanked. Following this strategy rules would have helped you to exit at the right time.
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Hello Guys !
Cela fait 6 semaines que nous avons commencé le programme #TEF2019 de @TonyElumeluFDN , 5è cuvée, et nous en sommes ravis ! Ce programme nous permet d'encore mieux structurer notre entreprise et comment en faire une entreprise compétitive sur le marché africain. Image
Pour cette 6è semaine, nous sommes à une étape cruciale de notre développement... le recrutement ! Et chez nous, le prochain profil que nous voulons à nos côté, c'est un.e spécialiste en Marketing (Digital ^^).
Nous allons recevoir des stagiaire à partir du mois d'Août.
Peut-être parmi eux nous aurons un.e collaborateur sur le long terme, et pourquoi pas un.e associé.e qui sera prêt.e à grandir avec nous ! Notre équipe est jeune, moyenne d'âge de 25 ans... Et nos résultats jusqu'ici sont très encourageants
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To the #HEG management, @rij79
I ,on behalf of a group of shareholders, take a step forward to address our concern towards the erosion of shareholders' net worth in being invested in your Co.

We expect ur appearance on TV to apprise us about any fear factor that u may foresee
which is really oblivious to us unless qtrly results are out.

We fail to understand as to why HEG is suffering when its max output are exported. It is insulated against woes caused due to removal of anti-dumping duties on GEs, China picking up on lost productivity, inferior UHP
You had several times in your media interactions laid stress on HEG being not affected by any thing that's happening in China but increased production of GEs in China is sending shivers down the spine of share market as we find the share price nosedive 67% from its ATH...
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Screen inspired by #RameshDamani sir:
Read on moneycontrol - Ramesh Damani's thumb rule of 24% returns can make you really rich.
List of companies that are making 24%+ CAGR profits. Will add information about each company in this thread...Contribute generously to this thread :)
28 Jewels of Indian stock market:
- Rural focuse
- Improving Ratios (CASA, ROA, ROE)
- Great partnerships
- On track for vision 2020
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