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Jan 12, 7 tweets

80% of my business is UGC content creation.

20% of my business is media buying services.

1 year ago, that % was flipped.

Media buying is nothing without a supply of great ad UGC ads!

Here's how I did it and why...

I started offering UGC as a service when I realized that most influencer marketing agencies/platforms suck.

The problem with working with influencers is that they have no idea of what makes a good ad.

I have a unique vantage point because I have access to SO many ad accounts.

I realized that good UGC ads simply just follow formulas.

Capture attention in the first 3 seconds, demonstrate the product benefits, and have a genuine testimonial.

So I went on a hunt to find content creators/actresses who I could train on how to get the content I needed...

I started with training 1 creator, then 2, and now TEN girls on my team who deliver content weekly for my clients.

I'm also lucky to work with some of the best ad editors who can deliver on my vision for each ad.

Finding great creators/editors is so tough but I found my tribe.

Now my and my girls are making 20+ new ads each week for some of the coolest clients in the world.

It gets hard to choose what examples I share on Twitter because I love all of the ads so much and I take so much pride in the end results.

The most rewarding part of making UGC is that I have view-access into my client's ad accounts so I can see what ad concepts work the best and I can implement those learnings for the next week's ads.

Testing creatives and learning what works is the key to scaling ad accounts!

I'll forever pride myself on not being an agency. I'm working directly with my clients on the concepts each week, implementing their feedback, and analyzing their creative performance.

I am incredibly happy to have found so many amazing creators & to double down on UGC in 2022!

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