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Jan 13, 10 tweets

Whoa! Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and nine other Oath Keepers members charged with seditious conspiracy…

Correction: Rhodes and 10 other Oath Keepers charged w/ seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 assault. Also newly charged is Edward Vallejo of Phoenix

From the #OathKeepers seditious conspiracy indictment:

Rhodes sent a link to a BitChute video to the "Leadership Intel Chat" on 11/7/20, endorsing the message of the Serbian author of the video: "Yes, I’m calling you for violence if that is the only way. Who cares?"

Rhodes allegedly told his fellow Oath Keepers he was in contact with the author of the BitChute video, and he had sent a written set of recommendations based on the Serbian experience. They included:

"We stormed the Parliament

"And burned down fake state Television!"

The NC chapter has been heavily cited in the Oath Keepers prosecution, and here the govt claims that the NC chapter held a training in December 2020 that focused on roadblocks. But Doug Smith, leader of the NC chapter has not been charged, & broke w/ the national org after 1/6/21

The government has long alleged that defendant Thomas Caldwell led a quick reaction force team staged with weapons outside of DC. The new seditious conspiracy indictment cites a 2nd man, Edward Vallejo, as an alleged QRF leader

The govt alleges that "the North Carolina QRF team leader (again, nobody fitting that description has been arrested to date) reserved 3 rooms at the Comfort Inn Ballston — allegedly occupied by the QRF teams from NC, AZ & FL.

The role of the NC Oath Keepers remains a question mark. Doug Smith, then president of the NC chapter, has said that when they saw the mayhem at the Capitol, they turned around & were back on the bus headed home by 4 p.m.…

But the NC QRF leader, whoever they are, seems pretty active! Responding to Florida Oath Keepers leader Kelly Meggs on Jan. 2: "My sources DC working on procuring Boat transportation as we speak."

Virtually everyone who mobilized Trump supporters to go to DC on Jan. 6 has since claimed that "antifa" was responsible. But here's Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes at 1:30 a.m. — as the assault was in progress — contradicting: "Nope. I'm right here. These are Patriots."

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