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#Monday #Sept27th Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories #thread.
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#DDoSecrets just released approximately 5 gigabytes of emails, chat logs, members and donor lists and other files from the servers of the far-right extremist group, the Oath Keepers Image
Data from #OathKeepers leaked online after alleged hack…

The breach includes emails, chat logs, and details on members and donors.
Tips for journalists digging into the data:

* Check the GiveSendGo data for crowdfunds referenced in the chats for additional donor data

* Search for member addresses at/near military bases and abbreviations like AFB

* Search for members w/ military/police titles/abbreviations
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1/Seems a particular Sarasota School Board Member who voted NO in yesterday's disrespectful display of childish radicalized misinformed citizens needs to be VOTED OUT. @FlaDems
I was asked to look at #Moms4Liberty 🧵
2/Moms for Liberty- a current & active threat to the health & safety of children say they "do not co-parent with the government" lol ok, dumb. ImageImageImageImage
3/ Ready to stoke the fires of Liberty in your community? Well, lucky for you they have plenty. Find your "chapter", also referred to as a GANG. ImageImageImage
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NOW #Oathkeepers leader Elmer Steward Rhodes is strolling the halls of CPAC...with an official event pass.

He didn't enjoy being spotted, and apparently got in reporter @ZTPetrizzo's face...yelling obscenities.

The #Oathkeepers leader schmoozing with the GOP establishment at CPAC tells everything you need to know about the state of the Republican Party today.
Speculation: CPAC organizers don't like the bad press that the #Oathkeepers leader brings... but are afraid of blowback if they turn Elmer Stewart Rhodes away.

My takeaway? The GOP can't stand up to extremists.
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What I find curious: the 1 time I saw Seth trying to visually investigate the Capitol... he was off base.

Also, he is *factually wrong* here on the demographics of the #Oathkeepers that the NYT investigated.

Moreover... 1/
2. I am perplexed as to why Seth went after this particular visual investigation.

After all, it produced stories like this: showing Trump intimate Roger Stone's bodyguards joining in the Capitol siege.…
3. The GOP is trying to whitewash the history of an unprecedented assault on our democracy.

#seditionhunters' work means that the story of the #Capitol siege continues to be written, break news...and cannot be so easily dismissed.…
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NEW FOOTAGE: watch Oregon's @RepNearman tell people, step-by-step, how to breach the Oregon Capitol... with his assistance.

Days later, the breach happened.

Videos adapted from @Oregonian
And yes, the phone number that @RepNearman tells people to call to get someone to come open the door...

Yeah that is his number.
Pulled more footage from the original source. @RepNearman giving advice on the best day for things to go down.

Lady: "...Monday everybody shows up."

Nearman: "Monday, you've got one crack at it there"

The following Monday, December 21st, the breach happened.
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#BeanieGiant is ID'd as #ProudBoy Gregory Kevin Mullin of Roscoe, NY, who assaulted police barricades at #CapitolRiots & vowed to kill Biden "You won’t be laughing when We the People hang Biden & Harris in the streets...then we will come for Soros and the media" #SeditionHunters
2/ "January 6 is our D-Day...we can clean house...all federal politicians massive hangings and heads on pikes" Mullin, who also has ties to #OathKeepers, wrote on Dec 15 on his Parler account #SeditionHunters #ProudBoys #BeanieGiant 2/
Mullins has many social media accounts & doesn't hold back on his #ProudBoy & extremist affiliations. "Join! Go to ProudBoys page on Parler & find your local chapter. Either join or stay out of the way!" His FB page has PB logo as his avatar #SeditionHunters #BeanieGiant
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NEW: Federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin tells @ScottPelley "I believe the facts do support" sedition charges for some #Capitol siege participants.

@ScottPelley 2/ Sherwin: initial push was to create "shock and awe" with arrests before inauguration. Wanted folks to be afraid of arrests if they returned on Jan 20th.

Began with the low hanging fruit "internet stars" (confederate flag guy, #ziptieguy...etc)
3/ The initial strategy resulted in >100 arrests pre-inauguration.

Sherwin emphasizes that the "most serious" cases are the 2 dozen or so against far-right militia members. Like the #OathKeepers from this stack
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NEW: latest #ProudBoys conspiracy indictment for the #Capitol breach is damning, and shows plenty of planning.

Proud Boys "Chairman" Enrique Tarrio also shows up, and appears to have been briefed on elements the plan.

Quick THREAD 1/
2/ The indictment covers Nov-Dec fundraising & organizing (also covered in superseded indictments) but gets INTERESTING on January 4th...

When #ProudBoys "Chairman" Enrique Tarrio is arrested, accused conspirators panic that communications are compromised & create new channels.
3/ KEY: one of the indicted #ProudBoys posts messages on various PB chats claiming "no plan" [me speculating: meant to confuse listeners?]...

An hour later unindicted co-conspirator 1 ("UCC-1") is busy planning & directing the newly created small group.

Who is this UCC-1?
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1/ Before this thread gets dark (because...Roger Stone),
first a fun one, h/t @justhelpingout6

Watch for a #SeditionGolfCart cameo by Mike Lindell.
It's a caravan.
Who else do you recognize?… Image
2/ MJ: Roger Stone solicited contributions for Jan 5/6 events through the StopTheSteal website (which he launched in 2016) “for private security at every one of our events, as well as funds for permits, staging, transportation, and legal fees”… Image
3/ O.K. Leader Stewart Rhodes: Just as at the Nov & Dec DC. rallies, Oath Keepers “will be conducting PSDs for multiple high profile speakers over both days, and our teams will be either directly responsible for event security or assisting event security”…
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BREAKING: 2nd Roger Stone #OathKeepers bodyguard arrested & charged. After guarding Stone Joshua James of Alabama... stormed the #Capitol.

Great to see: this is someone many of us spent *much* time tracking.

Story: @kyledcheney & @joshgerstein…
2/ Looks like James was findable in part by a lot of phone calls to other #Oathkeepers named unnamed.

His device was also placed in vicinity of #Capitol during attack time.… Text showing him having communications with other oath keepeText showing him having communications with other oath keepeText showing him having communications with other oath keepeText showing him having communications with other oath keepe
3/ He was tricky for all groups doing sleuthing because he was disciplined about keeping his gaiter on when with Roger Stone & at #Capitol.

However, for a brief (& immensely gratifying to find) moment in siege footage his face was exposed.

Vid: Pic of Roger stone and the now arrested oath keeper
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1/ NEW: last night prosecutors showed #OathKeepers' leader Elmer Stewart Rhodes ('Person One') communicating with & giving directions to #Capitol siege participants.

(From a detention filing for Thomas Caldwell)
Story: @kenbensinger & @jvgarrison… screenshot from a signal me...screenshot from a signal me...Picture of Oath Keepers lea...
2/ #OathKeepers leader Rhodes also gave directions about bringing weapons to DC without being arrested for gun possession...

And he reassured Oath Keepers (anxious about not bringing firearms?) that "well equipped" quick reaction forces (ORFs) & others would be outside city. Screencapture of Rhodes dir...
3/ Reason we're all scrutinizing #OathKeepers detention filings?

1) They signal bits of what the Gov knows about any organizing & planning of #Capitol siege.

2) They are our best window into a possible (but NOT confirmed) case being built against leader Elmer Stewart Rhodes. Picture of Elmer Stewart Rh...Screencap from detention me...
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BREAKING: Roger Stone-linked #OathKeepers member Roberto Minuta was just arrested by federal agents.

Minuta pulled security for Stone on the morning of January 6th...then participated in #Capitol siege. 1/

By: @jonathan4ny & @valiquettejoe
2/ Roberto Minuta is one of SIX #OathKeepers that provided security for Roger Stone... and then joined the siege & entered the #Capitol👇

3/ Moreover, as @arawnsley showed: Roberto ("Rob") Minuta has also been linked to a range of other Trump-world figures, and has been seen escorting Michael Flynn & Alex Jones.👇👇

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NICE: new @gwupoe report has a helpful framework for arrested #Capitol siege participants:

-Militant Networks (33)
-Organized Clusters (82)
-Inspired Believers (142)

THREAD on their latest report.
Tip of the spear in breaches & violence. Planned & mobilized resources & executed as units (e.g. #Oathkeepers, #IIIPER s, #ProudBoys)

They are also the most likely to commit follow-on attacks.
Radicalized individuals, motivated by conspiracy theories & extremist ideology found each other (or were family members & friends) and went to the #Capitol as a group.
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Federal prosecutors mention a “working understanding” of an #OathKeepers “quick reaction force” stationed outside #DC, prepared with weapons, during the #CapitolSiege.…
Meanwhile, @FBI examining video that appears to show chemical irritant being sprayed on law enforcement personnel during the #CapitolSiege, reports @washingtonpost.…
Also: @nytimes reports the @FBI has pinpointed an assailant in its investigation into the death of USCP Officer Brian Sicknick, who was injured while fending off the pro-Trump mob during the #CapitolSiege and later died.…
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BREAKING: @TheJusticeDept & @FBI investigating possible ties between Roger Stone, Ali Alexander, Alex Jones & #Capitol rioters.

Scoop by @hsu_spencer & @DevlinBarrett
1/ ImageImageImageImage
2/ Curating some threads.

Roger Stone: multiple #OathKeepers seen providing security to Roger Stone on Jan 5 & 6 went on to participate in the #Capitol siege per @nytimes.

3/ Ali Alexander marched to the #Capitol alongside Alex Jones. Ali was telling his followers to "Get down to the US CAPITOL! Orders from POTUS"
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BREAKING: 9 #OathKeepers indicted for conspiracy, including 7 members of the tactical "stack" seen entering #Capitol in combat gear.


This is a major development! The conspirators come from:

-Ohio: Donovan Crowl, Jessica Watkins, Sandra Parker & Bennie Parker
-Florida: Graydon Young, Connie Meggs & Kelly Meggs
-North Carolina: Laura Steele
-Virginia: Thomas Caldwell
Purpose of the #OathKeepers conspiracy:
"to stop, delay, & hinder Congress'scertification of the Electoral College vote."

Manner & Means:
-equipped selves
-geared up
-moved in military formation,
-stormed #Capitol
-used comms
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NEW #OathKeepers arrests! Sandra PARKER from Ohio participated in the #Capitol 'stack' & breach. Husband Bernie provided assistance.

Evidence of coordination w/ arrested Oath Keepers WATKINS & CROWL.


Story @ohiocapitalblog h/t @CTExposers…
In December Sandra & Bennie (correcting spelling☝️) connect with Jessica Watkins, who runs the Ohio State Regular Militia. They settle on joining Watkins et al. in DC. Weapons, outfits logistics are discussed.
Sandra & Bennie Parker stay at the same hotel in Arlington, VA as Watkins & Crowl. @FBI finds them interacting on surveillance footage. At 5:21 AM on 6th they are spotted rolling gear out of the hotel on a trolly.
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So @ggreenwald is saying "the 'zip-ties' -turned out to be false"

Gentle fact check:

1. Some brought zip ties to the siege (pictured: 2 examples). Also, person on left is wanted by @FBI.

2. Others stole #Capitol Police zip-tie restraints, then took them into Senate chamber. ImageImage
Why do far right folks carry zip-ties? They like the idea of carrying out extrajudicial detentions.

Including of members of Congress & police if necessary. Its documented.

Good piece by @arawnsley & @KELLYWEILL… ImageImage
.@ggreenwald dismissed zip-ties & early speculation about plots in a thread about media coverage lacking nuance & being slow to correct some inaccuracies. Sort of fair?

BUT... there so obviously *were* conspiracies around the #siege. Just look at the #Oathkeepers indictments...
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BREAKING: at least six men that provided security for Roger Stone entered the #Capitol during the siege, per a @nytimes visual investigation.

All six are associated with the far-right #OathKeepers militia.


2/ On January 5th, Stone appeared at the Supreme Court, glad-handing and being driven in a go-kart. Later he attended a rally near the White House.

As the @nytimes team shows, his security entourage featured a host of #OathKeepers...
3/ In the morning of the 6th, Stone stood outside the Willard InterContinental hotel, again flanked by men associated with the #OathKeepers.

Some of them, like Rob Minuta, have been named in prior reporting.

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