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Jan 14, 5 tweets

A growing number of parties

Scores of suspects

Hundreds of witnesses

Hours of CCTV footage

Pages of notes & visitor logs

Thousands of email chains

It is absurd to expect Sue Gray to complete this investigation into her seniors in a week

This should be a @metpoliceuk matter

This was Kit Malthouse on 6 December👇

He starts by saying no rules were broken at the No.10 party & finishes by saying he doesn’t know if there was an event

@kitmalthouse has been glued to @BorisJohnson’s side since before he was mayor of London.

An inquiry into illegal gatherings is one thing, but many of the BIG questions are still to be even asked, like:

“Which Minister authoritised sending people from hospitals to care homes without testing?”

I broke the #CareHomeScandal on 13/5/20 but am still waiting for an answer

On 19 March 2020, every NHS & Foundation Trust received this letter👇together with Hospital Discharge Requirements “which set out action which must be taken immediately” - i.e. to send patients to care homes

Was this authoritised by a govt Minister?

If so, which one?

The PM attempted to blame care homes

“They didn't follow procedures"

They did

He attempted to blame the science

“We didn't know about asymptomatic transmission”

We did

He blames anyone & never accepts responsibility for his actions

That’s his plan!

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