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1/ With those who are what they appear to be, there's less to analyse & expose than there is of people who pretend to be something they're not. That #Johnson is a liar is part of his brand. Their sense of entitlement an explicit part of their ideology #partygate #beergate
2/ With regards to #Partygate/#Partygatefines is it really news that the dishonest, self-serving #Johnson Tory Government broke the rules they themselves and expected others to follow? #beergate
3/ More frightening, perhaps are those that package awful deeds in moral doublespeak - as if they are expressions of higher purpose. One example would be dressing up the disproportionate targeting of anti-war Jews as fighting "antisemitism"... #ItWasAScam #Partygate #beergate
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@pritipatel let's talk :
It's hard to know where to start so maybe I can choose where to begin
having sneeky meetings in Israel doesn't portray someone in my opinion as someone who has a high moral character although I guess that doesn't matter considering who your current boss
Is , being able to resign rather than being sacked was jolly lucky it's hard to see why anyone would allow you to work in government again but such are the rules in government there are no rules for Conservative only the rest of us .
Brexit: you were really passionate
That we should leave the EU you said and I quote we need a trade deal for our economy for the future country's economic security especially for people's jobs and well being in Britain, outward facing brexit is a fantastic opportunity, you want us to be a bright beacon of hope a
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An interesting piece in @prospect_uk by @GeorgePeretzQC
which prompts me to reflect on my own views on #partygate and #beergate… (short 🧵).
2/ In terms of the legal framework, this has been explored by a number of good lawyers and I won’t repeat that material here (since I suspect that this is rather more a political, than a legal commentary).
3/ On the question of #partygate, I think that the real issue for the PM is his early efforts to suggest that nothing had happened: that all the *guidance* (which was even stricter than the law) had been followed. Personally, I don’t think he should have to go for receiving a FPN
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1/ A thread on why this is a stupid idea:
Starmer doesn't want to quit.

What if #Starmer is found to have broken the and fined and decides he doesn't want to stand down? That would look even worse.
2/ Fines aren't the only penalty for breaching lockdown laws, so it is feasible that #Starmer can be found to have broken the law but not fined.….
His reputation would be ruined but would he still stay on to drag Labour down at the next election.
3/ If he is fined and has to resign, #Labour will have to run a leadership contest. There could be a long contest and a new leader won't have time to establish themselves before an election.
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Somehow I've managed to stay blissfully unaware of grotesque hard-right dimwit & Tory MP Karl McCartney.

Who is ?

Let's allow his words, record, & myriad investigations to speak for themselves...
In March 2017, the Electoral Commission fined the @Conservatives £70,000 following an investigation into Party spending during #GE2015 (the same Electoral Commission that oversees free & fair elections, & which the antidemocratic Tories have just removed independence from).
During #GE2015 coaches of activists were transported to marginal constituencies, enabling its candidates to gain a financial advantage over opponents. In consequence, Karl McCartney was investigated by Lincolnshire Police over spending rules.…
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Lisa Nandy says beergate “desperate” smear of Keir Starmer: “Idea this is same as being under investigation for 12 gatherings incl karaoke parties, BYOB parties, leaving drinks, pub quizzes the PM said never even happened & then it turned out he was at most of, is frankly absurd”
Nandy repeatedly refuses to say if Starmer should resign if found to have broken law - saying Labour wants to concentrate on cost of living crisis instead.

“This conversation is absurd. When people at the moment are wondering how they're going to get through the weekend.”
Nandy denies she and Starmer divided by focus on #partygate.

“It’s right to hold Govt to account when they lie, when they break their own rules & when they treat the public with utter contempt… if they don't keep the promises they make, they won’t keep other promises as well”.
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This is right and has good advice for @UKLabour. It won’t be enough to get rid of this awful Government though and get the UK back on track. Here’s why…and what needs to happen next…
The #LocalElections2022 confirmed a permanent shift. Labour isn’t going to win back all of the ‘Red Wall’. London is increasingly politically & economically separate from the rest of the UK. Scotland is still SNP dominated. Opposition parties haven’t caught up & must change more
The Lib Dems made good progress. Worth remembering, though, that disillusioned Tory voters find it much easier to switch parties in local elections than in general elections. Their support is still fragile. They now need tax and business policies attractive to ‘soft’ Tory voters
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There’s a lot about “lockdown spirit” (icky term but indulge it as a shorthand) that was very admirable, emerging from a sense of social solidarity that impelled us to make major personal sacrifices for the sake of the greater collective good. (1/4)
But the same period also gave rise to a lot of petty, embittered, curtain-twitching social spite that saw the whole experience as an opportunity to snitch on and do down other people: the exact opposite of appealing to a sense of social solidarity. (2/4)
In different ways, I think both dynamics are at play in the responses to #Partygate (which is rightly seen as an affront to the former) and #Beergate (which seems to me to have a lot to do with the latter). (3/4)
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[A LA UNE A 12H]
Le Parti socialiste soumet ce soir à son parlement interne l'accord historique noué avec La France insoumise pour les législatives, une "bataille titanesque" au moment où le parti menace d'exploser, plusieurs grandes figures rejetant l'alliance #AFP 1/5
[A LA UNE A 12H]
L'armée ukrainienne a affirmé que les combats continuaient dans l'aciérie d'Azovstal à #Marioupol, alors que la Russie a annoncé un cessez-le-feu unilatéral et assure que les couloirs humanitaires "fonctionnent" #AFP #AFPGraphics 2/5
[A LA UNE A 12H]
Les Britanniques ont commencé à voter lors d'élections locales qui donneront une idée des dégâts du scandale du #partygate pour le Parti conservateur de Boris Johnson et s'annoncent décisives pour l'Irlande du Nord ⬇️ #AFP 3/5
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Un cessez-le-feu unilatéral russe de trois jours doit entrer en vigueur ce matin autour de l'aciérie de #Marioupol, dernier bastion de résistance ukrainienne dans cette ville portuaire stratégique, mais les combats continuent dans le reste de l'Ukraine #AFP 1/5
Si toute l'humanité vivait comme les Français, elle aurait consommé ce 5 mai toutes les ressources que la planète peut renouveler en un an, a annoncé @WWF, estimant que la France pouvait faire reculer ce "jour du dépassement" de 25 jours d'ici 2027 #AFP 2/5
Le Parti socialiste doit soumettre aujourd’hui à son parlement interne l'accord noué avec La France insoumise pour les législatives, une "bataille titanesque" au moment où le parti menace d'exploser, plusieurs figures rejetant l'alliance #AFP 3/5
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1. This stinks.

Labour now eager to move on from #partygate but there's a massive wave of destruction & what's looking like a cover up in their wake.
2. Keeping in mind the Durham matter was over a year ago, so the plotting to push the Downing Street partygate story came long after Labour politicians & Met Officers knew they themselves had breached Covid regulations in Durham.
3. Cressida Dick was pushed out of her job due to pressure from Khan.

Allegra Stratton resigned.

Dozens of civil servants have been dragged into a politically motivated circus & issued with FPN's.
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1/ I don’t have a huge amount of followers so any shares of this will be greatly appreciated. I have put together the information I can find regarding #beerswithkeir #BeerwithKeir #BeerStarmer #KarmaforStarmer #Partygate #beergate #durhampartygate
2/ We know that the line being taken by Starmer, Labour & supporters is that the event was investigated by police and no rule breaking was found to have taken place. But was it investigated? According to the police all they did was review the video. Not much of an investigation.
3/ We know that information regarding the event and who was there has changed since the so called investigation took place. For instance we know Starmers office denied that Rayner was there that evening.
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Johnson uses his Government ‘track record’ to prove he’s honest.
Let’s look at that: 🧵
Conservative 2019 manifesto says;
• “We will not raise national insurance”
- In 2022 he raised it by an equivalent of 10% rise overall
• “We will keep the triple lock and other pensioner benefits”
- In 2021, he broke this pledge meaning the triple lock won’t apply for this year at least
• “No one should have to sell their home to pay for care”
- this pledge was watered down in 2021 with ministers admitting many would still have to sell homes to pay for care.
• “We Will Build Northern Powerhouse Rail Between Leeds and Manchester”
- last year he scrapped this
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@sandieshoes @Keir_Starmer .@GuidoFawkes

We’ve ascertained he made a promotional video that day:30.5.21 with Mary Foe - indoors no masks

He toured a construction site on the 1.5.21-no social distancing and he invited voters into his office on 2.5.21

But he isn’t Boris so that’s ok🙄

@sandieshoes @Keir_Starmer @GuidoFawkes 2.5.21

Remaining question: where was he staying that he couldn’t have had his take away delivered to his hotel room?

We know Angela was there too so did she attend the takeaway and who else was there?

We also know it was a ‘campaigning event’ not work now.
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Yes you can say there are bigger things going on in the world than #Partygate, of course there are, but every time Johnson and his fawning acolytes tell people to "move on" what many hear is "it doesn't matter what you went through", and that is big enough for a lot of people.
I lost my uncle, not from Covid, although the lack of access to the NHS meant he wasn't diagnosed quickly enough. We only reconnected at the start of the pandemic because my father spent years trying to ensure every part of our family was estranged from the other.
He was the first, and only, parent type figure to say how proud he was of what I do. He was trying to fight for mental health provisions in Liverpool and we were planning on working on a campaign together. He was funny and kind and good.
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👔 🏳️ The pressure is mounting for UK Prime Minister @BorisJohnson to resign over #Partygate. More and more Tory MPs are calling on him to quit.

Here's the current tally of MPs who have spoken out. 👇…
🗣️ Steve Baker.

Brexiteer and former minister, @SteveBakerHW, — who just two days previously had backed Johnson — said he had changed his mind.… Image depicting MPs in the The House of Commons with an over
🗣️ William Wragg.

MP for Hazel Grove, @William_Wragg, submitted a letter of no confidence in December because the prime minister was "no longer fit to govern."…
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What is going on in the UK? A thread on 3 big developments in UK politics, how they are entangled, and may become more so, as things progress.
a) Ukraine
b) a constitutional crisis which may result in a leadership contest
c) attempts to change the Northern Ireland Protocol /1
a) The UK reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been (admirably, imo) robust. The UK government does not just want the war and the human rights violations to stop, they want Ukraine to win. To a certain extent, the war has led to an improvement of UK-EU relations. /2
A common enemy, the extent of the threat to Europe's entire security architecture, & the horrific attacks against civilians have focused minds and led to an increase in collaboration and dialogue between Brits and Europeans. /3
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It doesn't matter if a lockdown gathering was for someone's birthday or not, says a judge

'Were you there with more than 2 people?' Yes = guilty

This comes not from a #Partygate probe at Downing St but the prosecution of a new mother who could have done with a lawyer
The defendant, 27, from Erith, cradled her 6-week-old baby during the court hearing, appearing via videolink while moving home.

She was fined in December, but appeared at Westminster magistrates court this week in a bid to reopen the case as she hadn't known about the conviction
Covid laws are complicated & knowing if someone broke the rules is often less straight-forward than it seems.

This defendant says she was at the property to "pick up some of my items"

The CPS prosecutor had no clue about the case. So the judge dealt with it herself:
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NEW Conservative MPs are being sent home and told they don't have to vote on Labour's Privileges committee motion.
This means the motion will almost certainly pass and Boris Johnson will be investigated for misleading the Commons, as soon as Scotland Yard finishes its work.
Images of any parties taken by taxpayer-funded photographers in Downing St might now be published (if the Tory-majority committee agrees to it).
This will severely test Boris Johnson's defence he did not "deliberately mislead" MPs, which he set out as recently as Tuesday.
What we are seeing now is the end of #partygate.
One Labour source told me today: "They have run out of road."
Will this be the end of Boris Johnson?
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Keir Starmer goes on #Partygate at PMQs - just as Boris Johnson wants to move on.

He asks why PM expected Allegra Stratton, Neil Ferguson & Matt Hancock to quit for breaking rules - but not him.

PM says he’s in “Dr Who time-warp” and wants to “get on with delivering” for Brits
Starmer says PM’s #Partygate apology yesterday “lasted as long as he thought it was necessary to be clipped for the news”.

He claims Johnson then “slandered” Archbishop of Canterbury & attacked BBC at meeting for Tory MPs last night.
Boris Johnson denies he criticised BBC over Ukraine crisis in meeting with Tory MPs.

“I did not attack the BBC last night for their coverage of Ukraine. He must be out of his tiny mind. I said no such thing and there are people behind me who will testify to that."
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Truth. Mogg/Tories calling #Partygate 'fluff' are useful distractions. Post Brexit master plan, accelerate destruction of the welfare state. "The future is disorder" Total autonomy from the oppressive constraints of Govt. 'A radical restructuring of the nature of Sovereignty'
The same tactics used in Leave Campaign expertly fooled the public via misinformation, rallying the far right and broke the law on spending limits. Johnson broke the law again by proroguing Parliament which Supreme Court overturned. Libertarians goal is to bypass democracy.
Partygate may help tip the moral outrage of voters at ballot box, but a dangerous pattern of total disregard for the law is unfolding. R/w Libertarians lobby/fund think tanks who masquerade as charities, most of this money is tax deductible.
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I really don't think the UK is doing a very good reckoning with the grief, sadness and loss of the pandemic because overall it feels we still listen too much to the voices of those not affected that much by the pandemic at the cost of those really harmed by it #partygate
We seem to be unable to situate such a massive (and ongoing) event within our public sense of what the world is about, and so desperately look to reassuring voices that tell us little has changed. I don't know I have the language to really discuss it from my own experience
I sometimes feel a terrible rending of my own thoughts, where I wonder whether someone like me is allowed to be angry and let down and filled with grief. Helping with vaccinations over the last year and a bit was a kind of harnessing of that rage at loss.
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@mrjamesob @LBC @KayBurley @CommonsSpeaker @RhonddaBryant
Please see evidence that the Prime Minister lied today when he made his faux apology, and asserted that, he was not aware that he was breaking his own covid rules. Photos attached next, in case this gets deleted. 1/3
This is absolutely conclusive, irrefutable evidence that Boris Johnson has broken the #MinisterialCode, and lied to Parliament. There should be no doubt, that he IS a proven liar, with nothing but contempt for his office and the electorate. He must resign!

#Partygate 2/3
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🚨Boris Johnson is due to address Parliament in a moment to apologise to MPs for the #Partygate breaches of lockdown rules, in his first statement since being fined by the police.…
The PM has left Downing St. on his way to address the House to defend his position.
People also anticipating the PM receiving as many as 3 fines, and the potential ramifications of Sue Gray releasing her report once all fines have been handed out.

The Conservatives also have to worry about the upcoming local elections.
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