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The PM breaking #COVID19 lockdown rules then lying about it is serious

But there are MUCH bigger scandals than #Partygate (many of which I broke)

5/3/20 - #TakeItOnTheChin #HerdImmunityScandal

3/2/20 #GreenwichSpeech👇

15/5/20 #CarehomeScandal

👉the #DataGrab / #PalantirPlan
For me, my investigation began by chance on 8/3/20 when I stumbled on @BorisJohnson’s interview with @Schofe & @hollywills where he said “one theory is we could #TakeItOnTheChin

I clipped it & it went viral

Ironically, this was also the same day as first Briton died of #COVID
As #COVID19 hit, every epidemiologist/virologist made clear #HerdImmunity without a vaccine was an “outcome” not a “strategy”

Every behaviourist made clear “behavioural fatigue” was unscientific

Every expert knew about asymptomatic spread in Feb 2020

Then the penny dropped
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A growing number of parties

Scores of suspects

Hundreds of witnesses

Hours of CCTV footage

Pages of notes & visitor logs

Thousands of email chains

It is absurd to expect Sue Gray to complete this investigation into her seniors in a week

This should be a @metpoliceuk matter
This was Kit Malthouse on 6 December👇

He starts by saying no rules were broken at the No.10 party & finishes by saying he doesn’t know if there was an event

@kitmalthouse has been glued to @BorisJohnson’s side since before he was mayor of London.
An inquiry into illegal gatherings is one thing, but many of the BIG questions are still to be even asked, like:

“Which Minister authoritised sending people from hospitals to care homes without testing?”

I broke the #CareHomeScandal on 13/5/20 but am still waiting for an answer
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1/. In May, when we could only meet one person, the PM was drinking in the No.10 garden

When our Christmases were cancelled they we’re having parties

On 5/3/20, when the PM was saying “one theory is we could #TakeItOnTheChin” the 1st Briton died of #COVID19
(Pic @Coldwar_Steve)
2/. Around the table with @BorisJohnson are:

👉Dominic Cummings, with a glass of wine, one week before the #BarnardCastle story broke

👉Andrew Reynolds, the guy who’s investigating whether anyone in No.10 broke #COVID19 rules by attending parties

👉Carrie Symonds with the baby
3/. “You can meet one other person from outside your household in an outdoor, public place. But please keep 2 metres apart. Please stick with the rules & don’t take risks”

@MattHancock, 15 May 2020, the same day as the #DowningStParty & 2 days after the #CareHomeScandal broke👇
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1/. #FreedomOfExpression I’d under attack

A new @amnesty report reveals how govts around the world have relied on censorship & punishment - using new legislation - to shut down reporting & target people who have been critical of govt response to #COVID19.…
2/. Numerous countries have put in place oppressive laws including Tanzania, Russia, Nicaragua & China

In China, more than 5,500 criminal investigations were opened against people who’d published information about the outbreak in the first 2 months of the #COVID19 pandemic alone
3/. @Amnesty’s report highlights the role of social media companies in facilitating the rapid spread of misinformation around #COVID

The destructive business model of Big Tech means that platforms are designed to amplify attention-grabbing content to engage users

V problematic!
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The continual references to “with the benefit of hindsight” are simply not going to wash.

There are far too many of us who know EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED & tragically STILL IS.


@BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @Conservatives @Jeremy_Hunt @SC_HealthSocial @Keir_Starmer
Mr Johnson may feel a degree of safety hidden away from scrutiny on holiday, but there are literally 1000s of us who’ve been begging for a pragmatic, intelligent & compassionate response to #COVID19UK - we will not go quietly!

@AppgCoronavirus @LaylaMoran @CarolineLucas
There’s only so much insensitive, offensive & ignorant bluster we will tolerate…HONESTY & ACCOUNTABILITY are needed now.

The buck stops at the doors of @10DowningStreet, or maybe a luxury villa in #Marbella🤔?

@sajidjavid @CovidJusticeUK @CMO_England @uksciencechief
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“We were guided by the science. We didn't always follow the science" @MattHancock

So @BorisJohnson was lying when he said “we stuck to the science like glue”

Were they following the cod behavioural science of Halpern’s Nudge Unit & the ‘data science’ of #Palantir & #FacultyAI?
2/. On 13/5/20, I broke the #CareHomeScandal

On 2/4/20 the govt had INSTRUCTED hospitals to send people “who may have #COVID19” to care homes WITHOUT TESTING

The govt KNEW about asymptomatic transmission in Jan/Feb 2020

The question is which Minister signed off this directive.
3/. Hancock claims that no one knew about ASYMPTOMATIC SPREAD

This is not true

The govt knew asymptomatic transmission of #COVID19 was likely in Jan & had this confirmed in Feb

SAGE minutes on 28 January 2020 state that early indications suggest there was asymptomatic spread.
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1/. A year ago today, I broke the #CareHomeScandal

The reason so many had died in care homes was b/c the govt had INSTRUCTED hospitals to send people “who may have #COVID19” to care homes WITHOUT TESTING

The guidance was issued on 2 April 2020

Yet NO journalist had reported it
2/. As I’ve been doing since March 2020, I shared this widely

15 days later ITV reported it

Whilst I may have “broken” dozens of #COVID19 scandals, I no more “discovered” them than Cook discovered Australia

But by asking WHY these scandals happened, I did make a BIG discovery.
3/. The govt STILL claim that they put “a protective ring“ around care homes

The 2/4/20 guidance proves that, despite knowing about asymptomatic spread, the govt did the opposite

Who issued the instruction?
Was it approved by a Minister?
If so which one?
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“I think what the public wants, is for us to move on from this #BarnardCastle thing” said @BorisJohnson & his entire cabinet

What the public wanted was transparency & accountability

@maitlis deleted this tweet about @adamboultonSKY’s story

The media were largely silenced
By asking why #Cummings hadn’t been sacked by the PM, @maitlis was doing her job

Political journalists NOT asking this question were failing to do theirs

Cummings’ trip to Durham proved to be one of the 2 clear drop points in adherence to lockdown rules.
“Some journalists are sitting on explosive information that should come out in real time.” @joncoopertweets

Shrinking space for journalism is something we witnessed in the UK during the Iraq War

Is it happening again now?

Would journalists be able to comment if it were?
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In this chilling 2013 interview, @BorisJohnson admits he’s not really bumbling

“I’m hard as nails” he says

He also tells us “a terrible truth about politics & human nature”

That you can “make a good case for any course of action.” #HerdImmunity #COVID19
When the subject moves to ethics, @BorisJohnson becomes more guarded

Asked whether he believes one "can derive the ethics from the science" he avoids answering

Perhaps he’s aware that discussions of genomics can easily slip into the subject of eugenics.
I know!

Most of us switch-off at the mention of “genomics”, but it is crucial to understanding how the world is transforming & how “super forecasters” see the need for society to transform too

This thread👇offers a potted summary of just some of what is going on. #GenomeUK
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Still lack of checks at airports. We know about Brazilian & S.African variants so why not close off the air corridors?

Victoria Aitkins: “Travel measures take a little bit of time...There’s a delicate balancing act btw controlling the virus & the economy”
Ystdy, @YvetteCooperMP asked the PM what the govt are doing to stop new S.African variant spreading in the UK.

Why have people been able to travel from SA to UK for last 4wks without being tested & can go on public transport.

@BorisJohnson didn’t know!
“Oh god!”

Questioned about his govt’s repeated inexplicable failures to try & control #COVID19 at airports & lack of action to protect the UK from a new Brazilian variant of #coronavirus @BorisJohnson appeared to mutter “oh god” under his breath.
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JOURNALIST: Why, after 10 months, are there still no checks at airports?

@BorisJohnson: will be bringing in measures ensure that we...err...test people coming into this country & prevent the re-admitted.

@piersmorgan last July👇
The PM, #BorisJohnson, also says at the start of his answer👆
“Just to repeat, schools are safe” on the same day he just introduced a new #lockdown & shut down schools because they’re not safe.
#Lockdown3 #schoolclosures #COVID19 #coronavirus #HerdImmunityScandal #covidbriefing
#BorisJohnson makes clear his strategy is sometimes to PRETEND not to know what's going on so that when he ACTUALLY doesn’t know, people won’t be able to tell the difference

The trouble is that we can ALL tell

Is the #BumblingStrategy really govt policy?
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1/. On New Year’s Eve last year, I sent a post-midnight cartoon to friends with a message saying hold on tight & enjoy the ride & a Rilke quote: “And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been."

Nothing could have prepared us for what lay in store. #COVID19
2/. We’d hardly had a chance to recover from our hangovers before US assassinated General Soleimani, dramatically escalating tensions with #Iran

Until 20 January & Trump's departure, a danger of "Rapture-believing" hawks launching strikes on Iran remains.
3/. At the time of the Iran airstrike - while @BorisJohnson was holidaying on a private Caribbean island with his pregnant girlfriend - another crisis was brewing: #COVID19

@MattHancock says he knew about COVID at the v start of January & informed the PM.
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In June, when @KayBurley asked @MattHancock why the contact tracing app was such a disaster he could hardly stop laughing

Today, when she was asking him about the six-fold increased risk of death for people with learning difficulties, he was grinning.
A govt minister grinning & laughing inappropriately isn’t a big deal

What’s more concerning is how unaffected ministers have remained in the face of the soaring death toll that has resulted from their #COVID19 strategy

Watch their body language, their eyes, their bullishness.
The only time the Cabinet seemed truly ruffled was NOT when the death toll became the highest in Europe or when the #CareHomeScandal broke or when it was revealed late lockdown had cost 20,000+ lives

It was when #Cummings’ trip to #BarnardCastle came out.
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"I am not confident - & nor is anybody confident - that the Tier 3 proposals for the highest rates, if we did the absolute base case & nothing more, would be enough to get on top of it.” Whitty

Did the govt just announce a #COVID19 strategy that they are not confident will work?
Whitty goes on: “That’s why there is a lot of flexibility in the tier 3 level for local authorities, guided by the directors of public health, to actually go up that range so they can do significantly more than the base, b/c the base won’t be sufficient…
After months of excluding
local & regional public health experts from outbreak management (centralising data & contracting testing to companies like Serco etc), No.10 now going to get local govts involved in deciding & enforcing restrictions
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1/ Is this the “smoking gun” of the #EducationScandal?

NHS Professionals - the organisation that supplies temporary staff to the NHS - “received some important training updates”

Staff are told they “should not escalate any #COVID19 cases who work or attend educational settings”
2/. This document appears to give clear instructions to Tier 2 (national) contract tracers not to pass on single positive #COVID19 cases in schools, colleges & universities to Local Health Protection Teams.

I’m no expert, but surely this is not good outbreak management advice?
3/ This would presumably mean having to wait for a #COVID19 outbreak before the Local Health Protection Teams even knew there has been a positive test in the school or university

In Scotland, by contrast, there are daily updates in local areas citing individual cases in schools
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1/. One thing the govt excel at is shifting blame

They blame the scientists & the science, the students & the teachers. They even blamed NHS workers for using too much PPE!

Now the PM says the COVID spike is a result of a "fraying of people's discipline"…
2/. Dido Harding said the rise in demand for COVID tests was unexpected & BLAMED it partly on schools not preparing enough over summer

Like the PM's "invisible mugger", it was "unexpected" even though public health experts had warned about this for months…
3/. On the #CareHomeScandal, @BorisJohnson claimed:

* “clinicians made the final decision” to discharge from hospitals even though they were ordered to by govt

* care homes didn't "follow procedures"

* scientists didn’t know about asymptomatic spread
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Matt Hancock says “we are currently at alert level 3” pointing at the government’s own chart which shows level 3 means we should be “relaxing restrictions & social distancing measures”!

@AndrewMarr9 fails to challenge him on this. #Marr #COVID19 #COVID
Marr asks how many people are being tested at the moment?

@MattHancock says the “capacity” is 250,000

#Marr asks again about people tested

Hancock says: “Ystdy 226,000” people were tested for coronavirus”

Really Matt?

Is there any ‘evidence’ of this?
Matt Hancock says “the public must follow the rules”

Whilst the majority do so through “a sense of civic duty” he says “there’s a minority who don’t follow them”

#Marr: Would you call the police on a neighbour who's failing to self-isolate?

Hancock: Yes
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MAY: Let Our Teacher Be Heroes @GavinWilliamson

JULY: Eat Out to Help Out @RishiSunak

AUGUST: We’ve Had Our Lunch Now Get Back to Work @michaelgove

SEPTEMBER: £10,000 Fine For Leaving House @BorisJohnson

The #HerdImmunityScandal in four @DailyMailUK frontpage headlines
The #HerdImmunityScandal is the overarching scandal which all the other scandals (the #TestingScandal, #CareHomeScandal, #AppScandal, #ScreeningScandal, #LockdownFatigueScandal, #PPEScandal etc. - are all part of.

The BIG question is what is their goal?
#HerdImmunity is merely the strategy.

As journalist @sarahkendzior puts it: "[They're] covering up crime with scandal & covering up malice with incompetence. They want to project an image of being inept, instead of as having a cruel & well-defined plan.”
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Dido Harding says rise in demand for #COVID19 tests is unexpected & blames it partly on schools not preparing enough over summer

So far the govt have blamed
* schools
* the public
* the scientists
* the science
* Public Heath England
#COVID19 #coronavirus…
One thing the govt excels at is shifting blame

On the #CareHomeScandal, @BorisJohnson claimed:

* “clinicians made the final decision” to discharge from hospitals

* care homes didn't "follow procedures"

* scientists didn’t know about asymptomatic spread
This morning Dido Harding, who has
Inexplicably been put in charge of the UK’s Test & Trace programme & the new NIHP said the need for tests was unexpected

This afternoon, @BorisJohnson said
a second #coronavirus wave was always 'absolutely inevitable.'
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“There’s been a sharp rise in the number of people not eligible for a test coming forward for testing”

@MattHancock blames people without #COVID symptoms getting tested inappropriately for current testing fiasco

That’s right folks. It’s our fault again!
This pattern of blaming the public for not following govt guidelines has been used throughout

And it’s not just the public who are blamed by @BorisJohnson’s govt

NHS staff were blamed for the shortage of PPE because Hancock said they were using too much.
The most obscene attempt to shift blame has been @BorisJohnson on #CareHomeScandal. He claimed:

- “clinicians made the final decision” to discharge from hospitals

- care homes didn't "follow procedures"

- scientists didn’t know about asymptomatic spread
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1) On 19 March, with the UK still not locked down, I noted that the role of #DavidHalpern & his Nudge Unit is key to
the ever-growing #HerdImmunityScandal

It was widely assumed the Unit had come up with the idea of #LockdownFatigue / #BehaviouralFatigue
2) Ignoring the horrific evidence from Italy & advice of @WHO & their own behavioural scientist group (SPI-B), the govt - supported by Vallance & Whitty - pushed out this absurd idea that if we locked down in early/mid March, people would get bored.

The media didn't question it.
3) On 14 March, 700 behavioural scientists published an open letter calling out #LockdownFatigue as cod science

It would later emerge that earlier in March, Spi-B & SAGE had said there was limited evidence for the idea of #BehaviouralFatigue

Clearly the govt ignored the science
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1). Patrick Vallance tells the @CommonsSTC that SAGE advised the govt to impose lockdown measures “as soon as possible” “on the 18th or 16th of March, I can’t remember”

Remarkable that he doesn’t recall the date.

He fails to explain why the govt wait a week before locking down?
2). Professor @JeremyFarrar, who is a member of SAGE, does remember.

He has just clarified that on 13 March - with #COVID infections doubling every 2-3 days - SAGE decided a lockdown was needed.

They advised the govt of this on 16 March.

UK locked down on 23 March.
3/. On 10/6, @neil_ferguson who did the modelling presented on 16 March, said locking down a week earlier could have saved 20,000 lives.

Modeller, Prof Edmunds, told #Marr: “We should have gone into lockdown earlier…I think that has cost a lot of lives.”
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1 - Are you struck by how bullish & confident the PM & his ministers have been since they got us to "move on" from the #Cummings scandal?

One might think with 50,000 dead - largely down to their late lockdown - & the highest death rate ratio in the world, they’d be more rueful. Image
2 - But the govt are not remorseful

Even the PM's scandalous attempt to blame care home workers for the #CareHomeScandal which took 20,000 lives, hardly put a dent in the PM's carapace of bluster or a twinge in Rishi's "golden-boy" smile

That's 'cos they know something we don't ImageImage
3 - Four months ago, I stumbled into the #COVID19 scandal & have been up to my neck in it ever since

It was clear from early on the country was taking the wrong path

We knew
They knew
They knew we knew

And yet they carried on

I believe it was the plan
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