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Apr 22, 9 tweets

Airplanes. Measles. 🧵

Measles Claimed 207,500 lives in 2019.…

CoVid claimed 3 million, although the official toll was 1,813,188.…

For 2020 and 2021, aggregate, 18.2 million.…

And now? CoVid is as

transmissible as measles. Or almost as.

Yet airplane transmission minimizers would have us believe we can safely ride planes.

Let's take a quick look at what the USA does with measles exposure on flights. 👇👇

That was for one case of measles on board.


Why would the government go to all that effort if airborne diseases are NOT easily transmissible on airplanes?

But maybe the US is just overly cautious. Let's look at the EU.

Nope. They contact EVERY SINGLE passenger and crew member.


Because transmission is possible.

Just like it is with CoVid, also an airborne disease.

And yet minimizers want us to take off our masks for situations in which measles are still on the books.

Guess what happens with measles cases on planes today?

👇 Just last month.
Local health departments were getting passenger manifests.

Frantically calling all the passengers.

Ordering quarantine.

And on that same exact flight, a CoVid+, was quietly tapping their fingers to their favorite song.…

You might be reading this while on a plane right now.

Glance at the maskless guy or girl next to you, listening to their music.

And realize that #MeaslesIsAirborne.

That #COVIDisAirborne .

Oh - the song that both were listening to?

BTW, I just realized that someone will notice that for measles they try and contact within 5 days, so they can administer medicine.

Kind of sounds like that would work pretty well with the Test & Treat program, doesn't it?

Realized that the 3 million needed to have "in 2020" added to it or reads like in 2019. Sorry!

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