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@celliottability has said that she won’t mandate vaxes in schools that already mandate most vaccines so now would be a great time for Uni and Colleges to set a good example and make vaxes mandatory for their students and staff.
2/ Hundreds of the most prestigious US colleges and Universities have made protecting young people a priority.…
3/ Young people are less likely to die but death isn’t the only metric to pay attention to.…
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Excellent suggestion from @ReicherStephen that we should see ventilation grants for homes and businesses.

What of schools? The Condition Improvement Fund does not currently cover ventilation. It should.…
Ventilation is a particular issue within schools, as highlighted here by @RCPCH_and_Us…
IAQ for schools requires improvement – this is a H&S matter for which Local Authorities and Academy Trusts are responsible @LGANews…
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The #covid19 #pandemic started from a few thousand flying out of #china. We now have more than 20 million ACTIVELY infected. These are the #airports around the world, green dots have more than 100 routes, red 21-100, blue<20.

The only way to stop this pandemic is to stop travel.

Travel increases human to #human #contact #spread of #disease and #variants. @WHO

Showing flights from 2 airports only from a few thousand airports in total.

Please #STOPTRAVEL or we are DOOMED.
Showing what planes are in the air at this very moment.

Is this a #pandemic? Seriously? Are we wanting to end this by going towards #zerocovid or 400 million deaths min with continued evolution of #SARSCoV2?

We have to get serious now. I warned about #variants 4 months ago
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Good afternoon #PrimeMinister,
Reading the @Telegraph article below has caused me significant angst. As a healthcare professional who has seen just what #COVID19 can do, I am struggling to understand the rationale behind this decision.
Just as we are unlocking cautiously you want to risk the lives of more individuals by removing one of the few mitigations in secondary schools?
We know that #COVIDisAirborne & that we have several #VariantsOfConcern here already.
Have you seen this chart #PrimeMinister?
V few <40s will be vaccinated by May 17th & while their individual risk of serious disease or dying is low, their risk of #LongCovid is MODERATE!
Many parents & teaching staff are <40.
The numbers of #NHS & teaching staff w/ it already are horrendous. Why put more ppl at risk?
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Me preguntan, qué sí hacer y qué ya no tanto ahora q sabemos q la evidencia apunta a que la vía principal de transmisión del virus🦠 es por el aire, a través de AEROSOLES

➡️Revisemos qué de lo que hacemos protege y qué es innecesario o peor.
Abro hilo
1/ 11🧵
Primero comprender q un aerosol está hecho de gotículas q al ser mucho más pequeñas q las gotas resultantes de un estornudo o tos no caen al suelo por fuerza de gravedad y quedan suspendidas por varias horas (dependiendo de humedad)como humo invisible 2/…
Este aerosol ocupa todo el espacio de una habitación cerrada sin ventilación y por ello

-la sana distancia en un lugar cerrado y sin ventilación no funciona ❌

(Piénsalo como si fuera humo de cigarro, alguien puede olerlo incluso desde esquinas opuestas de un cuarto 🚬) 3/
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‼️Finalmente, dopo più di un anno d'epidemia, l'Oms ha aggiornato la sua risposta alla domanda
"Come si diffonde il virus?"
aggiungendo a "vicinanza" anche "aerosol"
"Il virus può anche diffondersi in ambienti interni scarsamente ventilati e / o affollati, dove le persone tendono a trascorrere periodi di tempo più lunghi. Questo perché gli aerosol rimangono sospesi nell'aria o viaggiano più lontano di 1 metro (a lungo raggio)"
E ora che la cosa è ufficiale in tutto il mondo, solo uno si è messo improvvisamente a negarla, paragonando un reparto ospedaliero a un ristorante…
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Dear @jkenney @sonyasavage @shandro @CMOH_Alberta @AHS_media my father-in-law now has a tracheostomy and remains on full life support after contracting Covid at a northern oil and gas camp. 2 weeks in and he faces new complications daily, including paralysis (a thread-1)
Contrary to @jkenney, he wasn’t socializing after hours, but rather thought that distancing in an indoor space was protection enough. The site had an over reliance on rapid tests and there was NO messaging that #COVIDisAirborne ...2
The consistent downplay of the role aerosols play in transmission led to infection. Inconsistent messaging and dissension by @UCPCaucus MLAs like @AngelaPittAB, @Drew__Barnes and others had perpetuates distrust and fostered misinformation and conspiracy theories. 3...
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⚠️AIRBORNE >6 FEET / 2 METERS! The CDC finally acknowledged #SARSCoV2 has major transmission via airborne aerosols beyond 6 feet / 2 meters, not just close contact. The CDC/WHO & airborne deniers are a year late—and negligently endangered many. #COVID19 🧵…
2) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now states explicitly — in large, bold lettering — that airborne virus can be inhaled even when one is more than six feet away from an infected individual.…
3) The new language, posted online, is a change from the agency’s previous position that most infections were acquired through “close contact, not airborne transmission.”
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Railing against government and vaccinations ain't new.

From 1893.

Per this fellow, smallpox vaccine was a lie. Promised 100% protection, but people still caught it!

Per him, it was just a big set-up by the rich! Big Pox, he'd likely have called it, if today.
Per him, everyone interested in vaccines got paid. It was all about the pounds.
Per him, The Times was full of lies.
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Le Haut Conseil de la santé publique s’est autosaisi afin de synthétiser les données scientifiques et adapter ses recos relatives à l’aération et la ventilation
pour prévenir la diffusion du virus #SARSCoV2 dans le cadre de la réouverture des
établissements recevant du public 1/n
Le HCSP rappelle les modes de transmission du virus SARS-CoV-2: Une transmission directe à courte distance, lié à l’exposition à un aérosol de gouttelettes de tailles diverses, variant de - d’un à +de 100 micromètres, expirées ou expectorées par une personne infectée 2/n
-Une transmission aéroportée, à + longue distance, par exposition à un aérosol constitué de gouttelettes les plus fines contenant le virus et qui peuvent rester en suspension dans l’air pendant un temps beaucoup plus long (typiquement en heures). 3/n
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⭐️⭐️ RESEARCH ⭐️⭐️
A study conducting weekly asymptomatic testing in schools found the highest weekly incidence for students was over seven times the reported weekly community incidence at one school, and 14-fold higher at a second school.


Weekly case detection rates ranged from 1 to 5.2% in students, and 0.8% to 1.7% in staff.

Overall, 7% of participating students presented with an asymptomatic infection over just a five week period, as did 5% of staff.

And, no surprise, students participating in choir were 2.8 times more likely to test positive than other students. #COVIDisAirborne

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Senior Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg is delighted as the UK cuts 60% of its funding to UNICEF who help the most vulnerable children in the World

Hungry & losing parents to #COVIDisAirborne

1000s of children will die😢

But we can afford a Royal Yacht

I beg you to #NeverVoteConservative UNICEF funding cut
I cannot believe that this is who we are.

I refuse to accept that we are this heartless. People been groomed and radicalised. The UK has been lied to.

There is nothing to fear from other races and countries. Borders are belief systems, not geographical features.

Love is real.
We need to trust one another. We need to stop believing that it is pointless to try.

Hopelessness prevails when hope fails.

Never give up hope, even when there is no evidence of success.

Because without hope, we have failed before we have begun.

And we are not going to fail.. Image
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People who say "nuanced" these days are usually just lying to you.
1. We could have been warning people, as _regular people_ could see, at the outset

2. SEPARATELY, we could have been warning them based on the precautionary principle.

3. THIRD, these people are flat out right now lying for PR reasons.
If they really felt that this was in the air they would have said so long ago.

The reality is the WHO was logjammed at committee and couldn't control it. An absolute shambles.

Others did not know at the outset, and derive personal benefit from the WHO so would not deviate.
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I don't care enough to find it, but someone once said "whether it's airborne will get sorted out later"

They also in mid-2020 authored this: ImageImage
I can tell you if anyone wants to look more deeply (I couldn't be bothered) here are the bits to look at:

Infection rate def higher.

CFR would be interesting to research. Image
Agree, strong efforts. Check hospital spread. Likely high. Image
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Always a great study when tweeted out by Dr. Noakes - let's dive in.

✅2 cases of transmission from bus drivers to passengers up to more than 9 feet/ 3 meters.
✅Genomic confirmation
✅Airflow traced - please see Dr. Noakes original thread for commentary on the method used.
📌Facemask compliance unsure
📌Fomite possible. Not likely
📌Community transmission possible - but not likely
Two trips and two separate van drivers involved.

Both trips - windows closed, ventilation NOT on recirculate, heaters on medium fan.

First trip - 4 patients on 2-hour trips to and from the hospital on December 2, 2020. Driver tested +positive on December 3, 2020.

Van below.
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I'm going to live-tweet tonight's panel, "Charting the Strategic Path Out of COVID-19: A Public Panel Discussion," sponsored by @SFU_Science & moderated by @a_longhurst. It seems to be sold out but I believe the video will be available later. #covid19BC…
The hashtags for tonight's panel will be
and #COVIDisAirborne, #bcpoli and #cdnpoli where applicable.
"Charting the Strategic Path Out of COVID-19: A Public Panel Discussion"…
One of the topics tonight will be an "elimination" strategy to #Covid19 which is aggressive suppression of transmission (#CovidZero) like NZ. This isn't eradication but strong policy. Vs the mitigation approach we see in BC/Canada. #COVID19BC
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This. This is why I push ever harder on #CoVidIsAirborne, and against Conly and Heneghan.

If we let impossible standards to be ramrodded down our throat by a @WHO who has hired an antimasker to run an airborne transmission, then we are lost.
Heneghan is clearly antimask. The corollary to that is to think that CoVid is NOT airborne.

Conly is clearly conflicted without EVER declaring that he's getting paid to push handwashing.
That little nugget is not in any of the competing interest statements on any of the studies he is working with Heneghan on.

He also didn't list it in the debate.

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The man getting paid by @WHO leading the transmission reviews of CoVid, folks.

Tweeting out an article that argues that Kulldorff, Heneghan, and Jefferson are being censored because their views are not allowed to course freely on Twitter or Facebook.
Such silliness. These are private companies.

We all agree to their terms and conditions when we sign up.

BTW - here's his article - you'll noticed it's published?

Literally, one google away.…
It's not like there aren't a million other places like Parler or AIER for Heneghan to voice his opinion.

Here's Paul Alexander, The Not Nice Canadian, who urged herd immunity upon us through Trump, citing Heneghan's study in a typical antimasker piece.…
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The logic that aerosols produced by a nebullizer aren't indicative of aerosol transmission was also used by Dr. Conly, the @WHO's lead on the transmission committee during the discussion of #CovidIsAirborne.

The study being referenced is a preprint, but
after reviewing it, I see no obvious gotchas on why it won't go forward.

Title "Aerosol Exposure of Cynomolgus Macaques to SARS-CoV-2 Results in More Severe Pathology than Existing Models"

While ferrets are typically the gold standard for respiratory studies, macaques are good
because their lungs and respiratory system are up and down, as opposed to horizontal like a ferret's.

Relevant section - using a Collison Nebulizer
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This is bullshit policy @UHN. You won't permit a person to wear a clean N95 *respirator* (not mask) in your facility. You won't even allow someone to place your gappy surgical mask over top. Other health care facilities have no such problem. It's indefensible & unacceptable. /1 Image
Does a manufacturing facility say to a visitor "oh hey, take your safety shoes off and don our loafers".
Likewise, I've never been asked to remove my own provided hard hat in exchange for a bump cap or unprotected, as long as it meets sanitary requirements. /2
And you double down on it, even on April 22nd 2021. Can your Entrance Screening Working Group see their own logical fallacy?
If UHN wishes to maintain this policy, it should provide from a selection of pre-approved respirators. Charge a nominal fee if you must. /3 Image
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Answering a question I (and others) have received 1000's of times--how do I protect myself indoors?
The guidance on @CDCgov web site is not clear. In fact, in some places it still states INCORRECTLY that outside of healthcare settings, airborne protection is not needed. (1/8)
Here are the key steps in a nutshell-

1. Ventilation-keep windows and doors open as much as possible. Check "fresh air" using simple CO2 monitor. Takes away guessing game. I take them everywhere I go indoors...the level needs to be <800 ppm or so.…
2. Filtration is also important--MERV13 in HVAC and standalone HEPA systems (no bells or whistles)--easily remove infectious aerosols. In buildings where you can't upgrade HVAC easily, these standalones are important and serve as another extra layer of protection.
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THREAD: With over 350,000 cases of COVID-19 reported daily in India, it's clear that the pandemic is far from over globally. The true *daily* figure is probably over two million. I'm very glad that there is now urgent consideration of critical support to the Government of India. COVID-19 cases in India to late April 2021.
This is also a stark reminder that we will need high vaccination coverage to truly protect the Australian population. With all over-50s becoming eligible to receive - as I have - the AstraZeneca vaccine, I really hope we see increasing uptake from here on in.
From over 10,000 cases per day, this is what vaccination help achieve for Israel. This has included the first days without a death recorded for over a year. Israel has done it with Pfizer, but the UK and US are coming down from even higher numbers with a strong vaccine roll-out. Israel's COVID-19 trends over 2020/ 2021.
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A quick thread.

Literally, because I opened this PDF.
Viruses able to be spread by airborne can also spread over short.
1966, adenovirus isolated from aerosol samples
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This from a VCH comms person. And people wonder why Vancouver is so fucked rn? From @DrBonnieHenry & @adriandix to @CDCofBC & @VCHhealthcare, we've been failed by every level of health authority, every level of law enforcement & every level of government. #CovidIsAirborne
Last @CDCofBC report was over 2 weeks ago (!) & no numbers on B1.617, despite a flood of travellers arriving from India, as it's considered a Variant of If We Don't Report It People Won't Know How Fucked We Are. CDC stopped sequencing all a month ago.… ImageImageImage
Impossible to predict, really, since testing has inexplicably dropped in BC. And B1.617 still hasn't been classified as a VoC.

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