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Jun 1, 14 tweets

So pls dump these ugly ruggy goblins.. I promise, I won't pick up any from the floor either.


MYTH 13: The floorprice is going to total shits, whatever pump is happening is not sustainable.


MYTH #12: goblins don't look like #kodas there is no relation at all.


MYTH 11: goblins don't live on the #Otherside of the @OthersideMeta. There are no hints at all such an upside down world even exists


MYTH #10: Every unfunded project can afford a composer to build some shitty tune that plays on and on, on the website and even pops up in twitter spaces as background music, it's probably a free stock song they grabbed from google.


MYTH 9: @beeple wasn't asked to tweet that to create a bit of hype by people he works with that have close ties to @BoredApeYC. In fact Beeple is not connected to anyone at #YugaLabs.


MYTH #8: experts such as @beeple agree the entire thing is quite low effort.


MYTH #7: The goblin artwork is really poorly done. Certainly didn't hire a great artist for this stuff.


MYTH 6: poorly executed, #cashgrab #derivatives all quickly get blue checkmarks on @opensea these days.


MYTH 5: the twitter spaces don't make mention of any #BAYC related themes, dont refer to #apes or other #bored monkeys of any kind.


MYTH #4: Any simple project can execute marathon twitter spaces like these that last for hours. No high-end marketing budget was needed for this.


MYTH #3: goblins have a simple normal, cheap, low cost website, nothing like the sophisticated websites #yuga makes.


MYTH 2: goblins were not mentioned in that infamous leaked #yugalabs pitch deck.


Dispelling a few myths about @goblintownwtf & @McGoblinBurger

MYTH 1: #goblins are not created by @yugalabs it is so obvious.


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