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I joined @BoredApeYC yesterday and received 100+ #BAYC follows. Thanks for the warm reception! I DM'ed on Twitter to ask for advice on joining the community. Here's what I've learned! 👇

1. Get a hardware wallet. Never share seed phrase, QR code, or password. Don't click links in DMs/Discord. 5 apes stolen in 2 weeks alone. Read 🧵on securing NFTs by @punk6529.

h/t @Ryder3332, @baccredited @chefdrst @cryptoclawd22 @Accumul80r @ij_will

2/ Keep learning. Join different discords to get diversified opinions. If curious about ANYTHING, ask other Apes for help. They'll help, guaranteed. Follow great Twitter minds like @Zeneca_33.

h/t @ij_will @chefdrst @milkman_cookies @Ryder3332
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Super excited to join @BoredApeYC today. I've been thinking a lot about #BAYC. Took me awhile, but I think I finally understand it. Any advice for someone new is welcome! #apefollowape

Here's what I've learned. A thread 🧵: Image
Sapiens came to dominate the world because it is the only animal that can cooperate flexibly in large numbers.

We've been able to do this because of our unique capacity to believe in Fiction.

To believe in Stories.
When we collectively believe, we achieve the impossible. Religion is a story. Nations are a story. Corporations are a story. Technology is a story.

When we collectively believe something has value, it has value. Money is a story. Bitcoin is a story. @BoredApeYC is a story.
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0/ How to get started in Crypto - the Playbook. I have a lot of new followers, and a ton of web3 curious who have DMed me we. So I wanted to share some lessons learned from my 18-month journey going all in. These are notes I took for myself. 🐇 🕳

A multi-thread thread 🧵👇
1/ Observe → Learn → Commit → Engage: Crypto moves insanely fast. Zoom out and observe macro-level trends before you dive in. Develop a thesis for the space and true conviction over the technology. If you understand "the why", then "the how" will become more clear over time.
2/ Study the market and get your mind and body healthy. Web3 consumes you; It's not just a rabbit hole 🐇 🕳, It's more like a black hole that sucks you in and never lets you escape. Develop balance first. Clarity of thought and specialized knowledge is paramount.
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1/ Today in #NFTs, a thread🧵

$SAND hits new ATH of $6.27
@LondonDAO EMBERS airdrop + sale coming 11/30
@TIME Studios to develop Children’s Series based on @robotosNFT
@NFT1nsight releases #NFT spotlight: Week 5 on @137pm
@opensea & @ChristiesInc partner in auctions coming 12/1

@Macys Parade NFT auctions close in 7 days
@jimmyfallon creates Twitter acct for his Ape,
@joshhart changes pfp to @coolcatsnft given by @andrwwang
ETH-MEN Origins: Vex Grimm dropping soon on @redlion_news
@ParisHilton backs $300m NFT Foundation, Origyn

@jakeudell sends letter to @MuseeLouvre to put CryptoPunk #3831 beside the Mona Lisa
6529 Gradient by @punk6529 auctions live on @opensea
16 Apes left til a 50Ξ #BAYC floor
@Nifty_Island Archangel Relic Pistols auction will been 12/3
@Zeneca_33 ZenAcademy Genesis sale closes
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Every year 📆 we recognise leading founders, investors, collectors, culture makers & alumni for their outsized contribution to the Open Metaverse

& invite them to join our exclusive investment partnership

dubbed the ‘outliers’

read more @
This new 2021 intake of members have directly bought into the Outlier Ventures LLP (Partnership) to;

invest, partner & mentor in 100+ startups that go through our accelerator (Basecamp⛺️) each year to join us in becoming what has been dubbed

‘Y Combinator of The Metaverse’
‘Outliers’ represent some of the most influential and innovative figures across #Web3, creative industries & consumer brands in the Metaverse in the key domains of;

Finance, Culture & Tech

Read the press release:…

Let’s meet them… 🙌🏼
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(1/5) Today I am amazed and perplexed. Please read

I admit, I aped into @LilBabyApeClub. They are damn cute and they were very clever.

But, what amazed me is the amount of hate, FUD and simple energy put into taking a #NFT project down. I saw what keyboard cancel culture does. Image

It started out simple.

A stealth launch.

No shilling.

Just, there is was and it worked perfectly, too perfectly for some. #LABC quickly climbed the ranks of OS's leaderboard. They even had the blessings of some of the #BAYC community as a meme #nft derivative. Image

Then the drama started as @LilBabyApeClub reached an ATH of .9ETH. Imagine, minted for .02ETH a 45x 1 day move.

Meta data racism (not for what you think), artwork theft, a twitter live event with a dude who sports a 1/10000 fractionalized @BoredApeYC as their #pfp.
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Something significant is happening to IP creation and @BoredApeYC is the tip of the spear. I had to jump aboard and got #MAYC #21380! #BAYC #apefollowape #WAGMI (and have fun)

Read on for a snapshot of this new world 👇🏽
1) The creator @yugalabs has outlined an exciting roadmap including games, an IRL bar in Miami and more. There’s already been $1B+ in secondary trading volume
2) Their breakthrough NFT innovation is that owners receive commercial rights to their ape. Name it, create backstory & launch almost any creative project around it. That’s like Marvel letting you build a Spiderman game without asking. There's now 100+ projects including:
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A thread on the @BoredApeYC token. 160+ likes in a little over an hour means at least some people wanna hear my thoughts & I probably should do this thread tonight while it’s on my mind so here goes:
@BoredApeYC I’ve got the bullish light on in the office thanks to @NeonApesYC for hooking me up. I won’t ever forget the blue beams which started this craziness in my life, so about that token Image
1st off #apefest was absolutely amazing. I hate we missed the warehouse party, but we had so much fun on the yacht. We met some amazing frens, ate some awesome food, & overall had a blast in NY
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[THREAD + GIVEAWAY] Analyse de la notion de Metavers 3.0 & présentation de TheSandBox

Et pour l'occasion, #RT + follow @TheSandboxGame/@TheDiggers_io pour gagner ≈ 1600$ à vous partager à 3:
- 1 x 300 $SAND
- 1 x 200 $SAND
- 1 x 100 $SAND

Maintenant, passons au thread de ⛏️⬇️
Pour comprendre TheSandBox, il faut comprendre la notion de Metavers qui ne cesse d'évoluer depuis sa création

La définition la plus simple est Metavers = monde virtuel ou on peut vivre toutes sortes d'expériences ✨
Il en existe déjà des dizaines: Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Dofus etc.

Vous les avez sans doute déjà visité au moins une fois donc vous savez que l'expérience y est très fun & très prenante

Cependant, on a l'impression de "perdre notre temps": on joue, on s'amuse mais...
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Shiba Inu Coin will cause the next #NFT bull run #changemymind #SHIB #SHIBARMY

Here's why 👇👇🧵
1/ Coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are meme coins fueled by fomo and the desire to get rich quick. It's the ultimate legal Ponzi scheme —> folks buy because they think others will buy as well. No utility.
2/ What's another space that is fueled by fomo and the desire to get rich quick? NFTs!!

When retail investors paper hand and take profits from Shiba Inu, they will want to find the next "get rich quick asset".
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1. After getting sucked down the #NFT rabbit hole & now into Twitter, I have decided to try and add some value from a unique perspective to the space. My progression in crypto went like this. $BTC -> $ETH --> $Alts --> JPEGs. Being the Pons Asinorum I will help enlighten u...👇 Image
2. First, let me explain what Pons Asinorum means. It translates to "Bridge of Asses". It is used metaphorically to identify a problem or challenge which acts as a test of critical thinking, separating capable and incapable reasoners; In other words it is the bridge that...
3. ...separates those who "know" from those who don't know. My job here is to try and help guide "normies" across the "Bridge of Asses" into the #NFTCommunity . So let us begin.

First, let's look at the common objections to #NFTs

Objection 1. Right Click/Save 😬😬
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how to create a successful NFT series (guide)
first in foremost - this will be highlevel and
throughout the coming weeks,
ill drop the deep dive to each.

lets dive in 👇
1. identify your niche

reason why pfp projects succeed is way beyond the art.
its not about the fox, bears, toadz, apes, cats, etc.

its abt filling a certain void in the marketplace
its abt serving a certain demographic and
invoking a certain feeling.
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There are many Bored Apes but this one is mine #BAYC
Is it ridiculous I bought an ape because it looks like me?
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#NFTs went from $200m in sales volume in 2020 to an est. $10b in Q3 2021.

Why are people like @StephenCurry30 @alexisohanian buying?

What kinds of NFTs are there?

What are they used for?

Why are they worth so much?

Continue reading to find out more, a @scribeDAO summary⬇️
What kinds of NFTs are there?

Traditional art NFTs (@beeple)

-Artist get more value compared to traditional methods due to royalty clauses in NFTs.

- Wider reach and ease of selling

Generative art (CryptoPunks, @artblocks_io)

- Art is created via the use of an algo
Gaming NFTs (@AxieInfinity)

- In-game items are NFTs, allowing players to have ownership over the items.

- Able to extract the economic value they create from playing the game

- Most popular NFT collection so far is Axie Infinity w over $2b in sales.
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gm ☀️

I recently bought 3 Mega #MAYC mutant apes (Electric, Radioactive & Swamp) and I wanted to talk a little about it here and share why I’m excited about it and why I think they will only grow in value.

First and foremost, this is a bet on @BoredApeYC and @yugalabs. This team has proven that they know how to build and maintain their community, and they continue to raise the bar by making it more and more valuable to be a member of their club.
But more importantly, this is a bet on a new form of community and digital ownership, where members own a piece of the community: a digital asset that grows in value as the community grows.
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It's 5:30pm on Friday. Playing @BoredApeYC lofi hip hop radio. And I'm about to start an evening of research into two topics that have been on my mind all week.

1. NFTs + defi
2. NFT utility for music artists

And I'm legit hyped to learn about this. web3 is fascinating ⛓️
Two projects I'm in dropped token info today, so this is awesome timing:

Was not expecting this today too! This project could be a gem waiting to explode based on what we've seen other projects with defi utility do.

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1/ September #NFT recap, a thread🧵

OpenSea volume was over $3b in September
@zerion_io allows you to display NFTs as widgets on iPhones
@TrustlessState drops killer The Metaverse Emerges article
CryptoPunks floor hits 119 $ETH
@redlion_news releases Redlion Gazettes #51 - 54

@AndreWang releases The NFT scammers are here @verge article
@ROSGO21 of @espn talks about NBA players with NFTs
$MVI August rebalance is live
@tiktok_us announces NFT collection on @Immutable 
@vasa_develop teases new @genie_xyz UI
@SHOYU_NFT launching in October

@WPeaster releases @BanklessHQ Metaversal #36-39
@Vince_Van_Dough + 3AC (@zhusu @kyled116) launch @StarryNight_Cap
@sudoswap V2 by @0xmons is live
@Gossip_Goblin introduces @GoblinLabNFT 
@TheSmarmyBum shows sneak peak of a Twitter NFT profile
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1/ This week in #NFTs, a thread🧵

OpenSea has done $218m volume in October
CryptoPunks floor at 122 $ETH
@redlion_news Gazette #54 released
@TheSmarmyBum shows sneak peak of a Twitter NFT profile
@TheMetaFactory drops @indexcoop Metaverse Island tee

@SHAQ buys a @BoredApeYC Mutant & @creatureNFT
@WPeaster releases the 40th @BanklessHQ Metaversal
@sudoswap V2 by @0xmons is live
@carsonpturner’s #BAYC makes appearance on @joerogan
@tiktok_us announces NFT collection on @Immutable
@mcuban & @garyvee back @eternalapp

@pplpleasr1 meets @ljxie and signs Fortune mag
@marshmellomusic buys @BoredApeYC #4808 for 75Ξ
@Gossip_Goblin introduces @GoblinLabNFT
@tryShowtime & @AlexMasmej looking to hire React Native eng
@redlion_news + @ETHMENOFFICIAL Origins drop, sells out in < 10min
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1/ This week in #NFTs, a thread🧵

OpenSea has done $2.5b volume in Sept
CryptoPunks floor at 105 $ETH
@redlion_news Gazette #53 released
@TIME drops #TIMEPieces
@BoredApeYC Roadmap 2.0 released
@SnoopDogg says he’s @CozomoMedici
@zerion_io adds NFT support for Apple Watch faces

@AndreWang releases The NFT scammers are here @verge article
@KeithGrossman adds .eth ENS name to Twitter profile
New @DeeZeSpaces on Spotify/iTunes
Twitter is adding NFT profile pic verification feature soon
@pplpleasr1 signs Fortune issues for @TrustlessState & @wongisrite

OpenSea on @0xPolygon teases purchasing NFTs w/ credit cards
@SHOYU_NFT launching in October
@YungShow ep 39 w/ @ParallelNFT x @Merchant_YT released
@jessewoolston releases first NFT, On The Nature Of Light
@SorareHQ $680m raise led by SoftBank
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[THREAD]: 3 erreurs & réflexions perso sur les #NFTs (+ ex de projets)

Les NFTs sont en plein expansion depuis qq mois & dans un marché qui bouge autant, il est normal que nos réflexions évoluent elles aussi

A force de voir 20 projets/jour, voici ce que j'ai compris récemment⬇️

J'ai longtemps cru que le gaming ferrait exploser le marché des NFTs mais c'était une (semi) erreur

Le floor de certains projets gaming comme @AxieInfinity a explosé, mais le cœur de cette tendance récente se trouve ailleurs...

... dans les communautés!
A l'image des mèmes-coins en début d'année, les projets #NFTs orientés vers la force des communautés ont tout raflé sur leur passage

Pas (ou peu) d'innovation
Pas (ou peu) d'utility
Pas les plus belles œuvres d'art

Mais un attachement à une communauté qui dépasse l'entendement!
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1/ This week in #NFTs, a thread🧵

#OpenSea has done $1.96b volume in September
@SHOYU_NFT launching in October
#CryptoPunks floor is at 99 $ETH
$MVI liquidity mining rewards end Sept 19
OpenSea mobile app released
MoonCats are coming to @Sothebys mid October

@redlion_news releases Redlion Gazette #52
@JesseLoveRacing drove the @coolcatsnft car in the race on 9/16
@NFTX_ releases new decentralized NFTX Marketplace
@vasa_develop teases new @genie_xyz UI
@Google to support and scale @dapperlabs Flow blockchain

Beta release of the @artblocks_io website is out
@WPeaster releases the 38th @BanklessHQ Metaversal
@SuperRare Space Race 1 has begun
@APompliano admits NFTs are much bigger than anticipated
@SHOYU_NFT to be multichain at launch
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I’ve made and lost millions over the years in crypto. Allow me to tell you a story of why you should absolutely take the money.

A thread:
1/ Common Sense

By any stretch, you have one of the best NFT returns ever. This sale would go viral, make history, and break records.

Unless you were rich already, you’ve made life-changing returns. You hit the jackpot and won.

Take the money.
2/ 2017

Back in 2017, I wanted to make my first million dollars. At the peak in Jan 2018, I had $900k.

I just needed one more good day, and I would cash out everything.
I was so, so close to making it.

Little did I know, that was the peak. The market crashed -99% afterwards.
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thread #nftarthistory

incredible collection & mindset @iamDCinvestor ! thank you ✨

"What's interesting about NFTs vs other kinds of art is the ability to develop this mimetic or viral value on the internet in a way that has not really been seen in traditional art"

"What was it when you purchased your first #CryptoPunk that put you over the edge into uncovering all these other artpieces?" - @RyanSAdams

"The signal for me was when I saw ppl using these as profile pictures. It clicked that ppl are identifying with these assets." -DC

"That's a super powerful driver and I was like 'what's it going to take for someone using this as their profile picture to sell one? And then the gears started turning there, right?" -DC

#nftprofilepic #nftcollector #nfthistory #nftcommunity #bayc #profilepicprojects
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Just who is fungibles anyways?
(an essay on perseverance and moving at the speed of blockchain)

I grew up lower middle class, where I worked hard for everything. Image
I built adobe huts in Mexico when I was 10, stayed at an orphanage in Guatemala @ 11, & lived on an Indian reservation for one summer @ 13.

I learned that money is a tool nothing else, it doesn’t bring you happiness (outside of a jet ski), & to be grateful for everything. 👇
My parents instilled in me confidence & gratitude, a foundation that would serve me well. (Shout out to all the great parents out there.)

I was able to carry these qualities over into perseverance, the most important trait that would serve me in building wealth. 👇
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