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Monday Top Crypto News.

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The new episode of our newsletter was released last night, which includes our take on the current #macro environment.

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Signature Bank’s crypto-related deposits will be returned to customers directly, rather than being taken over by a unit of #NewYork Community #Bancorp under a deal announced Sunday.
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NFT市場大部份floor price都下跌,我看到很多人們普遍認為是 @blur_io 的原因,但事實真的是這樣嗎?


再者,如果真的提供”買盤流動性”就可以摧毁nft,那 #BAYC 早就跌穿 USD 60000 再進入螺旋式向下的死亡螺旋了

不要忘記,早前有人一口氣沽出71隻BAYC,floor price完全沒有太大的影響,雖然短線跌到58左右,但極速回升到72

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I am getting many questions about earning ETH by staking $APE after last tweet.

🔵So let's🔎out how I earn 28 ETH in the last 3m
🔵The best is that you don't need an Ape, MAYC, or 🐶 to be part of it. Only by holding $APE you can earn passively also

There are two ways I like👇

🔵 Easiest way is to buy $APE and stake it on the official staking platform from @apecoin DAO.

🔵 Actual APR for $APE pool is 72%, 1,000 $APE (2.68E) will earn you the next three months 2 $APE per day, 14 $APE per week, 56 $APE per month.
🔵 But as you can see in the 🖼️ above. There are more lucrative ways how to earn more.
👉 BAYC pool (126% APR)
👉 MAYC p. (133%)
👉 BAKC p. (137%)

🔵 Only way to get into this pool is to own #BAYC or #MAYC. 🐶 can be paired only with BAYC or MAYC.
🔵 Actual earnings per day👇
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What is @OthersideMeta for 10-year-old?

Based published litepaper

🧵👇 Image
1/10🔥 Otherside is a new virtual world that uses NFTs and web3 technology to create an amazing and immersive gaming experience.
2/10🔥 Otherside is built for and by the community, meaning you can have a say in what new systems, content, and mechanics should be added. Image
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When 2nd Trip?

2nd Trip will take place on Saturday, March 25, 2023 (exact time TBA). #Voyagers will be able to enter the experience 15 minutes prior to the start of 2nd Trip.

Accessing 2nd Trip

Voyagers holding #Otherdeeds will have the opportunity to attend the 2nd Trip, provided that they arrive at the experience on time and before the main story begins. Voyagers will also have the ability to invite a guest to the 2nd Trip.
Yuga will provide more details on how the guest pass invitations will work in the coming weeks. Once 2nd Trip reaches capacity, Voyagers will no longer be able to join the experience. Voyagers will have priority access over guest passes entering into the experience.
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#NFT 交易之后,盘点 #NFT借贷 细分领域的潜在变化。
2⃣️#BAYC 及其直系NFT开启挖矿( $APE )功能;

当前NFT以 #PFP 类为主,缺乏借NFT的需求,导致NFT借贷行为只发生在单边,即抵押 #NFT 借 $ETH 等币种,没有抵押ETH等币种借NFT的。

NFT借贷分为 #点对点#点对池 两种模式,两种模式的代表项目及其优缺点如下
#BendDAO #ParaSpace #NFTfi #X2Y2 #JPEG'd Image
其中点对池模式的效率要高于点对点模式,从币币借贷龙头 #AAVE 发展也可以看出,其借贷模式从早期的(ETHLend)点对点转变为现在的点对池模式。

因NFT具有的唯一性,似乎点对点模式更适合,但从当前各方面(#借贷规模#用户#TVL)数据来看,点对池模式逐渐占优。 ImageImageImage
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I used min pay 3Eth to purchase the 15Eth MAYC on @ParaSpace_NFT and that MAYC can still be staking in the share pool on Para Space. Cool af? I will show you how to do it. #bayc #mayc #NFTFi…
First of all, I staked MAYC on ParaSpace and borrow 2042 apes for staking. Liquidation free. And I got extra credit for the borrowing limit.

Then, I go to NFT Shop on ParaSpace and start Shopping! I just need Min Pay of 3E and I got my second MAYC (15E). Now, I have a debt of 12E with APY 25-29% (approx 3.5E/Year, 0.01E/day)

然後我到ParaSpace上面的NFT Shop上面開始Shopping!我只用了3E買了第二隻M……
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Une Whale vend 1 010 NFT, pour un montant total de 11 680 $ETH, en 48 heures.

C'est le "plus grand dump de #NFT jamais réalisé".

Cela comprenait 90 #BAYC, 191 #MAYC et 308 NFTs #Otherdeed ...
La whale NFT se nomme Jeffrey Hwang, plus connu sous le nom de Machi Big Brother.
Il a rapidement racheté 991 de ses NFT.
Andrew Thurman a émis l'hypothèse que cela a été réalisé en vu des récompenses en jetons BLUR prévu pour le 2eme airdrop.

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Royalties for Art for HODL’ng vs Royalties (or lack thereof) for more tradeable PFPs via aligned incentives.

Maybe it's not either:or?

Hear me out on why all this can still be a net positive as the space matures. An attempt at a 🧵🧵 on the subject...
Royalties for Art: I personally believe artists deserve to sell their art, and a perk of NFTs from the moment I joined the space was the tech’s ability to monetize ongoing income thanks to appreciation and/or their art changing hands. (2/13)
(R4A Cont'd) With lower supply collections and especially 1/1 art @SuperRare has shown its continued prowess. Can something similar remain? Via any/all marketplaces where its set up as such? I feel many agree as to where a collection or #NFT asset belongs categorically (3/13)
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This is how the @BoredApeYC cult is reacting to the fact that @yugalabs (a $4 billion company) stole their logo from an “Easy Drawing Guide”

Isn’t this fraud & copyright infringement? #BAYC #nfts Image
Credit - @Ivan87403 Image
Clear copies from @DooggiesNFT which were one of the first NFT collections on ETH ImageImage
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@JPEGd_69 - Maker DAO của ngôi làng NFT đầy tiềm năng

Thread bao gồm:
👉 Tổng quan dự án
👉 Mô hình hoạt động
👉 Sự khác biệt của JPEG'd
👉 Core team
👉 Tokenomics

Retweet để ủng hộ đội ngũ phát triển của @HakResearch nhen cả nhà ơi Image

👉 Tổng quan dự án

#JPEG’d là một giao thức cho vay phi tập trung trên Ethereum cho phép chủ sở hữu NFT thế chấp tài sản của mình để mint ra PUSd (stablecoin của giao thức) hoặc pETH (tài sản phái sinh Ethereum).

Hiện tại nền tảng JPEG’d chỉ hỗ trợ

các bộ sưu tập: #CryptoPunks, #EtherRocks, #BAYC, MAYC, Doodles, Azuki, Pudgy Penguins, Clonex, Autolyphs,...

JPEG'd sử dụng cơ chế cho vay giao thức ngang hàng, giá NFT được định giá theo giá sàn và đảm bảo bởi Chainlink Oracles. Điều này có nghĩa là giao thức
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1/ We saw how interest income could be misleading unless we add in accrual based accounting from our income statement. So how can we use this information to see if $veBEND might be worth holding?

#BendDAO #Web3 #NFT #BAYC Image
2/ Holding $veBEND is similar to owning stocks and receiving dividends in tradfi. In web3, the “dividend” or return is difficult to keep track. The rate of return (ROR) fluctuates over time. Hence, one needs a way to track and accurately calculate the expected return.

#Crypto Image
3/ Additionally, many may think that the APR represents the return, but it doesn’t. There are many APRs involved, and you need additional calculations to assess the true return as a $veBEND holder.

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1/20 There's growing sentiment that @RTFKT's not focusing enough on #CloneX as god-tier of ecosystem. In reality OGs have received every drop, but RTKFT's taking a siloed approach in creating greater aggregated collection value. A🧵 to explain, why it hasn't worked & how it can:
Unlike a lot of other NFTs, RTFKT is a multifaceted brand aiming to provide EVERYTHING you could possibly want in a digital metaverse-ready identity. From gamified shoe leveling to luxury 'phygitals'. But that scope also means not everyone might want to participate in each part.
This is why separating the different parts into ecosystems makes sense and Clones have gotten free access to each new vertical - with option to stick around or cashing-out. Now Clones are demanding that everything be tied to the pfp rather than the initial ecosystem base drops.
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1) The study of on-chain analysis is often difficult and overwhelming.

Tracking wallet-holdings however is incredibly rewarding and a game-changer.

What if YOU could spend less than 1 minute and see everything in a visual map? 🧵👇
2) Blockchain has blessed us with a new level of transparancy.

Gone are the days of hiding holdings or secret transactions.

Each token has its own explorer page like the example below 👇

Raw data is easily accessible but how unattractive and unorganized does this look?
3) What if you could visualize this data in a map with bubbles?


• Each bubble represents a single wallet.
• The most important wallets are shown.
• The bubble size represented the wallet size.
• Two bubbles are connected if there's at least one historical transaction
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《BAYC新游戏Dookey Dash的冲榜攻略》


BAYC的新游戏Dookey Dash几分钟前推出。


#BAYC #MAYC #YugaLabs #dookeydash Image
Dookey Dash是一个基于技能的铸造活动,也是BAYC在 "猴子吉米的审判 "方向的下一个大项目。


(2/11) Image

好吧,但你如何获得高分呢?通过我玩Dookey Dash的体验,以下是我的发现。

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1/ 上线一个月的$APE Staking数据表现如何?

目前,$APE Staking已经正式上线31天,超过8900万$APE参与了质押。我们经通过这个长推回顾一下上线以来APE Staking的数据表现。


在$APE开启Staking之前,链上数据显示,$APE 代币持有者和 #BAYC /#MAYC/#BAKC 持有者之间存在巨大的不匹配。

12月时的分析表明,#BAYC#MAYC 的质押收益率将大大高于单独APE代币的质押收益率。

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🚨Massive NFTs have been hacked including multiple #BAYC & #CryptoPunks & #Meetbits of @CryptoNovo311, the total hacked value is $6M+.

We identify the whole process and hacker address, and those funds ended up in @ChangeNOW_io. Image
Before his NFT got transferred, it seems he approved the hacked collection to
0x8e25ab3382ad5bde35a09e72d3b9a851a7cc8d00 (0x8e)
and then 0x8e transfer all NFT to:
0x43ca3957a188ee03da87d6bed138bcc8d5c3d7a0(0x43) ImageImage
0x43 takes all the offers and swapped the $ETH he gets to $ETH and goes to #changenow.

(hacker tries to confuse others but with money flow, you can clearly see where the $ETH goes) Image
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Leave #CEX behind, the real crypto trading is and has always been the OTC one

Almost 70% of crypto trades are OTC, and a new protocol will soon capitalize on these HUGE volumes

A deep-dive on $GIGA🔎
👇🧵 Image

TL;DR 🎙️

@gigaswapfinance is an OTC trading platform where you can cut the middlemen forever in crypto and #NFT trades 💱

The platform will provide security for the trading while taking the smallest fee you can find 💸 Image
@gigaswapfinance 3/

$GIGA Overview:

Price: $0.00005320
Market Cap: $4.83M
Supply: 100B $GIGA
Holders: 2K

Pump soon? 👀 Image
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I have some thoughts on a bit of what was shared by Alfred David Steiner in this @NYSBA article exploring #copyright and #NFTs #NFTCollections, specifically those like #BAYC.

Buckle up… 🧵…
The article gives 4️⃣ “reasons why a ‘CryptoPunk’ may not merit copyright protection”, each of which I will respond to in order…

Let’s go! 😀
1️⃣ “It lacks a minimum of creative authorship”

🚫 no, there is a human authorship element that is merely assisted by computer software. Also, the underlying assets are also protectable as works eligible for copyright protection.
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25 jours pour apprendre à développer des Smart Contracts en #Solidity 🔥

Jour 13 / 25 :

Création #ERC721 : Comment gérer les métadonnées ? Est-ce que les métadonnées sont immuables ? Développons ça !

Dans le thread précédent, nous avons appréhendé le système d'Arbre de Merkle, c'est un gros sujet quand on parle de cryptomonnaie.

Le deuxième gros sujet, plus spécifique aux NFTs, ce sont les métadonnées... mais qu'est-ce que c'est ?
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I just received a DMCA of a picture I shared earlier where onlyfans model @vanessasierra00 is sending phishing bids with DAI instead of ETH on #BAYC NFTs.

She wants to hide her tracks the same way she deleted @SmolBoyzLand NFT project after making 100+ ETH on it.
I was pretty much done with this case. Now you just made me tweet more @vanessasierra00.
Allegedly @NFTherder and @CryptoFinally also received DMCA of a picture that isn’t even hers. @vanessasierra00 , you can’t delete your past. But you can change. Publicly say sorry, and refund the ETH to your community.
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Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd et des dizaines d'autres célébrités poursuivis en justice pour avoir été secrètement payés pour promouvoir des #NFTs comme #BoredApeYachtClub.
C'est ce que prétendent deux hodlers dans une plainte déposée devant le tribunal fédéral de Los Angeles.

Ils affirment que Yuga Labs, créateur des #BAYC, a perpétré un «vaste stratagème» dans lequel ils ont discrètement payé des célébrités pour augmenter la valeur des #NFT.
Yuga Labs et les représentants de Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd et Justin Bieber n'ont pas renvoyé de demandes de commentaires et ont refusé de commenter pour le moment.

Source ⬇️…
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🚨Finished on-chain analysis of how OnlyFans model Vanessa Sierra rugged her first #NFT project SmolBoyzLand

Please share to spread awareness
Before we start know that this thread has limited space so I'm only covering main issues. My analysis covers:

1) Launch and paper multisig
2) Where the funds go
3) Vanessa's history

Lets go ...
Vanessa Sierra (@vanessasierra00) an OnlyFans model with 550k followers on IG released her 1st NFT project back in March. Her co-founder was itsreagan.eth (@reaganeth)

This week she rugged her project

So wtf happened and where did all the funds go?
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1/ NFTs have become a huge portion of web3 with billions of $$$ in volumes

A protocol is coming soon to erase the distance between #DeFi and #NFT forever

How? Let's take a look at @spice_finance 🔎
@spice_finance 2/

TL;DR 🎙️

@spice_finance is an upcoming protocol on $ETH which will aggregate NFT lending pools and make the process easier.

On Spice, you'll be able to get up to 30% APR without having to browse thousands of protocols 😩

Btw, Yields paid out in $ETH ✅
@spice_finance 3/

What I'll cover in this thread:

🐫 NFT finance
🐫 What is @spice_finance?
🐫 How does it work?
🐫 Backers and Partners
🐫 Final Alphas
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