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#Globalist Jews Created And Run Communist #China
- Israel #Epstein was one of the few foreign-born Chinese citizens of non-Chinese origin to become a member of the Communist Party.
- Sidney #Shapiro, an American Jew, was a high ranking member of CCP’s govt
#China is #Rothschild's Model for #NWO | Dec 9, '19
"Once you understand the massive Soviet Rothschild penetration and occupation of the US body politic by the sons and daughters of alleged Jews from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania & Russia, ALL becomes clear."
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So pls dump these ugly ruggy goblins.. I promise, I won't pick up any from the floor either.

MYTH 13: The floorprice is going to total shits, whatever pump is happening is not sustainable.

MYTH #12: goblins don't look like #kodas there is no relation at all.

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“Memestocks” is a term we, along with so many of us, are guilty of using. It’s fun, calls attention to the subversive side of all of this, but as we’ve seen with the @SECGov’s video today, the term has entered the collective lexicon as a catchall 1/
used to undermine and belittle not only retail investors but the companies they deem worthy of investment. What’s most concerning is that our government agency charged with protecting retail investors has chosen to associate the term with under-researched “bad decisions 2/
The issue here, in our perspective, is that messaging like this is tone deaf to not only the companies that any source can brand with the moniker but to the ability and dedication of retail investors everywhere who have chosen to rely on each other rather than traditional 3/
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#AMC #APES Plz🚨Retweet This🚨

Ken G has managed to build an Empire by Screwing the Average Person on a daily basis for years on end

➡️Since 2016 He's been Utilizing This (Specific Tactic) To benefit off of us, & line his pockets. That⌛️is running out🏴‍☠️…
The HummingBird Project👆- A Movie that basically tells this Same Story

➡️Neutrino/Microwave Tech utilized to outpace the Dark Fibers. A Fraction of a Micro-Second is EVERYTHING when it comes to HFT TRADING!

➡️The📽️is on Hulu, Worth Watching imo
#atAMC $AMC @GammaMonkey100 Image
#Citadel Securities & Ken Funded Aurora Illinois Mayor, & Richard Irvin to the tune of 20 mil.
➡️Scientel Solutions - Communications Company have given Irvin over 135k... Image
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"We evolved to be physically active. But most of us avoid physical activity."

The Active Grandparents Hypothesis

Daniel Lieberman, @Harvard

SFI Colloquium, streaming now:
"We evolved from #apes and apes are couch potatoes."

Daniel Lieberman, @Harvard

SFI Colloquium, streaming now:

#evolution #hominin #anthropology #physiology
"Your average hunter-gatherer walks from New York to LA every year."

Daniel Lieberman, @Harvard

SFI Colloquium, streaming now:
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There is a way for #Apes to have a direct effect on the brokerage industry in the short term. Become a FINRA arbitrator. In many cases, the list of arbitrators that we get when representing a customer is filled with industry folks. We need you.…
"As a FINRA arbitrator, you have the opportunity to develop skills, give back and supplement your income. No previous arbitration, securities or legal experience is required to apply—just five years of paid work experience and two years of college-level credits." /1
"FINRA arbitrators listen to both sides of a securities-related dispute, weigh the facts and render a final and binding decision. Arbitrators are paid an honorarium for the cases on which they serve. FINRA arbitrators are independent contractors, not FINRA employees." /2
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@𝚝𝚑𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚙𝚙 𝚞𝚗𝚛𝚘𝚕𝚕 🧶

@punkscomic @pixelvaul_ @SportsCheetah @Gfunkera86 @chriswahl73 @geaniemaxi @𝚋𝚎𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚎𝚖𝚊𝚡𝚒 @Hackatao @killeracid @RobbieSTrevino @fvckrender
#CryptoPunks #CryptoArt #NFT #NFTs 

I am a #degenerateArtLover #degenArtLover
I do not follow #NFT #NFTs #NFTCollectors #NFTMarkets or #trends.

For example, I identified with character #Courtney as a #Punk - farewell Corporate and Suits - Hello! NextEraWorld! Implying Hello ME AGAIN. The REAL ME (ageless!). Bonus… I dug the bad-ass-woman-vibe in
statement fashion.

I am also a #1-1!, #blockchain #digitalAssets #dataOwnership strong believer. I have been dedicated to personal projects and learning about the technology in #decentralized models. In short, I wish the day had 48 hours instead of 24. Unfortunately, I haven’t
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Thread n°4 : @WorldOfApesP2E [Projet 1k to 100k]

Vous connaissez déjà les classiques R2E du style.

Ici, @WorldOfApesP2E est quand même beaucoup plus bullish que les autres.

Pour commencer :

RT + Follow + Tags 2 de tes potes

5 F. MINTS à gagner!
Sommaire :

1 - NFT
2 - Règles du Jeu
3 - Features
4 - Pourquoi bullish ?
5 - Roadmap
6 - Stratégies
1 -NFT

Vous avez 2 familles différentes dans ce R2E ; Les #APES et les #HUNTERS.

Les visuels ont été bossés en amont par un réel graphiste, et le rendu est vraiment sympa. Un mélange de design moderne et de beauferie.
(les screens proviennent du TESTNET.)
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In 2021 i made big gains on $GALA , $SOL & $MATIC
by applying my own strategy to #crypto.

Using this strat we can see why @BoredApeYC is now at #100ETH 🤯🤯

Want to know how they did it? check the thread below 👇🧵
#BAYC100 #NFTs

BTW if you like it pls RT/share this 1st post
-Cultural Narrative

The catalyst that kicked off the #NFT craze in 2021 was when @beeple sold his artwork for a massive $69M in May.
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Thoughts on the $AMC token/NFT dividend idea from a short-seller:
I'm short $AMC so a friend of mine sent me something about Marc's suggestion to have $AMC issue an NFT or Token dividend, which presumably shorts such as myself would have to then cover.

The goal of this would be to force a short squeeze (root out ("naked shorts"?).
First of all since I know this is coming, I can just make plans to own shares during the dividend period. I could finance those by selling expensive options - which are entirely by supported trading activity driven by #Apes.
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These clowns are trying too hard.

Dear #Proglodytes,

You won. You got under their skin enough to scare them into hiring @InvestorPlace to start doing smear articles against this stock.

Monday is huge. The only way we win is by buying and holding.…
Market makers and shorts know that this options all is the best chance for a squeeze on $PROG. There are hundreds of millions of dollars betting on a squeeze this week.

If we overwhelm them, they can't stop it.

We need frenzy buying unlike anything they've ever seen.
Dear #amcapes and $AMC holders,

$PROG stock is a low float stock that is primed to squeeze, and I have been spending the better part of the last two months proving it over and over.

This is your blinking neon sign with an arrow to tendie town, as the redditors would say.
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**DD FOR DUMMIES** Morning, STONKERS! If you’re a bag HODLER, and have no idea why you’re in the red, this tweet is for you!! I want to talk about Cost Basis Per Share or “Average Price”. 1/11
Your Cost Basis Per Share or Average Price Per Share (depending on your brokerage) is just that. The average price that you bought your shares at. If the price goes up, from there, then obviously you’re gaining money in your investment, and if it goes down, then the VALUE of 2/11
your investment is going down. You still own your shares, so the VALUE of your shares goes up, and it goes down on a daily basis. 3/11
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1/So I did a little DD… as of right now, this is where the @RobinhoodApp and @citsecurities case sits. This is in response to the “multiple defendants” requesting to “dismiss” the case. All this evidence leads to a BIG FAT NO! HAH! I also see some other defendants named…
2/… My favorite denial reasons from the docket. HAVE AT IT #APES! #AMC #GME #KenGriffinToJail #VladTenevLied:
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The #amcgofundme and Chad is a scam!

Here is proof! - Thread

I do not live in US so doxxing does not matter to me, although if I get banned from twitter I don't mind. I just hope this save people a lot of money!

@JchristianWes @matt_kohrs @TaraBull808 @TradesTrey @jhuntermav
So our buddy Chad here (Twitter page created 5 days ago) is none other than Chad Andrew Horvath. He was arrested in 2010 relating to fraud charges.
As you can see from these publicly available charge sheets one offence was for Fraud-Insuff funds check. A crime for issuing fake cheques or cheques that will bounce.
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#OSHO #hypnosis

The #unconscious #mind is nine times bigger than the #conscious; it has tremendous treasures, all the memories of your past.

Below the unconscious, there is the collective unconscious. One can descend into the collective unconscious also with somebody’s help.
The master of Mystery School will take you slowly towards the unconscious and the collective #unconscious.

In your collective unconscious, you have memories of your #PastLives as animals, as birds.
Below the collective unconscious is the #cosmic #unconscious.

Slowly, slowly one can go deeper and deeper, and the cosmic unconscious has #memories of your being trees, rosebushes, stones.
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