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Jul 25, 2022, 24 tweets

thread in response to k4mil1aa’s thread about johnny depp and amber heard because it’s completely misleading and fails to recognize research on this exact topic, despite trying to frame it as informative.


this study analyzed women’s shelters or participants who said they were abused, which is not representative of community samples. so yes, when a woman is being abused, self-defense may not be uncommon, but that’s not what we’re talking about,

because the subject at hand is talking about a man being a victim, not to mention that when a man is a victim people commonly excuse the woman’s violence by saying it was self-defense, which contradicts studies showing the opposite.

in a sample of 825 respondents, 23% of cases couples of cases reported that the husband alone was violent, and 28% reported the wife alone.
in another study, more women than men had been physically violent towards their partners.
+ more

there are over 300 studies now that find that men and women are equally likely to be perpetrators of violence. & it’s known that research showing gender symmetry in abuse or women being the perpetrators of violence at rates higher than men, it's suppressed or data is manipulated.

an example of how people misreport data.

interesting that she also said that of all the DV victims, 85% women & 15% men. yet it's well known that the NCVS survey doesn’t accurately represent IPV. many people report the results of the NISVS. her coalition reports the NISVS in an info sheet, so why not report that?

the power and control wheel stems from the duluth model, a model that failed to recognize men as victims, the same model that was discredited by one of its own creators, admitting to its limitations.

this model of abuse was not made by psychologists, nor is it based on research. not only is there gender symmetry in abuse, studies that have been done trying to see if this patriarchal model of abuse is accurate find no link between patriarchal attitudes and abusive men

"power and control" a study that focused on both women and men as abusers, women who were abusive used violence as a form of control more than men and to feel more powerful.

again, the power imbalance has been shown time & time again to not be an accurate representation, want to see an example as to why? women who are abusive are reported to take advantage of gender stereotypes, knowing they’re more likely to be believed,

and at times goading their victim into retaliation as self-defense done by men is highly stigmatized. (e.g., headbutting incident)

which is why men tend to not strike back, rather, they try & leave the room (AH supporters said this was abusive btw) which is what JD said multiple times in audio, he leaves the room bc he doesn’t want to keep getting hit (AH also admitted to striking him if he tried to leave.)

another study showing how the widely incorrect stereotype results in male victims being further victimized, it facilitates and enables women’s abuse, especially in courts, which is why legal and administrative IPV is something that is seen to be more unique to men.

they use any form of self-defense or reaction to their benefit even if it leaves a small mark, bc they have that as “evidence” in the case that can’t control them anymore so they can further their abuse allegations.

this leaves many male victims without control, having to take the abuse and punches. men report often feeling powerless due to this.

in a study 67.2% reported that they falsely accused them, 38.7% reported that they filed a restraining order under false pretenses. AH said multiple times that the reason she said she was abused was to get the TRO in order to get the penthouses.

so yes this is a form of power. the fact that someone has the power to hit someone repeatedly and have them unable to do anything? that’s power.

she was not scared of him.

you guys use the kicking incident. why do you guys ignore the fact that on audio, johnny depp said he didn’t kick her on the plane, in which amber heard says “I know”

+ a thread on the kicking incident

you guys use the headbutting, where JD has always maintained that he accidentally knocked heads with her because he tried to keep her from hitting him, we know that she gets physically violent with him (as she said, as others witnessed, as shown in audios)

in the audio, he uses her words, “i headbutted you (he always considered it knocking heads & always said it happened) in the forehead, that doesn’t break a nose” and she also said “I don’t think you were aware” why wouldn’t he be aware if it was intentional as she states today?

people saw AH being physically violent with JD w/o JD doing anything, admitted to it multiple times, there's an audio of her hitting him, she's gotten arrested for DV, kate and david spoke out, but all of this, is ignored.

"don't tell me what it feels like to be punched"
yet she doesn't say anything about him punching her

they try to shift the focus away from the evidence. they try their best to control the narrative by turning off comments and blocking people.

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