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Jan 12, 2023, 14 tweets

So the wife of the #Spare was gonna be called as a witness for Prince Andrews trial.

#MeghanMarkle "was a close associate of Prince Andrew" & may "have seen what he did"

Bc of her "past association" with him she "will certainly have some knowledge"

Erm..Seen what!?


Marcus Anderson with Prince Andrew... aaaaaand
Marcus Anderson with Meghan Markle...

Here's a few more just for kicks.
Epstein was close to Andrew. Meghan knew Eugenie before ever meeting Harry.

So many ties and connections...

Then there's another...Adam Huan, who...wait for it, yes has a tenuous link to Meghan also. Why would she be invited to the 'Sodom and Gomorrah at sea' of yacht parties I wonder? Was it because she possibly attended in 2014 when she visited Croatia?

Now one could reasonably argue that another reason Prince Andrew settled his case with VG, may have something to do with avoiding an even greater scandal that perhaps either he or Epstein had "known" the newest member of the royal family, before she married the 'much adored' Haz.

Just a few tidbits on Meghan and one potential way she could have struck up her friendship with Eugenie... one would assume she heard about Eugenie's move to the US in 2013...

She seems to have gone to some effort to be 'seen' in NYC during this time. Whilst I concede she was an actress & that's how you raise your profile, I think it was more an effort to get into circles that would boost her into the social realm of Eugenie.

Weird how she suddenly seemed to be all over New York between 2013 and 2015 despite being LA based and working and staying in Toronto for Suits...

Busy busy lady...I wonder what could have drawn her to spend so much time in NYC during this period. A certain British Princess perhaps?

And coincidently....Meghans sudden interest in all things NYC from 2013, just happened to occur as her marriage to T. Engelson ended. 👀

If she did have a connection to Andrew. He was NOT going to be her ticket to meeting a Prince. But his daughter might have been exactly the IN she needed... I mean, she was photographed googling the Queen in 2014...😉

I should correct that to say 'a Prince of her own',

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