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@wabbey Princess Anne likely put her nephew, #PrinceHarry, at ease during King Charles' #Coronation service, greeting him warmly as she walked down the aisle in @wabbey
@wabbey As the Princess Royal made her way through the abbey, she stopped to say hello to the Duke of Sussex, smiling animatedly at him, with Harry responding with a wide smile.
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A long thread: In #Spare Prince Harry is just addressing and telling information. of what is already been put in the public domain by leaks, articles and books written by Royal Reports - see below of the numerous examples:
Example A : Harry’s killer count had been widely reported in the British media and it was viewed as an heroic act.
Example 1A: see all the positive headline in 2013 - he was called a hero. His kill count was previously revealed by British newspaper in 2013 Image
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NO ONE w/ANY sense will ever accuse d #RacistRoyalFamily n the #RacistBritishMedia of allowing d truth 2 derail their agenda

Media's PR strategy 4 their RF partner is to use interest IN Prince Harry & Princess Meghan to generate interest in the yt royals in the UK 1/10
Remember the time the #RacistRoyalFamily and the #RacistBritishMedia used interest around #Spare to try to blame for the FACT that most ppl didn't know and no one cared that Kate's was having another birthday?
You do? Me too 2/10
Remember the time the #RacistRoyalFamily n the #RacistBritishMedia used interest around the release of the #HarryandMeghanNetflix ONE MINUTE TRAILER to blame for the FACT that no one was interested in Prince William & Kate Middleton's flop visit to the U.S.?
You do? Me too 3/10
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The Royal Family and UK media were hoping Harry and Meghan would never claim the Prince and Princess titles for their children, which would have allowed them to spin all kinds of narratives from they were punished to the magnanimous #KingCharles bestowed them (PR points).
The most dangerous of narratives was the one of excluding the mixed race children and then blaming the parents.

Of course the media and Royal family surrogates are trying to muddy the waters by claiming they do not understand this move considering Harry and Meghan
Have spoken openly about why they had to leave the UK and step back from Royal duties. Besides misrepresenting the reasons behind why Harry and Meghan chose to leave- which had a lot to do with media abuse and harassment, their choices on how they live their lives has no bearing
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Reflecting on two tweets after reading #Spare. I can't recall who said it, but the first is one that said something to the effect of "write your truth and don't worry about making people look bad. If they wanted to be remembered well they should have behaved better"
The second is from Chrissy Stroop who reminded us that institutions will protect themselves at the expense of those who inhabit them.

The monarchy is an institution that creates and exacerbates family conflicts.
I liked the book. It's a peek behind the curtain and reveals the things we kind of knew. They're all sad, angry people. The Firm. The press. All hanging on to whatever legitimacy they can by throwing each other to the wolves via palace sources, maintaining a fake innocence
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🫖Who's ready for me to spill a nice BIG cuppa HOT TEA⁉️🍵🔥🔥🔥😊 Image
This tea🍵 is coming in steaming hot♨️! -So, I will pour it out slowly as we all sip along together!😚
First, this tea🍵 confirms what we have always believed about their 'pregnancy'🤰. On a visit Meghan made to an animal shelter, a 'popping' noise came from her 'bump' when she arose. An AI Expert has analyzed that sound on the video & it's SILICONE❗️🤯👇🔍 Image
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Prince Harry has donated $1.5M from proceeds of #Spare to Sentebale, a charity he co-founded with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho in 2006 in Diana's honor. Sentebale addresses health needs of vulnerable youth in South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and Malawi with strong focus on HIV/AIDS.
Prince Harry is also donating £300,000 to the UK charity WellChild, which he has supported for 15 years. WellChild allows children with complex health needs to be careful for at home instead of hospital.
You can read more about both @Sentebale and @WellChild on their websites. Harry was due to attend the WellChild Awards in the UK when Queen Elizabeth died in September.
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There’s something rotten in🇬🇧btwn the Windsors,🇬🇧media &🇬🇧orgs. The Independent recently hired former Daily Mail & Mail on Sunday editor-in-chief Geordie Greig—a close friend of Camilla, the Queen Consort—as the paper’s new editor-in-chief.
Camilla is very close to Geordie Grieg. How close? Charles & Camilla hired Daily Mail’s editor, Tobyn Andreae, as their public relations chief after recommendation by Geordie Grieg. They hired him despite Harry & Meghan’s lawsuits against DM for defamation & invasion of privacy.
Overnight, The Independent stopped being independent after Grieg, Camilla’s dear friend, was hired as its editor-in-chief. The Independent is now targeting its missiles on Prince Harry& Meghan. Below is the Independent disparaging Harry for seeking therapy for his trauma.
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So the wife of the #Spare was gonna be called as a witness for Prince Andrews trial.

#MeghanMarkle "was a close associate of Prince Andrew" & may "have seen what he did"

Bc of her "past association" with him she "will certainly have some knowledge"

Erm..Seen what!?

#YachtGirl Image
Marcus Anderson with Prince Andrew... aaaaaand
Marcus Anderson with Meghan Markle... ImageImageImageImage
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So who is AN Wilson, who is happy to go on Rupert Murdoch's Times Radio to compare Harry's #Spare with Mein Kampf?

Well, he's an occasional columnist for Harmsworth's Mail, & has written in Murdoch's Times Literary Supplement, & billionaire Fred Barclay's Spectator...
Somewhat ironically, Wilson's 'Hitler: A Short Biography' was criticised by historian Richard J. Evans (author of eighteen books, including the "masterpiece" 'The Third Reich Trilogy') for factual inaccuracies & lack of original research & analysis, as well as personal biases.
In August 2006, Wilson's biography of Sir John Betjeman was published. It was then discovered that he had been the victim of a hoax perpetrated by Betjeman's disgruntled biographer Bevis Hillier.…
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Prince Harry’s newly released tell-all memoir is sending shockwaves through the Royal Family, painting a picture of a Family at odds with both Himself and Meghan. Here are some of the more bizarre claims made in the new book 🧵 Image

Harry had trouble connecting with his father. Often, at events or parades, he would approach the now King to discuss Diana, to be met with orders to “be quiet” or “shut up” ImageImage

Harry calls out Royal “sense of entitlement”. In one bizarre incident on first meeting Meghan, the Late Queen sniffed her “at the neck”. “Nobody around said anything” ImageImage
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📕 Don’t have time to plough through all 407 pages? Use our handy summary for all you need to know ⤵️ #Spare
🗣 Part One: chapter 1

Reminisces about a summer in St Tropez with Mummy. Afterwards, Dodi gives Mummy a diamond bracelet. Harry thinks he’s a ‘nice enough bloke’.… CREDIT: Aaron Rapoport
🗣 Chapter 2

Harry adores Balmoral, even though the tap water runs brown, baths are Arctic cold or kettle hot.

He and Willy shared a bedroom - Willy had the bigger half with a better window view.… Image
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A #THREAD of quotes from #Spare NOT on the front pages of the tax-avoiding non-dom billionaire-owned toxic UK press.

Credit: @brokenbottleboy…
"I couldn’t think of a single human being in the 300,000-year history of the species who’d done more damage to our collective sense of reality." - Harry on Rupert Murdoch.

"Everyone who knew her was in full agreement that she was an infected pustule on the arse of humanity, plus a shit excuse for a journalist." - Harry on News UK’s CEO, Rebekah Brooks, the former editor of The Sun and News of the World.

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I got my mother the audible version of #Spare by Prince Harry for Christmas, & she finally had an opportunity to listen to it most of today. I asked for her impression tonight. Following are her insights. (For those who don’t know, my mother is a psychologist.)
1st, she believes Prince Harry is an empath. Empaths feel a lot;bottling things up for empaths can have disastrous consequences for their emotional, psychological, & even change brain chemistry. She applauds Harry for speaking up & encourages him to do so. Silence kills empaths.
She believes Charles could have also been an empath but his cold upbringing emotionally stunted his development at a very young age, making him very cynical. Though he feels probably as deeply as Harry, he doesn’t know how to express it as well, or in the healthiest way.
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This was cute. 😂🤣 #SparebyPrinceHarry #Colbert
Colbert is very funny. #Spare #PrinceHarryMemoir
Prince Harry found a purpose in the military. A purposeful life is a life well lived.
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I speed read this entire thing today and not many people have asked if I’m OK Image
Prince Harry writing about his second date with Meghan Markle Image
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Like many people across the globe, I sat down with my popcorn last night and watched both the US and UK interviews of Prince Harry, to promote his upcoming memoir #Spare

I have pre ordered the book on Amazon Kindle. I’ll read it then I’m calling it a day. Here’s a thread 🧵
1 - Disclaimer = I’m not a royalist. When Princess Diana died, I had just turned 17. Like millions of others, I saw her as “The People’s Princess”. Any ‘magic’ I’d associated with the RF died along with her. I also find the circumstances of her death suspicious.
2 - I didn’t find either interview controversial or even particularly interesting. Nothing came out that struck me as surprising or new. If anything, I was a bit bored.
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In #SparebyPrinceHarry, he shared that Charles didn't want to pay for Meghan's food and clothing as a working royal because, apparently, they "do not have £ to spare," 👁👄👁 and we found RECEIPTS to confirm this revelation. Watch this space: 🧵
After combing through ALL the publicly available financial statements from the Palace, it was jarring to see how much abuse #MeghanMarkle had put up with because the royal spending went up just 1.79% the year she joined the family. To put that into context, we are looking at £89K Image
But perhaps what is more infuriating is that her cookbook initiative has raised more capital for the local community & the royal foundation than the increase in royal funding allocated for her and her husband in 2019. In 2018 alone, they sold over 130k copies 🌎... Image
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Here we go: Prince Harry's ITV interview with @tombradby about his memoir #Spare is airing now:
Harry describes leaving the UK with Meghan and Archie as "flee[ing] for their lives"
The ITV documentary features excerpts of Harry reading aloud from #Spare (he narrated the audiobook).
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The Harry/William allegations in #Spare are part of a serious crisis for the British monarchy. 1/ It means Charles III will not define the institution's future: the way the two sons are reconciled will, and it's not looking great...
2/ Why do I care? Because our unique parliamentary sovereignty system relies on a stable and publicly apolitical monarchy; but the political and social content of "Harry/Meghan vs the Firm is overt...
3/ Every time the Palace tries to placate the furore by stonewalling Harry, the right-wing media pile in and attack him, appearing to confirm his basic premise that the two institutions are in cahoots on a reactionary/racist agenda...
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Many things are true at once! On #HarryandMeghanNetflix Harry said wearing the Nazi costume was one of the biggest mistakes of his life. He felt so ashamed afterwards and all he wanted to do was make it right. Which he did.
However, it's no secret that not only did William encourage Harry to buy and wear his costume, he delighted in the negative media attention that Harry received after. He wanted to sabotage Harry, whilst he got off scot-free with what he himself wore!
Whilst Harry publicly apologised for his choice of costume and took responsibility for it, William never apologised and received no backlash for HIS participation in the “Colonials and Natives” themed party and HIS choice of costume!
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