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Mar 30, 2023, 5 tweets


The U.S. Army has a long and close relationship with “America’s Pastime,” with many of baseball’s greatest players serving in the Army, either before entering the Major Leagues or during the midst of their careers.


Sporting legends like Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, and Ty Cobb all served their country as soldiers in the U.S. Army. To celebrate baseball’s opening day, here are some facts about the Army’s relationship with America’s Pastime:
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Although his name has been associated with the invention of baseball, Civil War Major General Abner Doubleday does not have any confirmable relationship to the sport. Baseball is instead probably descended the English game “rounders.”
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During World War I, 227 Major League Baseball players paused their careers to join the armed forces. The 1918 season was the shortest in Major League history and was reduced from 154 games to 128 as a war measure.
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Baseball was the favorite sporting activity of American servicemen during World War II, preferred by 72% of all servicemen. It is estimated that over 90% of all Major League Baseball players had served in the armed forces in some capacity by the end of World War II.

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