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1/7 🧵: What is wRC+ in Baseball? ⚾️

Ever heard of the #baseball stat wRC+? It stands for Weighted Runs Created Plus, and it's a great way to evaluate a hitter's overall offensive performance. Let's break it down in this thread!👇 #MLB #Stats
2/7 🧵: wRC Basics

Before understanding wRC+, we need to grasp wRC (Weighted Runs Created). wRC estimates the number of runs a player contributes to their team. It does so by weighting each offensive action (like hits, walks, etc.) based on their run-scoring potential.
3/7 🧵: Why wRC+?

wRC is a useful stat, but it's not perfect. wRC+ takes it a step further by accounting for factors like ballpark dimensions and league-wide scoring. This makes wRC+ a more accurate representation of a hitter's performance. #AdvancedStats
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The U.S. Army has a long and close relationship with “America’s Pastime,” with many of baseball’s greatest players serving in the Army, either before entering the Major Leagues or during the midst of their careers.

Sporting legends like Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, and Ty Cobb all served their country as soldiers in the U.S. Army. To celebrate baseball’s opening day, here are some facts about the Army’s relationship with America’s Pastime:
#TRADOC #OpeningDay #PlayBall #MLB
Although his name has been associated with the invention of baseball, Civil War Major General Abner Doubleday does not have any confirmable relationship to the sport. Baseball is instead probably descended the English game “rounders.”
#Baseball #MilitaryHistory #ArmyandBaseball
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141.01/ Week one-hundred and forty-one, March 25-31, 2023 thread begins here.

Week 140 below.
141.02/ I believe in being as religiously inclusive as possible, so I very much appreciate this thread.
141.03/ OMG, things are getting a bit hectic and tense in Israel right now.

Histadrut calling for a general strike is a logical move

But protesters breaking through security barriers of the PM's residence is scary
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#OnThisDay #OTD February 20, 1992, "Homer at the Bat" (S03E17) first aired on the Fox network. Dir: Jim Reardon. Wr: @JJSwartzwelder. Guest-starring EP: @AlJean & @MikeReissWriter. #TheSimpsons #Baseball #MLB
@JJSwartzwelder @AlJean @MikeReissWriter "Homer at the Bat" features @rogerclemens, Mike Scioscia, Don Mattingly, Steve Sax, @STLWizard, @ChickenMan3010, Darryl Strawberry, Ken Griffey Jr., @JoseCanseco and musician Terry Cashman. Image
@JJSwartzwelder @AlJean @MikeReissWriter @rogerclemens @STLWizard @ChickenMan3010 @JoseCanseco The episode was written by John Swartzwelder, who is a big baseball fan, but suggested by @simonsam, who wanted an episode filled with real @MLB players. Nolan Ryan, Rickey Henderson, Ryne Sandberg, and Carlton Fisk were among the players who turned down the show. ImageImageImageImage
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🧵Are you ready for the #PremiereLeague to kick off? Who do you think will win it all this year? Defending champions @ManCity are the favorites to win the league once more. Image
#ManCity's Premier League title last year marked the club’s fourth title in the past five years and its sixth in both, the Premier League and the Abu Dhabi era. Image
Do you bet on sports? If you've watched a Premier League game on TV in the UK in the last decade, you will have undoubtedly been met with such phrases as 'bet in play now', 'latest live odds' or '£50 free bet' during the game. Image
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High-rollers can count on a truly royal treatment thanks to the exclusive Reelhalla Club with its customized bonuses and special privileges. As for customer service, all players regardless of their status can enjoy 24/7 support, what’s more, they can choose how #MLB #AthleticClub… contact the agents: by Live Chat, toll-free phone, or email.Launched in May 2022, SpinoVerse Casino is the latest US-friendly website to appear in the crowded iGaming arena. The abundance of perks is the highlight of this fantasy metropolis centered… New players can choose from three different welcome offers and an impressive bunch of bonus spins – a great way to get more bang for your bucks, especially for fans of casino slots. Benefits for loyalty are alsoaround the Bonus City jam-packed with all
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📊 Informe: ¿cómo apuestan los aficionados?

☑️En sociedad con @StrendusOficial, El Míster presenta un Informe sobre cuáles son los equipos favoritos de los aficionados para apostar en la @LigaBBVAMX, @LigaMexBeis, @MLB_Mexico, @NBAMEX y @nflmx. Image
Esta es la segunda edición de nuestro Informe de Apuestas Deportivas del mercado mexicano.

Pero antes, aquí les compartimos la primera edición que hicimos también con @StrendusOficial en el 2020 para que sirva de comparativo.…
👉@TigresOficial es el club por el que más apuestan de #LigaMX
👉@Pericos_Oficial sorpresivamente encabeza la lista en la @LigaMexBeis
👉@LosAstros son los preferidos en la #MLB
👉@warriors en #NBA
👉@RamsNFL dominan la #NFL
El resto de los top-5 los pueden mirar en el informe ImageImage
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Joe West's first two ejections, September 8, 1977 of Steve Henderson & Joe Torre. (NYDN 9/9/77). #MLB #Mets
Joe [expletive deleted] West's third and fourth ejections, also of the Mets, Joe Torre and Bobby Valentine on July 27, 1978. (NYDN, 7/28/78) #MLB #Mets
Herman Franks was the victim of Joe West's fifth ejection on August 7, 1978. #Cubs #MLB
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67.01/ Week sixty-seven, Oct. 23-29, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 66 below.
67.02/ Another #NFL Scorigami!

Even sweeter: a final score with a 5, the 2nd best score. #1 is 4 (happened only once, in 1923) #2 is 5, #3 is 2, #4 is 11. The best is a 1, but it's never happened in the NFL.……
67.03/ 1. Sara is absolutely correct: the ketuba is a pre-nup; the husband pledges a sum of money to the wife in event of divorce or death.
2. In addition, as an officiant, I *require* a pre-nup. Specifically the one from the RCA:
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65.01/ Week sixty-five, Oct. 9-15, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 64 below.
65.02/ My name was captured by a bot yesterday... so how was your Shabbos?

Note: I have not given an interview about the Mets nor should that be of interest to anybody.
65.03/ Today is the first FootballMas since 2019! The happiest day of the year!

[FootballMas is when there are NFL games on at 9:30 EST, 1:00, 4:00 and 8:00. All day football is fun.]
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It was hard to hear the irresponsible discussion that I heard on @BallySportsSD between @DonOrsillo, @Mudcat55 and @mlb commissioner Rob Manfred during #MIAvsSD game. The #DeltaVariant will insure that the #CoronavirusPandemic will continue through the end of the season.
Anyone who follows the news know that the pandemic is ramping back up.…
Experts haven't agreed, but I think that vhildren will get sick.…
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48.01/ Week Forty-eight, June 12-18 2021, begins here.

Week 47 below.
48.02/ Not popping champagne corks yet, but the large person with horns could sing at any moment to usher in a post-Bibi Israel
48.03/ Has Bibi taken credit for inventing the question mark?
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If you were to write your #NFTcv what would be included? I've got mine down to 8 projects.

I started #NFTs In 2017 with @CryptoKitties, trading my way up from 1.5 ETH, I grabbed some @larvalabs #Cryptopunks and #Autoglyphs and then started making a living flipping @CSCgame packs
I then heard about @F1DeltaTime & @Topps GPK on @WAX_io. Trading my way in those markets.

I then went nearly all in on @nbatopshot from Alpha day 1 onwards, we all know how that went..

Recent highlights include @BoredApeYC, which has been my most successful buy-in since @NBA
There are a lot more projects in my 3-4 year journey, but these are some of the highlights. I continued trading in and out of these projects over the years. #NFTcv

I also skipped a lot of craziness with @rariblecom and other platforms too
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45.01/ Week Forty-five, May 22-28 2021, begins here.

Week 44 below:
45.02/ Re-upping this thread from Friday about journalism and why the NYT can be seen as biased vs. Arabs & Israelis.

45.03/ I just wrote up a follow-up to the above thread that goes deeper into my social-scientific (data-poor, sorry) analysis of the American perception of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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BREAKING: Boston #RedSox release new yellow jersey as Nike and MLB launch their new "City Connect" uniform series

Pics, details, and my chat with Nike and the Red Sox about it right here:…
"We wanted to do something bold and different. This presented an opportunity to do something that we had never done before"

#RedSox first to unveil new #Nike #MLB CityConnect series uniform.

Read my chat with the team and Nike, and a bunch of pics here:…
Seven teams will be unveiling #Nike #MLB City Connect series uniforms in 2021, to be worn multiple times a year across three seasons.

Red Sox, Marlins, White Sox, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Giants, and Dodgers

More details here:…
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Going to do the #30DayMapChallenge with only baseball data... Should be fun.
Here's day 1 (Points).

#Phillies Citizens Bank Park LIDAR point data. 3.5 million data points. ImageImageImage
Day 2 of the #30DayMapChallenge (Lines)... An animation breaking down where players that played in 2020 were born color coded by team and going to their home stadium.
Day 3 of #30DayMapChallenge (Polygons)... Here's a Voronoi diagram using #MLB stadium distances to create team boundaries. Pretty cool results. Image
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15.01/ From last night, about the newest COVID outbreak from within the White House. As I've said before, the core value of Pence/GOP is anti-expertise, which leads to their self-destruction
15.02/ #Steelers @ Titans is the game of the week and as the picture below shows, nearly everyone in the 50 states will get to see it except... me in Jersey. But I'll get to listen to the game on my laptop, 10-70 seconds behind (why?!) #HereWeGo CBS broadcast map for 1pm g...
15.03/ @Dameshek is (basically) my age and we were both kids in Pittsburgh at the same time so we have the same abject fear of Mr. Yuk.

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Seis innings sin hits ni carreras para Martín Pérez frente a @BlueJays. Veremos cómo la va durante el resto del juego. #MLB
Teoscar Hernández, con sencillo contra la pared, le rompe el juego sin hits ni carreras a Martín Pérez como primer bateador del séptimo inning.
Martín Pérez termina su actuación ante @BlueJays luego de seis innings y dos tercios de tres hits, una carrera, tres boletos y cinco ponches.

La efectividad del zurdo mejoró a 4.07 después de ocho aperturas. #MLB
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I have been a lifelong Dodger, Lakers and Rams fan. Sports have been an integral part of my life. High school sports were the primary incentives for me to bring my butt to school and to get myself through high school and eventually into college. If what is happening in sports
doesn't shock and scare you, you are wearing blinders. These sports figures are celebrating chaos, the denigration of our nation and our constitution. Drew Brees speaks up and he was forced into an apology. Brian Urlacher speaks up and he is quieted and disowned by the Bears.
Advertisers pull contract deals from athletes that don't step into line. The Chinese communist party can successfully threaten the NBA for speaking out for the freedom of those in Hong Kong and the NBA acquiesces. Like it or not many of our youth who don't understand that Lebron
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#MLB announced several schedule changes. STL @ DET & DET @ STL
The 4-game H&H series between the Cardinals and Tigers, originally scheduled for Aug. 3-6, will be rescheduled as two doubleheaders - Aug. 13 at Comerica Park & , Sept. 10 at Busch Stadium.
As a result of the first STL-DET doubleheader, the originally scheduled game between the Cardinals & White Sox on Aug. 13, originally set to be played at “Field of Dreams” in Dyersville, Iowa, will move to Aug. 14 at Guaranteed Rate.
FOX added Brewers at Cubs game for Aug. 13.
As a result of the STL-DET doubleheader Sept. 10, the originally scheduled 7:10 p.m. (ET) game between the Tigers and Brewers at Comerica Park on Wednesday, September 9th has been changed to a 1:10 p.m. (ET) start.
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With this, following on the mass positive #COVID tests in the #Marlins clubhouse, there's no way this #MLB season happens. And all the other sports will be cancelled as well. Mark my words. Now let's take this beyond baseball and sports and look at things from 30,000 feet (1/7)
We were told in mid-March that if we locked down—really locked down—for 2-3 months, then we could start opening things up safely by July-ish, and maybe we'd have school this fall if we'd really beaten the virus. It was called quarantine. We could've lived with that bargain. (2/7)
Instead, in some states, thanks to, yes, #Trump and some stupid, Trump-loving propagandists (I mean #Republicans) running the show, they opened up in early May because they wanted to own the libs. And they shunned masks and hit #Fauci because they wanted to own the libs. (3/7)
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Hmmmm 14 #Marlins players and coaches have tested positive for #COVID in the last few days. #MLBOpeningDay for them is cancelled. That's BASEBALL, where most of the game is spent as far away from others as possible. Anybody out there still thinking #NFL is a good idea this year ?
How on earth are we trying to do something today that didn't work 100 years ago when there were fewer people, and less opportunities for transmission? College football and whole baseball teams sat out in the 1918 Spanish Flu…
It would be better to START a season late, or not have one at all, than to START a season #NFL #NBA #MLB and then have to cancel it because players and coaches get sick from #COVID or worse die.
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• Félix Mantilla 🇵🇷⁣
• Roberto Clemente 🇵🇷
• Tony Oliva 🇨🇺⁣
• Cookie Rojas 🇨🇺⁣
⁣• Juan Marichal 🇩🇴⁣
⁣• Zoilo Versalles 🇨🇺⁣
⁣• Víctor Davalillo 🇻🇪⁣
⁣• Leo Cárdenas 🇨🇺

Los latinoamericanos en el @AllStarGame realizado hoy hace 55 años. 📷: Herb Scharfman. Image
Ocho representantes de la región fueron convocados al clásico de mitad de temporada para así igualar la marca impuesta la campaña anterior en el capítulo que comenzó en 1951 con el venezolano Chico Carrasquel y el cubano Minnie Miñoso como pioneros.
La Liga Nacional se impuso 6 carreras por 5. El premio Jugador Más Valioso de la edición celebrada en el Metropolitan Stadium de Bloomington, Minnesota, lo obtuvo Marichal luego de lanzar tres innings en blanco. Así por primera vez un latino conseguía el galardón. #MLB
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1- Senta que (com um dia de atraso) lá vem thread...

O que o NY Mets, o Romário e a Albânia têm em comum? Todos se ferraram com um esquema de pirâmide!

Todo dia 1/7, o ex-astro do baseball, Bobby Bonilla, recebe em sua conta um depósito de 1.2 milhão de dólares do NY Mets.⚾️
2- No ano 2000, após uma carreira de sucesso com o Mets, Bonilla já caminhava para a aposentadoria. Pra encerrar o contrato, o clube tinha que pagar U$5M, mas o jogador fez uma proposta interessante: não me paga nada por 11 anos, e depois deposita 1M por ano de 2011 a 2035.
3- Porque pagar mais de 20M quando poderia pagar 5M? Parcelar uma dívida é sempre interessante, mas havia algo por trás dessa decisão. Os donos do NY Mets (o Botafogo da #MLB), apostavam que uma aposta com um investidor de renome tornaria o clube bilionário!
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