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Aug 13, 2023, 13 tweets

Do you see how it works yet?
@UniofOxford make a mint pushing a failed and dangerous vaccine for a disease that they fraudulently promoted as lethal...

Whilst pretending to run studies that - if they could interfere with the gravy train - were never published.

(see next tweet)

Here is the clinical trials record for the Wellcome-sponsored COPCOV trial, which was the most likely to report a benefit of protection from #hydroxychloroquine.

It was completed over a year ago.
Result never reported.

The statistical analysis plan was signed off in December 2022, with the last patient completed to recruitment in March 2022 - 17 months ago.

This is a slow walk. It's deliberate.

The PI is a trainee.
Highly unusual for a major trial.

Here's another one.
From @WEHI_research who love sending trolls to try to remove us from twitter.
Never reported.
You know why?....


Because the trial data was scrubbed.
Here is the ANZCTR record.
The trial website has gone, but previously existed.
https://t.co/cBh1xQw6iK https://t.co/iZRX49qvyvcovidshieldtrial.com.au

Did you catch it?
The smartest mice get the tastiest cheese.
Who has control of this trial?
Who registered the website?

Why our old friends @IQVIA_global of course.
The very people who procured the data for the "highly safe and effective"....

Astrazeneca COVID vaccine, for which they were the data collaborator (aka data maker)

And who were working in conjunction with @UniofOxford, home of our extremist #Vaxophile @trishgreenhalgh, to develop a vaccine... that killed untold numbers of people...

For a disease that was non-lethal in 99% of people and almost certainly treatable in the remainder, if the hydroxychloroquine (+ azithromycin) studies were allowed to have been published.

But @astrazeneca, @IQVIA and @UniofOxford made sure they weren't. Didn't they?

@AstraZeneca @IQVIA @UniofOxford And remember that this is the same IQVIA which has its tentacles in every EMR in every country, yet also ran the only lab in the world...

Where the PCR positive rate for COVID was 99.99%

I'm sure it was just a coincidence.

@MartinNeil9 @profnfenton

@AstraZeneca @IQVIA @UniofOxford @MartinNeil9 @profnfenton Once you realise the collusion between @UniofOxford, their pharma stooge @trishgreenhalgh, the corrupted PRINCIPLE trial and the lethal RECOVERY trial which were all run from the same place...

You will understand how it works.

This is #Oxfordgate

And remember the ironically-named RECOVERY trial which was also run out of Oxford using @bengoldacre's @HDR_UK pet project, supervised by Jeffrey Epstein's favourite Nicole Junkermann.

25% of their COVID patients died.

#OxfordGate @JohnnyVedmore @artisbrutal2021 https://t.co/xwbLDNAdcMtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…

And finally the PRINCIPLE trial of which the outcome was already decided before it started.

Of course nobody can access their data hosted on @OpenClinica - supposedly IQVIA's competitor.
They look pretty friendly here 🤔

Just to reiterate - because some things are not clear in tweet threads.

IQVIA took over the data for this study and failed to report the outcome.

A reportable breach of clinical trial ethics.


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