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{#taekook/#vkook au} Phoenix hybrid!Taehyung always creates fires by accident. Fireman!Jungkook often comes to stop these fires but is always surprised to see a shy young boy turn to ashes whenever their eyes meet. Before returning from the ashes as soon as the wolf hybrid leaves
- NSFW warning (dunno if there'll be smut 😕 but you can expect violence/death scenes and implied hybrid abuse)
- Angst but fluff and good ending too
- Ageswap (Jk's 24 y/o and Tae's 22 y/o)
- If you want to comment do not reply to this thread, quote instead
Taehyung had always lived away from society because his parents were afraid he’d become a slave like most hybrids. So, they lived isolated in a cottage in the middle of a huge forest since Taehyng was born.
When he was younger Taehyung used to run away to admire the nearby city.
He even tried several times to make friends during his runaways, but his small wings and his tail covered with weak flames constantly frightened the strangers who crossed his path.
And it often ended with Taehyung running back home after accidentally setting fire at a police car.

Being a phoenix hybrid had always scared Taehyung because it was very hard for him to control his flames and he often burned things around him or injured people nearby.
He had spent his childhood trying to control them with the help of his father who was an eagle hybrid and didn't know much about hybrids of legendary creatures, but he began to study them at Taehyung's birth.
They spent hours and hours training in the woods together or reading old books about hybrids that Tae refused to touch in fear of burning them.

Training with his father was often physical training to strengthen Taehyung so that he could take control over his phoenix part.
And the training with his mother was more like concentration or relaxation training so that he had control over his emotions and didn't get overwhelmed.

It was also his mother who took care of his education and taught him how to cook and garden.
Of course they had tried to make Taehyung go to school but 2 days later the school had burned down. Tae couldn't help it, he was extremely shy when he was young and when someone looked at him he either turned to ashes or set something on fire.
Back then only his parents were able to look at him without fear of seeing him disappear or having something burn around them but with time he was able to control his emotions and shyness better and better.
Unfortunately, all this training and improvement seemed useless when one day some strangers learned about the existence of this family of hybrids and came to visit them.

Taehyung could clearly remember the beginning of that day.
It was a Saturday during the summer when he wasn't allowed to leave his house to make sure he didn't destroy the surrounding forest with his flames. It was extraordinarily hot that day which didn't displease Tae since he loves heat.
So, he had left his bedroom window open not worrying about his parents because his room was especially thermally isolated from the rest of the house.

But suddenly he heard a car approaching their house and knowing that his parents were at home he looked out the window-
- in curiosity but also in excitement to see strangers which was so rare. He remembered seeing his parents suddenly stop gardening before his mother jogged towards the unknown car with a huge smile.
The three hybrids thought that they might be travellers who were lost. And Taehyung even thought they might come in for a drink and a chat inside and strangely that made him smile.
He was still quite shy but if they were travelers then they could have told travel stories that Taehyung loved so much. He often read travellers' blogs and dreamed of travelling around the world even if he was an hybrid.
But it was when the car door opened that the smile on Taehyung's face disappeared as the three hybrids realized that this visit was far from friendly.

The three strangers were there, each with guns in their hands, standing in front of the three frightened and shocked hybrids.
They didn't shoot for a moment but when Taehyung's mother started to run they started to shoot. Their shots weren't even aimed to kill her, they just shoot around her to terrorize her and make her run even faster.
Two of them went running after her like lions in chase of an injured gazelle while the last of them headed towards Taehyung's father who was trying to run to help his wife.
But the man with the gun stopped him before he could run after his wife by pointing the gun at him, ordering him to get on his knees. He obeyed while he saw the love of his life running in the woods to survive.
Taehyung was tetanized, he couldn't move, think, or even breathe. He watched his quiet life fall apart without being able to do anything until a bullet hit his mother. He couldn't see his mother well because she had already gone far enough into the forest, -
- but the few holes left by the trees leaves were enough for him to see his mother's body fall on the floor.

It was at that moment that his heart stopped for a moment, that no more air was coming out or entering his lungs, that time seemed to have stopped-
- before reality slapped him in the face.

In an instant his room and all his belongings burned around him, leaving nothing but greyish ashes to replace all the various colourful things that decorated the room.
Everything was being destroyed and was falling apart around him as his life was doing at that moment.

Taehyung didn't know what to think or do, he had lost the control that he had kept so painfully.
He didn't even realize that the three strangers and his father had looked up at him.

Before the three men who hadn't noticed him yet started shooting at him, which gave his father an opportunity to throw himself on one of them.
But when Tae saw the glittering of a knife blade in the pocket of the man his father was attacking, he shouted at him to let go and run away.
When he got no reaction from his father he jumped out his window, but by the time he got up from his fall he heard his father screaming and saw his lifeless body rolling beside the stranger who slowly stood up with his gun still in one hand and now a knife in his other hand.
Starting from then Taehyung couldn't remember anything clearly. He only remembered the moment when he woke up on the floor in blood and tears surrounded by a burning forest, a house now made of ashes and five carbonised bodies.
Taehyung had immediately fled to the nearest town when he heard the sirens of police and fire trucks quickly approaching the place. He was terrified, and his clothes were partly burnt leaving his wings and tail fully exposed.
He knew that even if he reached the city nobody would help him in his current state, but he kept running hoping to find any help possible.

Fortunately, luck hadn't completely left him and as he left the forest he found himself facing an old house.
The house looked really old and returned a mysterious aura almost terrifying. It was located in a small area with only a few other houses.
Taehyung tried to calm down for a moment and then when he stopped panting he wiped away his tears, his sweat and tried to clean and fix his clothes still covered in blood before knocking on the door of the house.
He had no idea what time it was, but he thought it was around 4-5am so he didn't really expect anyone to come and open the door. So of course, he was surprised to see an old woman open the door in front of him.
But he was even more surprised when the said lady invited him home and gave him food, water and new clothes.

After talking a little with this lady who turned out to be a widow with a grandson about Taehyung's age, Tae had stayed in bed all day and cried a lot, but the old lady-
-had helped and reassured him without even worrying about Taehyung's uncontrollable flames. She had even stayed in the room to stop the few fires that Tae had created in the room.
And since that day Taehyung had stayed in that house with that lady whom he now considered as his grandmother.

He had been living here for 4 years now and was already 22 years old. He had spent the first year to mentally recover from the emotional shock he had experienced.
He hardly left the house during this year, too afraid to see any stranger.

But the second year he decided to finally go out and try to find work. It turned out that this task was harder than he thought. The hardest part for him wasn't finding a job but rather keeping it.
Because of course he always ended up setting something on fire. But his shyness was no longer the reason why he was causing fires because he had become much less shy thanks to the old lady.
The main reason was that he was often distracted by customers or by the activity of the city around him and therefore didn't pay attention to these flames anymore.

He couldn't help it, since he lived in the city he was constantly observing the city and people around him.
He was fascinated by everything he saw. Since he started working he was smiling constantly because he finally had the life he dreamed of having even though he was a hybrid and his parents were no longer there.
Of course, not everything went as he wanted, he tried to hide his wings and tail as much as he could, but he found himself several times in a police car for no good reason or even taken by force and beaten up in a small isolated alley.
If he had the opportunity he immediately turned to ashes in this kind of situation but a disadvantage of it was that he couldn't do it if someone touched him. And so he often ended up with bruises or even broken ribs. Fortunately the old lady was always there to take care of him.
And Taehyung was also grateful because she never asked him about the reason for his bruises because she probably already knew how hybrids were treated.
Taehyung was no longer counting the number of workplaces he had set on fire and so he wanted to try something else to not have to pay for the repairs again. He had thought about trying this for a long time because he had always loved it-
-but he knew he wouldn't make much money doing it and yet it was only 4 weeks that he had been selling his drawings in town and he already had regulars who came to see him draw every day.
His main client was Jimin, he was about the same age as him. He was a policeman and always stopped after his shift. They even went for a drink in a bar at night and exchanged numbers. Taehyung was really happy to finally have a friend.
Every night he happily told the old lady what Jimin and he had talked about during the day. Jimin even gave him tips and always bought him at least one drawing. He even offered him paints, brushes, canvases, sketchbooks and crayons.
And to thank him Taehyung often went into the forest to draw the nature that Jimin had told him he loved so much.

But one day while he was painting in a small plain near the forest he got lost in his thoughts and was brought back to reality by a powerful smell of smoke.
He immediately tried to stop the fire, but it was too late several bushes had already caught fire and the branches of the nearest trees lit up one by one like candles.

When he heard the fire and police siren Taehyung picked up the things Jimin had offered him-
-as quickly as possible and started running towards his home. Without noticing it he ran towards the sirens and before realizing it, he was facing several firemen moving around a fire truck.

Taehyung couldn't help looking at them a little fascinated.
He'd never seen firemen before. They all had thick fire suits and some even had big helmets on their heads. All the men were running and screaming all over the place.

Actually, all but one.
Taehyung was surprised to see one of these men leaning against the truck with a cigarette in his hand, he didn't seem to care at all about the situation.

Taehyung was even more surprised when he saw the two big fluffy black ears on this man's head.
They looked like wolf ears and when Tae saw his eyes he knew he was really a wolf hybrid. His gaze was powerful, deep but also calm and fascinating just like the flames that Taehyung was so used to watch. He knew it was the eyes of a wolf. A dangerous wild wolf.
He wanted to look at his eyes from the front, he wanted to observe them more closely. He began to approach without realizing it and without even realizing the ears of the hybrid turning in his direction.
Its only when a fireman asked Taehyung if he was all right and the wolf hybrid turned to look at him that Tae felt incredibly shy and turned to ashes instantly leaving the two firemen in shock as only a few painting tools and a bunch of ashes were left to replace the young man.
Jungkook had noticed the young man's presence for a while, but when he saw his cheeks turning pink and then saw the strange boy disappeared, he immediately dropped his cigarette with wide eyes before slowly approaching the ash heap and the belongings of the beautiful stranger.
Jungkook knelt down to collect the things of the red-haired young man and slowly brushed the strange ashes covering the ground. He had no idea how the young man had vanished and had a strange desire to know more about the intriguing stranger.
But for now, he had to do his job, so he got the sketchbook and the canvas half painted and put them in the truck before joining his co-workers.
It wasn't until several minutes later when all the firemen left that Taehyung reincarnated.
When he burned himself to ashes Taehyung had the impression that his body was reduced to ashes but that his soul remained alive, it was as if his body was invisible and paralysed. He could see, hear, smell and feel things but couldn't speak, move or do anything.
He still didn't really understand how his reincarnation worked, but he had noticed that when he wore fire-resistant clothing they also turned to ashes at the same time as he did and recomposed when he reincarnated unlike ordinary clothes that remained ash.
So, he often wore fireproof clothes, especially when he went to the city to make sure he didn't get naked if something happened to him. And fortunately, he had gone to paint just after returning from his "work" and therefore didn't find himself naked after reincarnating.
So, he picked up the few things that were still on the ground and went home even though he was a little sad that the weird fireman stole his sketchbook and canvas.
He wanted to finish this painting tonight and give it to Jimin tomorrow but now he was just hoping that the fireman wasn't going to sell his painting somewhere or throw it away.

He thought that if he kept it he might ask him to give it back if they ever saw each other again.
Which was very probable considering the number of fires Taehyung was creating. In fact he thought he had already seen all the firemen of the city, but he had never seen this fireman before, so he wondered if he was new here.
So, he went home a bit sad and asked Jimin to go out, but instead Jimin invited him to spend the night at his place. Taehyung hesitated a little bit as he was still a little embarrassed at the thought of spending the night at someone's house-
- as it was only the second time he was going to Jimin's house. The first time they had spent the evening together watching movies while cuddling then they had spent a good part of the night talking before Taehyung went home in the middle of the night because-
-he didn't feel comfortable enough to stay all night. Jimin had tried to convince him of course but Tae had persuaded him by explaining that he was worried about his grandmother who wasn't doing very well.
Of course, it wasn't true, the old lady was doing very well and she even scolded Taehyung for not staying longer with his friend.

This time Taehyung decided to go to Jimin's and stay all night. So, he packed a few things, informed the old lady and left for his friend's place.
He didn't have much money with him and didn't really want to go by taxi but luckily Taehyung had to pass the motorcycle licence for one of his odd jobs and last year the old lady bought him a motorcycle of which he was quite proud-
-and since it was still hot enough outside, Taehyung decided to take it to go to Jimin's.

He arrived at his place rather quickly, Jimin lived in an apartment in the city centre, it wasn't very big but the sight was magnificent.
Taehyung had spent a long time contemplating the view the first time he came, and Jimin had teased him a lot about it, because he was constantly distracted by the view and no longer paid attention to the film or the conversation he had with Jimin.
Jimin had already given him the building access code, so Taehyung went in and took the elevator to Jimin's apartment.

He was obsessed with the view from the glass wall of the elevator.
The higher he went, the more he saw the orange lights of the sunset invading the city, giving him the impression that fire had taken over the streets and the sky. It was truly beautiful but almost terrifying as darkness quickly replaced that massive fire.
The elevator had already arrived at its destination when darkness took control over the city, but Taehyung couldn't help but stay a few seconds longer to admire all the hundreds of stars lighting up in front of him whether in the sky or in the streets at his feet.
He finally stepped off the elevator and knocked at the door that he knew was Jimin's. It was only a few seconds later that Jimin opened the door and threw himself into his arms.

“Hi Taetae!”

“Hi Jiminie~”
“I missed you~” Taehyung giggled slightly while Jimin finally let him go and they went into the apartment

“We literally just saw each other a few hours ago Jimin” Jimin turned around and pouted as he grabbed his phone in his kitchen
“A few hours are already too long!” Taehyung giggled and then smirked as he slowly came closer from Jimin

“You’re a bit to whinny today kitten, aren’t you?” asked Taehyung with an even bigger smirk as a faint blush was now showing on Jimin's cheeks
But Jimin quickly hit him on the shoulder laughing

“Stop it, Hoseok and Jin aren't even here”

“One you forgot that Yoongi also enjoys it when we do that and two it's way too funny to see you flustered” Taehyung said as he showed his big boxy smile to Jimin.
Lately Seokjin and Yoongi had been coming to see Taehyung when he was in town and they quickly became friends with him and Jimin even through Yoongi was quite shy. As for Hoseok, he was a very good friend of Jimin's and was also a policeman, so he came to see Taehyung-
- with Jimin after their service a few times and they easily became good friends.

What had also brought Yoongi and Hoseok closer to him was that they were both hybrids.

Even though he was shy Yoongi was a black panther hybrid-
-and therefore you really had to stay away from him when he got mad.
And Hoseok was a cat hybrid, so Yoongi and him got along very well even if Hoseok was sometimes a little too energetic for the panther hybrid.
And with all of them as spectators, Jimin and Taehyung had recently begun their little game of fake boyfriends as schoolboys would do in manga to hide their real attraction to each other. Even though Taehyung wasn't attracted to Jimin.
“Ya! I’m not flustered! Now go sit while I order us some pizza” Jimin took Taehyung out of his thoughts and is smile widened even more as he captured the word ‘pizza’. He jumped excitedly around Jimin before sitting on his couch.
After a few minutes Jimin joined Taehyung on the couch and they chose several movies together before their pizzas arrived.

As they started to eat, they'd put on one of the movies. But soon they started talking and didn't even pay attention to the film continuing in the back.
Taehyung wasn't really listening to his friend as Jimin started complaining about an alcoholic he had to deal with today. But his attention quickly shifted to his police friend when he started talking about a fire that had taken place near Tae's house.
And that's when Taehyung finally decided to tell Jimin.

“Jimin I-I'm sorry but-“ Taehyung was immediately cut off by his friend's voice

“But it was you. You caused that fire, right?”
“Yeah…” Taehyung lowered his head a bit embarrassed

“You don’t need to apologize about that. I know that it's your flames' fault Tae don’t worry” Jimin smiled at Taehyung who still kept a sad expression on his face even after what his friend had told him
“That's not the only thing I apologize for, Jimin. I-Someone stole me the sketchbook and the canvas you bought me last time. I-”

"Stop, it’s okay Tae I’ll buy you another sketchbook and canvas stop worrying about things like that.
You know, even if you burned down your house, I'd buy you a new one” Taehyung laughed at this and friendly slapped Jimin's shoulder

"You woulnd't" Jimin pretended to be offended and then replied with a slight smile that he couldn't contain anymore

"I would!"
They debated for a while about the house that Jimin would buy him if Tae unfortunately burned his own then Jimin finally returned to the main topic of their little talk

“So, someone stole you? You should have called me. We should have filed a report.
We can go do it tomorrow morning if you want”

“No! Well, actually, I know how to get it back. But I need you to listen to me and not kill me for what I'm gonna say” Jimin rolled his eyes before looking back at Taehyung who seemed really serious about the 'not kill me' part
“All right I won’t kill you, spit it out”

“Okay, I kinda want to… startafiretoattractthebeautifulfiremanandgetmysketchbookandcanvasbackandmaybegethisnumtoo” Jimin seemed to take a few seconds to understand what Tae had just said at full speed without even catching his breath.
*-That's what Tae says if you don't want to bother trying to read-
"Okay, I kinda want to... start a fire to attract the beautiful fireman and get my sketchbook and canvas back and maybe get his num too"*
When he finally understood he got up and had to refrain himself from killing Taehyung. As he remembered telling his friend he wouldn't kill him.
“ARE YOU CRAZY?! Is that your phoenix talking for you Tae? You WANT to create a fire? Like you want to create a fire not accidentally?” Taehyung nodded as his friend seemed to consider again what he had just said
“And what's the deal with that beautiful fireman?” Taehyung felt the heat increase a little on his cheeks

“Well, he's technically the one who stole my stuff”
“What? But weren’t there policemen too? Didn't you say anything to them about the fireman? Or didn't they say anything to the fireman for stealing your stuff?”

“Actually, I wasn't really there anymore when he took my stuff...” Jimin sighed and put his hands on his face
“Were you in ashes when he took them?” Taehyung blushed slightly with shame

“Yeah kinda” Jimin sighed but smiled softly before stroking Tae's hair finding him really cute when he was shy
“So, how are you gonna do it?” Taehyung finally smiled at Jimin as he began to explain his plan to him
It was only a few days later that Taehyung and Jimin decided to execute their plan.

They had found an abandoned house a bit away from the city and the forest, checked that it was empty and then put on fireproof clothes. Everything was ready.
“Taetae, are you really sure about all this plan?” asked Jimin as fear and doubt was evident on his face

“No, I’m not Jiminie… That’s part of why you’re here…” answered Taehyung before taking Jimin’s hand on his own “But if you want to go then I’m not gonna stop you.
I know that what I’m about to do is illegal and I don't want you as a cop to take the guilt for it so-”

“Stop Tae. I’m not gonna leave you. I would never. But… don't you think this is going a little too far just to get your stuff back?” Taehyung didn't answer back.
He knew he was going too far but Jimin didn't know how much he cared about the sketchbook, it had become his personal diary and he had put in all the memories of his previous life.
So of course, he wanted it back at all cost.
But he couldn’t just go straight to the fire station and ask the 'thief' to give it back because he was a weak hybrid after all. The wolf hybrid would probably just make fun of him and report him to the police as a pyromaniac.

Taehyung knew that his plan was a much better idea.
“Don’t worry Tae, I know that everything is a lot more difficult for you so if you think that’s the right thing to do then do it” Jimin reassured Taehyung and squeezed his hand slightly

“Thank you Minie”
They both smiled at each other, Jimin put on a mask to protect himself from the fire but also so that nobody would recognize him and then Taehyung started burning down the house. They both hid in bushes a little further away and called the firemen.

The plan had begun.
It only took a few minutes before they heard sirens not too far away.

Soon enough 2 fire trucks arrived, men and women all running out of it like ants running out of their anthill after a child had fun walking on it.
Today the child was Taehyung even though he wasn't really having fun. He wasn't interested in other ants too, he was just waiting for one particular ant.

And he soon saw him stepping out of the truck slowly.
He wasn’t smoking this time, he was just giving orders and quickly helped to pull out the fire hose.

Taehyung watched attentively every move of the hybrid. He needed to talk with him face to face but for that he needed to isolate him.
And to do so he had bought an ultrasound transmitter that only some hybrids and animals perceived.

So, he turned on the transmitter and immediately heard a loud whistle coming from the device.
The hybrid wolf immediately turned in their direction, frowning.

The noise was really unpleasant, Taehyung knew it, but it seemed to work as the fireman gave some orders before heading towards the source of the ultrasound.
Then Taehyung's heart began to beat faster and faster at every step of the wolf hybrid and before he even knew it, he was already only a few steps away from them.

“Tae don't you think we should get up?” Jimin whispered at his friend who seemed paralized.
At that instant, time seemed to stop.

Both were now standing in front of a shocked hybrid.

No one made a move nor said anything, the two hybrids just contemplated each other while Jimin was lost in the middle of this soundless encounter.
And that's when Taehyung's shyness hit him, he felt his cheeks turn red and his heartbeat began to accelerate even more.

He tried to escape Jimin's grip as he attempted to calm Tae, but nothing seemed to work.
Jungkook could only watch from afar as flames began to rise all around the two young men in front of him.

But when small flames began to appear on the red-haired boy's clothes he decided to intervene.
Jungkook didn't though twice. As soon as he saw those flames he grabbed both of their arms and separated their linked hands.

The red-haired man immediately fell on the ground and Jungkook dropped next to him to stop the flames, not even caring about the other man.
But as his hands went to the boy’s legs they suddenly disappeared in a little cloud of smoke and a bunch of ashes.

"Wha- what is going on?!" Jungkook couldn't figure out what happened.
He was trying to help some guy who was totally burning on the spot as he was being held by some other masked guy and the burning guy just disappeared in front of him.

Jungkook suddenly remembered the boy who disappeared like that in front of him some time ago.
It was exactly the same boy with his red hair and his two lost puppy's eyes.

When the realisation hit him, he immediately turned around to face the other guy that he -almost- forgot earlier.
"Why- How- Who is he?" Jungkook asked the masked man in front of him but he only earned a sigh as the said man shook his head.

It's only after a moment that he answered.
"His name is Kim Taehyung and if you had let me do what I was doing maybe you could have also known why and how... dumbass" the masked guy then run away and Jungkook didn't even followed him firstly because he was too taken aback by the straightforwardness of the man and-
-secondly because he couldn't leave the other firemen. He had finally become captain so he had to do his job well to stay that way.

So after some time looking at the ashes he finally decided to get up and go back to the truck.
Taehyung was afraid even in its ash form he was still frightened by the wolf hybrid right in front of him. His shyness was the main cause of this but the fireman's wolf part also terrified him. He'd had to deal with hybrids like that in the past and it always ended badly for him.
A few seconds went by and Taehyung saw the man sigh and then leave with a sad face to join the other firemen. The phoenix hybrid felt his heart slow down at this sight, not really since his heart was in ashes for now, but he felt a weight being lifted off his shoulders,-
-the wolf hybrid didn't seem like all the beasts he had met in the past.
Taehyung really hoped so. He hoped that the cute bunny smile on the man's face when he was laughing at anything his colleagues were telling wasn't just the result of his imagination or even-
-that the sad face he had just seen wasn't just from the disappointment of the wolf missing his prey.
He really wished he wasn't one of those beasts.

After the firemen left Taehyung went to Jimin's place.
He knew that his friend would be disappointed and probably angry, but Taehyung had to face the consequences of his actions. That's what he did, he spent the whole evening listening to Jimin's comfort as well as his reprimands.
After several long hours Jimin finally fell asleep on his couch in Taehyung's arms as he continued to whisper things that Tae could no longer understand.
He took him gently into his arms and carried him to his bed before leaving the apartment.
He couldn't stay with Jimin, he felt bad for him since he had put his career as a policeman in danger for some childish whims.

But as he went out of the building he realised that it was right now that he felt the most like a child.
His first thoughts were to go home but the strong smell of smoke coming from his clothes stopped him in his tracks as he remembered the many times he didn't dare coming back home after burning something during his runaway, too afraid of his parents' reaction.
This time he was afraid that the old lady he now called 'Grandma' was tired of him, tired of him constantly coming back home with a smell of smoke surrounding him.
That she'd had enough that he constantly burned something in the house or that she had to stay close to him at night so that she was sure he didn't burn anything during his sleep.
Seconds passed, even minutes and Taehyung was still on the sidewalk as the noise around him seemed to slowly grow louder and everything around him seemed to gradually swallow him.
He heard the mockery, the insults, the murmurs, the judgments, he felt the furtive glances, the people staring at him, looking at him from head to toe, judging his tail and wings. He felt everything crumbling down on him little by little even though he knew deep down-
-that it was all in his head.

He knew that his shyness wouldn’t let him stand for long and so his feet began to move, to guide him through the streets all more animated one after the other as each step he was taking was a suffering as if all those voices in his head, all those-
-memories were pulling him back preventing him from moving forward.

The bustle of the city gradually began to disappear, as well as the blinding lights that went with it.
Taehyung continued to walk as the calm surrounding him seemed to slowly lighten each of-
-his steps on the cold asphalt.

He couldn’t stop his legs from moving forward but when he suddenly came to a stop he knew exactly where he was. He didn't need to look up, didn't need to look around.
The ground under his feet and the smell surrounding the place were enough for him to know where he was.

He wasn’t knowing why he was there, but he just went to the closest tree as ashes flew away at every step he took.
He sat at the base of the tree slightly burned black and finally he dared to look up.
As he felt the wind blowing his hair out of his face, he saw a few clouds of dust flew away from the deformed black structure lying on the ground as owls and bats flew over the great disaster-
-where some dared to land on.

The scenery was almost peaceful.

It was the first time he came back here after that day and he soon fell asleep with the memory of his parents in mind not provoking him to burst into tears like usual but rather drawing a peaceful smile-
-on his lips as he felt deep down that his parents were finally resting in peace.
I haven't published anything for so long I'm sorry I'll try to drop some updates soon 💜
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