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#taekook FAKE DATING au where

Taehyung broke up with his trash-for-a-boyfriend who also happens to be Jungkook's nemesis. Jungkook, who was pining over taehyung for months, shoots his shot. Well... in his own way. ImageImageImageImage
- fake dating au
- obliviousness and dumbassery
- angsty ig?
- please interact if you like the au, it keeps me motivated 🥺
- will try to be consistent with updates but who knows 😭
🌸 1 ImageImage
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качество😭😭😭ну почеиэму ты не можешь оставаться нормальным😭😭
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So nice to finally post without worrying about cropping~
Also, prints are available here! I'd appreciate it a whole lot if you decided to support 💖…
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#taekookau its the last year of college and jk has his life perfectly laid out for himself. that is, until he comes across tae, someone he used to intimidate back in the high school days.

turns out tae has now become everything jk had never imagined him to be. ImageImage
◇ biker tae agenda 24/7
◇ chaebol jk
◇ angst/fluff n stuff
◇ enemies to strangers to luvrs
◇ maybe nsfw
◇ ignore typos/timestamps
◇ interactions appreciated
◇ fictional work
◇ first work n english is not my first lang
◇ jk's friends: jimin, jin
◇ tae's friends: hobi, joon, yoongi
◇ tae, joon, yoon, jin -> music
◇ jk, jimin, hobi -> dance
◇ tae likes motorbike racing
◇ jk studies to take on family business
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#Taekook AU


Kalau di tongkrongan sih, sok dingin dan diam tak saling sapa. Namun berbeda cerita jika sedang berdua. Saling cinta dan tengah menjalani kisah asmara. ImageImageImageImage

- bxb
- TopTae x bottkook
- Rated : R ( kiss, cuddle, fight )
- harshword
- Fluff 100%

Author's note :
- Typo (s)
- ignore timestamp
- your own risk
- chara hanya pinjaman
- Cr. Pinterest & owner

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#taekook abo au

Where Jungkook picks up something on a rainy night, not knowing its underworld's most notorious mafia leader, Kim Taehyung Image
In this world, aside from being male or female, you are born with another gender at birth, alpha, beta and omega.

Omegas were at the top of the hierarchy, composing only a small percent of the population, excelling in everything and gifted with the ability to procreate.
Followed by alphas, who were slightly inferior to the omegas but nevertheless possessed outstanding abilities, and lastly the betas, who make up about 80% of the populace.
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#taekook au;

journalist taehyung is writing an article about “the cons of dating a celebrity”— his focus set on rising star jeon jeongguk.

but he’s shocked when instead of being entitled like most, jeongguk is kind and sweet, inevitably making it ten times harder for taehyung.
— ♟ —

- half written, half social media (will probably lean towards written parts because that’s what i’m best at 🥰)

- fluff + angst

- i’m not funny so this will probably be boring i’m sorry 🥴
— profiles pt 1 —

bighit squad!! 🎤✨

- jin is a singer + actor

- namseok are rappers

- they have a group chat with jeongguk and are all best buddies!!!
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#taekook au where thomasian!taeh x atenean!jk ImageImageImageImage
— not affiliated to the universities mentioned!
— may dalawa pa kong au pero putangina lets go
profiles ImageImage
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Just a little short drabble part 2 of my #taekook teacher bunkoo story.

Taehyung makes a shocking discovery about bunnies and bathing
This was going to eat me inside out as much as I would have liked to move on but I can't. :P

In case anyone was bugged at the mistake I made in the first story.
You kinda need to read part 1 to understand. Don't worry it's quite short.
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#taekook AU where math teacher! Taehyung intimidates literature teacher! Jungkook who's a hybrid and in an attempt to avoid the man, Jungkook turns into a bunny but not everything went as planned. ImageImageImageImage
- just fluff
- just a short and simple AU created on the spot
- Jungkook's adorable and intimidated
- Taehyung's actually a softie with a scary demeanor
-social media AU
-ignore mistakes plss
1 ImageImageImageImage
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#taekookau where

Jungkook tweets that his boyfriend is THE Kim Taehyung, the most popular and intimidating student in his university.

Until one day, Taehyung stumbles open his tweet. ImageImage
starting this !

- this is purely fictional
- pls interact if u're reading it ! (qrt)
- first au, pls be good to me ill try my best <3
- fluff, slight (?) angst
- do not mind the date and timestamps
- side ships; yoonminseok & namjin
profiles: taekook

jeon jungkook, 19
- fine arts department; sophomore
- likes to flirt a lot
- is scared to commit

kim taehyung, 21
- social science department; senior
- student council president on his department
- keeps his circle small
- very reserved

#taekookau ImageImage
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#taekook au where Jungkook is a youtuber who goes to haunted places to figure out if ghosts were real and challenges another popular commentary youtuber, Tae who’s secretly a demon that claims all of Jungkook’s videos fake since he always goes to non-haunted ones. ImageImageImageImage
Cue Tae having to protect Koo from his own parents, knowing how ruthless they could be and the oblivious boy takes it as Tae being scared.

Maybe? Idk
- probably short ‘cause it’s my first time
- demon! tae and human! Koo
- youtuber’s au
- koo is oblivious
-probably will not update regularly
-probably also more written than social media but we will see
-ignore timestamps (unless stated otherwise
-sideships? Idk yet
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Hi!😊 I am doing this mostly to keep track of the fics I read and because I wanna talk about them. These are some of my faves 💜 that I want to share with you.
1. “Tomorrow (Will Be Different Because of You)” by rougewriter
+ taekook
+ fantasy
+witch tae and werewolf jk
+ 22k words
Despite being quite short and definitely wanting more, the plot was really nice and I loved the dynamic between taekook Image
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#taekook au where jungkook is a popular lgbtq+ youtuber who makes entertaining videos to brighten a person’s day. nobody would’ve expected him to be dating the cold and mysterious ceo, kim taehyung. ImageImageImageImage
OKAY, wasn’t really planning on doing this but do to the amount of love and support the prompt is receiving I shall do it !
while i’m working on the outline for this, please check out my other taekook au !
— taekook profiles !

[ #taekook #taekookau ] ImageImage
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#Taekook AU

Bagaimana jadinya jika Jeongguk dititipkan kepada teman kakak sepupunya. ImageImageImageImage
noted :

- bxb
- top tae, bot kook
- first au
- bahasa kasar ⚠️
- genre mengalir dengan sendirinya
- feedback pls?
Satu ImageImageImageImage
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⚡In a world in which some, fortunate individuals are born with special abilities, most of them just use them for their own advantage and crime is on a rise. Those who are using thier powers for good are few, right now, there's only one hero registered by the
police's special powers unit, who uses his abilities for good. His name: Cypher. And he's all alone against a mass of villains who get more and more daring. But, Cypher is special. While others only have one singular ability, while Cypher has several, which is unheard of and a
welcome advantage. Especially now, that he got a new, very powerful nemesis who goes by the name V. He's younger, cleverer and always a step ahead of Cypher and the SPU. No one knows where he cam from or how he got so poweful, but Jungkook is gonna find a way to handle it.
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•ᴛᴇʟᴇᴘᴀᴛʜʏ• #taekookau

After Jungkook left Seoul to go to college, Taehyung realized that the feelings he had for the younger only grew stronger. Will distance work in his favor or will it be the cause of his unrequited love? ImageImageImageImage
i’ve always wanted to write something like this and finally doing it feels amazing 🤍

few things about this au:
• it will mostly be taehyung pov, as the whole things revolves around his memories/ feelings
• the main emotion i want to portray is melancholy
• :) happy ending
• it’s gonna be sad for a bit though..
• best friends to strangers (not really) to lovers
• lyrical inspiration from “Telepathy” by BTS
• first part will consist of letters written by Taehyung for Jungkook (that ~he~ never sends)
• second part will be social media/written
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Longtime hashtag goals #Namjin are finally getting married. Everyone's invited and everyone has RSVPed yes. What they weren't supposed to do was bring their histories and baggage as plus ones. But hey they're all here at a resort for a week after years. What could go wrong? Image
I've been feeling very slumpy lately so thought why not do something fun just for twitter? Anyone up for it? 👀
OK so I shall ignore the 12.5% who didn't want this xD Let's get it! #namjinau #btsau
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#taekook au;

since they started dating, taehyung noticed something about the way jeongguk kissed him.

call him an overthinker, but he could feel it— feel the different ways jeongguk would grab the collar of his shirt, caress his cheeks, and how his lips glided over taehyung’s. ImageImage
he wasn’t sure how to describe it, if he was being completely honest. there was just something that set each of jeongguk’s kisses apart from the rest, and they all had to do with the context of which jeongguk kissed him in the first place.
the most abundant of them all had to be whenever jeongguk felt particularly in love— or at least, that’s how taehyung thought of it.

“hyung,” jeongguk breathes out between a light and airy laugh, as he peers over his camera.
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For @taekoobun

#taekook #taekookau
In which fate strikes again ImageImage
Jungkooks biggest dream had always been to see Kim Taehyung up close. He had been infatuated by the man ever since one fateful day where the not really famous yet star had picked up his bag when Jungkook had crashed into him on the subway.
„Shh it‘s our little secret“, the star had whispered when Jungkook had obviously recognized the man. He had only nodded.
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194 ImageImage

195 ImageImage
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#taekookau where ImageImageImage
- oneshot! (will probably finish tonight or tomorrow)
- social media only
- timestamps arent important
- sorry in advance if i’ll ever omit mistakes
- please quote, do not reply, it may break the thread
- hope you’ll support this au! ♡
it’s inspired by this btw ImageImageImage
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131 ImageImage

132 ImageImage
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#taekook #taekookau

Maybe he should listen to his friends once in a while, Taehyung thought to himself when he walked by a kind of familiar looking stone formation that he was about 95% sure he had walked by already TWICE.
Sighing out in the silence that surrounded him, you couldn‘t really say silent since birds were chirping and insects were rustling all around him but it was silent if you came from the big him, he sat down for a moment and pushed a hand through his hair. Well if he
didn‘t find a way out of these woods or at LEAST some kind of shelter in about two hours then he was fucked. Seriously fucked. His phone, of course, didn‘t have any reception and he was laden only with his camera and his backpack that didn‘t have a lot of useful things since he
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