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#taekook au;

taehyung, for the lack of a better word, is fucking /annoyed/.

has been standing here on the side of the road for the better part of an hour with his piece of shit car fuming from the bonnet.

he doesn’t know how to fucking fix it, & this road is /deserted/.
this isn’t a goddamn chick flick. he’s just a guy, who wanted to go back home after driving jimin to some godforsaken interview, but now he’s breathing in dust and smoke fumes.

just great,just fucking great.

really, with the grime probably stuck to his face & peeved expression,
who’d even let him hitchhike?

would you, if you were to hypothetically find a stranger looking like he hasn’t slept in seven years, holding out his thumb on the side of the road, allow said stranger to hitchhike?

taehyung wouldn’t, that’s for sure.
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#taekook #taekookau

"It's been a while huh"

"Met you in the 1500s last time. Haven't changed much."

"You neither." Jungkook rubs the dirt off his knees. The sudden landing had caught him off guard, flinging him away from his machine, onto the rough ground.
It was cold. If it wasn't for the heavily padded clothes he had worn, he would've gotten more hurt. The dust around made breathing difficult. Taehyung passed him a spare oxygen mask he had been carrying.

"Thank you."
"For someone who wanted to see the end of the world, you are quiet unprepared." the older let out a chuckle.

Jungkook threw him an annoyed look.

"Still as sarcastic as ever."
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a #taekook one shot au

"papasa akong app"
"anong app"
"app-ilyido mo"
inspired from this meme 😆
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#taekook au


Being in BTS doesn’t allow them much time to find love.

However, Taehyung wants to — being a hopeless romantic. So Jeongguk takes it upon himself to buy his best friend a ‘love potion’... not expecting himself to be in the receiving end of the effect.
i’m gonna start this right away! extremely excited for it. don’t wanna lose the fire 😆


(BEFORE U VOTE; SPOILER KIND OF? but this will also depends on which member will move away close to the end, nothing super sad dw)

hehe vote :D
MAIN POINTS (don’t skip over pls) ✨

- idk about smut but i’ll inform u l8r
- this is p unplanned so making a lot of it up as i go!
- typos
- best friends to lovers
- yes there is angst
- be nice
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#taekook au;

jeongguk goes to blind dates with alphas but there's something wrong because there is a strong alpha scent coming from jeongguk. and that “strong scent” belongs to his best friend taehyung.
this just came out of nowhere PLEASE let me now ur thoughts
before i start this au i just wanna say english is not my first language so there’ll be a lot of mistakes just ignore them🥰
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#taekookau AU prompt

Taehyung has been in love with Jungkook since years, but Jungkook doesn’t know about his existence, or at least he thinks so.

Until one day Taehyung texts his rants about him to the wrong person

🔹 please don't reply to this thread, quote the tweets rather
🔹this will be mostly text + social media
🔹it’s our first au so feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed but please go easy on us 🥺
🔹time stamp don’t matter
🔹main ship: #taekook #kookv
🔹side ship: established #yoonmin
future #namjin
🔹lot of crack and fluff
🔹enjoy 🥺💜
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#taekook au where soulmates are connected by the red string of fate but little does taehyung know that his soulmate is jeongguk, the boy that used to bully him when they were kids.

> please do not reply since it might break the thread :( quotes are fine
> timestamps are inaccurate
> this is going to be all over the place: crack, fluff, angst but mostly angst bc we love suffering

thank you for reading!!
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#taekook au

In a time where going outside puts you at risk of getting captured into ‘Room 06’ ; a force taking over humanity, Jeongguk resorts to making online friends — meeting Taehyung.

But video-chat glitches aren’t supposed to make friends disappear.

-> ❗️ tags/main points ❗️<-

- mystery/thriller
- social media/written/virtual
- angst/suspense
- fluff/romance
- timestamps are irrelevant
- excuse my typos bc it’s me yk
- its my first time doing something like this so be nice 🥺🥺

mentions of mcd, disappearance, violence, weapons, this is a thriller/mystery au; may not be suitable to those with negative reactions to adrenaline rushes and suspense❗️

DISCLAIMER: this is a work of fiction, the stories/characters are not associated with real life.
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#taekook au where idol taehyung plays video games with his fans on his days off and on one particular night he gets extremely upset and frustrated when one player keeps eliminating him early in the game.

he doesn’t know it’s his ex-boyfriend, pro gamer jungkook.
— quote donʼt reply yʼall know the drill
— crack, angst(ish), happy ending
— will try to keep this short
— idol tae and pro gamer kook
— namjin married; joon is kookʼs manager and jin is taeʼs manager
— namgiseok as kookʼs friends
— yoonjinmim as taeʼs friends
— itʼs a mess
[PRESS START] #taekookau #taekook
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#taekook au

Demon Jeongguk & Vampire Taehyung are forced to take care of a child together by a witch.

Now, the job would be fairly easier if they were on good term but they’re not.... since centuries.

If they’d get past the jabs & sneers, maybe they could find love, again.
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#taekookau Where Taehyung mistakes the owner of the store he works in as a newbiew employee. And it goes like this:
• Read this au only if you are masochist because my updating schedule is fucked up.
•This is pure crack.
•Language might get NSFW
•Read the first point again.

Let's get it masochists!
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a #taekook au

wherein Jungkook is a pro gamer and Taehyung is a super model. Everything seems fine until Taehyung joined one of his games and ruined it. He "accidentally" beat Jungkook infront of his fans and embarrass the shit outta him. But wait did they meet before?
this our first au, my friend and I decided to joint forces and make this au. we're sorry in advance if we make any mistakes.
~first au
~will contain errors
~purely fiction
~don't be a silent reader (qrt!!)
~like + rt really motivates us
~please enjoy reading and give your pure support ❤️🥺
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#taekook au where Jungkook's new project partner sends a lot of pictures.
🏵️ please ignore the typos I have tentacles for hands hope u understand
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#taekook au;

“you seem to have a sore throat, taehyung-ssi,” the doctor deduces, and taehyung blinks big, wide eyes up at him.

he’s never had a sore throat before.

“sore... throat?”

jeongguk nods as he pulls up the thermal image of siren’s throat on his computer.
“it’s quite a common disease in humans, and whilst it’s odd that you have acquired it, i doubt it’s something to worry about. look,” he points at the screen, tapping on the base of the image, “you’ve probably caught a germ from infested waters, inflating your vocal cords.”
/hence why he can’t sing anymore/.

taehyung looks at the image, and then over at the doctor who continues to explain what the reason for his discomfort might be.

taehyung’s fingers travel up to his throat, and he feels tears brim at his waterline.

/he can’t sing anymore/.
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#taekook au;

Where Taehyung’s ex-boyfriends strikes but Jeongguk isn’t having any of it.
:: inspired by a tweet I saw on my tl. I couldn’t find it anymore tho :((
Just another typical jealous Gguk au cause I live for that shit. Also, it’s Bogum once again.. poor guy
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#taekook abo au where : Jungkook accidentally got Taehyung pregnant.

It was unexpected, to say the least. Because Jungkook hated Taehyung. But one night, they’re suddenly mates. The night Jungkook turned 20, the night where the bombed was dropped that Taehyung is his mate.
Taehyung thought it was a joke. He thought his whole life was a joke, if he’s being honest. When his eyes met Jungkook’s own menacing eyes, he knew Jungkook was imprinting him. And that’s how things started to get worse.

#taekookau #taekook au complete ; One-shot
He’s at a cafe outside their university, brainstorming with his model Seojun when Jungkook entered the same cafe too.
Jungkook’s scent is too strong, it makes Taehyung’s mind go haywired, he’s already very affected by Jungkook even though they didn’t mark each other up yet.
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#taekook au ;

florist taehyung, the son of an elite family, has a bodyguard assigned to him due to the number of threats they’d gotten recently.

and, well. he can’t say he doesn’t like his presence—as long as he doesn’t scare away his customers.

which he is doing. great.
— florist taehyung x bodyguard jeongguk

posting with updates!

— this is 99% fluff with very little plot i tHink... watch that change tho rip
— jeongguk is Soft As Fuck For Him
— there might be minor violence in the future if i have this planned out right !!
› » 💐 « ‹

taehyung takes a deep breath of the flowers in his hand, before sending a glare over to the man standing next to him. “why do you have to be here?”

doe eyes blink back at him coolly, unperturbed. “my orders are to stay by your side, sir.”
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#taekook au

taehyung has a crush on quiet, intimidating, bad boy jungkook who's also his roommate.

what no one know is that jungkook loves make up and taehyung let's out a gasp when he sees the younger boy with black glitter around his eyes.
-dont reply to the thread quote instead🥺
-feedback is appreciated
-they're all friends except tae and kook
-they're all in college!
-enjoy reading☺️🌸⭐️
you think?
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#Taekook au

Taehyung has always been quite neutral on whatever decision his father makes regarding his safety, concerning bodyguards and such.

'Come in'

'Kim Taehyung'?

Taehyung's first thought is that this one sounds younger than the rest, he looks up.

Taehyung isn't exactly embarrassed to admit that he has spent a good portion of his life reading romance stories about his favorite fictional characters. Or idols.
As a seasoned fanfiction reader, he is familiar with all the ways a few words can make almost every profession unbelievably sexy. But to be completely honest, being a bodyguard /is/ a sexy profession, his father just has a way of hiring the most unattractive people twice his age
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#taekook au
"In Pieces"
- aged up characters
- implied past mpreg
- set in the US
- nurse Taehyung; elite soldier/ veteran JK, their son Minjun (8) and their cat Bumblebee
The boy yawns and rubs his eyes, while he walks along the hallway, his bare feet leaving soft, quiet sounds on the wooden tiles. It's late at night and he's actually still very tired, but his bladder woke him up.
Minjun's half through the hallway, when he passes the living-
-room door and stops, when he notices the faint light coming from the room. He peaks into it and spots the bare back of his father, sitting on a chair, shoulder shaking. Minjun swallows. It's been a few months, since his dad returned home after serving in the military-
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#Taekook au;

When rock-star jeongguk starts getting himself into too many controversies, his management decides he should surround him with people with good reputation. As in, the goody two shoes Victoria secret model Kim taehyung.
P.S- i posted this prompt on my main too. But I'll be writting it here.
Before i start:

-Please quote instead of replying
-Please don't be a silent reader
-Ignore the time stamps uwu
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#taekook au where taehyung’s puppy, yeontan, brought a bunny from his backyard that taehyung placed in a container with a carrot for a while but said bunny does not look amused at all.
based on this pic i saw hskdjdj
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#taekook au

Jungkook just broke up with his boyfriend, (& he’s kinda really cut up, but no one else knows).

He goes for a walk to clear his head, but little does he know that he passes through a source of energy that clings to him — activating the Demon of Heartbreak.
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who are you?

#taekook au where taehyung and jeongguk’s relationship takes a turn for the worse.
“Why do we keep doing this?” Taehyung deadpans. Jeongguk stood there, wanting to answer but it was already too late. “Who are you?”

“What does that even mean Tae?” Jeongguk asks, stepping closer towards Taehyung.

“Who are you?!” Taehyung screams, startling Jeongguk.
“Taehyung, please calm down.” Jeongguk says. He steps closer once more.

“You’re not the person I fell in love with in the beginning!” Taehyung steps back, back hitting against the wall. He slowly slides down the wall, he curls up into a ball, wanting to hide everything from Guk.
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