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quote w/ a prompt & i’ll make a moodboard for it

//i physically reject angst tho
not even a prompt just like a general idea you want to see in a moodboard iM BORED
oh like if you want me to write a prompt from a general idea tell me, i will and you can keep it and do whatever with it just credit me
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Taekook AU where assistant Taehyung is sick and tired of the way his boss Jungkook treats him. When Jungkook gets in a car accident and loses all of his memory Taehyung decides to get back at him for the years of torture. “Who are you?” “I’m your husband.” #taekook #vkook #kookv
I’ve had this in my drafts from way too long I needed to tweet it
This is based off of the movie Overboard!!
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#taekook ABO au
Alpha Jungkook catches Omega Taehyung staring at him in the library. When the alpha confronts him, Tae panics, blurting out he has a crush on Jungkook's bff Jimin. Intrigued, Kook declares that he'll play cupid. The issue? Tae is actually in love with Jeongguk
I can start writing this if anyone's interested but if not then you never saw this ok bye #taekook #kookv #taekookau
It's happening! Before I start here's some bg:
OT7 are at uni, in the same yr
-TH and HSK are bffs + roommates living in dorms
-Yoongi lives in the room next door + is their friend(?)
-Jin is friends with T,H+Y
-Jk and Jm are bffs + friends with NJ
-Jin + NJ are together
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Taekook au -where Kim Taehyung sent his crush, Jeon Jungkook, the vocalist of "BTS" (a famous band from their school), of a nude picture of himself.

+side!yoonmin (maybe?) ❤

#taekook #taekookau
Taehyung's Friends
Park Jimin- roomate & bestfriend (dancer & business major)
Kim Seokjin- just graduated college, plans to create a food blog while working in his Father's company
Jung Hoseok-choreographer and temporary bass player(BTS)
#taekook #taekookau
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#taekook au where model! taehyung is paranoid that his neighbor is out to get him, so he hires reluctant rookie police officer jeongguk to become his personal bodyguard.
it’s been two seconds and jimin is done
oh my god he waved
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🌸 | taekook au | in which jeongguk and taehyung are rivals; cheerleading captain taehyung and basketball team captain jeongguk. they hate eachother since jeongguk never takes tae seriously and jeongguk is a whole dumbass jock in tae's eyes. #taekook #vkook
i feel like i’m gonna start this in like two days 🌸❣️ i hope it’s not eye blood
u know the drill gayz

plz try and quote and not reply to thread! ready for some enemies and sexual tension everwhere?

what u need to know:
~Taekook hate each other and jeongguk especially likes teasing tae
~tae is a sassy bitch
~jeongguk is a cocky bitch
~bitches everywhere
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“Okay, let me make this clear, I won’t repeat myself.” The manager says standing in front of the 7 boy’s with a list. “Jin and Yoongi, Hoseok and Jimin, Jungkook and Tae, Joon gets his own room.” The man says before walking away and handing them the keys to the dorms. #taekook
Jungkook rolls his eyes at the decision that was made. Of course they pared him with Taehyung, everyone in their team has been wanting them to get along for years. They’ve tried everything, this isn’t surprising at all. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung on the other hand could care less about Jungkook liking him. He walks over to Namjoon timidly, the leader of the group already knowing the problem and he sighs. He unlocks the door to his own room and lets Taehyung in. #taekook #vkook #kookv
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Soulmates are connected by a strange way of communication; whenever one writes on their skin, the message appears on the skin of their soulmate. One night, Taehyung is awakened by sudden pain:

His soulmate cut the phrase 'I want to die' into his skin.

Special thanks to: my followers and readers who keep me wanting to write. This is for you.
Etched will begin: Saturday, April 7th

I hope to please my readers, and make this better than any of my AU's before.
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#taekook au- Jeongguk is cheated on by his girlfriend with Kim Taehyung. But the two of them were played by the same girl without being aware of each other existence. When they met, they couldn't help but fall in love with each other.
He's hot
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#Taekook au where all the thoughts of your soulmate on you appears on the palm of your hand. Jeongguk and taehyung are soulmates but Jeongguk hates taehyung and doesn't know he is his soulmate whereas tae loves him and knows they are soulmates. (thanks @aestaetism for the pic ♡)
As far as he remembers, everything started at the beginning of his 2nd year of university. Every new year, Taehyung wished for finding his soulmate. Since childhood he heard sweet stories about soulmates. Stories where ethereal and eternal love occured, where you become one with-
your fated one. And since the very beggining he always believed that he would have that kind of relashionship with his soulmate. then, where did it go wrong?
When his 2nd year of university started, signs that his soulmate was close begun to appears. And it was nothing that
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Taekook AU where they’re best friends and Tae has the biggest crush on Jungkook. Everyone can see it, except Kook. The day Taehyung confesses, Jungkook insults Tae, breaking his heart. That’s when Jungkook realizes maybe he does love his best friend back #vkook #kookv #taekook
Jungkook truly fucked up. Yoongi is brutally honest.

#vkook #kookv #taekook
The next day they have an interview and Taehyung shows up in a different car. All of the boys know what happened but it’s still saddening to see Tae enter the building with blood shot eyes and red lips. None of them know what to say, especially Jungkook #taekook #vkook #kookv
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Taekook AU where Jungkook and Taehyung are forced to date by BigHit for publicity. Taehyung & Jungkook actually hate each other behind closed doors but they’re the best actors. That’s until Jungkook realizes how much he loves the taste of Tae’s lips on his #taekook #vkook #kookv
Public appearances.
#taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung misses their appearance. Jungkook is pissed. #taekook #vkook #kookv
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Taekook high school AU where baseball player Jungkook gets paired up with art kid Taehyung for their senior project. Tae is openly gay. Jungkook is jealous because he’s in the closet, Taehyung thinks he’s homophobic. They have 3 months to do their project. #taekook #vkook #kookv
Jungkook the procrastinator

#vkook #kookv #taekook
Does Hobi know Jungkook?

#taekook #vkook #kookv
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Taekook AU: Petty Taehyung puts an advert up on the campus pinboard selling his ex-boyfriend's Xbox and Jungkook who may or may not already have his own Xbox, gets Tae's number from the ad and uses it as an excuse to finally talk to the 'cute boy in his English lectures'#taekook
guess I’ll be continuing this!!
i dont know how to fix the threadc lol, heres the rest:

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