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#taekookau where Jungkook receives a text from his husband, Taehyung while he's away on a work trip to LA but it's not just a normal text-
#taekook ImageImageImageImage
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#taekook #taekookau #omegaverse #prompt

[Fragments of Love]

💔 omega Tae
💔 disabled alpha Jeongguk (war veteran)
💔 single dad Jeongguk
💔 arranged marriage
💔 mutual pining
💔 blood/violence in flashbacks
💔 angst with a happy ending
💔 Taekook AU
🔞 Image
Tae, has silently loved Jeongguk since childhood, convinced the alpha would never accept a male omega, and so he buried his feelings deep within only to have to watch how Jeongguk got mated to someone else and left for war as an elite soldier.
However, fate takes a surprising turn when Tae is supposed to mate Jeongguk's older brother years later, only to find out about his fiance’s infidelity on their mating day, which his own parents blame him for.
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#taekook #taekookau #prompt

[Hidden Melodies]

🎤 idol Tae
🎤 idol JK
🎤 enemies to lovers
🎤 secret identities/undisclosed genders
🎤 angst with a happy ending Image
Idols are forced to conceal their genders from the public eye to be attractive to everyone.

V and Jeongguk are fierce rivals in the music industry. Both gifted with talent and success, they have captivated the hearts of millions with their mesmerizing performances.
Little do their fans know, their paths have intertwined more intimately than anyone could imagine.

Years ago, they shared a passionate one-night stand. V disappeared shortly afterward, leaving Jeongguk longing for answers.
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#taekook #taekookau

"Victoria's Secret angel Kim Taehyung who was headlining their Paris show comes out with a scandalous baby bump where his ex of three months, Idol Jeon Jungkook was performing his new single 'Mine' which is speculated to be for his new omega flame-"
his head and his face. Jungkook feels numb and like he is underwater- adrift from the whole world and feeling like the water is separating him away from it. He doesn't hear anything except the white noise. He doesn't feel anything because his lungs are so full of water.
He doesn't bother wiping the water away as he blinks.

"What is the date?" He asks aloud. No one answers.

He searches for his phone- left on the water, beside his stale drink and tries to open it but it refuses to turn on. The battery was dead.

Jungkook starts tidying up.
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#taekook #taekookau
Where nation's hero Taehyung wins hearts in a wink but deep down he also has a secret identity. ImageImageImage
=Short to middle?
=Strangers to lovers
=Idol Taehyung x Student Jungkook
= Mafia Taehyung? 🤫
=Very very protective Taehyung 😉
=light side ship - Namjin
=fluff and happy ending
=Its a work of fiction
=Ignore time stamps and typos
=Please interact via Qrt
=Happy pride month🏳️‍🌈
Let's start
#taekook #taekookau ImageImageImageImage
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#taekook #taekookau

"Kim Taehyung tell me you had no idea about this", Seokjin curses. He shoos away the makeup artists, the camera men with a flip of his hand.

Taehyung raises an eyebrow, "about what?"

Seokjin shoves the iPad in his hands, "what the fuxk is this?"
The headlines flash across the whole of the screen:

"The famed greatest painter of the 21st century, Jeon Jungkook, is suing his now ex-fiancee for having put a 10 feet wide nude painting of Korea's sweetheart, the top model Kim Taehyung, on auction without his permission."
Taehyung's eyes widen in horror. His face pales. He opens his mouth but no words come out. Seokjin lets out a moan in agony as he sees the look on Taehyung's face, "you knew about this? Taehyung, I didn't even know you knew Jeon Jungkook!"

"H-hyung", he stutters. His hands are
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where taehyung kind of goes off on the wrong twin.

- chaotic (i’ll try)
- rom-com? (im not funny but i’ll try again aksks)
- a tiny dash of angst
- lots of fluff
- short to medium length (?)
- mostly social media
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Snowflower; #taekookau #taekook

A story about loving as a snowflake falls. The one where Taehyung watches two souls find each other one snowy morning and become one.

A gift to @peupeusmom for being an incredible friend when I wasn't the best. I miss you. I hope you like it. ImageImage
- it is completed
- the story runs in parallel to past and present
-best friend to lovers
-angst and nostalgia
- one of them almost gets married to someone else
- it is inspired by Snowflower by V (@peupeusmom said they wanted book based on that, so I did haha)
Listen to this masterpiece while you read: ImageImage
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#taekookau in which Kim Taehyung signs himself up for a dating agency, hoping to find the perfect boyfriend. Instead, he finds Jeon Jungkook, the ambitious, strict CEO, whose heart has gone cold ages ago. (+) Image
(+) Their interactions are initially rough and full of tension, but as the two begin to open up to each other, they realize that love or feelings don't stay hidden for long.
💜 Prologue 💜

Somewhere in the heart of Seoul, there was a lavish, decadent restaurant with a spacious area and large glass windows. The rich and prominent society often visited the place to have business meetings or romantic dates with their companies.
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#taekookau where it was just an innocent mistake when Jungkook's and Taehyung's suitcases get swapped at the airport of Paris-
#taekook ImageImageImageImage
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🔱🔱🔱~~~Hot and Haunting~~~🔱🔱🔱
#taekookau #taekook taekook a/b/o au

Book II: Battle of Zilia Image
Continuation of the Book I of Hot and Haunting! You need to read the first book, which is way smaller, to read this story!! Thank you again for your love for this story! I miss Taekook, and here we are!!

🖤Cursing and dirty language
🖤Lots of sexual tension
🖤Attempts of sexual assault (Not between leads)
🖤A/B/O Dynamics / Pack Dynamics
🖤 Nonconsensual scenting/touching/ kissing
🖤Blood drinking / Biting / Mating / Nesting
🖤Violence and Action
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In Japan, roses symbolize romance and also this love between guys 🥺 (Taekook like to watch a lot of Japanese anime)
Tae posted a picture with roses and the inscription: innocence is madness 🌹 💕 #taekook
Jk said that there are many types of love 💜❤
Continuation 👇 ImageImageImageImage
and created a bouquet of flowers like their microphones 💜❤
When Taehyung described his wreath: Mine is called "HEART". Because purple represents who I am. And my heart. 💜❤
Anime characters holding a rose.
Taekook loves roses like those characters two guys ImageImageImageImage
and they look a lot like them
They were watching Pokemon anime and the Rakets team was there💙❤
And they also love roses 😏🌹
On vlive, Taehyung said that he loves collecting chocolate buns from this collection, and Jk replied that he also loved it and they pointed at EO👉🏻👈🏻 ImageImageImageImage
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Jk literally said: I will be your man! 😆
do you see how he highlighted the two letters TH ?
And in the lyrics of my universe TH
his tattoo has two letters TH highlighted
In the lyric video of My universe, they show the line that Jk sings :"I'm flying away with you" + ImageImageImageImage
and there 2 letters in green highlight TH.. although in the Korean alphabet it is written as: 함께 and the rest of the letters are purple 💚👀💜
In English together - toge'TH'er and there are letters TH just there.
And in the clip we are shown how Tae points his hand at Jk and + Image
and Jungkook at the same time sings the same line and splits into a flag lgbt😶🌈 Image
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#taekook #taekookau wherein;
cw// exhibitionism 🔞

They have been meeting each other in the same subway car every Tuesday and Thursday. It was a coincidence at first, spotting each other passing the time until they reached their stop. Jeongguk goes away first. Tae does after+ ImageImageImageImage
7 more stops. They probably live far away from each other. They probably have different lives. But every Tuesday and Thursday they come across each other and see something that makes them wonder what would happen if they went off at the same station. So many possibilities but+
nobody dares to approach the other or talk.

Jeongguk listens to music or draws when he finds a seat. Taehyung reads his book. It's a different one every Thursday. He works in a bookstore but Jeongguk doesn't know that. Not yet at least.

The first time they come across+
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#taekook au where

both of them are professors and everyone knows they’re dating except them. ImageImageImage
my bff wanted me to write it!

so credits to her !!

- don’t repost or translate!

- short + crack + fluff
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#taekookau where Prince Taehyung inflicts pain with his touch while Jungkook's touch heals. Where one is a Joker and the other his queen-

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#taekook au where the school accidentally finds out that the football team’s captain jungkook’s fated mate is the quiet nerdy guy- taehyung. ImageImageImageImage
-childhood friends to enemies to lovers;
-mutual pining;
-jock!jk x very unproblematic!tae;
-use of swear words;
-hurt/comfort to some extent;
-pet names :((
-i want a best friend like jimin;
-jin is so done with everyone;
-happy ending! Image
.001 ImageImage
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#taekookau • WOUNDS

A Taekook au where… ImageImage
#taekookau #taekook
— Quote, don’t reply 🖤
— Short drabble 🩸🩹
— Enemies to lovers-esk
— I apologize in advance if this really sucks
— English is not my first language so ignore typos and my basic words
Jungkook’s nostrils are flaring with anger by the time that he reaches the basketball court, and all that he finds is a scattered team talking between themselves, and a lady mopping a specific area on the floor. Jungkook can spot blööd, and that makes his boil even more.
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◇Body of lies◇
#taekookau #yoonminau

"Where were you?" Jimin rushes forward. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Where the hell have you been?" He grips the collar of Jungkook's blazer, attempting to shake the alpha, though his slight frame struggles to budge him even an inch. Image
Jungkook's face is ashen as he looks around, the heart monitor by the hospital bedside bleeping erratically a weak, ominously slow in its rhythm.
A nurse draws vial after vial of blood frantically from Taehyung's limp arm, the omega unconscious, pale, his lips tinged blue, his body eerily still under piles of warm blankets.
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#taekook #taekookau


Mirror Mirror

🟣 alpha JK
🟣 omega twins Tae & Vante
🟣 established relationship
🟣 road trip / kidnapping (kinda)
🟣 mentions of mental illness
🟣 angst with a happy ending… Image
Since college, Jeongguk has been head over heels for the gorgeous omega Tae, who is everything an omega should not be. The son from a wealthy family is wild, independent, and adventurous, nobody JK has ever seen himself with, but they are the perfect example of opposites attract.
When the night before their wedding after years of dating, Tae sneaks into his hotel room and asks him to elope with him, JK is confused, but it's so much Tae to do something like this, that he agrees and they get married the next day and mate at the beach, just the two of them.
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#taekookau where Jungkook accidentally sends his love letter to the entire company while attempting to win over his crush-
#taekook ImageImageImageImage
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#taekookau where in the kitchen, Taehyung and Jungkook might be rivals, but something else is cooking inside their hearts-
#taekook ImageImageImageImage
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Blurred lines;
#taekookau #taekook

People start to thirst over the star quarterback of their college Jeon Jungkook and his rival Class president Taehyung has had enough of it. So the next time they find themselves tangled in each other's sheets, Taehyung does what he does best:

1. ImageImage
2. ImageImage
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#taekookau where Taehyung suddenly started texting his childhood crush Jeon Jungkook who's an famous idol now, knowing he will never get a reply from the idol.

But to his surprise, Jungkook replied.

But his bad luck, he don't have much time left... ImageImageImageImage
Or a #taekook au where Taehyung has brain cancer and doctor told him to either get surgery or wait for his death to take him.

So he made his last wish. Wish of texting the famous idol Jeon Jungkook who's music kept him alive. Not expecting any reply from the idol though!
1. Their profiles ImageImageImageImage
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