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#taekookau STARRY EYES

Jungkook smiles from the distance seeing him..

His world is entirely black and white but Kim Taehyung shines like the brightest star in it.


He laughs ignoring the star shaped tear that escaped his eye shattering against the ground.

#taekook ImageImage
Kim Taehyung was his childhood best friend..

A boy who always shined the brightest for Jungkook..

Now a man who shines infront of the whole world..

A star that swore left and right that he will never forget Jungkook no matter how much he shined..
But Jungkook knew those were just words..

No matter how happy he was when he heard them he never believed them..

Cus promises were always meant to be broken..

But that didn't stop him from falling in love with the said star..

Even though it was unreachable..
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Falling for a criminal in the criminal psych ward isn't the best thing Dr. Kim Taehyung did..

But he wasn't ashamed of his feelings and nor was he trying to stop himself..

Cus he knows..

He knows that the sane side of the man he loves, loves him back..

#taekook ImageImage
"Taehyung for fuck's sake! He is manipulating you!" Taehyung closes his eyes as his best friend yells at him..

"He hasn't done shit, it's me! it's all me! Why do you not understand? The man barely speaks to me Jimin!" Taehyung grits out..
"You uare fucking crazy!" jimin growls throwing his hands out.

"Yeah maybe that is why I am treating equally crazy people!" Taehyung raises his voices.. "I can't fucking control who I fall in love Jimin! +
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#taekookau 🔞

"They think you have an Oral fixation with that photo you posted.."

Tae preens at the fingers that keeps scratching his head..

Jungkook looks down and smirks..

"Is that right pup?"

And Tae can only manage a hum around the thick girth in his mouth..

Actor Kim Taehyung is reknowned for his sultry, fierce and head strong personality..

Both in real life and on set...

He has a very strong personality, that has people scared to look him in the eyes..

Articles even headlined him as the 'Real life Medusa' because of his eyes..
His eyes are something else..

Those can make men and women bow down to him left and right without him speaking a single word..

Tae's manager, his best friend Jimin is sick of finding staff for him cus all of them that are hired are just falling for the Actor even if they aren;t
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#taekook #taekookau

"Oh, hyung! It's so bright here."

Jungkook hides his face between his palms.

"I know, my baby vampie. Just stay close to hyung."

Taehyung presses the younger in his chest.

—— Or an au where baby vampire Jungkook sees the outside world for the first time.
"Baby, come close to hyung."

Taehyung holds the vampire close to his side and coils his arms protectively around the boy who is too stunned after seeing the blinding flashes of the cameras for the first time.

The vampire has his face hidden in the column of Taehyung’s neck.
His small fangs that are still growing graze at Taehyung’s smooth unblemished skin over his throat.

Taehyung immediately gets the idea that the baby vampire has got nervous and scared.
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Where Tae wants to get his tattoo from the place from where Jungkook gets his..

Plot twist ?

After so much of practise and a full sleeve of tattoos..

Jungkook does his own tattoos.

#taekook ImageImageImageImage
"Come in.." Jungkook mumbles as he types on his computer, glasses ontop of his nose, silver hair fanning his face..

He needed to get this review done before he sends it to Yoongi again, and he was too focused on his task to look up when his door opens..
"So you aren;t even gonna look at me now?"

Jungkook snaps his head up at the voice, a small smile immediately gracing his lips when he saw who it was..

"Taehyungie hyung.." He mumbled.. "sorry I was a bit occupied.."

Taehyung makes a face.. "Yeah I can see that.."
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#taekook #taekookau #kookv

Taehyung, who misses his ex boyfriend Jungkook terribly, doesn’t know how to tell him that he still wants him.

He figures a lyric prank would do the trick.
Hello how are you? This is just something small because I feel like yesterday’s update was a bit heavy.

🍃 Ex’s to lovers
🍃 Misunderstandings
🍃 Bit of fluff Idk
🍃 No real point I just like the song a lot, it’s a bop
🍃 Please interact if you want xx
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an ABO #yoonminau #jimsu #짐슈

Yoongí is a sexy milf whose into one of his young models named Jimín but not in a serious manner. Little did he knows that this alpha is into his kind — milfs. In trying to seduce, he fell to his plan and fall in love with him. Image
Because of those who voted, this story will now begin. I'll make myself clear with you on this story, this will not have constant sched of update as there will be days I'll be busy with my personal life. And by now, I'll be very grateful already to my future patient readers. Image
MUST READ , thank you very much. Image
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#taekook #taekookau ~


"It's time " a voice thundered through the castle sending vibration in every spine.

The soldiers roared for their victory marching towards their target , the Cresent moon being their witness to the bloodbath that was about to follow. ImageImage
The troops of Kingdom Tretus paraded towards Athia , the sixth city of Olympus and the last ond that was needed to be conquered by thier king The almighty Jeon Jungkook to rule over Olympus.
A man so savage ,so wild , a tyrant with just one goal - to vanquish the whole Olympus.
With black raven locks falling on his face shileded by the helmet , black armour homing the snake, the symbol of thier kingdom , tatted hands pulling the reins of the horse , he lead his men towards his most awaited throne and his soon to be priced possession.
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#taekookau : behind closed doors

taehyung has just one last chance to redeem himself to his politician father. there is no room for mistakes this time around.

but then, he falls for jeon jungkook. ImageImageImageImage
- art student taehyung
- nude model/film student jeongguk
- angst
- sexual tension
- eventual smut
- coming out
- drama
- there is plot
- fluff
- strangers to lovers
- happy ending
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#taekook few tweets au

— Ditanyain jodoh mulu, eh kecantol sepupu sendiri (?)

cw // harsh words ImageImageImageImage
; ga penting ImageImageImageImage
; pede aja dulu ImageImage
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#taekook #taekookau #taekooknsfw
🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞 ~~~

Heavy pants , long breaths , forcing away the sweat on their bodies , rhythmic loud thuds and muffled moans and groans could be heard in the backstage after the swzoo concert.
#taekook🔞 #taekookau
Black mass of hair deep into the honey soft shoulders biting the clear unblemished skinn occasionally.

The blond locks skipping up and down with each thrusts , eyes rolling back at every jab but
#taekook🔞 #taekookau
but especially how he was in the air pushed into the door of changing room with his thighs wrapped perfectly around the raven's tiny waist.

The vieny hands and the display of tattoos with his sleeveless black shirt doing things to him ,
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A #taekook #taekookau where ~
Omega Taehyung an archeologist wanders around the forest in search of traces of his new discovery on an extint species.

He's lost in the labyrinth of paths , struggling to find his way out , he watches how weird and unique the flowers looks ,
white butterflies in the night and despite being a researcher in the forest he doesn't know these species.

Until he hears a howl , a long peculiar howl.
It was different.
Very different from normal werewolves. But he feels he gave heard it somewhere.
And that's when his brain reminds him of the innumerable myths he have heard of the "tyrant alpha " who got crazy and killed his entire Kingdom.

Because his mate died.

But that story is 500 years old. Couldn't possibly be true right ? Unless.....
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#taekook #taekookau

Jungkook was 5 years old when he kissed his best friend, Taehyung, on his cheek for the first time because he found him too cute.
20 years later, the same ‘best friend’ of his kisses him ever so sweetly after the two accept each other as their husbands. ImageImage
The first time Jungkook felt that urge to locate his lips on Taehyung’s skin was when the two friends had cuddled on the bed in Taehyung’s room after having hours long sessions of chasing around each other in the park.
The elder boy had slept instantly after he got hold of his little best friend, clutching on to whom always helped him lull into a slumber quickly.
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#taekook #taekookau where~

The frantic knocking at the door woke Jungkook up, it was 1o clock in the morning.

Tucking his gun in sweatpants he opened the door to the son of his ex boss with swollen eyes and heavy breathing who must have come running.


Kim Taehyung. ImageImageImageImage
#taekook #taekookau
Kim Taehyung the chaebol son of Kim Yoon-hi the mafia boss, under which Jungkook worked as a bodyguard, the renowned spoilt model in front of his apartment in the middle of the night, panting for air.
Something was off really off.
#taekook #taekookau
He knew the boss died a fortnight ago, leaving Tae to fend for himself but it wasn't his matter anymore not when he had a reason to not get involved in the underworld anymore,
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#taekookau : deception

when heir to the biggest crime syndicate, jungkook, comes to know he has a fiancé—he’s strangely looking forward to meeting him.

taehyung was rumoured to be ruthless, selfish, arrogant and a huge ‘brat’—exactly jungkook’s type.

or was he? Image
tags: ImageImage
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#taekook #taekookau wherein;

they say the first snowfall of the season might make you run into your lover.

"look! tae it's snowing" jungkook screeched.

"i wanna feel the snow with you"

nobody saw but there were tiny crystals of blooming love inside taehyung's eyes. ImageImage
– the big white fleecy and velvety tunic hugged their bodies as the two best friends laced their fingers, settling inside the gaps between their digits.

"this is gonna be the very first time of me playing with snow with a friend"

or maybe a boyfriend to be soon?
– taehyung escapes a few giggles before finally crashing his heavy snow boots onto the crisp, glinting white snow.

it took just a few minutes for taehyung to flatten out his fingers and form a colossal enough snowball to jerk it out on jungkook's nose.
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#taekook #taekookau
Pregnant omega Taehyung waiting for his ex husband to come and scent him cuz the baby have been acting up kicking continuously.

"Ughhhhhh why isn't he here yet "

he whined for the millionth time to his brother Jin who was busy making dinner. ImageImage
#taekook #taekookau

Rolling his eyes the letter spoke

"It's been just 5 minutes since you called him Tae"

"If he isn't here by 5 minutes I swear to Luna I'll throw him out "

he got back to making displeased noises , getting uneasy in the scents that wasn't his mate's.
#taekook #taekookau

"Oh please as if ! Once he's here you'll attach to him like a leach "

he sighed pointing the laddel towards the swollen male curled up on the couch drowned in a tshirt too large for him.
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#taekook #taekookau wherein;
taehyung misunderstood his hybrid boyfriend.
— 🐰
— 🐰
taehyung softly approaches the bunny and picks him up with his gentle hands , while making sure that his bunny won't get disrupted from his soulful sleep, he even holds his breath for a moment.
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#taekook #taekokau wherein;

Jungkook's daughter, Yuna accidentally texts Taehyung, Jungkook's ex-boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Alpha Taehyung is shocked to see his ex-boyfriend's child look so similar to him.
- happy ending!!
- a/b/o
- mpreg, insecurities, abandonment, verbal assault
- written parts + socmd
- Alpha Tae
- Beta Jungkook
- Ceo Taehyung
- Wedding planner Jungkook
- please interact ( like / qrt ) as interactions motivate me ♡
- this is a work of fiction!
Before starting ——
— Beta's can get pregnant in my au's
— please don't priv qrt instead send me an anonymous tell/cc
— please don't spread hate
— if you don't like this trope then do not read it!
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#taekook #taekookau wherein;

jungkook looks at the timepiece hanging on the wall and it's 12 o' clock. its midnight.

"don't wanna go home, sir" taehyung mumbles.

and now jungkook isn't quite sure what he's supposed to do with his drunk employee except taking him to his home.
– (at jungkook's home)

jungkook placed taehyung on the bed, cold and velvety sheets engulfed taehyung's body while causing a few shivers down his torso.

and while jungkook detached his employee's shoes, he held no grudges being the boss.
– few loose strands of taehyung's hair were left liberated around his nose and it would be a lie if jungkook said that he didn't feel any butterflies at that moment.

jungkook's fingers kind of itched a bit too much to tuck those locks behind his ear.

and so he did.
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The vibes coming off from in this picture just tells me-

Mafia boss kook doing his best to intimidate his rivals in a meeting!

They are all shaken scared!

But not from the doe eyed boy cutely glaring at them! Its his two trusted right hands also giving them a deadly stare down Image
Like this whole concept is funny to me now! Like what if in a funny mafia au! We just have adorable kook trying his best to be the meanest, baddest mafia leader there cities ever seen!

When he sees his enemies all quake, that makes him happy! To know hes scary! Image
When really its cause of the 2 men hes hired to be by his side! The real reason kooks enemies almost pp there pants! 😆

They dont tell their cute little boss either! Because they love to see the self confidence boost and kooks sparkly eyes of genuine happiness later on! Image
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#taekook #taekookau wherein;

today, it is the first morning of their married life.

jungkook's ears are greeted with soft purrs made by his vampire husband as soon as he wakes up in the morning. ImageImage
#taekook #taekookau
– while he's trying to wrap him up in a blanket, he's softly pulled in by his waist which makes him over upon taehyung.
#taekook #taekookau
– jungkook has encountered several vampires in his life already, but taehyung is a bit different.

you can say he's just biased towards him because he's his husband. whatever.

but jungkook thinks he's the luckiest person in this world.
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A #taekookau wherein a Business Tycoon takes interest on an ordinary guy with a soulful voice.
Or where Taehyung is so whipped for this little star candy and is ready to fight anyone who dares to snatch him away.
#kookvau ImageImage
Tags :-
Fake Boyfriends to real lovers
Kinda angsty
Slow burn
CEO Taehyung-Student Jungkook
Happy Ending
Shall we begin?
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