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🔞/ Smut

(Minors please DNI)

Taekook are the type who can't stay away from e/o for long and when they finally meet.. it's -

your lips my lips.. apocalypse..

(Also Jungkook's little sulky about the Celine after party last night and territorial about + ImageImage
Taking a break from his hectic schedule for 2 days, Jungkook now was free and a little too excited for the day ahead. Taehyung would be arriving home anytime now.

Jungkook had prepared Taehyung's favourite lunch and desert. He took a bath, freshened up, and made himself +
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#taekook #vkook #taekookau #vkookau #taekookimagination #vkookimagination #taekookthetypeto
Taehyung is the type who gets a little too tipsy/clingy/frank/social when he drinks.

It's all good until he get too comfortable clicking pics with everyone who approaches him. He's + Image
being generous and kind...

But his boyfriend at home is a little territorial about him. He sometimes tend to get a little possessive over him... and the pics currently spreading over social media isn't helping him one bit.

He waits for Taehyung to return home so he can + ImageImageImageImage
finally remind him who he really belongs to...

(PS- pray for Taehyung's ass everyone...)
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The vibes coming off from in this picture just tells me-

Mafia boss kook doing his best to intimidate his rivals in a meeting!

They are all shaken scared!

But not from the doe eyed boy cutely glaring at them! Its his two trusted right hands also giving them a deadly stare down Image
Like this whole concept is funny to me now! Like what if in a funny mafia au! We just have adorable kook trying his best to be the meanest, baddest mafia leader there cities ever seen!

When he sees his enemies all quake, that makes him happy! To know hes scary! Image
When really its cause of the 2 men hes hired to be by his side! The real reason kooks enemies almost pp there pants! 😆

They dont tell their cute little boss either! Because they love to see the self confidence boost and kooks sparkly eyes of genuine happiness later on! Image
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#taekookau where th is tired of how his best friend/roommate/crush jk isn't quiet with his one night stands. His ears and heart can't take it.

So he decides to fight fire with fire.

#kookv #taekook #vkook ImageImage
- jk is very insensitive
-th just wants to get over him tbh
- jk won't let him
- 🔞
a/n: My true favorite trope. Where jk is fine with how things are until th is taken from him. So jk raises all hell.
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#taekookau where pup hybrid T's heat comes and his owner JK is there to take care of him.

A pwp for @lidoltaekook
Moodboard by @lidoltaekook


#taekook #vkook #kookv Image
- Unprotected sex
- in love #taekook
- T has a tail lol (don't question it)
- mentions submissive JK
- spanking
- creampie
- mentions of abo
- rip clean couch.
- IDC if that's not how tails work, leave me alone.
- I'm using pics because I don't wanna do the weird censoring of their names.
- gonna bulk upload the parts LOL
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This is episode 19
After the confession,th called jm,so jm rushed to his place to understand what happened .
Note:jm still doesn’t know about jk’s secret
🚫 all characters are not real , and don’t relate to the real people
#taekook #vkook #btsfanart ImageImageImageImage
🚫+18content 🚫
🚫 all characters are not real , and don’t relate to real people 🚫

#taekook #vkook #btsfanart #btsau #vk #kookv #yoonmin ImageImageImageImage
🚫+18content, homophob/a 🚫
🚫all characters are not real , and don’t relate to real people 🚫 #taekook #vkook #btsfanart #btsau #vk #kookv #yoonmin ImageImageImageImage
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🔞The most precious moment in life🔞

#taekookau where kOok can never say no to his pregnant and needy mate Image
This includes:
Omega tete
Alpha kOok
Pregnancy sex
Breeding kink
Male lactation
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♕ demon’s guardian angels ♕

after a threat to harm the crown prince’s younger brother, jin, the angels send their high generals, tae and jungkook to protect the demon prince. they just didn’t expect sj to be such a handful.

#taejinkook #jinkook #kookjin #taejin #vjin #vkook Image

•side ships: namseok, yoonmin

•ignore time stamps/hair colour

•will contain: angst, violence, nsfw(?)

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#taekookau – Where CEO Kim Taehyung has the hots for best friend Yoongi’s brother’s best friend, Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook being the little tease that he is, uses his charm to try and seduce the other, Taehyung, being the strong man he is, keeps himself in check… or does he? ImageImageImageImage
I think I'll do this one... Would you read?
Okayyyyy so I'm doing this. Please do like the prompt :)
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#taekookau #vkookau #taekook #vkook —Where omega Taehyung can't give Alpha Jungkook pups, their pack leader and his husband. ImageImageImageImage
Absloutely a drabble, but should I?
•Drabble werewolves taekook
•Angst but happy ending
•side ships: yoonmin and Namjin
•Alphas: Jungkook, Yoongi and Namjoon
•Omegas: Taehyung and Jimin
•Betas: Hoseok and Seokjin
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✧Black Dust✧

fae and demons have learnt to live civilly on earth despite their rooted hatred. but when jin, a fairy, finds out his uni neighbours are high demons, he must resist falling into their hands no matter how tempting

#taejinkook #jinkook #kookjin #taejin #vjin #vkook Image
•enemies to lovers

•side ships: sope, minjoon

•ignore time stamps/hair colour

•will contain: nsfw, angst

•please QUOTE only!


• 20 (human years)
• fairy
• literature major (second year)
• orphan, attended uni due to a donor
• friends with yoongi and hoseok Image
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Omega Jungkook is known for his “anti-alpha” agenda due to his unknown hatred towards Alphas, saying he doesn’t need to mate with one to live until he’s reunited again with Taehyung, an Alpha from his past

#taekook #vkook #AU ImageImageImageImage
💌 Might do this
💌 Its my imaginary.. all fanfiction
💌 Like I care if I have other 3848393 ongoing fics lmao sue me!
💌 Lack of feedback, just pretend my dog tweeted this
Test test 1,2,3...
💌 vkook (bttmgguk duh)
💌 angst, smut, fluff
💌 nsfw-ish 🔞
💌 alpha x omega
💌 ignore timestamp/typos
ENJOY! #taekook #vkook #taekookAU
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* Taekook AU * NSFW

Jungkook and Taehyung are the most shipped couple in Kpop.... If only people knew they were real.
They think they've been hiding..
Until ONE Vlive changes everything.

#taekook #vkook #kookv #taekookau #btsau #vkookau #kookvau #taekookfanfic
I've been wanting to write this AU for awhile...I write on AO3 but never on here so....should I write it? It may have been done but not by me. 😁 It'll have social media, crack and SMUT....retweet/reply!
BTS' private Twitter profiles....They hide in plain sight....some more obvi than others cuz they don't like to follow the rules of staying hidden. 😉
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taekook nsfw au where taehyung and jungkook are rival nsfw accounts and have no idea they’ve been eachother’s roommate for two years.
#taekook #nsfw #vkook ImageImageImageImage
sorry for reposting this constantly im dumb uwu !! anygays i thought of this idea whilest on nsfw twitter trying to get ideas for a new au so yeah any similarities to other au’s are purely coincidental !
this au will have:
~ lotsa crack
~ sideship minjoon
~ sideship yoonseok
~ sorry jin you’ll find someone i promise
~ actually a lot of nsfw cuz i wanna explore that side of myself yeet
~ smut ? i might get rose (aka @goobyjeons go show her some phat love) to help cuz i’ll need it
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✽ ❀ ✿ 𝕤𝕖𝕔𝕣𝕖𝕥 𝕓𝕝𝕠𝕤𝕤𝕠𝕞𝕤 ✿ ❀ ✽
#taekook abo au where shy omega Taehyung has recently found out that he is pregnant with his longtime-mate's child. However, he has to keep it a secret because famous idol Jeongguk is unmated in the public's eye
#taekookau #kookv ImageImageImageImage
✿ fluff, and maybe the tiniest pinch of angst if my own heart can handle it
✿ potential nsfw ⚠️
✿social media and written out
✿this is my first full twt au pls be gentle with me
✿quote don't reply please!

starting soon!
✿ profiles pt 1
#taekook #taekookau #vkook #kookv ImageImage
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After his number got leaked, Jungkook, member of a famous band, blocks every single delulu fan who messages him directly on Whatsapp. One night, however, he makes an exception when he receives a drunk text from a gorgeous fan named Kim Taehyung.
#taekook #taekookau
insipired by:
*inspired lol
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{#taekook/#vkook au} Phoenix hybrid!Taehyung always creates fires by accident. Fireman!Jungkook often comes to stop these fires but is always surprised to see a shy young boy turn to ashes whenever their eyes meet. Before returning from the ashes as soon as the wolf hybrid leaves
- NSFW warning (dunno if there'll be smut 😕 but you can expect violence/death scenes and implied hybrid abuse)
- Angst but fluff and good ending too
- Ageswap (Jk's 24 y/o and Tae's 22 y/o)
- If you want to comment do not reply to this thread, quote instead
Taehyung had always lived away from society because his parents were afraid he’d become a slave like most hybrids. So, they lived isolated in a cottage in the middle of a huge forest since Taehyng was born.
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taekook au where bad boy heir Kim Taehyung decides to look for a sextmate coz he is bored and ends up with Jungkook, an obedient sub, who also happens to be his father's assistant.

#taekook au #taekook #vkook taekook social media au smut nsfw 🔞🔞🔞
I will start this in a few hours coz I need to sleep now lol 😘
who knows who:
tae, jimin, hobi
jungkook, yoongi, jin, joonie
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Taekook AU :Youtubers Sequel (pinned 1st) Jungkook & Taehyung are known as the King & Queen of Youtube. Kook spoils tae rotten with gifts & trips,fans turn toxic, tae gets his first acting job and yoonmin having trouble in their shared mansion.

#taekook #vkook #kookv #yoonmin
this is the sequel to the first taekook youtubers au (see pinned). Story will contain:
-slight nsfw but nothing too explicit
Also my cc is open if you have any suggestions or want to request something in particular for this au ,, ily and ty for all the love 💕
nobody can tell tae that he can’t bring his fave Gucci shirts camping noBODY

#taekook #vkook #kookv #yoonmin #namjin
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Taekook au where popular twitch streamer Jeongguk runs a competition for $20 but after stalking the winner (University student Tae’s profile) he adds an extra two 0’s on the end bc he’s weak for pretty boys.
(or a sugar daddy guk and accidental sugar baby tae au)
#taekook #kookv
Okay so let me know if you want the rest of this 💝💓💕💗
OK so I’m continuing this au and putting a hold on the taekook youtubers sequel till I finish this one. Tysm for hyping it and encouraging me 💖💛💗💫💗✨💘🎀✨💓💫🌸💝💓💕💫✨💕💕💕 ily
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Taekook au where Rising Vlogger!Taehyung meets the cocky ‘King of Youtube’ Jungkook (with over 50 million subs) at the YouTube Fanfest World Tour. They get off on the wrong foot at the Creator’s Party and spend the rest of the tour bickering.

#taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung’s channel is mostly daily vlogs, beauty and a few VEVOs.
(His inspiration is Edward Avila)
Jungkook was a gaming channel but nowadays he often posts memes and the occasional vlog.
(His inspo is PewDiePie)
First stop Amsterdam! 95er’s and skewer buddies unknowingly at the same airport
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