I still don't have the *full* picture. But I've put a lot of the pieces together so far.
Weev+Anglin+Jim Watkins+8chan+Daily Stormer+Doug Stewart/Microchip+Kim Dotcom+James O'Keefe+Cassandra Fairbanks+Rebel Media+Jack Posobiec+Laura Loomer+Thernobitch+Kellyanne Conway+
Steve Bannon+Breitbart+Twitchy+Michelle Malkin+Sean Hannity+Fox News+Howard Rubenstein+Arthur Finkelstein+Chuck Johnson+Mercer Money+Kochs+Heritage Front+Roger Ailes+Facebook+Cambridge Analytica+Military-grade PsyOps on the American electorate+NRA+Council For National Policy+
RuMOB ownership of media outlets+kompromat on "journalists"+Bitcoin payments from PR firms to "journalists"+Venona descendents working in media+Phillip Anschutz+Wexner+Project "Veritas"+Snowden+Manning+Shadow Brokers+Michael Caputo+Roger Stone+Fancy Bear+Cozy Bear+GRU+Parscale+
Kushner+Red November+Paul Manafort+Adrian Lamo+Sabu+Cassandra Fairbanks+Baked Alaska+Milo+Twinks for Trump+Jeff Giesea+Peter Thiel+"Jester"+Michael Flynn digital army+Reza Zarrab+Trump Baku+Iran Revolutionary Guard Money Laundering+Yuri Milner+Yuri Vanetik+Paul Manafort+
Wilbur Ross+Tom Barrack+Al Malnik+Ratner+Mnuchin+James Packer+Sheldon Adelson+Bibi+Orban+Putin+Mogilevich+Fridman+Deripaska+Potanin+Firtash+Abramovich+Prince+Pence+Jill Stein+Tad Devine+Michael Cohen+Evgeny Freidman the "Taxi King"+Op Ghost Stories 2.0...
Wanna know why?
Because you needed 4 years of a Hillary Clinton presidency to continue to destroy our faith in our institutions and Democracy in general.
You mobsters were holding a grenade. You were gonna pull the pin and throw it at our Democracy during her presidency.
Trump TV was gonna be there to drive people even farther up the horseshoe. You were going to cause absolute gridlock in Congress, and obstruct every one of her judicial nominees. You were going to let the federal justice system atrophy and let the RuMOB keep sucking Medicare dry.
But you know what? You telegraphed your Op. "Mobocracy by 2020."
@BarackObama warned you not to try it-Repeatedly. He declared Transnational Organized Crime a National Emergency by Executive Order in 2011. That's why you railed against his Exec Orders.
So that grenade you were holding, waiting to throw it at Democracy and the Rule of Law during a Hillary Clinton Presidency?
Our good guys knew what you were up to.
And Team #FuckNoYouWillNotSellThisNationOffForParts ripped the pin out early.
The #DeepDorkState knew what you were up to. They ripped the pin out of your grenade and shoved that pin-free grenade down your throats and made you swallow it in 2016.
Four years before you were ready for the spotlight.
You made a mobster President of the USA. You tried to sell us off for parts, like they did in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
But you shot your wad 4 years too early.
We still have courts with judges who follow the law.
We still respect the Constitution.
We vote.
And ANY ELECTED OFFICIAL who does not stand up for this nation at this time in our history deserves to be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE.
And those who who WILL PROTECT THIS NATION from THE EXTERNAL THREAT deserve to be voted in.
"A Democracy, if you can keep it."
Keep it.
Vote for America.
Read this whole thread from @ericgarland FROM THIRTEEN F*CKING MONTHS AGO.
Then ask yourself where in dog's name the media has been on this story.
Then ask why they missed it.
For-profit "news" and corporate-owned "news organizations" have failed our Democracy.
It's time for a return to journalistic integrity, and a renewed focus on truth over narrative.
Look out, media outlets who failed this Republic: We're #Coming4YourAudience

• • •

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Jan 19
Wisconsin’s fake electors: where are they now?
This article is from Feb 2021:

Andrew Hitt did this in July 2021:

Andrew Hitt to step down as chairman of Republican Party of Wisconsin jsonline.com/story/news/pol… via @journalsentinel
Bob Spindell: article from November 2021:

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Jan 6
Man Arrested for Acting in United States as Agent of Egyptian Government
“Pierre Girgis, 39, of Manhattan, acted in the United States as an agent of the Egyptian government, without notifying the U.S. Attorney General as required by law.
Girgis operated at the direction and control of multiple officials of the Egyptian government in an effort to further the interests of the Egyptian government in the United States. Among other things, at the direction of Egyptian government officials, Girgis allegedly tracked…
…and obtained information regarding political opponents of Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. As alleged, Girgis also leveraged his connections with local U.S. law enforcement officers to collect non-public information at the direction of Egyptian officials, arranged…
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Good journalism by @Jose_Pagliery:

Trump Advisor Lays Out How He and Bannon Planned to Overturn Biden’s Electoral Win

thedailybeast.com/trump-advisor-… via @thedailybeast
How do you roll up an organized crime syndicate?
Bottom up.

“Although the bipartisan House committee investigating the violence on Jan. 6 has demanded testimony and records from dozens of Trump allies and rally organizers believed to be involved in the attack on the nation’s…
…democracy, Navarro said he hasn’t heard from them yet.”

The YET part is important. 😘
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Dec 21, 2021
Russian National Extradited for Role in Hacking and Illegal Trading Scheme

Vladislav Klyushin, aka “Vladislav Kliushin,” 41, of Moscow, Russia, was arrested in Sion, Switzerland on March 21, 2021 and was extradited to the United States on Dec. 18. 

“Ivan Ermakov, also known as “Ivan Yermakov,” 35, and Nikolai Rumiantcev, also known as “Nikolay Rumyantsev,” 33, both of Moscow, Russia, are charged in the District of Massachusetts with conspiring to obtain unauthorized access to computers, and to commit wire fraud and…
…securities fraud and with obtaining unauthorized access to computers, wire fraud and securities fraud. Ermakov, a former officer in the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), a military intelligence agency of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian…
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Dec 16, 2021
Remember. Oct 24, 2021 by ⁦@hunterw

Two Jan. 6 Planners Cooperate With Committee, Name MAGA Congress Members - Rolling Stone rollingstone.com/politics/polit…
Named in @hunterw’s ⬆️ article: Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert, Mo Brooks, Madison Cawthorn, Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert
Oh look. Ali Alexander named Brooks, Biggs, and Gosar.
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Nov 24, 2021
Hello @visionsurreal you have been banging the 1st Amendment Praetorian drum for a long time now. Hooray!
You know who has been all over Robert Patrick Lewis and 1st Amendment Praetorian? @visionsurreal has, that’s who.
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