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good Lord the scene in @HandmaidsOnHulu Season 2 at the @BostonGlobe
Capital Gazette Murders
donald tRUmp's rhetoric
state controlled propaganda outlets that lie on command
embedded PR flacks at supposedly free press organizations
unmeritocratic rises of intellectually incurious "reporters"
Peter Thiel attack on Gawker
TV execs to stupid or lazy or complicit to care they are elevating non-experts to positions of authority
American citizens exhausted by nonstop information warfare/warp speed newscycle
A decimation of the valuation of real, actual journalism in this country which has led to mass layoffs of the journalistic workforce
Exhaustive workload for the few remaining real journalists who are still employed
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Combing through McCabe's book now, and what do you know...
(excerpts in following tweets - get ready)
1. Oh look! Ivankov. As predicted.
What I couldn't find mention of is that @FBI was searching for Ivankov in Trump properties - Trump Tower & Taj, where he was known to reside and gamble respectively (he even had a Trump Org fax number, ffs).
(stay with me, there's more...)
2. One @FBI agent at the time was the known expert on Russian organized crime, and Ivankov in particular. He gave court testimony on Ivankov.
(transcript here:…)
He was called "The Mogilevich Hunter."
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To all who wrote hitpieces about @ericgarland @20committee @LouiseMensch & @TrueFactsStated, & to those who called all us #TrumpRussiaGlobalCorruptionScandal researchers *conspiracy theorists.*
Manafort's plea proves you're wrong.
Now, FUCK OFF w your #TooLatePivots.
Lou 😘
P.S. I'm a 37 year old ex-stock trader, childfree-by-choice, feminist housewife.
and I can kick ALL Y'ALL AMERICAN MSM "JOURNAMALISTS" ASSES at corruption research and connecting the MOTHERFUCKING DOTS.
from my bed.
wearing unicorn t-shirts and yoga pants.
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Anonymous Op-Eds are fucked. Sign your name or don't print it.
And so are Op-Eds by Registered Agents of Foreign Powers w/o declarations of FARA.
Or we'll do it for you.
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I think it’s finally time to declare: the whole “liberal media” thing is a construct. A paradigm, created by those who wanted something to rail against so they could justify pushing “conservative” voices in response to “the liberal media.”
Corporate media is the media. It’s profit-driven, not driven by a commitment to enlightening the public with TRUTH.
Claim lofty ideals all you want, for-profit “news” organizations. But we begin to wonder about your motives when do stuff like this:
Your commitment to truth is called into question when PR firms get op-eds by dictators of Mafia States who attack the United States in your publication with the date stamped 9/11:
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I still don't have the *full* picture. But I've put a lot of the pieces together so far.
Weev+Anglin+Jim Watkins+8chan+Daily Stormer+Doug Stewart/Microchip+Kim Dotcom+James O'Keefe+Cassandra Fairbanks+Rebel Media+Jack Posobiec+Laura Loomer+Thernobitch+Kellyanne Conway+
Steve Bannon+Breitbart+Twitchy+Michelle Malkin+Sean Hannity+Fox News+Howard Rubenstein+Arthur Finkelstein+Chuck Johnson+Mercer Money+Kochs+Heritage Front+Roger Ailes+Facebook+Cambridge Analytica+Military-grade PsyOps on the American electorate+NRA+Council For National Policy+
RuMOB ownership of media outlets+kompromat on "journalists"+Bitcoin payments from PR firms to "journalists"+Venona descendents working in media+Phillip Anschutz+Wexner+Project "Veritas"+Snowden+Manning+Shadow Brokers+Michael Caputo+Roger Stone+Fancy Bear+Cozy Bear+GRU+Parscale+
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Something needs to be said here. For a very specific audience.
About @SaysDana & a broader group of researchers around her.
I shall title it: "Wake the F*ck up, you artless snobs. We are not amateurs."
- Short THREAD -
1. Dana is a former Senior (w/a capital "s") executive at...
2. TYCO.
Kinda a big company. That made some big news. You may have heard of it, but I'm not counting on your intelligence. So, here's something on it. You can find plenty more in the archives of whomever employs you. 🤦‍♂️…
3. You see... if you're covering corporate corruption, @SaysDana is EXACTLY the person you would go to for high-level inside info on either the company you're investigating (aka a "source" 🤦‍♀️), or for a deeper understanding of industry practices...
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Because we are now witnessing the supreme idiocy that is birthed by crossing of all three MSM streams - malevolence, sloth, and vanity - I feel a civic duty to boil things down to the simplest common denominator for them.

1. Fire is hot. Don't touch it.
2. Sounds called "words" come out of your mouth. Other people can hear them.

3. We can see your face when you're on TV.

4. Print is permanent. Permanent means forever. ⬇️
5. The sh*t inside you is supposed to come out of your ass (not your mouth) & land in a toilet.

6. Flush the toilet.

7. Mobsters are liars and thieves who profit off of human misery. Do not trust them. If you take a picture with them, we will see it. And we will remember it.
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