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Tweeting highlights from the @UKEUchallenge appeal skeleton — the issues that they with us and others have brought to court are of importance.....
....If you hide serous and alarming illegality in a referendum for sufficiently long enough (JR time limits are 3 months) you are safely able to keep a corrupt result...
... the Prime Minister knows the vote is blemished but soldiers on maintaining that she can rest on the 2016 vote alone as the thing to establish the “will of the people”....
...fundamental rights and the constitution itself (for malpractice which only later comes into stark relief)cannot be protected in a court because it is **administratively inconvenient** for Mrs May [remember, she admits the cite is BLEMISHED].....
...the @UKEUchallenge case makes very important points about the safety of direct democracy experiments on the frontier of the constitution which are to have vast effects on us all....
...the right to vote in FAIR elections is a vital and ancient constitutional right —- if the vote is not run FAIRLY it is not a democratic vote — uou negate the right to vote if the vote isn’t FAIR (blemished inthr PM’s QC’s one words)....
...if you don’t think FAIR VOTES are the only valid ones, and that these are elemental to the constitution itself, well it’s been a recognised thing for at least 300 years that they should (Mrs May: the tenets you are violating are ANCIENT and OBVIOUS)....
...statutes (acts of Parliament) protect us and particularise times when votes are certainly NOT democratic and fair, but they are not the last word; unfair votes can be found outside the statutory scheme, and courts have done this before...
..since the Statutory scheme is not the last word, and the backgroud older law is legitimately in play, if you apply it you can see a risk that the referendum was either just so inadequate it has to be set aside, or else it’s sufficiently smelly reasonable people don’t trust it..
...(the high court refused to look at expert evidence on the impact of the BLEMISH (cute word for taint/malpractice) openly acknowledged to have happened by the Prime Minister in the hearing and it is argued this was not appropriate)...
... NEXT POINT —- THE PRIME MINISTER HAS REFUSED TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT THE *blemish* TO THE 2016 vote which she openly acknowledges she knows all about...
....this bit is little old us, @A50Challenge, the actual decision to leave the EU was *made by the PM alone* and she had a choice to do it or not to do it....
...NOW, when a *mere* minister (eg event the mighty PM herself makes an executive choice, for themselves [contrast when they are orders to do a thing by parliament: where they can’t choose]— they MUST act:

1) lawfully and
2) rationally...
...NOW FURTHER, the *only* things she rested on when *she alone* took the LEAVE decision were:

1) the referendum
2) a rinky dink manifesto commitment made by Cameron
... in the period since the ‘16 vote serious, alarming malpractice (“blemish” to use the PM’s dainty word) has been exposed, continues to come to light (see inter alia @carolecadwalla for eg)
1) @metpoliceuk
2) @ICOnews
3) @DCMS
4) @NCA_UK

& PM *refuses* to do anything...
...parliament has NOT required that we leave the EU before April (or at all) — so this continues to be ALL ON MAY (as we proved in June at our hearing)...
... once again as we proved (in an explicitly citable decision from an LJ the High Court sought to sidestep as not citable) THIs LEAVE DECISION is *MAY’s ALONE*....
... and AGAIN the PM of the U.K. is refusing to take any notice of criminality which taints (“blemished”) the referendum— the only basisnfor her ongoing presence she is the the repository of this supposed “will of the people”...
...she is REFUSING to EVEN CONSIDER the possibility that the vote she *acknoleges to be tainted* and on which *important findings of illegality have already been made* should be taken into accout AT ALL by her..
...TWO CONSEQUENCES contended for from the above:—

1) it was unlawful for the PM to decide herself unilaterally to notify that she has decided the U.K. was leaving;

2) the prime minister has exceeded her powers in purporting to do this....
...on the first, that it was unlawful for the PM to go off all by herself and notify hat she had decide to leave the EU, she only claims to do that resting on the pretence the referendum was

A) lawful
B) democratic

BUT because of RELEVANT illegal activities this isn’t so..., WE CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH:

**the PM admits to KNOWING that the referendum is impacted to illegality and corruption***

1) she refuses 2 even think about it
2) will not disclose what she knows
3) will not talk about her feelings about this
4) has a duty to be open.. point, in purporting to tel the EU the U.K. was leaving the EU, THE PRIME MINISTER WENT BEYOND THE POWERS OF HER OFFICE

(She is just a here to day gone tomorrow Minister, like any other, by age happens to have a “10” on her front door).....
...the power that Parliament trusted Mrs May with to decide *herself* wether/when to lead the EU was, it is argued, contingent on the referendum being legit...
... put another way: Parliament didn’t empower Mrs May to boneheadedly blunder on with a lace policy if the referendum was:

— corrupted
—illegal and
— undemocratic...
...on delay the High court seemed to that @UKEUchallenge was simultaneously TOO EARLY and also TOO LATE (🤔😲😮)

there is a problem here:

- how can you move while there are only just allegations
- if you wait for the allegations to crystallise into convictions you wait ages..
...Our friends @UKEUchallenge moved as fast as they possibly could to get into court — and they could hardly be putting the case for a MORE vital constitutional as rights situation...
...the way the high court left matters in @UKEUchallenge is that the courts will not help citizens acting in the public interest to protect our democracy

Provided that the cheats hide their corruption for 3 months they *keep their spoils* and are *incentivised to cheat more*!!!
(Some stuff on costs which matters a lot to @Suewilson91

[a bloody hero]

but need not disturb y’all — save for to put you hands in your pockets and help her out with £££:
..if you want the primary material without our sexy commentary on it then visit this URL:….


(Happy Christmas fabulous people 😎)
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