I'm going to try playing and reviewing all of the #meditationgames that are going to be dropping daily through 2019. I'll probably miss a few, but I'll keep it up for as long as I can. You can catch all the games here: meditations.games
The January 1st #meditationgames entry is TEMPRES by Tak. This was an interesting little minimalist puzzle. It took me a bit to crack it but when I did it was pretty satisfying. Even had some replayability as I tried a few times after that to make sure I understood the solution.
The January 2nd #meditationgames entry is by @MsMinotaur. I feel like this really exemplified the "meditation" theme. It feels like a visual representation of a guided breathing exercise. The failure sound is a little jarring, but it teaches you the rule of the game quickly.
The January 3rd #meditationgames entry is by Lisa Brown. An effective visual metaphor for struggling to find motivation in the midst of depression. Also appreciated that it provides encouragement while acknowledging that sometimes you will fail despite your best efforts.
January 4th: @egordorichev. This was a fun little puzzle game that could be a prototype for a full release. It's the most traditionally game-like of these first 4 #meditationgames and presented its rules in a clear way through efficient level design.
January 5th: @ludipe tells an incredibly moving story using single screen vignettes and 1 point of interaction. Something I'm appreciating in playing through the #meditationgames is seeing other people share experiences that I relate to in ways I would never think of.
January 6th: @lostagainb made a jig saw puzzle. I didn't realize the phone on the side wasn't actually a timer until I restarted the game to get a screengrab. I had scrambled to put it together quickly in order to get some kind of high score when nothing was judging it but me.
January 7th: @dittomat made an abstract interactive metaphor for constantly shifting behavior of moods. This type of gravitational mechanic is something that I always suggest whenever I am doing a collaborative game jam, but I've never done anything with it. Maybe someday.
January 8th #meditationgames: @Noxlof put together a pleasant snowy day with a blocky pixel dog. This one is just plain nice. Also something that I would love to see more of. Just give me the biggest forest with all the birds to bark at and I'll have a good morning.
January 9th: @kirsty_lee0 #meditationgames entry is something like an interactive painting combined with a puzzle. It's kind of like what I would think of if I had to imagine an interactive poem that didn't use words.
January 10th: @cullenddwyer made one last game of fetch with your best friend. Fun, peaceful, and just a little sad. Also, this brings the count to 2/10 #meditationgames being about dogs, which is hopefully a ratio that is maintained for the entire year.
January 11th: @tha_rami described his #meditationgames entry as "terrifying" and that seems accurate. He created an unsettling experience with minimal visuals and atmospheric sound. It took me a few tries to figure out what it was asking me to do, but it was worth it in the end.
January 12th: @daniel_ilett uses the metaphor of herding sheep to represent the influx of new ideas in the new year. I relate to this as I am also overwhelmed with possible directions to take and herding sheep is another 1 of oddly specific themes I come back to at game jams.
January 13th: @gimblll's #meditationgames entry recalls afternoons spent with their grandma. This is another one that took a bit to click for me but effectively represented the struggle to preserve those quiet precious memories we all have.
January 14th: @JordanMagnuson's #meditationgames entry is the shortest one so far and impossible to represent in a still screenshot. A single input and some blocks of color to represent the life changing moment of seeing your child smile. Needs to be played to be understood.
January 15th: @OwenTheBell presents the scene of scattering his mother's ashes in a waterfall. This is another #meditationgames entry that plays like an interactive poem. I really appreciate how the shot is framed and I have not found a low-poly grey scale aesthetic I don't like.
January 16: @salierus #meditationgames entry really nails the idea of mechanics as metaphor to illustrate the struggle to overcome anxiety. Although the overall tone is dark, it also communicates the helpful advice that you are never as alone as you feel.
January 17: @asthesparksfly #meditationgames entry uses dreamlike visuals and sound to represent brain activity as you fall asleep. This one starts off pretty intense and mellows out over time, which does reflect the feeling I personally get when trying to sleep some nights.
January 18: @heygleeson's #meditationgames entry is an attempt at communicating with an unknown entity. This is one that I played a few times to understand it and then a couple more times just for fun. The screenshot doesn't do it justice, try it for yourself.
January 19: @johnvanderhoef's #meditationgames entry is a low-res narrative of a helicopter crash and the subsequent rescue. I like how it set the scene with sound and music even though the text was cut off in the launcher.
January 20: @Grhyll's #meditationgames entry is a minimalist rhythm-action game that is fun to play and to look at. The music sounds like what would play over a scene of people taking off on a boat and waving to everyone on the shore.
January 21: @heckmouse made a puzzle solving riff on the classic game Snake. This is another #meditationgames entry that I could easily see fleshed out into full game. Fun and stylish.
January 22: @gracebruxner's #meditationgames entry is the the dramatic final minute before having to register for college classes. This isn't a scenario I've personally dealt with, but it did simulate the anxiety of waiting in front of a ticking clock really well.
January 23: "On this day, when I was 11, I was swept out to sea." is the intro text for today's #meditationgames drop from @SmashyNick. It's a unique mixture of scary and chill and uses audio mixing in a very immersive way. I really want to find the song on the soundtrack.
January 24: Today's #meditationgames entry from @nekropants is cleaning up a messy room, something I tend to avoid whenever possible. I feel like I learn something from each of these games. Today's lesson was the importance of taking time to look back and see how far you've come.
January 25: @LCVoss, @SimonPederick, @BenGHarmon made a passive train ride through the Australian outback. I visited Australia once as a kid and I've always wanted to go back. The visuals and sound in this #meditationgames entry make for a very relaxing experience.
January 26: @nyunesu's #meditationgames entry is one that left me initially scratching my head, at first over the objective and then the meaning. As far as I can parse it, it's a story of someone pacing their room restlessly before being seen off on a trip by their family.
January 27: today's #meditationgames is from friend and former Michigander @AntonTesh! It's a wordless narrative about the passing of days and positive life changes. While you're here, also check out his game Gourmelee which is so good it makes me mad I didn't do it!
January 28: Florian Dormont's #mediationgames entry is a lesson on the importance of not overextending yourself when it comes to providing emotional support to others. I appreciate the level of expressiveness achieved using what is basically animated emote word bubbles.
January 29: @martin_cohen and Lucie Gromusova give us a dog to pet, along with a fun surprise. This one literally made me laugh out loud and brings the ratio of #meditationgames involving dogs to 3/29.
January 30: @Tambalaya's #meditationgames entry was the first one that has been physically painful to play (warning to anyone playing with headphones), which seems appropriate given the subject matter in the description.
January 31: Sophie Houlden presents an epic adventure in a bite sized form. This is another #meditationgames entry that made me laugh and something that I would love to see more of. Also included a dog, bringing the dog ratio up to 4/31.
February 1: @SeanSLeBlanc's #meditationgames entry is difficult to describe besides calling it intense. An assault on the senses in shades of black, white, and static where you try to make sense out of noise.
February 2: #HappyGroundhogDay! @vvvultures has rendered analog groundhogs obsolete with their #meditationgames entry: a digital version you can consult right in your browser! Also has a catchy chiptunes soundtrack.
February 3: @_growly's #meditationgames entry is a brief narrative of their transition. Has an excellent soundtrack selection that really helps convey the range of emotions experienced throughout.
February 4: Freya Campbell's #meditationgames entry is a roadtrip slideshow to a more welcoming home. I dig the low res sketchy aesthetic and would like to see more stuff like this.
February 5: @kurai's #meditationgames entry is beautiful. My 1st playthrough, I rushed and didn't get much out of it. Then I played through it a 2nd time to get a screenshot and listened to the advice in the intro text. I stood still and the secrets of the game were revealed.
February 6: Laura Michet's #meditationgames entry is about picking up the pieces. Of what? I'm not sure...
February 7: @torsteinvien & @dantagonism's #meditationgames entry is a haunting take on a bonfire of the vanities. It's also a reminder that, although there will always be those who attempt to destroy culture they disapprove of, they can't make a fire big enough to burn it all.
February 8: @AYolland's #meditationgames entry is a brief trip to pay respect to the dead. I like how much life they were able to breathe into such a compact low-resolution world. It's a place I want to see more of.
February 9: @piesaac's #meditationgames entry leaves you floating through the void, with nothing but a chill soundtrack to keep you company. This is something I would really like to see projected on the scale of a full theater screen.
February 10: @Notorious__MOB and @benswinden #meditationgames entry is a dreamlike exploration of the shifting nature of identity. This was a really beautiful piece and is something I played with both to understand its meaning and how it was constructed.
February 11: @briecode and @linsey_ray's #meditationgames entry invites you to make a wish and send it out into the night sky. This piece is just a tranquil space that I want to sit in and appreciate.
February 12: @JordanMagnuson's 2nd entry is slightly longer than his 1st, this time being a representation of the 1st time his son laughed. It also creates a continuing narrative with his 1st one, which is something I hadn't considered when I heard about #meditationgames.
February 13: @knarniapop's #mediationgames entry is about earning the trust of a shelter dog. I believe this makes 6 games about/featuring dogs (I realized I missed one a while back and had the previous dog count at 4).
February 14: @q_dork and @bad_tetris's #mediationgames entry is a perfect fit for #ValentinesDay! Help a couple share some popcorn and a soda in what might be the cutest game of the bunch so far!
February 15: @travisakarare's #meditationgames entry is summed up pretty well in the intro text: "Turn on all the fountains. Wait. See what blooms." A little pixel garden to stroll through.
February 16: today's #meditationgames entry from @ZombieHam is about unpacking boxes, something that I also put off for as long as possible after every move.
February 17: @OldLoths's #meditationgames entry is a trip and very difficult to capture in a still image. Perspectives converge and diverge as you walk though a constantly shifting surreal landscape.
February 18: @Mr_Tedders and @Markymark665's #meditationgames entry is a mixture of inspirational messages and interesting monochrome visual effects. This is another one that I tried to work out how it was put together. Also, has an excellent soundtrack.
February 19: @pekuja's #meditationgames entry is a tribute to his mother and her Tetris skills. It's also the second time in recent memory (after playing Tetris Effect) that Tetris has touched my heart. My skills must be rusty, since the last few puzzles gave me some trouble!
February 20: @2Pblog1, AAA, and @loekni's #meditationgames entry lets you grow a friendly forest, one tree at a time. I had a lot of fun with this one and it's something that I would like to spend more time with.
February 21: @dynamicsporadic's #meditationgames entry is a digital version of game that I have also played in real life: throw-a-ball-at-the-ceiling-and-get-close-without-hitting-it. It has a very tactile feel and took me a few tries before I got the perfect .001 score.
February 22: Emiel Kampen's #meditationgames entry leaves you drifting between moments of recorded history. Listen to the immortal words of important people as they each eventually drift off and fade away and contemplate what the future will hold for you.
February 23: @OhCarson's #meditationgames entry tasks you with doing something I've never done in real life: make a cup of coffee. As far as I can tell, this is a 100% accurate simulation.
February 24: @trans_istor's #meditationgames entry is a love story and a gut punch, all in one! More punk girl graffiti games, please!
February 25: @heyits5AM's #meditationgames entry is another difficult one to screenshot. A couple walking under an umbrella in the rain. Just something to chill out with for as long as you need.
February 26: @_nonoise's #meditationgames entry is an unsettling trip through a network of nondescript corridors. You push your way through crowds, occasionally finding a landmark, some new shape or barrier, while you try to figure out where you are.
February 27: @LilyBelmira's #meditationgames entry is putting together a jigsaw puzzle with friends. I really appreciate entries like this that seek to only capture a quiet moment in time.
February 28: Today's #meditationgames entry from @adamledoux is another singular moment in time: making tea, petting a cat, and sitting down to play a game with someone you love. I love the contrast between the flat colors of the 3D geometry and the rough sprites.
March 1: Today's #meditationgames entry from @joonturbo lets you walk and climb all over a giant skeleton! For someone like me, who is uncomfortable with the thought that we are piles of matter that can move, it was an interesting perspective to take on a subject I usually avoid.
March 2: Today's #meditationgames entry from @Kamaki and @LeonorParra08 transports you to beneath the icy crust of Europa. This is another entry that equally impresses me on a technical and aesthetic level.
March 3: @NotExplosive's #meditationgames entry is a one button arcade game where you jump one circle over a smaller orbiting circle. It's a fun little game and the way the pace and sounds ramp up over time is almost hypnotic.
March 4: Today's #meditationgames entry from Sarah Gould is a jazzy dance party. I'm preparing for a few stressful weeks and this made me smile.
March 5: Today's #meditationgames entry from @BreakinBahiyya is dark, unsettling and full of meaning that I am unable to parse.
March 6: Today's #meditationgames entry from @AD1337 and @cmlperes is a tree with falling leaves accompanied by a soothing minimal soundtrack. You can help the tree along or just let the leaves fall in their own time. I did a little of both.
March 7: @AlexHoratio_'s #meditationgames entry is a fiendishly difficult single player co-op obstacle course. Swap control between two squares to avoid hazards and guide them to the goal. Fun and frustrating!
March 8: Today's #meditationgames from Devine Lu Linvega is a digital ant farm or a more complex Conway's Game of Life. Each letter has a different behavior. I wish I had more time to spend with this as I can imagine some interesting patterns are possible. Z is the best!
March 9: @charlietheGfish's #meditationgames entry is a simple endless runner as a metaphor for the obstacles they encountered when transitioning.
March 10: @WanyoDos and @jamesid's #meditationgames entry is about an experience that I am also familiar with: wandering around a convention while mourning a recently departed friend. Great presentation and mechanics!
March 11: Today's #meditationgames entry from @fluidvolt is about both a flower and relationship blooming. Loved the expressiveness of the sprites and how well it communicates its meaning without words.
March 12: Today's #meditationgames entry from @MaikelOrtega_ and @MaralbaAlc has you guide the turtle on which Earth rests around a starry sky. Just the kind of soothing thing I need to help relax during my ongoing travel troubles!
March 13: Catpromise, today's #meditationgames entry from @ThaisWeiller @Danilo_Noites @AndreYin @magno_husein and @Thommaz, is about getting two disagreeable cats to work together. Pretty fun and polished puzzle platformer.
March 14: Today's #meditationgames entry from @regisRquoi is about sharing a surreal group hug and looks like the shapes I see when I close my eyes to try to sleep.
March 15: @johnlee_erg's #meditationgames entry is an inscrutable room that I am unable to glean the meaning of. I really wish I had more time with this one, but it happened to show up during an unusually hectic period for me. Maybe next year!
March 16: @calenquest's #meditationgames entry is about a child on the day before their 6th bday. I feel like this explores the contrast of a parent's desire to capture and hold on to their kid at each stage of their life with the kid's obliviousness to why they care so much.
March 17: @ThisIsEllian's #meditationgames entry casts the player as a friend matchmaker, pairing up outsiders with folks with mutual interests. It's pretty cute and the character creator at the beginning was a nice touch.
March 18: @even_kei's #meditationgames entry is a fun abstract RPG with a catchy chiptunes soundtrack. Really dig the glitch aesthetic.
March 19: Today's #meditationgames entry from @HH_Katherine and @MrBransky is about managing the anxiety that comes with going to #GDC for the first time. I can definitely relate as SF can be a really overwhelming place, but fortunately this story has a happy ending!
March 20: @pedrofpaiva's #meditationgames entry is a delirious race to nowhere and you're in the lead! Some technical hurdles kept me from playing this through the official launcher, so I had to pull the version from pedro-paiva.itch.io/danny-sullivan… !
March 21: Today's #meditationgames entry from @maltron3D @albertelwin_ and @tomdemajo is well-tuned climb of increasing tension followed by a surprisingly whimsical slide down from the top of the hill. Really interesting soundtrack, too!
March 22: Today's #meditationgames entry from @quangdx is just what I needed to distract me from the noise of the SF streets outside my hotel window: a beach, ocean sounds, and breathing.
March 23: @Striwx's #meditationgames entry is a karaoke night, something I would be all for in real life if GDC hadn't left me with a cold and sinus headache!
March 24: Today's #meditationgames entry from @kkiniaes and @cookie966507 is about the sendoff from GDC. Fittingly, I played it in the airport waiting for the flight back home, where I plan on going to sleep and never waking up. This one is beautiful and bittersweet.
March 25: @donkeyspaceman's #meditationgames entry is about petting a cat named Spooky! The cat doesn't seem that frightening to me, but maybe I'm missing something?
March 26: @colorfiction's #meditationgames entry is a boat ride down a psychedelic river to commemorate the first week of spring! The colorful flora is a good distraction from how it's barely above freezing in my home state!
March 27: @JavierRuidoRosa's #meditationgames entry is about overcoming the specters of loneliness and self doubt with the help of loved ones. The soundtrack goes a long way in making this a surprisingly powerful journey.
March 28: Today's #meditationgames entry from Kaelan Doyle-Myerscough and William Wu is about drawing on a foggy window during a long bus ride, something that I did countless times as a kid riding the bus to school. Really chill. I like it.
March 29: @zhanlitheonly1's #meditationgames entry is about breaking out of the routine of a day job to venture into unknown frontiers. This is something I have some familiarity with and hope to try again someday.
March 30: Today's #meditationgames entry from an anonymous creator is a journey through doors and stars. I feel like there are some secrets I could be missing in this one...
March 31: Today's #meditationgames entry from the @thecatamites is about balancing a cat on a back, a game that is much less potentially painful when done in a digital simulation! I dig the sketchy found art aesthetic.
April 1: Today's (technically yesterday's) #meditationgames entry from @haraiva is a trip to a low-res art gallery. It's also a good reminder for myself to go look at more art. It's not something I do as often as I'd like.
April 2: @SirKawaine's #meditationgames entry is a leap of faith. It really evokes the feeling of height with some low poly models and simple sound effects.
April 3: @SamPotasz's #meditationgames entry is about the size of the universe and how love manages to cross unfathomably large spaces to connect people. This one is pretty touching.
April 4: @picogram_art's #meditationgames entry is about returning to a home that has has been shaped into an unrecognizable place. Cute on the surface, but very sad underneath.
April 5: @demigiant's #meditationgames entry is about driving your mom to work. This one has a really dreamlike feeling to it and an excellent soundtrack.
April 6: Today's #meditationgames entry is by me. It's a simple game about following a rhythm to try to drown out the world after finding out your friend is dead. The most effective part about it is the song Trying to Get Back by my friend Aaron Garcia soundcloud.com/aarongarciamus…
April 7: @francoisvn's #meditationgames entry is about sliding tiles around to play matchmaker. This one's clever and something that I'd like to see more of.
April 8: @renaudbedard's #meditationgames entry is a moment of reflection among a flurry of falling, musical petals. This is the kind of experience that makes me feel nostalgic for a place I've never been.
April 9: Today's #meditationgames entry is from @Senhor_Fattori and Luke McIntosh. It's a life-and-death game of rock-paper-scissors between two samurai. It's either your day to win, or your day to get cut.
April 10: @moreelen's #meditationgames entry is a flower that gradually grows over time. Unfortunately, I only have a few minutes to spend with each day's game, so the only screengrab I can get is of the ground where a potential plant could be.
April 11: @soy_yuma's #meditationgames entry is a guided breathing exercise with an optional tactile element to recreate the feeling of a newborn resting on your chest. Very thoughtful and soothing.
April 12: @netgal_emi's #meditationgames entry is a trip to a cat show to see some very good cats. I've never been to one, but those must be some very talented cats to organize such elaborate events.
April 13: @MornRhiw's #meditationgames entry leaves you drifting through the void of space, attempting to communicate with anything that will listen. This took me a few tries to figure out what was going on and I think I beat it but I'm still not sure I was doing it right.
April 14: @castpixel's #meditationgames entry is a delightful throwback to the LCD games of yore. Took me a while to get the timing down, but fun when I did. Reminds me of the Space Jam LCD game I mastered until I could play it with my eyes closed when I was 6.
April 15: @sh4na's #meditationgames entry is a jigsaw puzzle with an ending that actually took me by surprise.
April 16: @Renaud_Marshall's #meditationgames entry is a bit of target shooting. Annie Oakley set the record back in 1922 with 100 consecutive hits and I am well short of that mark.
April 17: Today's #meditationgames entry from @laaph023 is about navigating a maze to find love.
April 18: Today's #meditationgames entry from Antonio Vargas, Camila Castellon, and Claudio Norori is an informative and heartbreaking piece about the lengths Daniel Ortega has gone to maintain power in Nicaragua, including killing over 400 people. The most important entry yet.
April 19: @parallax_curtis's #meditationgames entry is a trip down a psychedelic tunnel, where I kept losing myself in the visuals and sound. This one was really interesting, even if I couldn't spend much time with it due to technical hiccups.
April 20: BruceG's #meditationgames entry is a look back at a college 4/20 celebration, complete with snacks and a state-of-art flip phone! Overall, just a really chill time.
April 21: @ryanmm65 @10itemsorlex @rachlikesgames and @sevenverydown's #meditationgames entry is about describing clouds using hieroglyphics, I think. When given the option, I'll just say every cloud looks like a bird.
April 22: @marshall_cannon's #meditationgames entry is about managing time and energy to meet our responsibilities without burning out . Like the description says, even when the burdens we carry increase "The balloon never gets any bigger." Fun and clever.
April 23: @xphere's #meditationgames entry is about dealing with social anxiety in a crowded setting. This really captured that claustrophobic feeling of being caught in a large group of people when you'd really rather be at home.
April 24: @jmtb02's #meditationgames entry is about the joy of riding a bicycle. Not a big fan of bikes myself, but getting into the rhythm of pedaling and shifting through the gears in this game was pretty fun.
April 25: @ifnotnowgwen's #meditationgames casts you as a penguin parent trying to reunite with their baby. Penguins are always delightful to me, so waddling and sliding around as one was a lot of fun.
April 26th: @Sosowski's #meditationgames is about being exposed to a lethal dose of radiation and the lasting dread that can linger long after the event. This is a fear similar to one that I have sometimes, that there could be something wrong that I haven't identified yet.
April 27th: @dualryan's #meditationgames entry is a fun little music toy about creating melodies by bouncing a ball around. It's impossible to really capture in a still image without sound, but this is something I could see myself coming back to play with later.
April 28th: @elisee's #meditationgames entry is about climbing as high as you can. Or just as high as you want to. I've played other games with a similar theme, but this is the first one that aimed for being relaxing rather than tense.
April 29th: Today's #meditationgames entry from @CreaGame is a jigsaw puzzle as a metaphor for the way society can force people into familiar shapes rather than allowing folks to take the form they choose for themselves. Uses jarring visual and SFX to hammer the point home.
April 30: @S1lv3rOff's #meditationgames entry is a mystery to me. Persistent inputs lead to a quick trip through a pixelated solar system(?) before dropping you back where you started. I think...
May 1: Today's #meditationgames from @NoCronk @Blaqkdamask and @sam_suite is about the harm inflicted on those working under crunch. Whenever I talk to students or other folks interested in pro game dev, I caution them to not let bosses exploit their passion because they will.
May 2: I didn't understand what I was supposed to do in today's #meditationgames entry from @tuism until I found a video of someone else playing it and figured out the trick. Since I'm playing this in a setting where I can't really make a lot of noise, here's some pillars.
May 3: @AdoneKitching and @CodeOfTheVoid's #meditationgames is about the despair of shuffling through a grey desk job. I've been fortunate enough that all of the jobs I've had have at least been interesting, but I know what it's like to feel trapped in your situation.
May 4: In honor of #MayTheFourth, @DreamingArts #meditationgames entry is a Star Wars themed endless flier. I'm not much of a Star Wars fan, but the spaceships are undeniably cool.
May 5: Today's #meditationgames entry from @LenoGalaxies is an abstract narrative about searching for gender identity and dealing with depression.
May 6: Today's #meditationgames entry from @KyleOlsonmabob and @jmdetloff is a fish matching puzzle game. I tried to figure out the rhyme and reason of it, but settled for dropping my line in and hoping for the best, which is also my strategy for actual fishing.
May 7: @Cloudbod's #meditationgames entry is a sidescrolling climb up a mountain. This one took me a few attempts but getting to the top was satisfying.
May 8: Today's #meditationgames entry from @Shrubbette and @gracebruxner is a dance party on an Australian beach with some ocean friends! The first time I traveled overseas was a trip to Australia when I was 13 and I've wanted to go back ever since.
May 9: @GeeItSomeLaldy's #meditationgames entry is an intense space battle against a giant bug. This was a fun little boss fight with some very rewarding victory music.
May 10: @AlexMaskill's #meditationgames entry is about managing the anxiety of preparing for a party with your friends. Although I've never experienced this exact scenario of re-rearranging furniture, I can relate to feeling like I'm somehow letting down the people I care about.
May 11: @avivbeeri's #meditationgames entry is a pixelated trek up a mountain and one more bit of inspiration for me to finally try messing around with #pico8.
May 12: Today's #meditationgames entry from Joarez C. Santini is a beautiful example of mechanics as metaphor, using input to illustrate how our lives are affected by the people we meet. It was also a little difficult to play and screenshot with a laptop track pad!
Oh dang, I forgot to drop the screen shot for this one. Correcting that now!
May 13: @introvertices's #meditationgames entry is a series of vignettes capturing the feeling of grief after someone you care about leaves your life and you somehow keep on waking up and going about your day. Includes a very powerful soundtrack and some haunting visuals.
May 14: @KarmaAlon's #meditationgames entry is the climactic scene of an imagined narrative set against the backdrop of Israel's Independence Day. This actually had a really cinematic feel to it and makes me want to see the full plot developed.
May 15: @c_barilla's #meditationgames entry is, like my own, inspired by a suicide. They've crafted some powerful scenes portraying the grief, anger, and acceptance following the death of their sister.
May 16: @krisdikeman's #meditationgames entry is a hypnotic combination of a mellow soundtrack and rippling visuals. It's one that is hard to capture in a single screenshot.
May 17: Today's #meditationgames entry from @AlvarBer is the stressful packing session before heading for your home-away-from-home. I enjoy traveling, but I can relate to the anxiety that inevitably creeps in when preparing for a trip.
May 18: @gritfish's #meditationgames entry is an entertaining and clever take on what it's like to try meditating with ADHD. Following the onscreen prompts becomes increasingly difficult as intrusive thoughts accumulate to break your focus and pull you off the pedestal.
May 19: Today's #meditationgames entry from @liamesler @theboyofcheese and @troyaferguson is a small garden that you get 5 minutes to tend to. I've never had enough motivation to work on an actual garden but this one is just my speed.
May 20: Geneva Heyward's #meditationgames entry is a reflection on the difficulty of removing toxic friends from your life. It's interesting to think about how the people we grew up with and that helped shape who we are can become people that are harmful to keep around.
May 21: @neogeek and @stumpheadjosh's #meditationgames entry is a low res flight sim in honor of Amelia Earhart. I'd love to see this concept expanded into a full game, but I will settle for playing other games about flying.
May 22: @MarlonRuval's #meditationgames entry is about preparing for a wedding, which means spending a lot of coin (or birds, monkeys, and other cartoon animals as the case may be). Don't know what year the wedding was, but congratulations all the same!
May 23: @ggnewed's #meditationgames entry is an abstract flower garden where you combine flowers to create new unique varieties. I like the style on this one, it's like a reverse Every Extend Extra.
May 24: @JonTetrino's #meditationgames entry is non-interactive vignette about learning how to tell folks to shut up when you've had enough of their noise, which can be a very valuable skill.
May 25: @LikeArcade's #meditationgames entry is about taking photos at a convention. I like the cutout aesthetic and all of the visual gags hidden around the environment. Plus, there's just something enjoyable about games where you only observe what's going on.
May 26: Today's #meditationgames entry from @tjjos is a clever little puzzle about sliding a pair of characters back and forth on their separate timelines so they can meet and fall in love. The theme and mechanic fit together nicely and I can imagine variations on the puzzle.
May 27: @alyphen_'s #meditationgames entry is about waiting for a taxi during a storm. Sitting on our deck and watching thunderstorms roll through was a summer pastime for me growing up so hearing the sound of thunder makes me strangely nostalgic.
May 28: Today's #meditationgames entry from @medidog and @delikedis is a peaceful moment with some pastries, a guitar and good company.
May 29: #meditationgames are back, in pog form! Thanks to @AVKnights_dev for reminding me that I used to play with little cardboard discs, thus forfeiting my right to criticize the fads of any younger generation.
May 30: @bird_pun's #meditationgames entry is a short narrative about the uplifting power of playing pen-and-paper roleplaying games! I had a regular group I played with back in college but haven't played any RPGs since then and this makes me want to get back into it.
May 31: @adamb1234's #meditationgames entry is a platformer that you have less then 10 seconds to beat in recognition of Usain Bolt's world record 100 meter time. I really like the presentation of the racers at the bottom of the screen to put that speed into perspective.
June 1: Today's #meditationgames entry from @kittycalis @ThomasWellmann @jukiokallio and @jwaaaap is about finding animals hiding among trees and buildings. Really cute and includes different sets of animals and environments every time you play.
June 2: @jctwood's #meditationgames entry is really beautiful. It feels like an interactive statue telling the story of a couple meeting in the forest. I like how much expression it communicates with characters that are just moving spheres.
June 3: @Robin_B's #meditationgames entry is a playful experiment about guiding dogs and pressing buttons. It's kind of like using a laser pointer to train a dog to use a giant game pad. Neat stuff.
June 4: Today's #meditationgames entry is a stylish runner about picking yourself up when you get knocked down. It also features a very satisfying slap sound when you fall over. Congratulations on the upcoming graduation, @ImPACIOble!
June 5: Today's #meditationgames from @GameMakinJoey is about picking up trash in honor of World Environment Day, an event I was not aware of before playing it! I can always appreciate pixel art with a positive message.
June 6: Today's entry from @tha_rami is about photographing a storm. It combines two things (storms + photography) that I enjoy seeing in games that were featured in other recent #meditationgames. Quick, someone make a high fidelity game about storm chasing so I can play it!
June 7: @totallyRonja's #meditationgames entry is about gathering strokes of color as a metaphor for joining a queer community. I really appreciate how clearly it communicates its message through the mechanics, emphasizing the importance of group gatherings to avoid isolation.
June 8: @oggborbis's #meditationgames entry is about spreading love to turn enemies into friends. There's also a lot of "emergent" gameplay to be had by breaking out of the expected bounds of the game world and seeing what happens!
June 9: @Amon26's #meditationgames entry is a spooky shmup that my antivirus flagged as malware. Hopefully that was a false positive! Loved the amount of impact in all of the feedback visuals and SFX!
June 10: @bwuhhh's #meditationgames is about spending gift cards on toys right after receiving a pile of presents. Not sure what the present giving occasion is, probably a birthday but it could also be a graduation. I tend to hoard gift cards and agonize over how to spend them.
June 11: Today's #meditationgames entry from @MrHelmut and @FlorianHurtaut is about bouncing seeds off of flowers to make music. It's a fun little music toy to play around and can produce some pretty soothing beats.
June 12: @pandanym's #meditationgames entry simulates the anxiety experienced when approaching the stage to talk to a group of people. The pulsing imagery, oppressive soundtrack, and piercing eyes of the crowd make it a very effective simulation.
June 13: Today's #meditationgames entry from @_nofi and @colossalblue provides no context in the description and limited context within the game. My interpretation is that it casts the player as a lone traveler moving through a tunnel to deliver its cargo on the other side.
June 14: @brendengibbons's #meditationgames entry is a reflection on the difficulty of moving to a new country and having to decide what you can bring with you. I've never moved out of the US, but I've gone from one coast to the midwest and to the opposite coast, so I can relate.
June 15: @Phxtho's #meditationgames entry was a mystery to me until I got the tip that you advance by holding space. It's a cute series of expanding isometric landscapes representing the new beginnings that summer can bring.
June 16: @17_Flight's #meditationgames entry is about unpacking and placing furniture in a new home. Since I just put in an offer on my first house the other day, this is very relevant to me!
June 17: @georgebatch's #meditationgames entry is a childhood birthday spent collecting caterpillars. I love the breathy recorder soundtrack and the hand drawn visuals. Playing with bugs was a favorite pastime of mine growing up. This is a fun little game.
June 18: @oh_cripes's #meditationgames entry is a cute DIY road trip, complete with rollout roads and popup houses. I'm going to have the soundtrack stuck in my head for a bit. Remember, you're not lost if you're having fun!
June 19: @GhostTimeGames's #meditationgames entry is an abstract piece where you make music by bumping into things and by playing tag with a blue friend. This is a beautiful little experience.
June 20: Today's #meditationgames entry from @videodante is a tiny garden you can water and watch grow, wither, and grow again, accompanied by an acoustic guitar.
June 21: @horsman's #meditationgames entry is about manipulating a floating ball of magnetic goo. I'm not sure I understand what the goo is supposed to represent but seeing it collect and separate is satisfying.
June 22: @hyperhiebl's #meditationgames entry is about processing her thoughts after being drugged and sexually assaulted. This was a horrifying game about a despicable act and I hope creating and sharing it helped with the healing process.
June 23: Today's #meditationgames entry from @alittleredpanda is a trip on a Swiss cable car. Although I couldn't figure out why the car stopped or how I got to start moving again, I really like the presentation.
June 24: I wasn't able to play today's #meditationgames entry from @SIACTRO due to technical issues with the launcher, but hopefully they can make an external link for it available so I can check it out later.
June 25: Today's #meditationgames entry from @robotJoel is a pleasant stroll through a garden accompanied by a trio of chickens. More games need chickens. Ideally, every game would include at least 1.
June 26: Today's #meditationgames entry from @JoeyPrink and @SaphireSouldier is about manipulating the color of lights to illuminate (and obscure) various scenes and turn your surroundings into a home. It's a really clever mechanic and has a fantastic soundtrack.
June 27: @FBFDann's #meditationgames entry is about taking a trip to the dunes and scouring every detail to try to capture the moment.
June 28: @electronicbeth's #meditationgames entry is a relaxing time roasting marshmallows on the beach. Love the animated painting effect! It also reminds me of the time my sister convinced her friend that you were supposed to put the chocolate on the stick when making smores.
June 29: Today's #meditationgames entry from @fayju is the age old sport of explosive free-for-all frog soccer. This isn't the most accurate simulation of the game I've seen, but it's still pretty good given the time constraint.
June 30: Today's #meditationgames entry from @EnclaveGames, @end3r, and @mypoint13k is about holding on and letting go. This was interesting, like a puzzle game disguised as an arcade game.
July 1: I wasn't able to play @peterlazarski's #meditationgames entry due to technical issues with the launcher. Hopefully, they can upload it somewhere independently so I can check it out sometime later.
July 2: @bonerman_inc's #meditationgames entry is some intense hot dog grilling. I can almost smell them sizzling sausages. Also a reminder to pick up a grill as a soon as I move into my new place later this month.
July 3: Today's #meditationgames entry from @sebastianscaini @bird_pun and @FlatteryPatrick is a little moment illustrating the power that games have to bring people together, which can be easy to overlook when drowning in the brine that is online video game discourse.
July 4: Today's #meditationgames entry from @Zertuk is about saying goodbye to a pet. I actually have a small playlist of songs about pets and it's sad how many of them are written as tributes to dead pets. Write more songs about your pets while they are alive, everybody!
July 5: @johannesgunnar's #meditationgames entry is about having someone follow in your footsteps. It's also the first game that I missed without it being due to technical issues, which was a bummer, thanks to @lukandlok for the video I used as reference for the game.
July 6: Today's #meditationgames entry is by @t_calster. It plays like a minimalist rhythm game about timing jumps while traveling through a vector tunnel. I really like the sense of impact it achieves with the SFX and camera work.
July 7: Today's #meditationgames entry from my friend @ludodrome is about envisioning the layout of furniture in a new home, something I'm currently doing in real life in anticipation of moving into my first house later this month. Also includes an excellent choice of soundtrack!
July 8: @nylekyland's #meditationgames entry is a tennis game with a crush where the score is "love all". That pun demonstrates the entirety of my knowledge of tennis. This one was cute.
July 9: @MyNameIsLura's #meditationgames is about breaking out of your comfort zone. The first time I played it, the game didn't end and I walked out of the boundary of the world into an empty pink expanse. I thought this was intentional until I was unable to do it again.
July 10: @kenwongart's #meditationgames entry is about placing flowers at a loved one's memorial. Flower arranging isn't something I usually take interest in but I found myself putting some care into this.
July 11: @Lr_K's #meditationgames entry is a long walk through a forest and up a mountain. I really liked the aesthetic and the use of SFX to make the world feel full.
July 12: @NextLevelBanana's #meditationgames entry is about packing up your life, finding some place to stand, and moving the world like a darn soccer ball! I internally shouted "gooooooaaalll!" when I finished it.
July 13: @RaycatWhoDat's #meditationgames entry is a metaphor for breaking out of the mental prisons that we construct for ourselves. It's a valuable lesson succinctly illustrated.
July 14: @HelloCakebread's #meditationgames entry was missing text to provide context, but from what I can tell it's about trying to wander through a shifting desert when there's something that always pulls you back to where you started. Beautiful music and SFX.
July 15: Today's #meditationgames entry from @ricoalbe is about feeling on rugs at Ikea, something I just did a few weeks ago and will likely do again soon as I close on my first house tomorrow! The SFX also make it feel like you are some kind of rug DJ, which should be a thing.
July 16: @shellyalon's #meditationgames entry is about their grandfather's funeral and not receiving your last request when it comes to being laid to rest, which is something I had never really given much thought until now. Beautiful soundtrack selection.
July 17: I was unable to play Katie Stegs #meditationgames entry due to technical issues with the launcher. Hopefully it gets uploaded elsewhere so I can play it someday. There's always next year!
July 18: @BRKeogh's #meditationgames entry is a sweet interactive sonnet to his wife, Helen, that takes the player all the way from space to a city. Lovely little bit of poetry.
July 19: Today's #meditationgames entry from Adriaan de Jongh is another one that I was unable to play due to technical issues with the launcher. Bad luck that there would be two in one week but hopefully it gets uploaded externally at some point.
July 20: @melessthanthree's #meditationgames entry is about walking through a field to reach someone on the beach. I really liked the aesthetic and soundtrack for this one.
July 21: @Jupiter_Hadley's #meditationgames entry is about making pizza and remembering dads. And now I really want pizza, even more than how much I idly want pizza all the time, which is "kinda".
July 22: @DanjiDanjisan's #meditationgames entry is some kind of glitch art endless runner that feels like breaking out of the bounds and exploring parts of the world that you aren't really meant to see.
@DanjiDanjisan July 23: @DamonWakes #meditationgames entry is a strangely compelling take on a clicker game where you pick bananas to plant banana trees to collect even more bananas as a metaphor for forced creativity exercises like Flash Fiction Month.
@DanjiDanjisan @DamonWakes July 24: @Skully_B's #meditationgames entry is about finding help to fight the Black Dog, which a quick Googling explained was a metaphor for depression, but this is also good advice if you ever find yourself confronted with a literal black dog that you must fight.
@DanjiDanjisan @DamonWakes @Skully_B July 25: I was unable to play today's #meditationgames entry from @maggese_ due to technical issues with the launcher. This has been a rough couple months for the project, but hopefully the missed entries all get uploaded elsewhere.
July 26: Today's #meditationgames entry from @PhillipWitz is about moving stuff for a Smash bros meetup. I was half way expecting it to end in tragedy and a pile of broken electronics, but no such luck.
@PhillipWitz July 27: Today's #meditationgames entry from @ztiromoritz is a pixelated paint-by-numbers. The BGM is pretty catchy. I would have liked to spend more time with this one, but I'm supposed to be at Maker Faire Detroit right now!
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz July 28: @zhamul's #meditationgames entry is a reflection on how our choices can cause our paths to diverge from the lives our parents had. Stylish, succinct, and effective.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul July 29: @bad_tetris's #meditationgames entry is a clever little puzzle game about reuniting lightning bugs (or fire flies, based on your personal vernacular). I really like what it does with visibility mechanics.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris July 30: @ThatTomHall's #meditationgames is about his dad's struggle with Alzheimer's. My grandpa went through a similar decline due to dementia and it's now my greatest fear. The way this game's levels can be impossible to navigate is an effective metaphor for that helplessness.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall July 31: Today's #meditationgames entry from @grizzlypierce is about choosing who you want to be. I want to be the champion of hamburgers and a purple t-shirt wasn't an option, so I went with blue.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce August 1: @RecklessAthena's #meditationgames entry is about navigating through a neon obstacle course as a metaphor for her gender transition. Features some interesting minimalist level design.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce @RecklessAthena August 2: @small_signs's #meditationgames entry is about hanging out with your grandpa, eating strawberries and feeding turtles. I really like the music and sound design in this one. It goes a long way in establishing a very specific moment in time.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce @RecklessAthena @small_signs August 3: Today's #meditationgames entry from @Whiestar is about how depression can cause your world to shrink until there is nothing left, but also how it is possible to resist that and put everything back into place.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce @RecklessAthena @small_signs @Whiestar August 4: @cptalbertwesker's #meditationgames entry is a rhythm game about walking along the beach with your partner. It was a little tricky to find the beat that I was supposed to be following but I'm glad I stuck with it.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce @RecklessAthena @small_signs @Whiestar @cptalbertwesker August 5: @AerialShading's #meditationgames entry is about a bird waiting in the rain. The info text only said "be patient" but the rain never seems to let up. I feel kinda bad for the bird.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce @RecklessAthena @small_signs @Whiestar @cptalbertwesker @AerialShading August 6: @JarrydHuntley's #meditationgames entry is a visit to a pond to listen to some cicadas. The sound of cicadas immediately makes me think of summer heat waves. There's a bug that prevented the audio from playing on my browser, so I queued up a video to accompany it.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce @RecklessAthena @small_signs @Whiestar @cptalbertwesker @AerialShading @JarrydHuntley August 7: @lxFortes's #meditationgames entry is about climbing up a mountain and helping the people you meet along the way. I really liked how expressive the animations were. More games should end with dance parties.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce @RecklessAthena @small_signs @Whiestar @cptalbertwesker @AerialShading @JarrydHuntley @lxFortes August 8: Today's #meditationgames is by an anonymous dev. It depicts a pixelated person meditating while being either whipped or repeatedly bitten by a snake. Not sure the intended meaning but it feels like a unpleasant time for everyone involved.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce @RecklessAthena @small_signs @Whiestar @cptalbertwesker @AerialShading @JarrydHuntley @lxFortes August 9: Today's #meditationgames entry was removed from the lineup at the request of the game's developer. As a replacement, here's the game jam project that I later used as the basis for the April 6 meditation: flyover-games.itch.io/little-circles…
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce @RecklessAthena @small_signs @Whiestar @cptalbertwesker @AerialShading @JarrydHuntley @lxFortes August 11: @Norgg's #meditationgames entry is a growing virtual bonsai tree that you can prune. I am endlessly fascinated by complex structures that grow out of simple patterns so this was fun to watch.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce @RecklessAthena @small_signs @Whiestar @cptalbertwesker @AerialShading @JarrydHuntley @lxFortes @Norgg August 12: @andyman404's is about spending your last few moments at a home you've lived in for a while and collecting the good memories you made there. It's hard to capture the effect in a still image, but the masking particles used for the flashbacks is an impressive effect.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce @RecklessAthena @small_signs @Whiestar @cptalbertwesker @AerialShading @JarrydHuntley @lxFortes @Norgg @andyman404 August 13: @awesomonster's #meditationgames entry is about watching a meteor shower through a telescope and also saying hello to this guy.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce @RecklessAthena @small_signs @Whiestar @cptalbertwesker @AerialShading @JarrydHuntley @lxFortes @Norgg @andyman404 @awesomonster August 14: @TimothiEllim's #meditationgames entry is about navigating a dreamlike soundscape in search of silence. I find that I can find more comfort in noise than from quiet, but a break is nice every once in a while. This had some great atmosphere.
@PhillipWitz @ztiromoritz @Zhamul @bad_tetris @ThatTomHall @grizzlypierce @RecklessAthena @small_signs @Whiestar @cptalbertwesker @AerialShading @JarrydHuntley @lxFortes @Norgg @andyman404 @awesomonster @TimothiEllim August 15: Today's #meditationgames entry from @happysnakegames is about going to a convenience store to get some snacks. Now that I live only a short walk from a 7-11, this is also something that I very much enjoy.
August 17: An issue with the launcher prevented me from playing today's #meditationgames entry. Saw a workaround to the issue but by then it was too late. Whoops!
August 18: Today's #meditationgames entry was lost in the shuffle of that daily game dev grind and didn't get submitted.
August 19: More technical issues, either with the game or launcher so I couldn't play this #meditationgames entry.
August 20: Today's #meditationgames entry from @bitbytebruno is about confronting and overcoming a negative self image. Very cute character designs and a message that is pretty helpful for me.
@bitbytebruno August 21: @IceFallGames's #meditationgames entry is about viewing a solar eclipse. Eclipses are like spooky reminders that everything we interact with is just a smaller part of a larger system that was put in motion long before any of us existed. Which is neat.
@bitbytebruno @IceFallGames August 22: @tom_content's #meditationgames entry traps you in a gradually shrinking bedroom. I wouldn't consider myself a claustrophobic person, but this was a thoroughly stressful experience. Good job!
@bitbytebruno @IceFallGames @tom_content August 23: Today's #meditationgames entry from @comfyfish and @niclupfer is about trying to make connections with people on the first day of school. Going back to school was the most stressful day of each year and the best part of adulthood is never having to do that again.
@bitbytebruno @IceFallGames @tom_content @comfyfish @niclupfer August 24: @gendervamp's #meditationgames entry is a cute music toy to commemorate their "Big Gay Awakening" at a Melissa Etheridge concert.
@bitbytebruno @IceFallGames @tom_content @comfyfish @niclupfer @gendervamp August 25: @andimlenny's #meditationgames entry is a tribute to the Bitsy game engine about retrieving a balloon stuck in a tree. Bitsy is an excellent tool for bringing tiny worlds to life and a ladder is an excellent tool for getting things out of trees.
@bitbytebruno @IceFallGames @tom_content @comfyfish @niclupfer @gendervamp @andimlenny August 26: @justintimecartr's #meditationgames entry is a puzzle where you put together a text conversation for a second chance at love. Cute concept well executed that also gives me some ideas for an emoji-based dialog system.
@bitbytebruno @IceFallGames @tom_content @comfyfish @niclupfer @gendervamp @andimlenny @justintimecartr August 27: Another day, another #meditationgames entry that I was unable to play due to technical issues. Sorry!
August 28: @dukope's #meditationgames entry is about washing a sink, something that I don't do often enough in real life, have never done in a digital setting, and is pretty satisfying in either.
@dukope August 29: Today's #meditationgames entry is some smooth jazz, courtesy of my friend @scrapmetal134 (or @SaltFreeInt as he's credited in the launcher). I know I've heard the song before, but I just can't recall the name.
@dukope @scrapmetal134 @SaltFreeInt August 30: Today's #meditationgames entry was unavailable to play.
August 31: To cap off the most turbulent month of #meditationgames so far, this one was also not available.
September 1: Today's #meditationgames entry from @HeskHwis is about walking to work and greeting the unique people you meet along the way. I was unable to greet the several squirrels I encountered, but I assume that was a bug of some kind.
@HeskHwis September 2: @chipforest's #meditationgames entry is about wandering through a network of caverns accompanied by glowsticks and atmospheric music. Never found if there was a specific goal I was supposed to looking for, but that might have been the point.
@chipforest September 3: @CodeCrafty's #meditationgames entry is about sorting through your belongings and determining what you want to keep and what to throw away. I like the level of detail in the props that make this room feel like a real lived in place.
@chipforest @CodeCrafty September 4: First unplayable #meditationgames entry of the month!
September 5: And the second!
September 6: Today's #meditationgames entry from @Kirblue and Alex Sánchez is about trying to fit in on the first day of school. I wasn't the most popular kid, but having even a single friend in school that really gets you is such an important thing.
@Kirblue September 7: @dreamlogician's #meditationgames entry is a relaxing trip to the sea side. Click-and-drag to make windows into a view of the same place later in the day. Interesting concept that I could see having uses in a puzzle game.
@Kirblue @dreamlogician September 8: In @PaleFeatherZen's #meditationgames entry, 5 cards are presented to you face down and you choose one. What does your chosen card mean? If it's anything like actual fortune telling, then the answer is "whatever you want it to mean."
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen September 9: Today's #meditationgames entry from @jujuadams and @Spiderlily666 is a music synth toy representing the communication between people and distant celestial bodies. Really fun to play with and capable of creating some hypnotic melodies with a simple set of rules.
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen @jujuadams @Spiderlily666 September 10: @noisybass's #meditationgames entry is about managing the constantly multiplying thoughts that accompany anxiety. Although I do not experience clinical anxiety, I can relate to feeling overwhelmed by thoughts that feel outside of my control.
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen @jujuadams @Spiderlily666 @noisybass September 11: Today's #meditationgames entry from @ThatDannyGuy and @LyonsMatthew is about hanging out and kicking a ball around in a city park. The description reads:

Robert Rowan
1990 - 2018

I didn't know you, Robert, but hopefully you rest in peace.
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen @jujuadams @Spiderlily666 @noisybass @ThatDannyGuy @LyonsMatthew September 12: @clicktozoom's #meditationgames entry is an afternoon with his son, playing with a toy plane from multiple perspectives. I never had one of those hanging airplanes, but they seem like a lot of fun.
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen @jujuadams @Spiderlily666 @noisybass @ThatDannyGuy @LyonsMatthew @ClickToZoom September 13: Today's #meditationgames entry from @ZoeVartanian and @sonofbadru let's you enjoy a rainy day at the beach as only a dog can. Chase birds, dig holes, have no concern for stepping on broken glass hidden in the sand!
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen @jujuadams @Spiderlily666 @noisybass @ThatDannyGuy @LyonsMatthew @ClickToZoom @ZoeVartanian @sonofbadru September 14: @mxedk's #meditationgames entry is about the messages that we send that may never receive a response. I think about that sometime. For every friend that you drift away from, there was a last conversation and you never know that's the case at the time.
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen @jujuadams @Spiderlily666 @noisybass @ThatDannyGuy @LyonsMatthew @ClickToZoom @ZoeVartanian @sonofbadru @mxedk September 15: Today's #meditationgames entry is an encapsulated glimpse at @20c109's late grandma's studio. Like them, I also have dementia to look forward to later in life and spend time thinking about what memories I'll hang onto the longest.
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen @jujuadams @Spiderlily666 @noisybass @ThatDannyGuy @LyonsMatthew @ClickToZoom @ZoeVartanian @sonofbadru @mxedk @20c109 September 16: @lostagainb's #meditationgames entry is about dealing with a partner's terminal cancer. You can struggle to hang on for a while, but eventually you either choose to let go or have that choice made for you.
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen @jujuadams @Spiderlily666 @noisybass @ThatDannyGuy @LyonsMatthew @ClickToZoom @ZoeVartanian @sonofbadru @mxedk @20c109 @lostagainb September 17: @annathedev's #meditationgames entry is a beachside drive to clear your mind. The atmospheric audio is very effective.
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen @jujuadams @Spiderlily666 @noisybass @ThatDannyGuy @LyonsMatthew @ClickToZoom @ZoeVartanian @sonofbadru @mxedk @20c109 @lostagainb @annathedev September 18: @tinyruin's #meditationgames entry is about walking around a tiny forest and taking photos. I really like photography in games and this is a very pleasant setting for it. Plus, you have the freedom to jump off the edge of the world, which is something I appreciate.
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen @jujuadams @Spiderlily666 @noisybass @ThatDannyGuy @LyonsMatthew @ClickToZoom @ZoeVartanian @sonofbadru @mxedk @20c109 @lostagainb @annathedev @tinyruin September 19: Today's #meditationgames entry is about @RealRiker flying to Johannesburg to be with @cukiakimani, including a photo history of all of their travels together. Nice presentation and a very sweet game.
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen @jujuadams @Spiderlily666 @noisybass @ThatDannyGuy @LyonsMatthew @ClickToZoom @ZoeVartanian @sonofbadru @mxedk @20c109 @lostagainb @annathedev @tinyruin @RealRiker @cukiakimani @niksudan September 22: Translated from French, the description for today's #mediationgames entry from @Oujevipo reads "September 22 today, I do not care". If there is any goal to the labyrinth in this game, I could not find it.
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen @jujuadams @Spiderlily666 @noisybass @ThatDannyGuy @LyonsMatthew @ClickToZoom @ZoeVartanian @sonofbadru @mxedk @20c109 @lostagainb @annathedev @tinyruin @RealRiker @cukiakimani @niksudan @Oujevipo September 23: @RoronoaCherry's #meditationgames entry is about meeting her cat, Kamina. I don't have any pets at the moment, but cats were always important members of our family growing up. We never sought them out, they would always just find us when we had a vacancy.
@Kirblue @dreamlogician @PaleFeatherZen @jujuadams @Spiderlily666 @noisybass @ThatDannyGuy @LyonsMatthew @ClickToZoom @ZoeVartanian @sonofbadru @mxedk @20c109 @lostagainb @annathedev @tinyruin @RealRiker @cukiakimani @niksudan @Oujevipo @RoronoaCherry September 24: @Ninfa_dp's #meditationgames entry is about having to travel far from home. Whenever I take a long trip, I always take a moment after arriving at my destination to appreciate the distance between where I am and the familiar places I carry with me.
September 26: Same for this one.
September 27: I thought I missed @Count_Bracula's #meditationgames entry but I had left the launcher open and it was still there. Watch the stars flicker to life and see what constellations you can connect before the sun rises to wipe them all away. Looks and sounds beautiful.
@Count_Bracula September 28: Today's entry could not be played.
September 29: Today's #meditationgames entry from @briecode and @linsey_ray is a slight variation on their meditation from earlier this year. Make a wish and then cast it into the night sky. Very relaxing.
@briecode @linsey_ray September 30: @celechii's #meditationgames entry is an abstract narrative about being drained by the outside world before recharging at home and heading out and doing it all over again, which is an experience I can absolutely relate to.
@briecode @linsey_ray @celechii October 1: Today's entry could not be launched.
October 2: @Element_105's #meditationgames entry involves 2 circles oscillating around each other. You can move their orbits closer together or further apart. A neat little piece of interactive art.
@Element_105 October 3: @rayzones's #meditationgames entry is a short walk over a sketchy bridge. I really like the parallax effect on this. It's like an animated wire sculpture.
@Element_105 @rayzones October 4: @ianmart1n's #meditationgames entry is about visiting an internet friend for the first time and experiencing the destruction of the simulation in which we all reside.
@Element_105 @rayzones @ianmart1n October 5: Today's entry could not be played due to issues with the launcher.
October 6: @EonLongNap's #meditationgames entry is a clever little platformer about how we grow and develop from day to day. I had some trouble with it until I realized that your character can roll.
@EonLongNap October 7: @RobvanSaaze's #meditationgames entry is a little musical puzzle box. Unscramble the blocks to make a 3 by 3 square. Dragging the mouse to arrange the cubes has a pleasantly tactile feel to it.
@EonLongNap @RobvanSaaze October 8: In today's #meditationgames entry you take on the role of a dog leading a tour through a park. This is a terrific execution of a great idea and should become the standard practice for all museums and tourists spots in real life.
@EonLongNap @RobvanSaaze October 9: @shimmerwitch's #meditationgames entry is about combining the individual elements of something as mundane as walking down the sidewalk to form an appreciable experience. I've also had walks that felt profound due to the soundtrack and lighting.
@EonLongNap @RobvanSaaze @shimmerwitch October 10: @mtrc's #meditationgames entry is an empty freestyle crossword. Much like starting with a blank sheet of paper, it's difficult to determine where to start. I ended up letting my mind drift and jotting down the first words that came to me.
@EonLongNap @RobvanSaaze @shimmerwitch @mtrc October 11: Today's #meditationgames entry is a visual representation of @mikelovesrobots's anxiety about flying. It resembles the view out a plane window when staring down at distant city lights while half asleep. I would love a breakdown of the VFX.
@EonLongNap @RobvanSaaze @shimmerwitch @mtrc @mikelovesrobots October 12: I was unable to play this one due to technical difficulties with the launcher.
October 13: The description for @jahndis's #meditationgames entry is "Folding in preparation". I understood the folding little cloth or paper stars, but what it was in preparation for was a pleasant surprise at the end.
@jahndis October 14: Today's #meditationgames entry from @bingustavo and @didigameboy commemorates Felix Baumgartner's record breaking sky dive. It took me a while to pick up on the call-and-response gameplay, but I liked how the sound really expressed the feeling of being in free fall.
@jahndis @bingustavo @DidiGameBoy October 15: I was unable to play this one due to technical issues.
October 16: @orbwarning's #meditationgames entry is an arcade shooter as a metaphor for protecting someone. Like many arcade games there is no winning, you just go as far as you can. You can put up a good fight, but eventually something will make it through.
@orbwarning October 17: @xopsx's #meditationgames entry is a mid-flight marriage proposal. Airplanes in games tend to be settings for disaster, so it was nice to have a good outcome for once.
@orbwarning @xopsx October 18: @thatsmytrunks's #meditationgames entry is a deviously difficult game where you fly a spaceship in a constant struggle against gravity to collect colorful hearts. I beat it, but I took a break in the middle to eat lunch so my final score was not very impressive.
@orbwarning @xopsx @thatsmytrunks October 19: Today's #meditationgames entry from @SandGardeners and @Jupiter_Hadley is a hazy disjointed memory. A club, a park, a swing, a friend. Thoroughly beautiful and difficult to convey in a screenshot.
@orbwarning @xopsx @thatsmytrunks @SandGardeners @Jupiter_Hadley October 20: Today's #meditationgames entry from @alienmelon is little spider friend that lives on your desktop and opens up about her anxieties. I generally consider myself to be well adjusted but I occasionally feel like like I'm not put together right, so this was comforting.
@orbwarning @xopsx @thatsmytrunks @SandGardeners @Jupiter_Hadley @alienmelon October 21: @browniecove's #meditationgames entry is an interminable wait for a flight. Waiting in an airport in an unfamiliar place is a uniquely disorienting experience and one of my least favorite parts of traveling.
@orbwarning @xopsx @thatsmytrunks @SandGardeners @Jupiter_Hadley @alienmelon @browniecove October 22: @axoonaa's #meditationgames entry is about the helplessness of having a newborn in an ICU. My nephew was born premature and I know that feeling of wanting to will something better when you are unable to do anything. This is a very moving experience.
@orbwarning @xopsx @thatsmytrunks @SandGardeners @Jupiter_Hadley @alienmelon @browniecove @axoonaa October 23: Today's #meditationgames entry from @kid_ghosty and @connor_lantz is about swimming down against a growing current, almost losing yourself, before you break through to the other side. It wasn't playable on the launcher, so it's here for 48 hrs: bit.ly/meditations-10…
@orbwarning @xopsx @thatsmytrunks @SandGardeners @Jupiter_Hadley @alienmelon @browniecove @axoonaa @kid_ghosty @connor_lantz October 24: @Henwuar's #meditationgames entry is about toasting marshmallows over a fire, choosing your preferred level of "doneness" (lightly golden for me!). I don't feel the same way he does about fall, for me it's pretty bleak, but this is a fun part of it.
@orbwarning @xopsx @thatsmytrunks @SandGardeners @Jupiter_Hadley @alienmelon @browniecove @axoonaa @kid_ghosty @connor_lantz @Henwuar October 25: @SuperrodanDotA's #meditationgames entry is a little music toy about recognizing a pattern and anticipating what's coming up so you can play along with it. It's also another piece of inspiration for me to get around to making more music toys.
October 27: @hi_rohun's #meditationgames entry is a interactive portrait where you light a series of diyas, which the description text helpfully defines as an oil lamp, usually made from clay. The game's illustration style is lovely and I learned a new word!
@hi_rohun October 28: Today's #meditationgames entry from @Cap_Squared and @kishifishy is about how they met on a bus and became best friends over things like their mutual appreciation of Hatsune Miku and dislike of spicy food. Really cute stuff!
@hi_rohun @Cap_Squared @KishiFishy October 29: @FranHelix_'s #meditationgames entry is about stomping around on autumn leaves. I am decidedly anti-fall, but this is one part of the season that can be satisfying, in between all of the rain and chill spells and depressing thoughts.
@hi_rohun @Cap_Squared @KishiFishy @FranHelix_ October 30: @Khoklavixche's #meditationgames entry casts you as a small circular person collecting love from those around you only for it to drain out until you patch yourself up with a bandage. A clever metaphor for the need to value yourself before others can support you.
@hi_rohun @Cap_Squared @KishiFishy @FranHelix_ @Khoklavixche October 31: Today entry is unable to be launched. SpoOOooOOOoooky!
@hi_rohun @Cap_Squared @KishiFishy @FranHelix_ @Khoklavixche November 1: I was unable to play this one since the launcher couldn't download the data for this month's games, which is a problem that is persisting today. Hopefully that can get fixed up!
@hi_rohun @Cap_Squared @KishiFishy @FranHelix_ @Khoklavixche November 2: This month's games are still lost in limbo...
November 3: Same here!
November 4: Last missing game for this month!
November 5: @MazHem_'s #meditationgames entry is about celebrating Guy Fawkes Day with a loaded baked potato and fireworks. Sadly, we do not have any holidays about failed assassination attempts in the US, but if we did I can only imagine the fireworks would be fantastic.
@MazHem_ November 6: @princessaxolotl's #meditationgames entry drops you into an empty white walled apartment with nothing but animated scribbles bouncing around for company. Add furniture and subtract the giant hovering eye peaking at you and this wouldn't be a bad place to call home.
@MazHem_ @princessaxolotl November 7: This entry was another casualty of launcher issues and could not be played.
November 8: @KaiClavier's #meditationgames entry let me make an accurate representation of what I would look like as a cat, save for the lack of tacos as a lunch option. Fortunately, the jangly soundtrack and cute visuals make up for that oversight.
@KaiClavier November 9: Today's #meditationgames entry from @omar4u and @JonTiburzi is about encountering snow for the first time. Having lived in Michigan for most of my life, it's always an interesting perspective shift when I meet people that have never experienced the cold.
@KaiClavier @omar4u @JonTiburzi November 10: This entry was also devoured by the launcher monster.
November 11: @TreverBerryman's #meditationgames entry is about finding someone on a dating app as a gay man in the southern US. Although our situations aren't exactly the same, meeting someone IRL for the 1st time is always a little nerve-wracking for me.
@TreverBerryman November 12: @rend1720's #meditationgames entry is about Nellie Bly's 72 day journey around the world. It took me a bit to work out the controls, but when I did the reward was a very stylish little experience.
@TreverBerryman @rend1720 November 13: In today's #meditationgames entry from @DreamNomming and @CajjiDev, you bake a cake for a "special someone". Is the special someone the dog? Is the dog assisting in the baking process somehow? This game poses many questions to ponder over.
@TreverBerryman @rend1720 @DreamNomming @CajjiDev November 14: Oops! This #meditationgames entry is a re-run from @rend1720, now on its intended date! Still a very stylish account of Nellie Bly's 72 day journey around the world and worth a look if you missed it the first time.
@TreverBerryman @rend1720 @DreamNomming @CajjiDev November 15: Today's entry was unable to be launched.
November 16: Today's #meditationgames entry from @BenstarDEV and @DisOmikronCJ is a platformer where you must lose part of yourself in to defeat enemies as a metaphor for self destructive behavior. I really like the visuals and how well constructed this game is for its length.
@BenstarDEV @DisOmikronCJ November 17: @shaunspalding's #meditationgames entry is a house that you can clean up for as long as you want. I have a conflicted relationship with cleaning as I'm always reluctant to do it but it does feel very satisfying to complete.
@BenstarDEV @DisOmikronCJ @shaunspalding November 18: This entry exploded and could not be played!
November 19: @andrfw_games's #meditationgames entry is a big plate of pasta you can eat! I am also a fan of pasta, both in physical and digital forms.
@andrfw_games November 20: Today's #meditationgames entry is Namaz, by @saampahlavan and @mjamesshort, a game about being taught how to perform morning prayer. The controls and visuals illustrate a pleasant little narrative. I especially like the hand drawn sketch animations.
@andrfw_games @saampahlavan @mjamesshort November 21: The launcher's having issues with the #meditationgames entry from @gamepopper, but you can find it here (for a few hours): data.meditations.games/data/web/nov-2…

It's a fun music toy/game. Shoot bouncing balls to make melodies and find the goal!
@andrfw_games @saampahlavan @mjamesshort @gamepopper November 22: There was no submission for this date, but it's also my nephew's birthday so I'm going to say that was somehow in honor of him!
November 23: @HTHRFLWRS's #meditationgames entry is a quiet ASCII styled walk around the block. Personally, I find it's easiest to really think about things while walking through my neighborhood at night.
@HTHRFLWRS November 24: The description for @IMPLODINGORACLE's #meditationgames entry is a Maori phrase that Google translates as "go better, come back better" and which context translates as "have a good trip". It's a smooth ride on a pastel colored train to points unknown.
@HTHRFLWRS @IMPLODINGORACLE November 25: Today's #meditationgames entry is from @gamepopper, now on the day it was originally intended to be released! At first, it seems like a music toy until you realize that there is actually an intended objective. Still fun whether you play it to beat it or just to play.
@HTHRFLWRS @IMPLODINGORACLE @gamepopper November 26: Today's #meditationgames entry from @elDaddyGabe is a reflection on the importance of the close friends that become the family you choose.
@HTHRFLWRS @IMPLODINGORACLE @gamepopper November 27: @CelinedeWijs and
@BastiaanvBentum's #meditationgames entry is a tree growing inside of a glass ball. Although I've never had a green thumb in real life, I can relate to the satisfaction they get from caring for digital crops.
@HTHRFLWRS @IMPLODINGORACLE @gamepopper @CelinedeWijs @BastiaanvBentum November 28: Today's entry was missing and could not be played!
November 29: @LiamBME's #meditationgames entry, Shouganai, is about trying to save your belongings from natural disasters and carrying on when that isn't possible. A clever way to illustrate a valuable lesson.
@LiamBME November 30: @CafeAmbivalence's #meditationgames entry is about fighting the monster of procrastination in the most effective way possible: with a laser equipped space ship! Gruesome, tense and fun!
@LiamBME @CafeAmbivalence December 1: @vladutelu's #meditationgames entry is a about leading a marching band in a parade for the National Day of Romania. I think every holiday is improved by applying its theme to a rhythm action game. Happy Birthday, Romania!
@LiamBME @CafeAmbivalence @vladutelu December 2: @MllePilgrim's #meditationgames entry is about paying respects to a loved one. I appreciate the use of the soundtrack to illustrate how although they are no longer with us, the deceased can still leave a lasting impression.
@LiamBME @CafeAmbivalence @vladutelu @MllePilgrim December 3: Today's #meditationgames entry from @Amidos2006 has you walk through a character's entire life, from birth to death. You're encouraged to take things at a measured pace and to slow down if you find yourself running low on energy. A good lesson to learn.
@LiamBME @CafeAmbivalence @vladutelu @MllePilgrim @Amidos2006 December 4: @rlangewi's #meditationgames entry is about finding distractions to keep your eyes off the clock and speed up the agonizingly long wait to open birthday presents. It's a funny gag that is very well executed.
@LiamBME @CafeAmbivalence @vladutelu @MllePilgrim @Amidos2006 @rlangewi December 5: Today's #mediationgames entry from Karim Sempel and @pimmhogeling casts you as a bird delivering Christmas presents. Giving gifts is one of my favorite parts of the holiday. I can get stressed looking for the perfect present, but it's so satisfying when you find it.
@LiamBME @CafeAmbivalence @vladutelu @MllePilgrim @Amidos2006 @rlangewi @pimmhogeling December 6: Today's entry was unable to be launched.
December 7: This entry was also unplayable.
December 8: @j3rrytron's #meditationgames entry is about breathing the chill winter air and catching snowflakes on your tongue. I'm not a fan of the cold, but I do appreciate the clarity that can come to you on a snowy night.
@j3rrytron December 9: Today's #meditationgames entry by @godzekesatan is a subtle audio visual experience that isn't really captured by a still screenshot. A shifting constellation of shapes and an evocative soundtrack that really gave my mind room to wander.
@j3rrytron @godzekesatan December 10: @NRezDev1's #meditationgames entry is a guided breathing exercise to help you destress from the holiday season. Things can get pretty tense this time of year, so it's nice to just take a few seconds every now and then to relax and clear your mind.
@j3rrytron @godzekesatan @NRezDev1 December 11: Today's #meditationgames entry is "Graduation Day" by @_LadySith, a celebration of celebrating others. I like to applaud the accomplishments of others since all too often people I know will downplay all of the cool things that they do.
@j3rrytron @godzekesatan @NRezDev1 @_LadySith December 12: @helloimtw's #meditationgames entry is about rotating a translucent cube as it fills with liquid as a metaphor for forgetfulness. I don't have a great memory and I know it will only get worse as I get older. I don't have a point to this, but it's always on my mind.
@j3rrytron @godzekesatan @NRezDev1 @_LadySith @helloimtw December 13: @colestia3's #mediationgames entry traps you in your bedroom as water rises around you. Drowning is among the scariest possible experiences to me, so this had even more impact than it might have been aiming for. Good soundtrack and atmosphere.
@j3rrytron @godzekesatan @NRezDev1 @_LadySith @helloimtw @colestia3 December 14: This entry got ate up by the technical difficulties monster!
December 15: @BsMcInnes's #meditationgames entry tasks you with rolling a boulder that leaves flowers growing in its wake to represent the journey of self-improvement. Some works about bettering yourself focus on the struggle involved, but I like that this highlights the rewards.
@BsMcInnes December 16: @le_onionboi's #meditationgames entry is about exploring your home and finding keepsakes that bring back memories of departed loved ones. It can be surprising how meaningful otherwise mundane things become when they become linked to the people in our lives.
@BsMcInnes @le_onionboi December 17: @wombatstuff's #meditationgames entry is a fascinating platformer. The only way to move is by clicking on any empty space you can see to drop yourself there. Collect pickups to expand field of view. Simple mechanics that create a new way of looking at space.
@BsMcInnes @le_onionboi @wombatstuff December 18: @jcccastanheira's #meditationgames entry tasks you with leaving the house while burdened by intrusive thoughts. The thought clouds on the left match your movements on the right so you must take time to breath and clear your mind. Interesting mechanic and aesthetic.
@BsMcInnes @le_onionboi @wombatstuff @jcccastanheira December 19: @thatguynm's #meditationgames entry is about wandering around in search of creative inspiration to break a case of art block. I'm usually juggling too many ideas and going off on too many tangents, so when all that noise goes quiet it can be really unsettling.
@BsMcInnes @le_onionboi @wombatstuff @jcccastanheira @thatguynm December 20: I thought @Squidcor's #meditationgames entry was simply a sweet reflection on the "anniversary" referenced in the description text until the sudden tonal shift. I appreciate fitting such an effective twist into such a brief experience.
@BsMcInnes @le_onionboi @wombatstuff @jcccastanheira @thatguynm @Squidcor December 21: This entry was unable to be played.
December 22: In @diest64's #meditationgames entry, you are a dog that gets to run around and make friends with other dogs. A very pleasant experience with wonderful visuals and many dogs.
@diest64 December 23: @Frankie_Bu's #meditationgames is about being worn down by the routine of life. No matter what options you choose, eventually the game is consumed by darkness. The description says the goal is to make you sad when you play. I'm glad this doesn't reflect my real life.
@diest64 @Frankie_Bu December 24: @Bandygrass's #meditationgames entry, "Downstairs", tells the story of his first kiss with his now wife. The animations really bring the characters' feelings to life. Very earnest and sweet.
@diest64 @Frankie_Bu @Bandygrass December 25: @SlickBricker's #meditationgames entry, "And To All A Good Night", is about the post-Christmas cleanup. There is something soothing about reflecting on the memories of the holiday as you put everything back in order.
@diest64 @Frankie_Bu @Bandygrass @SlickBricker December 26: @FlatteryPatrick's #meditationgames is about choosing between abstract patterns under a time limit as dual purpose metaphor for limited time sales deals and maintaining creative momentum. Thinking of games based on random visuals is a great brainstorming exercise.
@diest64 @Frankie_Bu @Bandygrass @SlickBricker @FlatteryPatrick December 27: This entry wasn't working when I tried to play it this morning and then I didn't check to see if it was fixed until after it had rotated out. Whoops!
@diest64 @Frankie_Bu @Bandygrass @SlickBricker @FlatteryPatrick December 28: @JoelLikesPigs's #meditationgames entry is a fetch quest to help souls pass on to the other side. Features very funny writing and cute characters. Happy Birthday, Joel!
@diest64 @Frankie_Bu @Bandygrass @SlickBricker @FlatteryPatrick @JoelLikesPigs December 29: @wombatstuff's #meditationgames is difficult to interpret. You build a wall to earn a coin to buy a tarot card that is only revealed after you choose one. Possibly symbolic for how we work towards goals with anticipated outcomes that don't always match reality?
@diest64 @Frankie_Bu @Bandygrass @SlickBricker @FlatteryPatrick @JoelLikesPigs @wombatstuff December 30: @pixelshuh's #meditationgames entry is about collecting memories of his deceased father. I try not to think about my parents' mortality. The idea of their eventual deaths is scarier than my own. But hopefully when they do pass, my memories of them will be enough.
@diest64 @Frankie_Bu @Bandygrass @SlickBricker @FlatteryPatrick @JoelLikesPigs @wombatstuff @pixelshuh December 31: @BradleySmith93's #meditationgames entry, and the final one of the year, is a reflection on his prior alcoholism. To end 2019 on some actionable advice, don't push drinks on anyone this New Year's Eve or ever!

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