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Now that this #ValentinesDay nonsense is behind us, we can get back to what truly matters.

Tweeting about things that are well beyond our comprehension.

- NFT sales on Ethereum down ~35% WoW
- Markets shaky as US closes Kyiv embassy
- Crypto wins #superbowl
(2/n) What's happening in Canada should absolutely have your attention.

People are saying it's bullish for #crypto

But it's also unsettling, and likely just the beginning.
To what extent will leaders demonize dissent?
(3/n) @LooksRareNFT team is receiving criticism for cashing out in $ETH & using @TornadoCash to anonymize the withdraws.

Most people are simply complaining that the team didn't pump the price enough 🤷

The best rebuttal I've seen is below 👇
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Ever wondered why your resistance to sexual immorality is weak and your strength of conviction is dull??
The reality of indwelling sin and the deceit of lust is why GUARDRAILS is so important.
To fight and avoid sexual sin, this principle helps us connect our convictions to our actions.
Can guardrails stop you from sinning? No, but they can save you from destruction if you so desire.
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It is with💔on #ValentinesDay that I am announcing I will be deactivating my Twitter account as of 3/14/22. I don't have the physical & emotional energy to fight Twitter's marginalization of the disability community & for a blue check for my advocacy anymore (see note below). 1/4
The good news is that I will continue to be a Patient Advocate and will be my new home-base for the foreseeable future (@morethanmy_SLE) and I will post my continued fight for my advocacy for affordable & accessible health care in DC.💜2/4
I put much thought & consideration into my decision. It best can be summed up by this article that states Twitter continues to fail to address my community: 100+ major activists with disabilities not verified. Sadly, I cannot continue to support this. 3/4…
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Let's celebrate #ValentinesDay with a tribute to a love for #nature, trees, and forests! [A thread]
According to legend, the first ever Valentine’s letter, sent by the eponymous Saint, was written on a heart-shaped leaf that was just within reach outside his cell window somewhere in Rome. The leaf was from the violet flower – now the floral emblem of New Brunswick!
St. Valentine's Day became associated with love and romance in the Middle Ages. The tradition first started in France and England, where it was believed that birds started their mating season on February 14. Likely under the cover of the #forest…for privacy 😉
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Roses are red,
Wet tyres are blue,
Here’s our #ValentinesDay gift to you ❤️

⬇️ 𝗧𝗛𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 ⬇️

#essereFerrari 🔴
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Hoy es #ValentinesDay y quería una versión para UX designers con frases que definitivamente nos derriten de amor en este hilo. Image
¡Tenemos presupuesto para hacer research! 😍 #uxcrush #frasesdeamor
Usamos nuestro design system 😍😍😍 #uxcrush #frasesdeamor
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💘Welcoming Valentine's Day with our favourite meal deals and date ideas! #TreatYourself @TheIndyBest


❣️The best Valentine’s meal deals for 2022 from M&S, Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Co-op and more @TheIndyBest…

❣️M&S’s Valentine’s Day meal deal for two is available to buy now – and there’s lots to love…
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#Valentinesday thread: A scattered saint.
In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius I made February 14 a feast day dedicated to St. Valentine. There are many places around the world which claim to have St. Valentine's relics.
1. the saint's skull at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome
2. St Valentine's remains inside the San Valentino Basilica in Terni, Umbria
3. St. Valentine’s shoulder blade at the Church of Saints Paul and Peter in Prague, Czech Republic
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〖변치 않는 사랑|밸런타인데이 꽃꽂이〗


안녕하세여 큥튜브 구독자 '이뇨속' 여러분!! 주인장 백현입니다!!!!!
여러분들 개개인의 소중한 추억을 간직한, 또 그 추억을 꺼내볼 수 있는 ‘밸런타인데이' 가 다가왔습니다!
초콜릿도 담고 꽃을 보고 향을 계속 맡으면서, 받을 분들을 떠올리며 작업을 하니 행복했어요! 이 모든 새로운 경험을 하게 해준 큥튜브 스태프분들에게 너무너무 감사하단 생각이 들었어요! 너무너무 감사합니다! ㅎㅎ
저와 함께 이 기다리는 시간, 우리의 힘든 시기를 잘 극복했으면 좋겠어요!
모든 순간을 긍정적인 힘으로 다 이겨낼 수 있으면 좋겠지만 매 순간 긍정적이기는 힘드니깐요! 제가 하는 거면 여러분들도 할 수 있어요^^하하
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1/. Do you remember what you did #ValentinesDay 2020?

Prof Ferguson was warning that 400,000 Briton’s could die

Minutes from NERVTAG’s 21 Feb meeting, reveal govt scientific advisors estimated that, without action, deaths could top 1.3 million

No action was taken for a month
2/. Meanwhile, @BorisJohnson & @carriesymonds, went to stay in Chevening country house...for 12 days!

The govt claim this was a ‘working holiday’ but @JCalvertST reported that “aides were told to cut down documents or the PM just wouldn't read them”. #ValentinesDay #valentines
3/. During these 12 days in the countryside, the PM - who admitted he doesn’t read the scientific papers - missed two COBRA meetings

Instead of planning for the impact of #COVID19 he was trying to finalise his divorce

When he came back to London, the PM was winging it as usual
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Valentine’s Day’2k22 - A Thread for her 💕
I’m not WhatsApp but your secrets are end to end encrypted with me
I’m not Facebook but I’m free for you and will always be
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Dear @ManUtd: I wrote this #ValentinesDay essay for you. We know that football-win, lose, or draw-increases incidents of abuse of women and children. The violence that goes home with supporters mirrors that of the players. And it is all enabled by patriarchy. Take a stand! #MUFC
The three players associated with #MUFC who’ve been accused of domestic and sexual abuse of women are just three who were outed/caught: how many others are “saved” by the massive PR machines of football clubs?…
We have an idea of just how bad the abuse of women and children gets after supporters go home, specifically after Manchester United and Manchester City supporters go home.… #MUFC #ValentinesDay2022
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For #ValentinesDay, I wrote this to Manchester United, my 1st love. I've supported them since 1976 when I was 9. Now, with 3 players associated w/ #MUFC accused of domestic & sexual abuse of women, my team are becoming synonymous with misogyny.…
It's not just #MUFC, of course. Football is one of the many outlets that patriarchy offers to cis men as an excuse to treat us like shit.

I wrote this before the finals of Euros and Copa America last year about misogynist violence associated w/the sport…
It’s hard enough watching men’s football, with its ever-present threat of violence; violence often mirrored by fans in the stands and after matches.

I am thrilled that @we_level_up @EVAWukhave joined forces with recommendations for @FA & @premierleague
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On #DarwinDay it is wonderful to anticipate the fast progress coming to psychiatry as it discovers its missing foundation in evolutionary biology.
@isemph @HumBehEvoSoc @AllenFrancesMD @mentaldaily_com @Got_Anxiety @sse_evolution @eshb @RiadhAbed1 @PFinuras @APAPsychiatric
The day between #DarwinDay and #ValentinesDay gives an opportunity to respond to questions about
what #evolution offers to #psychiatry and
why I think it will bring fast progress.
Painful emotions, especially anxiety & depression, are by far the most common reasons people seek help. An evolutionary perspective recognizes emotions as special states shaped by natural selection along with control systems that express them in situations where they are useful.
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#Ukraine 🇺🇦: pro-separatist Telegram sources are reporting a loud as explosion in government-controlled territory of #Donetsk.

This source describes the development as "disturbing" Image
#Kyiv today.

Ukrainian and Belarusian flags being waved side-by-side as thousands rally to reject the #Kremlin's imperial ambitions in #Belarus and #Ukraine. Image
#Ukraine 🇺🇦: Russian Mil Mi-28 helicopters flying over #Belgorod (🇷🇺), several several dozen km from the Ukrainian border.
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💕 Love is in the air 💕

🏳️‍🌈 For #ValentinesDay, @marksandspencer have launched a limited #LGBTQ+ edition of their famous caterpillar cake.

🐛 You can now get Colin and Connie the Caterpillar in same-sex sets. Image
✍️ As part of its Valentine’s Day range, the supermarket chain is also bringing back cards for same-sex couples and making its wider range of greeting cards gender-neutral to “be more inclusive”. ImageImageImage
🥪 Back in 2019, M&S caused a stir online after launching an "LGBT" sandwich, a twist on the classic BLT.

🏳️‍🌈 The aim was to raise money for the @aktcharity, a charity dedicated to helping homeless LGBT+ youth.

🔴 But many were sceptical about the move.
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It's #BlackHistoryMonth! A 1-per-day thread of 28 books by Black authors or about Black history that I've read, learned from & recommend.
#1-Martin Luther King, Jr., *Letter from a Birmingham Jail.* This prophetic epistle rocked my world on 1st read, & it continues to speak. 1/28 Image
#2 - Ida B. Wells, *Southern Horrors.* I never knew. I never knew about the prominence of lynching & never thought about its legacy, until I read Ida Wells (Barnett) for the 1st time in grad school. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackHistoryMonth 2/28 Image
Jackie Robinson, *I Never Had it Made.* His heroic integration of baseball ☑️. But also his childhood, WWII service, Civil Rights, marriage, parenthood & his incisive critique of the GOP, which he served & then left, b/c of its treatment of Black Americans.#BlackHistoryMonth 3/28 Image
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#MusicTherapy 🎧 2022 🗓 — My February Thread 🧵🪡

February by Dar Williams on XPN 📻 Image
Today’s theme song: Waste Your Time by @jacksonsellers_ on 📻
Divine Intervention by Matthew Sweet on 📻 #ItsASign🪧
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Throwing a sale 🎉 called BABYITSCOLD on Etsy. Borg4Borg. These 10 rings are 30% off.

3 carat #Aquamarine on round, adjustable, silver-plated band. Any gender. Taking cues from the pill ring. White hand wearing the ring...
This is a 1" by 1" soft recycled suede ring. Do you stim? Then you'll like this ring. #StimRing #Neurodivergence #ADHD #PTSD #Anxiety #TactileArt Holding the ring between in...
From stim to stim. Here's a 3D clay tulip ring. Does the tulip smell? Not right now. It will once you spritz your favorite perfume on it. Then give it to the person for #ValentinesDay #GiftIdeas Ring on ring stand. Silver ...
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#nsfw #omigiri #ValentinesDay

Osamu wakes up on Valentine's morning to delicious scents coming from the kitchen, and Kiyoomi's side of the bed empty and cold. Osamu tugs on some old sweats, and grabs a tank top from the dresser. It happens to be Kiyoomi's and when Osamu pulls
it on over his head, it puts a happy lilt in his step as he makes his way downstairs to the kitchen, following the smell of coffee and something sweet.

"Sit there, it's almost done," Kiyoomi calls over his shoulder, but doesn't turn around when Osamu enters the kitchen.
"Whatcha makin' there, Kiyo?" Osamu comes close enough to peek over Kiyoomi's shoulder.

On the counter is the wafflemaker, and Kiyoomi is peering intently at the second hand on his watch. Osamu bites his lip to stifle the grin stretching wide on his face at the totally endearing
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Star-crossed lovers: From headline grabbing romance to magical moments. How we, the @TorontoStar played a role in matters of the heart.

In 2003, Dion Duporte and Tammy Fitzgerald-Duporte met during a shooting of the TV show “Doc” in Toronto. They fell in love, and Dion would pop the marriage question to Tammy on the front page of the Star.

18 years later, we caught up with them.…
.@kristynwongtam and @farrahsafiakhan met at a Star photo shoot in 2011. Now they’re married and enjoying parenthood. “Sometimes as queer people, we’re told we won’t be loved, or can’t get married or have kids. But we have the right to all those things."…
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Love is everywhere in Toronto. Listen in as nine couples — including high school sweethearts and a pair who bonded over a panic attack at the CN Tower — share their sweet, hilarious and heartwarming love stories.

#StarTogether #ValentinesDay issue:…
"We officially started dating over Skype, and he moved back to Toronto on my birthday as a surprise. We’ve been living together ever since.”

Tomo Hosogoe, clothing designer and Elaine Jyll Regio, creative consultant/stylist.…
“Met through a dating app in the summer of 2017. After our movie dates... she always had a lot to say about... and listening to her talk passionately inspired me to say ‘I love you."

Chinmoyee Debnath, nurse/painter and Joshua DePerry, DJ/music producer…
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Happy #ValentinesDay! Whether celebrating with a significant other, friends, yourself, or other loved ones, some varied thematic highlights from #21stCenturyJapan can help get you in the spirit of what the holiday means to you 💌 streaming now at
#HirokazuKoreeda’s Air Doll stars #BaeDoona as an inflatable sex doll named Nozomi that wakes up to find she’s grown consciousness and a heart, in a present-day fable for the increasing disconnect we find in urban life:
Josee, The Tiger, and the Fish is a moving reflection on love & loss, following a lackadaisical college student & a young, strong-willed paraplegic woman. As friendship blossoms into romance, they find their worldviews expanded in unexpected ways:
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Today is a day to celebrate love in our lives.

And here at ACLU-MA, we know that justice is a labor of love. Here are some of our favorite moments of love and justice in the last year, to brighten your #ValentinesDay.

Almost exactly a year ago, our clients Hanz and Maudy were reunited after being separated by the cruel "Return to Mexico" policy.

In the initial outbreak of the #COVID pandemic, uncertainty was high but love was abundant. We came together to protect one another.
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