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Ok, I have been planning this for a while, so here it goes.

A THREAD on why I hate Bernie:
Keep in mind, Bernie lost April 19th with a huge defeat in NY, where he lost to Hillary by 16 points
58% to 42%

Trump won the GOP nomination on May 4th, that is when he became
the GOP nominee, and the GOP started lining up behind him.

Bernie waited until July to concede.
Now here is a good article on why so many people learned to dislike Bernie so much.

Most of us started out liking him, that changed when he became toxic.

another piece talking about why they dislike Bernie, and it comes with a LOT of receipts.

Bernie started his campaign saying:

“I have never run a negative political ad in my life,”

I guess he never did rallies before… so I guess he left himself a loophole

When his audience boo’ed Hillary at his rallies, he would just stand there and smile.

When people boo’ed at an Obama rally, Obama said to them, don’t boo, vote.
When people were going after Obama in 2008, claiming he was Muslim, John
McCain was FAR MORE honorable than Bernie:

we all remember this exchange at a McCain rally... you won't find this kind of honor at a Bernie rally, that's for sure

here in April, Bernie who failed to read an article, where an interviewer was trying to bait Hillary into saying Bernie wasn’t qualified, yet she NEVER took the bait.

Here's Bernie at his rally, saying Hillary is not qualified.

Bernie was pulling all this shit during an election when Hillary would have to go up against Trump, and while we had an open Supreme Court seat.

He didn't care about the Supreme Court.. he only cared about himself and his time in the limelight.
and, we all know, Bernie is so CLEAN.

but what is a little know fact
is that, Bernie is the ONLY Non-Republican, who is on list of the
top 25 NRA Donation recipients in 2016.

Bernie hammered Hillary on the Crime Bill, yet conveniently
left out that not only did he vote for it, but
he ran heavily on it, as showing he was TOUGH on crime
Bernie painted Hillary as the biggest hawk,
what he again leaves out is that the Iraq Authorization is
literally the ONLY time Bernie voted no military intervention in his 30 year career.

1 NO vote, on ONE military authorization does NOT make a candidate anti-war dove.
Here, Bernie seems rather proud of himself for not LYING about the
Clinton Charity, or going after Bill’s personal life.

He lied and twisted the truth, and smeared Hillary on a lot of other things, why NOT jump on the Republican lies while he's at it?

Again.. he LOST in April.
Bernie posted to his website on May 2nd 2016
again after losing NY by double digits, and literally had NO path to winning the nomination,

Bernie flat out accuses Hillary of MONEY Laundering.

It was NOT money laundering:

PROOF that it was not money laundering:

In a Primary with a candidate in your same party, who is the winner, who is going up against a racist fascist, you do NOT start going after your opponents character to this degree... NOT after losing.

This is the kind of stuff you can't take back, and it is DAMAGING.
again, after Bernie lost NY on April 19th 2016, by 16 points,

he is STILL attacking Hillary on April 21st, even though he has a snowballs chance in hell of winning the primary.

This again, after his huge loss in NY April 19th:

It’s time for Bernie to face Reality and Avoid Going Scorched Earth

This was published at the end of April after he lost NY by a HUGE margin

An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders:

People say... but.. "come on, look at the 2008 Primary.. that went negative as well"

Ok.. let's look at the 2008 and the 2016 primaries an compare them, shall we?
Here're the facts from 2008 and 2016 and what's so different from the 2 elections, other than the fact that Democrats have NOT won a 3rd term in YEARS
it's the HARDEST type of election to win, and the best way is to get voters to want to build on the progress made while in office
from from May 31st.
Trump is the GOP nominee and the GOP are lining up behind him, Bernie has NO way to win.

Keep in mine, the Democratic National Convention was July 25th - 28th

Again, this was written at the END of May.

Now, GOP is lined up behind Trump, now Hillary is fighting 2 campaigns.
Bernie was becoming MORE vicious at the end.

Bernie, Don’t Do This.
Scorched Earth Campaign

In May, the GOP was soundly uniting behind Trump

End of May, Bernie was still threatening to take it to the Democratic Convention and fighting Hillary's nomination.

Bernie Says Democratic Primary not a Monarchy: a Jab at Hillary being crowned.

Bernie went FULL ON character assassination.

May 19th 2016 a month after losing in NY

Then went after the DNC
claiming he was CHEATED, even though there's NO way for the DNC to rig the primary in Hillary's favor.

NYT bernie willing to harm Hillary

So, here's Bernie:

"Yes I know I told you all Hillary was not qualified and that Hillary was a corrupt shill for Wall St.. But, HEY, Now I want you to vote for her!!"

THIS, is why you NEVER go after the character of the front runner of your political party in an election
May 27th, to be EXACT.

Scorched Earth is working pulling his numbers up, and pulling Hillary’s numbers DOWN, on purpose at the end of the primary, after he lost

*** Bernie saw the Bernie or Bust movement growing
and still refused to address it, and kept on with the attacks, painting Hillary as corrupt, and claiming she was money laundering

He does this AFTER he lost, and when it's clear Trump is the GOP nominee.
This is from April 27th 2016

It's ONE thing to stay in hoping he’d get more say in the
platform, but he became far MORE vicious after April
went after her character, even after he KNEW he had lost.

Bernie Sanders Knows He Can’t Win the Nomination Now

Four reasons Bernie Sanders waited so long to endorse Hillary Clinton

He cared far MORE about being in charge of the platform, than the Democrats winning an election with an OPEN SCOTUS seat, and a fascist as the GOP nominee.

He KNEW Trump would be dangerous for MANY poor and People of Color.

That, in my opinion is UNFORGIVABLE.
Bernie KNEW that Russian Troll and Bot Farms were trying to help him win, yet he never said ONE word about it in the primary

He eventually blamed Hillary, for not informing his supporters.

Who can forget about Bernie attacking Hillary for speeches
she was paid to give, that we later found out were
even more liberal than her rallies, which is most likely
why she didn’t want to release them, as to not hand FOX News
a few days of breathless reporting.
While he was attacking her speeches, he was still refusing to
release his taxes, even going so far as to LIE about
his releasing them, earning him 4 Pinicios at Washington Post

Is Mr. Sanders positioning himself to join the “Bernie or bust” crowd, walking away if he can’t pull off an extraordinary upset, and possibly helping put Donald Trump or Ted Cruz in the White House? If not, what does he think he’s doing?

Yes, Bernie Sanders Is Questioning Hillary Clinton’s Integrity

MAY. 18, 2016, while Hillary was leading Bernie by over 3 MILLION votes.

Sanders’s scorched-earth campaign is a gift to Trump

again, May 15 Bernie had NO path forward.

and WHO can forget the Nevada Convention?

Here’s somebody who didn’t forget, let me introduce you to Tim Hodge, a Delegate for Bernie, who was at the Nevada Convention
May 15th and had this to say about it:

and, here was Bernie’s response to the fiasco and violence
at the Nevada Convention:

It was to BLAME the PARTY…. so, now instead of accepting
his defeat gracefully, he is now going after the Democratic
Party, all while Trump is the GOP nominee.

and, just so you can all see what Bernie's Nevada delegate had to say about the Nevada Convention:
April 19, 2016 Hillary wins the NY Primary, where just a day or 2 before, Bernie was
being introduced and the person introducing Bernie called Hillary a
Democratic WHORE.

BY the way, Dr. Paul Song, the man who called Hillary a Democratic Whore, is Lisa Ling’s husband, Hillary had sent Bill Clinton to North Korea to
SAVE his fucking FAMILY members. This is how the Clinton’s were
repaid for that.

Bernie Feels the Bern of His Anti-Clinton Delegates
Party unity update: not united.

Bernie Sanders Can’t Figure Out Why His Supporters Don’t Like Hillary Clinton

In closing, my issue is the he went to insanely negative, scorched earth, and was fully willing to damage Hillary, all in the pursuit of power.
He didn’t care if the Democrats won, or that there was a Supreme Court seat open.
He acted like a spoiled brat, victim… claiming when he lost that it was rigged against him, but when he won it was a legitimate win, due to his awesome skills.

He ran on taking down the MAN!

in the end, he helped take down an entire country.
It was the accusation that he was cheated, he used to convince his followers that Hillary and the DNC were corrupt.
He’s never apologized for the blatant lies of the primary being rigged,
and he’s never fully tried to convince his followers that while he thought it was rigged during the election, in the end, he lost because 3.7 MILLION more Democrats voted for Hillary over him.
He literally stabs the driver in the back, then gets
indignant that the driver crashed the car in a ditch.
a crash that he set up to happen.
all so he could have power.

I can NOT forgive this, and I can’t reward this with handing
him power.
Get Control, Senator Sanders, or Get Out

Bernie Goes Negative

April 6th

I’m done with Bernie Sanders: Why this democratic socialist is voting for Hillary Clinton

Bernie’s not a more progressive choice, just a different one. The more I compare the two, the less I feel the Bern

Dear Bernie: Thanks, but…I’m done.

I Felt the Bern But the Bros Are Extinguishing the Flames

I’m having a hard time being a Bernie Sanders supporter at the moment.

It Comes From the Very Top

and, in case you want to know what Bernie thinks since 2016, when the Democrats and the COUNTRY LOST?

In case that's NOT enough... I see comments like this still, multiple times a day, and Bernie didn't BOTHER to dispel this myth, cuz he created it.

Constantly telling his followers that he was cheated, that it was rigged against him.

He is a LIAR with NO HONOR

I will continue to add links and various articles other Tweet storms regarding the dislike for Berne and why he should NOT be the Democratic Nominee due to his ugly petulant behavior from 2016.

I'll also add links to his racism and misogyny.

so this comment screen cap threads to this whole thread.

Ohhh yes, I hear about the Democratic Mega Donors.

Yes, when we hear of millionaires and billionaires, we think Koch Bros, we don't think about Hollywood, where most people are extremely Liberal.

Many millionaires actually want the same things YOU want.

“If he comes to South Carolina, he’ll have his 15 people will show up,” Brown said. “I hope it’s worth it to him, because he’s doing greater damage to the party overall.”

South Carolina Democrats: Better if Sanders ‘got lost’

One thing I hated the MOST about Bernie is:

Bernie blamed the media, the DNC, DebbieWS, Rigging, Cheating, for his loss.

He NEVER once took responsibility for losing, and even complained in his book that it was rigged against him.

NOT one peep from the MEDIA.
People wonder why I dislike Bernie with such a passion.

It's because he LIES to the voters.

He constantly LIED about the Democratic Party, and Twisted things.. he never explained WHY things have not progressed since 1995

How he's lying? 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

He NEVER explains to his young audience, the GOP have been rigging elections, and that they're the ones who've prevented/ blocked any progress.

He never even explains to his followers that Obama was stuck between a rock and a hard place because he didn't have a Super Majority.
He NEVER explains government to them at all.
He keeps 'em ignorant

He could tell his followers that while the Dems aren't perfect
they still have the peoples best interest at heart, but due to the
GOP holding the House for 20 YEARS out of 24 yrs, progress was near impossible.
he can't help his young followers understand how government works, cuz then he wouldn't be able to LIE about the Democrats and drag them, like he has for 30 years.

He can't win unless he drags the Democratic party down, claiming that HE's the only one who can fix it.
Which, brings me to another thread, with MORE receipts, and the lies about how Hillary wasn't Liberal enough, when fact is, Hillary and Bernie voted the SAME 93% of the time.

But again, he can't win if he tells the truth.. so, Bernie LIES, a LOT.
Remember when Al Gore wasn't Liberal enough?

Gore was a Corporatist... Sold out to Wall St.

If Al has been elected
We would not have gone to Iraq
We'd have addressed global warming
Tax cuts would not have happened

But, Al Gore was not Liberal enough, so we got Bush instead
again with the LIES
they're doing it again with Kamala, LYING about her.

They spent the entire primary lying so badly about Hillary, so they could drive her poll numbers down and Bernie's up

Here's some of the lies, this from Jimmy Dore
I'm so fucking SICK of Democrats being called Republican Lite, or Neo-Liberal, Corporatist.

It's getting fucking OLD.

Thread what the Democrats have been doing for the last 25 years:

Keep in mind, the GOP had the House or 20 out of 24 yrs.

I do NOT like holier than thou, sanctimonious people.
I don't like hypocritical people.

I do NOT like politicians who tear the other person down,
to build themselves up.

That's exactly what Bernie did, at the expense of our nation.

Worse, he did it AFTER he lost the primary
Bernie Sanders Is The Biggest Loser

It's rather curious how he is so Liberal... yet, so many of his followers were perfectly fine with Trump?

Trump's NO McCain
McCain was moderate'ish

Cassandra Fairbanks: Bernie Sanders Fan Who Flipped To Donald Trump Contacted Russian Hacker Guccifer 2.0

Funny, when he won an election it was due to his greatness, when he lost, it was because it was rigged.

After MONTHS of LYING to his followers, he finally admits softly...

Bernie Sanders agrees: Democratic process not ‘rigged’

At the Convention:

He CREATED this.

Lock her up: his supporters use Trump's attack line on Clinton

‘We have to defeat Donald Trump and elect Clinton,’ Sanders says – but protesters boo and express anger in Philadelphia over the leaked emails
Bernie at the end was acting like an out of control Mob Boss.

Holding the party hostage, like Trump did with the Shut Down

“It would sure be a shame if the Democrats lose… but, if you pay me off with enough power, I’ll see about making sure that doesn’t happen… wink wink”
He did this all so he could be in charge of the platform

and have power he didn’t actually earn

He was forcing Hillary to adopt his platform, the very platform the Democratic voters soundly REJECTED.

Rejected by 3.7 MILLION votes.
I heavily suspect he knew he was hurting Hillary tho,
and knew that his ticket to REAL power would only come
if the Democrats lost against Trump

again, in 2018 he said:

Bernie Sanders at a book party in DC says
“in many ways we did win the election.”

He KNEW, the only way for him to gain power was if Hillary lost.

It was NOT good enough for him to stop and help Hillary win
so that she could be POTUS, and continue Democratic progress, while he would lead congress to pass some progressive bills, that Hillary WOULD have signed.
When people claim:
"But, he campaigned heavily for Hillary."

That's a FLAT OUT.... LIE!

Primary ENDED June 7th

Bernie conceded July 12th

Democratic Convention July 25th

By September 5th, he'd only campaigned 2 times for Hillary

This from Sept 5th

"He reluctantly and belatedly endorsed her. And the 2 speeches he has given since for her have basically been papered-over versions of his own stump speech. In short, since he ended his own campaign, Bernie Sanders hasn't done much publicly to help get Hillary elected president."
The Convention was July 25th

from Sept 5th

"The Vermont senator will make his first post-convention campaign pitch for Clinton on Monday in New Hampshire, where he'll be, according to the Clinton campaign, discussing her "plan to build an economy that works for everyone."
on July 12th, when he FINALLY conceded... 14 DAYS before the Democratic National Convention.

here's a piece on his speech:

And, yes, he did say this: "I have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton and why she must become our next president."

(It was the only time that Sanders used the words "endorse" or "endorsing" in a speech that ran 2,161 words.
a FAR cry from Hillary and her endorsement of Barak Obama, and her calls for Democratic party unity.

Clinton endorses Obama, calls for party unity

Hillary gave a ROUSING speech on how important it was to ELECT Barak Obama.

I LOVED how she repeated his name as she smiled warmly.

She acted with grace.

I am standing with Senator Obama to say... YES WE CAN!!!

That is why we need to help elect Barak Obama our President

and that is why me must elect Barak Obama our President

and that is why we have to help elect Barak Obama our President


Now... THAT'S how you give a concession speech and endorse your primary opponent.

This is how you do it
how you act with grace, even after a loss

This is how you act like a TEAM player.

Have no doubt, our party is our team, and that is why it's important to be a team player.
I'll expect and accept NOTHING less of the candidates who are running for the Democratic nomination.

That's why I have such strong dislike for Bernie.

In the end, I don't care about pure voting history
it doesn't matter, what I want is a person who is graceful, even in defeat.
What is NOT acceptable is a losers campaign Tweeting weeks before the election

September 25th

Jane Sanders Tweets video of Bernie telling his supporters

Regarding voting for Hillary as POTUS

“Don’t Listen to Me”

Ohhh, and Bernie pretending to be a major LGBTQ advocate...

NOPE.... he wasn't.

Or, how about the fact that he claims to be a Civil Rights hero, and how he's done so much for Blacks?

He is literally a RACIST... not only had he NEVER hired any People of Color in his 30 years of government, he thought Black men were DRUG dealers.
a little known fact about Bernie's campaign strategist, Tad Devine.

He directed 2 different foreign campaigns, backing brutal men... the men won their elections, BOTH ended in BLOODY revolution.

Look up the documentary Our Brand is Crisis.

Here's what angers me
The end of a primary is the END
it means the winning candidate needs to move on so they can BEAT the other party, so we can win the election and work to create progressive policies that work for everybody.
It's about WINNING!

4 Reasons:

1. The spotlight stayed on him longer

again, it is NOT supposed to be about the LOSER of a primary, it is about the COUNTRY.
We hold elections so that we can win them, so again we can work for the common good of all people.
He made it about himself.
2. His voters weren't quite there yet

Of course they weren't, cuz he wasn't.

He spent the primary denigrating the Dem party, smearing Hillary as a corrupt shill.. now he was going to have to say, OOPS, I know I said she was corrupt, but now I want you to vote for her. Go TEAM!
3. He needed time, too

YES.. of course he needed time.. that is why he should have conceded in April, so that there would have been plenty of time for him to get over it, and so we could unify the party... but, NOPE... he selfishly stayed in FAR too long, causing hurt feelings.
4. He wanted to cement his movement

My god.... we were up against Trump, and he cared MORE about his silly Revolution, than he cared about us winning and filling a SCOTUS seat, so that we could pass progressive policies that will pass SCOTUS.

He made it about his selfish dream.
Bernie can NOT be trusted.
He pulled too much shit in the last election, and I don't trust he will do the right thing this time around.
In fact, I am already seeing the smears on Kamala, and I bet they are coming from Bernies campaign PR team.

Letter he sent a writer in 2016:
for those who keep saying that it was rigged against Bernie

fact is... it was rigged FOR him.

If they had NO caucuses, he would have lost by an even BIGGER margin.

I wish that they'd gone with a Winner Take all delegates, she'd have beat him sooner.

and... for all the new articles going on about Amy Klobuchar and her management style.... it didn't seem to matter that Bernie was an asshole to staff, and it was written about and IGNORED in 2016.

and, here's a great piece written by @RoyDelfino also detailing why Bernie is a sanctimonious hypocrite.

and, the accusations against the DNC, an d the New York Primary... they claimed that the DNC was removing names from the voter rolls, and changing voter affiliation.

Yeah... it was also LIES

MORE lies about how Bernie claiming the DNC was rigging the primary.
This is WHY, a person should always READ what they are signing.

You can't blame the party, when you don't read the fine print.
Reason 5,766 as to why I hate Bernie.

If Bernie would not have convinced his followers that Hillary was corrupt,
and that the Democrats cheated him... this would most likely NOT have been such a success.

But, that is EXACTLY what Bernie did..

and, he did it WELL AFTER he lost... not at the start of the campaign, it was AFTER it was clear he had lost.
So, of course his supporters were ripe for picking off... Bernie's the ONE who convinced his followers that Hillary was corrupt.

This, is why you don't do this: 👇👇👇
Everybody should read this:

and, since everybody LOVES the anonymous sources.. How about a real person?

Oh, and for those who get the constant... Hillary lost cuz she didn't campaign in Wisconsin, I just want to add this:

and... to add to the Bernie and why I hate him thread.

at a time when Democrats were TRYING to unite so we could beat Bernie in the 2018 Midterms.... Bernie was again, going after the Democratic Party:

and, this from January 2018.

and, for those people who thought Trump was better than Hillary:

Noam Chomsky has some words for you.

here's a VERY important thread by @riotwomennn

Please add this to your THREADS on Bernie and why he should NOT be the nominee:

and, here is a CNN Poll, from Jan-February:

screen cap of that poll.
and, here's another thread.

It's fantastic by @liviapolise , that goes into more of the sexism displayed by Bernie and his cult:


here's a fantastic piece by @Shaker_aphra .... please offer up some warm love for her, and the research she did for us. 👏👏👏

here is another thread on why Bernie is so toxic.

By Kaitlin Byrd @GothamGirlBlue


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