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Here are some reasons why many Democrats take issue with Justice Democrats

• Divisive Provocateurs
• GOP & RU Weaponizes JDs
• Alt-Right Meets Alt-Left
• Voted With Republicans
• Unseat Dems, Not GOP
• Suspect Financial Dealings
• Unhappy Constituents

1/112 Here we go...
First off, gratitude for all the people — whose tweets are included in this thread — who have solid points & pertinent contributions about Justice Dems(JDs). I couldn’t have said it better myself. I hope this helps those who're still wondering why Dems are frustrated with JDs. 2/
Who're they?
"Justice Dems is an American progressive political action cmte founded in '17 by Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks & former leadership from '16 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. The two are no longer affiliated with group." Wiki /3
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Ok, this needs to be addressed. We all know how Bernie Sanders has been fighting for civil rights for 50 years including marching at Selma, right? We've all seen thousands of tweets about it. Here's an article about it at the Daily Kos.…
Here's the picture of him. One problem. That's NOT Bernie Sanders. Also that Daily Kos article is written by "community" not a journalist & it's false. He didn't go to Selma for any of the marches. Don't take my word for it. Go ask his campaign. They will admit it's not him.
This has been floating around for years & Bernie knows it. He's perfectly fine with it & exaggerates his role in the civil rights movement by carefully choosing his words to give ppl false impressions.
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When the revelation is so big you can’t formulate a coherent sentence, but still can’t work the periscope.
Sup @Comey 🕶
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Read this thread by Maggie Day about The Sanders Institute's close relationship with Yanis Varoufakis who is a major supporter of Julian Assange
Given this it's interesting how The Sanders Institute hosted an International Roundtable without one person of color, but highlighted the work of Varoufakis.
Varoufakis claims that his poor neighbor is just as privileged because they share the same view. Also it seems Bernie Sanders doesn't care that he earns a living giving speeches to bankers.

‘I would like to live in a world where we’re all privileged’…
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You got that right.. but gotta get all the rest of his #FOICK TOO. eg #FraternalOrderofICK and @FBI @FBIWFO @Europol are working on that SEE ALL reports from @ICIJorg AND @OCCRP ALSO all #Brexiters trying to hide in #UK
REMEMBER they created #HedgeFunds
@FBI @FBIWFO @Europol @ICIJorg @OCCRP Got that @MoveOn @votevets @IndivisibleTeam @emilyslist @VictoryFund GIVE MONEY ONLY TO @dccc @dscc The DNC has been severely compromised by #FakeDEMS led by #Bernie2020 and Comrade #GovHowardDean .. ALL #Progressives are Putin backed bots. #BeAmericanStrong #VoteBlue2020
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@peterdaou Hi Peter! I'll explain this in full.

This may be a bit long winded but I'll do my best, ok?

While the narrative between #NeverHillary & #NeverBernie may look very similar on the outside, I feel there are very huge differences. /1
@peterdaou For us Berners, it is all about issues & policy . That & only that. Many of us, like myself, are NOT Democrats. I once was but I left the party in the 90s over it's refusal to support gay rights. As it is now, I'm a Green & I am crossing party lines to vote for Bernie. /2
@peterdaou Are there other Dems I would vote for? Yes there this time around. Mike Gravel being one.

For us though, we don't care what party someone is a member of, we care about who will help people the most in an age when 50% of American's can't afford the basics. /3
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So, @BernieSanders attacking @CAPAction is exactly what one expected in 2016. But in 2018 the man who would be king attacking CAP and @neeratanden is more than bad optics, it is terrible politics, and aggressively personal.

The constant admonishments we get from many mainstream Democrats, as well as a hypocritical boatload from the hard left, to those of us who remain sceptical of Sanders and his motives, have never rang more hollow.

Unity is not a divided highway, it's a two way street, and Sanders and company have never even pulled onto the pavement.

In light of all the injustice, the actual corruption and abuses of power that emanate from the centre of Trumpland, it's a telling strategy to employ.

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Bernie & FOX/Trump TV plan the “all Dems are socialists” rollout:
1) Bernie will embrace the Socialist label & imply all Dems are socialists.
2) FOX/Trump TV will use those video clips 24/7 in 2020 to paint any Dem nominee as a socialist.
3) Trump wins.…
WAKE UP @TomPerez! You spent a lot of time working on rejecting debates on FOX to stay on message, and now Bernie is upstaging you. On April 15th, he is set to have a "Bash Dems Town Hall" interview on FOX. Dems need to dump this self centered, decrepit old demagogue.
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad you nominated Bernie so I can have 4 more years?
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Matthew gave up his wallet after only being hit one time.
What followed was a torturous ride through hell, to be tied to a fence, beaten, terrorized and maimed by two men filled with hate.
Robbery as a motive was exhausted early.
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When Bernie announced in 2015, I had a ton of friends and colleagues join his campaign. My whole team from Kay Hagan went to Bernie, along with other Democratic organizers I really respect.
It made me very cautious about what I said as I grew increasingly concerned about what Bernie was doing. I tried to be scrupulously honest and fair in my criticisms, the way I would want them to be. I think it made my writing stronger.
Out of respect for my friends and colleagues on the Bernie campaign, I refrained from saying "Bernie Bro" - they considered it a pejorative, and it wasn't hard to get my points across without it. I did a search, I used it maybe six times before this month.
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Since y’all are here for it here’s another spoiler alert🚨: Bernie isn’t running to be POTUS, he’s running to shit on all the *real* Democrats who are running to be POTUS so that by the time 11/2020 rolls around you hate/distrust all of them & stay home or vote 3rd party instead.
Bernie’s polling is atrocious and he knows it, so don’t think for one second that he’s jumping into this race with intentions of becoming the nominee of a party he STILL refuses to fucking join. He’s only here to throw premeditated shit at the walls, just like he was in 2016.
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🥀A T H 🍩L🍩G I 🌊A L
🥀🍩L I T I 🌊S :

on the


#FBR #Resistance #NeverBernie
🥀 A R T 🍩 N E :

The End of History
and the Last Hippie
Anyone who has spent time on the internet over the past few years will have noticed the sharp rise in vitriolic "centrism" in the discourse, a significant deviation from the left/right, liberal/conservative paradigm of the past several decades.
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Did NO ONE read Steven Soifer's book, "The Socialist Mayor: Bernard Sanders in Burlington, Vermont" in 2016?????

My god the #BernieReceipts

This thread is on Benie's super problematic position on women as Mayor of Burlington in the 80s.
Soifer in 1986 interview Bernie about progressive complaints that he doesn't hire enough women. His response:
[People say]: "I'm in the women's movement. I'm in the environmental movement. I'm in this movement and I'm in that movement"--and Ronald Reagan is President of the U.S.
Bernie goes on: Should we vote for Madeline Kunin because [she] is a woman? To the degree people think that that's true, I would regard that as a sexist position. I get distressed when somebody looks at things from a single point of view. [cont]
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Bernie Sanders in a debate for governor of VT in 1986 during a forum on the Equal Rights Amendment discusses how women should have the “equal opportunity” to compete for the decent paying jobs rather than SIMPLY BEING:

“chambermaids and clerks and secretaries…”

Wonder how all those women chambermaids, clerks and secretaries in the room felt about Bernie boasting that he’d done more for women’s equal rights and opportunities than any other gov’t entity by making it possible for them to become:

Madeline Kunin running to leave her Governorship to become a carpenter like...
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Interesting how this video of Bernie Sanders declaring himself a Socialist during his race for governor of VT in 1986 didn't surface in 2016.

"I’m outraged about the system we are living in...I want to see a radical redistribution of wealth and power in this country." Ok, then.
Bernie: "Governor, how does it feel to be the lesser of two evils."
Seriously - how did we NOT SEE THIS video in 2016?? The arrogant smugness in which Bernie Sanders treated the incumbent WOMAN - Governor Kunin - here is exactly how he would go on to treat Hillary Clinton.
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#VettingBernie video –
Russia, 1988 – Bernie gets naked with his Soviet Socialist comrades. Do we really want an avowed socialist, bloated-ego octogenarian hijacking the Democrat label to run for POTUS? #NeverBernie
#VettingBernie 1985 – “A handful of people in the US are whipping up Cold War hysteria, making us hate Russians.We’re spending billions on military.Why can’t we take some of that money to pay for thousands of US children to go to the Soviet Union?”- Bernie…
Tad Devine worked with Manafort in Ukraine for a few years just before starting on Bernie’s campaign. Both reported to Putin thru indicted GRU agent Kilimnik. Devine has testified to Mueller. Is this how he knows Manafort lied?…
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In the linked thread, we explored networks of accounts amplifying the #Bernie2020 hashtag by looking solely at interactions between mutual retweeters (accounts that RT'd one another's tweets containing the hashtag). Let's apply this to a couple other hashtags.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
First up: #OpMayflower (dataset from October 2018, hashtag has been pushed a few times). This is a far more extreme case of the mutual retweeting seen in the #Bernie2020 set - every account that received retweets is also a major node in the network.
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Let's take a quick look at the propagation of the #Bernie2020 hashtag. We captured tweets yesterday (1/26) at roughly noon CST, resulting in 52395 tweets from 20572 accounts in the preceding 10 days. Traffic was light until the evening of 1/25.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Retweet network for #Bernie2020 as of 1/26. The activity is divided into two main clusters: the group of accounts in the upper right are those pushing the hashtag, and those in the lower left (mostly liberal) are discussing it. The upper right right cluster is very dense. . .
The reason for this is that many of the major accounts pushing #Bernie2020 are retweeting each other. This diagram shows what the network looks like when just accounts with mutual retweet relationships are included (total of 81 accounts).
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THREAD: Since 2016, Bernie Sanders has repeatedly suggested "diverse" candidates often run tokenism, not policy. For example:

"It is not good say I'm a Latina, vote for me...I have to know whether that Latina is going to stand up for the working class..." #Bernie2020
In a GQ article 2 days ago, Bernie tied some diverse candidates and their backers to tokenism: “There are people who are very big into diversity but whose views end up being not particularly sympathetic to working people, whether they’re white or black or Latino." #Bernie2020
Weeks after the 2016 election, in the speech in the video above (h/t: @Only4RM), Bernie said: "It's not enough to say, I'm a woman: Vote for me"—implying that Hillary Clinton ran on her gender, rather than her policies. In the #NeverBernie trend, you see disdain at this comment.
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Ok, I have been planning this for a while, so here it goes.

A THREAD on why I hate Bernie:
Keep in mind, Bernie lost April 19th with a huge defeat in NY, where he lost to Hillary by 16 points
58% to 42%

Trump won the GOP nomination on May 4th, that is when he became
the GOP nominee, and the GOP started lining up behind him.

Bernie waited until July to concede.
Now here is a good article on why so many people learned to dislike Bernie so much.

Most of us started out liking him, that changed when he became toxic.…
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The bots are back
#Bernie2020 #NeverBernie
800+ tweets a day
lol bernie is getting a boost from commercial spambots. Because of course he is.
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In light of polling data shared by Manafort to Kilimnik, this is VERY INTERESTING.

@berniesanders campaign took voter data- was it shared via Mulvey, Devine and Kilimnik?

Who told them to do this?

@BernieSanders I have many questions @SenSanders

1. Which 4 staffers did this?
2. They were available together for a 40 min interval?
3. Time of day?
4. Their connection to Mulvey & Devine?
5. Did they sexually harrass fellow staffers?

@BernieSanders @SenSanders 6. Sanders said inappropriate but still filed suit?
7. Where is this suit? Anyone?
8. How Kremliny- to be so offended they can no longer access information, Jeff Weaver says its LIFEBLOOD - gee inWHAT WAY? You have copies, no?
9. clean campaign?
10. Lose $600k/day? How

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